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Jocelyn McClellan: Jocelyn McClellan here with Fit Mission Makeup, and I’m excited for this video. Back in 2018, I made a video that was my … What was it called? My Maskcara Review, Old Makeup Versus New Makeup.

And I want to show you this and kind of compare how I did my makeup even before Maskcara, how you see that I do my makeup with Maskcara, and how I do my makeup now. Because nothing is the same. So let’s roll that out.

Jocelyn McClellan: All right, so I’ve always kind of prided myself on the makeup application that I do. A lot of it is for beginners, but for mature skin, for younger skin, for my skin, for your skin, for somebody who’s trying to learn more about Maskcara Beauty Cream Foundations, anything like that.

And I wanted to show you how I used to apply makeup, because it’s nothing like how I apply now. Before I used a bronzer, hardly anything. And so I want to walk you through, we’re going to check out this video.

I’m going to put my little earbuds in and I’m going to walk you through this video. But if you remember right, if you didn’t see this video, it’s right here. This was my makeup bag before, and this is my makeup now.

And I don’t even have this completely filled, but this is my makeup bag now. Jocelyn McClellan: So I just think there’s a lot between the two of having to dig through it. And some of the comments were like, “You dig through it way too much,” but that’s literally how it is.

Let’s say for example, okay. I want to find, Oh, I don’t even know because I don’t do this anymore. But what’s at the bottom of this is the brush that I’m looking for or which eye color. Okay, because it’s like which eye color am I going to find? That’s what I was dealing with before.

So now if I want to do any of that, they’re all right there. And I know which one it is off the get go. Okay, let’s watch this, shall we? Video: I’m going to put in my magnetic compact here. I have my eyes in the top.

Jocelyn McClellan: So can I just point out the fact that I don’t do my eyes at all like in this video. My eyeliner is so thick and I hate it. So how I do my eyes now is just so light. I really, really try hard not to have any liner on, but just to make them look a little more full, so that for sure has changed.

Video: So I’m going to put on my 3D foundation. Let’s get started. Jocelyn McClellan: At this moment too, where I’m putting on the foundation, see how I put on the foundation first. And I put it covering my whole entire face.

I actually don’t do that anymore. Video: Seeing concealer under my eye, I actually can still, with the darker points of what my skin is first [crosstalk 00:02:46] Jocelyn McClellan: I’m putting foundation all over my face.

So now I start with my contour and then I go to my bronzer and then I go to my foundation, but I don’t even put the foundation all over my whole entire face. Just put it in key spots. Video: And now I’m going to contour.

This is one thing I didn’t know what to do before. I thought I was doing it with bronzer. I was just now [crosstalk 00:03:09] Jocelyn McClellan: Now I’m contouring. So this is how I was wearing my makeup with Maskcara Beauty.

And then I know that next, I’ll do how I used to, used to wear it. So this is with Maskcara foundation, but at this point, step number two for me, would be bronzing and not contour. I still love the exact same end of the brush though.

That is still exactly the same. Jocelyn McClellan: Okay. I’m mind blown how much makeup I used to wear. And truthfully, I didn’t think I was wearing very much makeup there. I know that this video is older.

And so it does kind of have more of a yellow cast to it. So I can’t really play into if my makeup is super, super yellow, more yellow than it should’ve been for my face. But the thing is, is if you are only wearing a little bit of foundation and key areas, even if your makeup was off just a bit, it wouldn’t show up as much because you’re wearing more of, not a full brightening, a light concealer-ish, but just probably one shade lighter than the rest of your foundation.

So this color that I have under my eyes is just one shade lighter than what my main foundation would be. So it blends in really, really well. It makes it way easier. Video: So I quit using that one. And I would apply with my base.

Okay. Okay. Number one, this smells. [crosstalk 00:04:36] Jocelyn McClellan: Okay. I have to laugh when it says it smells. Because literally I can’t, I don’t smell makeup anymore with any makeup that I wear.

When with liquid foundations and stuff, dude, right? You can smell it. It stinks. I hate it. Jocelyn McClellan: So this is just so we know the foundation part where I was using the CC cream, and now I’m using concealer, the NARS concealer.

I thought that stuff was the best thing on the planet. And it’s not, it’s so thick. I just can’t you guys, this method is so hard. The funny thing about all that is though, is that, again, it’s just so much makeup.

So, when I touch my face now I would have no problems with touching my face. Before, when I have all that makeup, I’d be scared if I mess it up because heaven forbid, what if I got wet and drips of makeup was coming off my face? There was just so much.

And with cream foundation, I don’t have to worry about that any longer. I also don’t have to go in with tons of layers. You never, ever will see me, well, hardly ever. If you see me use a sponge it’s because I accidentally got too much makeup on, I never need to use a sponge.

