Home Makeup Tutorials how to be a candy girl! • pastel makeup tutorial

how to be a candy girl! • pastel makeup tutorial

how to be a candy girl! • pastel makeup tutorial

Hello everyone, I am Anzu! Welcome to my channel. Before I start makeup, I want to say sorry for my voice, I have a little voice today- but my fault sure, I hope you still enjoy this video! This time I focused on pastel colors, because although it’s a color palette that I wear a lot, I realized that I didn’t make much video on it.

So now I’m here with this makeup! I haven’t been doing much peeling lately, So I will start this make-up by using a peeling pad. Neulii brand – I hope I’m reading correctly! This will both get rid of dead skin and moisturize my skin.

In the next step, I will use SOS pore cream from Tosowoong. I bought this because it tightened the pore, but recently I noticed that it is very good as a moisturizer and base. That’s why I use it as a base.

I use Moonshot’s BB cushion for my base makeup. To be honest, I was most satisfied with the bb cushionas, It has higher coverage than other uses. I can be very lazy when it comes to base makeup so this is a super product for me.

As concealer I will use A’pieu Moist Creamy concealer, number 1. Maybe you remember, I accidentally got a dark color of it, I was very sad because I could only cover small areas. But now that I have the right shade, I can brighten my face – thank God.

I will fix my concealer in place with VDL mineral powder. I loved it because it has a slight tint in it, not very prominent but I think it looks better on my face. I use Naked Face’s lip oil to moisturize and plump my lips.

I will remove it before using lipstick because my only goal is to do lip care. Now I’ll fill my eyebrows, The reason I make a dark eyebrow is that the wig I use is dark at the bottom. I move on to Sephora’s palette for the new year, I take the blush named Poisoned Rose, but I will use it as a headlight.

I noticed that the color was cut too hard towards the outside of the eye, so I’ll take some of this open headlight, and I’ll soften this color. This time I’m moving on to Urban Decay’s Electric palette, I take the shadow called Savage, but I’ll take it so light because these headlights are overly pigmented! I gradually intensify the color and I distribute it slightly to the outside of my eye.

Now I go back to the same palette and take the color named Jilted, a more purplish pink color. I will add, starting from my detention, and I will combine it with the color on my upper eyelid. I will apply the same shadow starting from the outside of my eyelids, and I will apply it with my finger and distribute it with a brush.

When I reach the contrast I want, I will soften the color well. I buy the product named Cashmere Shadow 2 from BBIA, This color is not a pigmented product, but a very beautiful glitter eyeshadow. I will apply this on my eyelids starting from the inside.

I will also bring it over the headlight. Then take NYX’s white Jumbo pens and I’ll light the inside of my eyes I use Labiotte’s product as an eyeliner. I love this product because it has a very thin and soft brush.

It allows you to easily deal with any corner you want. After the eyeliner is finished, before moving on to blush, apply mascara on my upper and lower lashes, I will use false eyelashes for my upper lashes.

I use Deborah’s # 62 product as a blush. I will apply it just outside my eyes and distribute it towards my cheeks. I apply the same blush on my nose. I take this from NYX, and starting from my custody, I will also apply the glitter to my cheeks.

For the point and heart details on the face, I use Vivid Blossom color from NYX’s Vivid Brights range. A lovely lilac! I don’t draw the dots as densely as freckles, I used them mostly to balance hearts.

Then I go back to the headlight named Jilted, and I mix my eyeshadow and blush under my eyes. I will apply the same shadow lightly on the hearts. I use Elf’s Moonlight pearls product as an illuminator.

I will only brighten my nose as I already have glitter on my cheeks. For my lips, I will use Etude House’s Shy Confession lipstick. But I think this product is not sold individually, because it came to me in mini size with a special production set.

On top of this lipstick, I use Dear Dahlia’s Bronze Sky as a gloss. It has a bronze tin, but the color is not so important here, I use it for lighting. At the last second I decided to intensify the Jilted color a little more on my eyelids, because it seemed a little dull to my eye.

With this we come to the end of our makeup, I hope you enjoyed this makeup, This time I wanted to put on a makeover in my comfort zone. I love pastel, I have used pastel in my make-up and clothes for a very long time, But I think I’ve been a little neglected lately.

So this has been a comeback for me! If you try this makeup don’t forget to send it to me on Instagram! I love seeing them, and I also add them to my stories! But if you don’t want me to share, just mention it in the message! I guess that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it then see you in my next video!


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