Home Makeup Tutorials Holographic Diamond Skull HALLOWEEN 2017 Makeup Tutorial ☠️💎 | Simple Symphony ♡

Holographic Diamond Skull HALLOWEEN 2017 Makeup Tutorial ☠️💎 | Simple Symphony ♡

Holographic Diamond Skull HALLOWEEN 2017 Makeup Tutorial ☠️💎 | Simple Symphony ♡

Hello everyone and welcome back on my channel in which I transformed myself into a skull, quite glamorous and very holographic everything I like in this video I will talk about the newcollection from Sigma, I had already talked briefly about it on Snapchat It is the collection “Crème de Couture” which has 4 matte liquid lipsticks and a wonderful palette so I challenged myself to use almost only the products from this collection to create this makeup and so I started by using this lipstick in the shade: “Fox Glove” It is one of my favorites with an other one called “New Mode” and then I used the palette “Crème de Couture” which is just awesome, I think we agree on that it is really pigmented, the colors are awesome I fell in love with it and I think you are going to see this palette a lot in my futur tutorials So, I started applying the color “Cassis”, a bright purple in my upper lid corners and I faded it with the lipstick and as you can see everything blended very well I also wanted to mention that I almost only used Sigma brushes for this tutorial but, just so that you know, all the products used will be linked below so it will be easier for you Then I used the color “Lavender Honey” to fade the purple shadow and create a pretty transition shade without any harsh line with my skin and I applied the color “Cherry Blossom” which is a wonderful powdered pink on the center of my upper lid to give even more light to the center of the lid, I used some shadows from the palette “Moon Child” and I also put some under my eyebrow to catch the light obviously, I drew a pretty thick line with my eye liner to intensify my look and as you can notice, I drew a kind of spike in my inner corners to give a cat-eye effect that I find very beautiful in these kinds of heavy makeup looks and finally, I finish the eye makeup by intensifying my crease and my lower lash line with this dark purple shade and then I apply fake lashed I put all this pretty jewelry for the face from “The Gipsy Shrine” around my eyes and still with the “Moon Child” palette, I used some of the highlighters on my nose bridge on my cheek bones and all around the jewelry now we are doing the jaws of the skull I went a little bit randomly I didn’t wanted a very realistic skull look I just wanted harmony I first stenciled with the white “Jumbo Pencil” from Nyx Cosmetics to make sure the drawing was symmetrical and I went back on it with this black liner from Sigma in the center, I used the liquid lipstick “Fox Glove” again and I smudged it with the black liner adding color if necessary I take this moment to tell you that if you are interested in the new collection or by any other Sigma product, all the products are linked in the info box below, and I have a 10% discount code for you on all their website and on the new collection so if you are interested, as I said, check the info box below so here, all the steps I did are similar to the ones I did for my eyes so I blended the black, purple and pink together to remind my eye makeup as you can see I used a bunch of holographic stickers from “Face Lace” all around my jaws and nose to give it the skull look I also did the same blending work for my nose, same steps as before and then I applied my teeth I think it is not that complicated and I added a few jewels and stickers on other parts of my face here I am doing the neck makeup I wanted a color harmony again in the purple shades, it is my favorite color I guess you can see it I started with the black liner, and then I blend it with the liquid lipstick it blends pretty well together even if I struggled a little bit at the beginning but I don’t usually show that part in my videos then, I used eye shadows to harmonize it all still with the same palette I first used the purple shadow as a transition shade between black and pink I also contoured my neck muscles as I usually do and my collarbones and on those muscles and collarbones I used highlighter to emphasize it I added this wonderful jewel it is supposed to be on the chest but I thought it was nice here I finished by adding glitter because there is never enough glitter this video is over, I hope you liked it if yes, you can support me by liking the video and commenting you can also subscribe to my channel if you didn’t already lots of love and I will see you in my next video


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