Video: The blush, okay. Maskcara blush in this compact, but we call it Lip and Cheek. So Lip and Cheek blush, I can use my finger because it’s a cream or I can use a brush. So I’m going to do a pink today.

So I can just dab into the pink and put it on my cheek. I can make it go as strong or as light as I want. Because if I get too much, it’s easy to remove it or to dab it off and then put in a different color or in a different place.

Jocelyn McClellan: So how my blush went on with a powder versus how my blush went on with the cream, I will never use powder blushes again. Ever, never, never. In the side, I know some people say that they like it stronger, so I used to apply the blush up high and now I apply my blush on the cheekbone.

Because I’d want to make sure that I don’t go on top of the cheekbone. And that’s where a lot of people place blushes is they go on top of the cheekbone more so like where you would put an illuminator, a highlighter, and that has completely changed.

And the thing that I don’t like about the powders is depending on, if you get a lot on your brush and your brush sucks like this and it gets it more in some places than others. You can’t blend it out as easy.

Jocelyn McClellan: And when you have a cream, when you get it on there and say I got too much, I can turn my brush over and just keep stippling and dabbling. And it helps it. It just looks so good. So I most definitely will stick to cream blushes, every day.

Okay, wait, can we talk about something I’m just going around telling you about the blushes and how much I don’t like a powder blush and I love a cream because on my face, rewind that. So I thought I was putting on blush, but I’m putting on bronzer.

The way that I do bronzer is so different now. That bronzer that was showing in that clip was from before I started wearing Maskcara Beauty and how you just fluff it all over the heck, all over your cheek with no rhyme or reason.

Jocelyn McClellan: And now I use a cream bronzer and when I place it on, I know exactly where I’m placing. And I know the amount that I’m placing, because if I ever need to blend it out more or anything, I can use this end of the brush.

But when I’m apply it, I use this end, this is called the Blush and Bronzer Brush. So, that’s different too. So I haven’t even got to the cream or sorry, the powder blush. And I already know how much I hate it.

So now we’re at the blush. Here we go. See how high it goes up? It goes too high. It goes way too high. You don’t want your blush that high. It completely makes people look at the blush and not at your pretty eyes.

Video: See, I seriously, you guys, I’m really trying. I’m really trying. Jocelyn McClellan: It can’t blend out as good either. Video: Oh my lands. Jocelyn McClellan: This is making my heart palpitate a little too much.

Video: Is this what I seriously looked like before and nobody told me? Look at the difference. Okay. So this you’re attracted to this. You just want to look at this, whereas this is just this soft subtle lift.

Jocelyn McClellan: It’s true. It’s true. Video: I feel like I have [crosstalk 00:09:58] Jocelyn McClellan: Look how strong it is on that right side too. When I’m even looking down, it creates too harsh of a shadow.

It’s no bueno. So now I’m trying to find powder with who knows what brush, I cannot tell ya. And then I’m putting on powder because that’s what all the tutorials told me I should do. This is actually really fun to watch.

I realize how much I’ve grown as a human being in the makeup fields. Video: [crosstalk 00:10:29] the struggle’s real! Jocelyn McClellan: Okay, Joce. Drama. So far, I put powder on the old, old side. I haven’t put any powder on the Maskcara side because I really didn’t use a lot of powder.

And if I do use a lot of powder, it’s just in key places. Powder, I feel is way overused in the beauty industry. I do think that teenagers maybe, because they’ve just been told in tutorials to just go and bake a lot.

But if you have a really fine, awesome powder, Laura Mercier makes a really good one. We have a really good one. When you use just a little bit, that makes all the difference. And when you press it in versus swirling it on.

When you swirl it on, it’s not going to really do its job. But when you press it in, it’s way better. Video: I’m going to powder and I’m going to press in. I don’t know if you noticed, but the other one, I just foofed it around and with Maskcara, how they have this brush like this, [crosstalk 00:11:37].

Jocelyn McClellan: This is more accurate, you want a powder press. Video: I’m able to just powder and press. Because that’s actually going to get your oil areas tapped off. They are shut down! Jocelyn McClellan: So again, I only go in a powder so, so minimally.

So I would take on my sponge, I’d get off any excess on my hand, and then I would only put it where I feel I get a little bit oilier, but I want to keep that dewy in here. And that’s, if I do, do any of that, it’s so minimal, but I want to keep that more fresh, alive right in here.

Video: Okay. With Maskcara, this is how I do my liner. I get asked on this all the time because it just looks natural. So I just use this black [crosstalk 00:12:27] color called Salem, I just use the black Salem.

And I go in, just a powder … Jocelyn McClellan: I already said in this that I didn’t use any eyeliner yet. Or maybe I’m just trying to give you the example. Video: … Maskcara Beauty eye shadows are not, even though everything else is a cream, they’re powders.

And I would go in and going up under the lash. But I couldn’t go in up under the lash with the other one. The one that I used before. [crosstalk 00:12:57] Jocelyn McClellan: You guys, this is so bad. I don’t wear eyeliner that thick.

For reals, I promise. All it does is make you look older. This is where it gets really good. Video: So this is the Shadow Sense. I would get the liner. Jocelyn McClellan: It was so thick. Oh my gosh. Video: On my brush, like so.

Jocelyn McClellan: Not too much. Video: Not too much. Because with this one, you don’t want to get too much [crosstalk 00:13:23]. Jocelyn McClellan: Or it looks like a crap for how much I got on it. Video: Really? It truly does, if you get too much stuff of the Shadow Sense you [crosstalk 00:13:30] look like poo.

Jocelyn McClellan: You look like poo. Video: So for someone like me … Jocelyn McClellan: I can’t even get my wing solid. Video: … who loves makeup, but I’m not a professional makeup artist in the sense of eyeliner.

This is what I did every day. I couldn’t even work out without putting eyeliner on. Jocelyn McClellan: Kay. Let me make this very clear. I used to think that I was not pretty unless I went to bed with my makeup on and woke up with makeup on.

I thought that Brady, my husband, wouldn’t find me as attractive, as well, if I did it that way. When I would work out early in the morning, I would have on so much eyeliner. You guys, there was so much eyeliner that literally with my eyes open, almost half of my lower lid was filled.

You can’t do that. If you’re doing it, stop. Let me do this solid favor because it’s hideous. Again. This makes me want to vomit. Okay, I’m not that bad, but it’s not cute. Video: Brows. I used to just do the rainbow.

It’s not a rainbow anymore, kids. It’s a boomerang. Boomerang, those eyebrows. So up, down. No rainbows. We’re done with rainbows. [crosstalk 00:14:52] Jocelyn McClellan: Yeah. So brows for me has changed a lot too.

If you look in this video, my brows are super filled and I don’t do that anymore. I go in with the Glossier. I love this stuff. So it’s the Boy Brow and the Brow Flick the color’s Blonde, that I use. And it’s my favorite.

So I go in first with this tip and I raise them all up, give them a shape. And then I just go in and have the Brow Flick fill in the empty spaces. So I try and make them super more natural and not so thick applied.

Video: Okay. So this is the illuminator I used to before NARS Orgasm. That’s what I used before. And I would just put it right here. Jocelyn McClellan: I still got this in here. I really did like this though.

But now I know the gold besides not using that stuff. Video: Like a latte. And then my illuminator, I love to do it with it going into [crosstalk 00:16:07] Jocelyn McClellan: It is a good product. It is.

But I like the Savone better, but it is good. And I still like a cream illuminator applied with the sponge. I do really still like that. Video: I got some color, not where I want it under my eye with my Maskcara.

So I’m just [crosstalk 00:16:26] Jocelyn McClellan: Or my finger, but it does show up a little better with the sponge. Video: [crosstalk 00:16:30] right now. Shine of my Maskcara. Desert Sunset, everyday look, every day.

Jocelyn McClellan: [crosstalk 00:16:44] So for lips, huge difference in how I do them too. So everyday look, right? But the biggest difference is I go in with the smaller end of my detail half brush and I add just my contour to kind of line the lips.

Because what it does is it creates a shadow there. So it makes my lips look bigger. It’s the best thing ever, but it’s still so simple, so smooth. And then I just put a gloss on it, a really neutral, just like I did in this one with Desert Sunset.

Now I use this one called Saydee and it just makes it such a smooth, natural, beautiful look. Jocelyn McClellan: Okay. That was interesting. Cause I truly have not watched that video, it’s been forever, since probably I filmed it, but I learned a lot.

One, I learned how dramatic this was, which a lot of people have commented on that. Two, though, I learned that what I really used to know in the past before 2017 was pretty minimal. Even though I prided myself on makeup even then, but just how much I’ve grown and I know now.

And now what I know is how much more simple I make my makeup, even for mature skin for more youthful skin. Even my daughters wear just a main foundation in key areas and then bronzer. And then how much more fun my makeup is now.

And I feel more beautiful, wearing less. And so things have changed. Jocelyn McClellan: So I hope you liked that tutorial. I hope that you liked that recap of how things kind of went from my old, old makeup to how I used to wear Maskcara to how I wear Maskcara now.

If you love videos that I create, that I make, know that there’s hair videos, make up videos, fitness videos, kind of just personality out there, loving life, living life kind of videos. Then make sure that you subscribe to this channel.

Have a little fun with me. Oh, on Instagram you can go to Jocelyn.McClellan and on Facebook you can go to Fit Mission Makeup with Jocelyn McClellan, where I go live on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You guys are awesome.

Thanks for being here and take care. We’ll see you next time.


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