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How to Calm Irritated Sensitive Skin &Treat Acne | Wishtrend Promotion Code #TeamSensitive

How to Calm Irritated Sensitive Skin &Treat Acne | Wishtrend Promotion Code #TeamSensitive

My skin type is sensitive. It’s really, really sensitive. Hi I’m Ella, I’m working as the Wishtrend Tv community manager.   Skincare is really difficult for sensitive skin because it’s like a never-ending circle.

When the air is cold or hot, then my skin turns like right away, the skin flushing goes up,    and if my skin starts to feel itchy then 100% sure that I’m gonna have acne soon. I get hormonal acne and fungal acne quite often too.

   It’s really hard to change skincare products to me because I need to avoid the fragrance and also ingredients that clog my pores. Otherwise it gives me acne or troubles like 100% sure. Since I’ve worked in this beauty industry  for so many years, so I’ve tried so many products to test out.

So whenever I change my skincare  products my skin already knows, so it’s really hard to find right products    So it’s not really easy to find right products, but with this skincare routine I could get like soothed and calm skin.

     When my skin notices the change of products it goes back to the state where it started.    But when I started to do this skincare routine, the never-ending circle ended. So it’s really hard to find the right skincare routine   and luckily I could get 10 products for free    for every month from Wishtrend, so it’s like a special giveaway for staff to test out, that’s why I could try all the skincare products from Wishtrend,  and thankfully that’s the reason  that I could find my skincare routine.

   It’s the first skincare routine to calm and repair my skin    when it is really sensitive. I’m going to show you my skincare routine    that I do think that double cleansing is really important for the skincare, and I do use the Klairs Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil because this is light, so it helps me remove my whitehead and the blackhead quite easily.

So I use this one. So the next, I use the Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash,    this is really important part for me because this enzyme helps me exfoliate without any irritating or any other like troubles or pressure on my skin.

  So I use this one, this is like my favorite because it’s really  my favorite because of its fragrance too    it has a kind of green tea smell,  it gives me really calm my mind to where I’m doing my cleansing and my skincare in the beginning and it really helps me.

  After cleansing I do use the Clear Skin Shield Patch. This has like really small round shape of the band inside,   I really need that because I need to avoid the irritation from outside. So I really use this a lot, even Kasper loves it too.

And next is the toner, so I use the Klairs Skin Hydrating Water,    this is 500 millilitres, there are a lot in size, so it’s really easy to just wash  them out with the cotton pad,    so I love this too.

It actually helps me cooling down,    so that’s why I really love this toner. So the next main item is Mugwort Essence, I use this for ampoule and serum   this is really good because of its smell too, but because also it really helps  me calm and soothe my skin   and that really helps me a lot.

Especially when I have acne on somewhere  then I double layer them and it helps me calm and soothe my skin so easily. My moisturizer is Klairs Blue Calming Cream,   it really helps me cool down my skin temperature and it also calms and soothes my  skin so fast.

   I would recommend this skincare routine to people who have sensitive skin like me, and also get affected easily by temperature too. And especially if you have acne prone skin,   then probably it’s going to be really nice for you.

  If I say like I really recommend this skincare routine to you guys,   it feels like oh is she selling this product to me? But actually it really helps for you, so I hope you try this one.    I’m a skincare fanatic.

   I’ve struggled with acne from ever since I was young, so I love skincare, and cosmetics, makeup etc I’m like so addicted. I especially love Korean skincare products,   so I ran a blog to tell people that this is really good, and also I ran a shopping mall for many years,    and I also worked as a beauty editor for many years too.

I am currently working in Wishtrend Tv as a community manager,   Wishtrend Tv is our main YouTube channel for Wishtrend,    and with my team we make skincare and beauty videos to share and communicate with  our Wishtrenders.

  The most enjoyable moment of me working in Wishtrend TV is that whenever we premiere our video on YouTube,  then there is a live chat so I do chat with our Wishtrenders,    like uh as I remember there is like Trinity, Marion, Adeline, Sugar like there are a lot of Wishtrenders that I’m familiar with that’s the enjoyable moment of my Wishtrend life.

  So if you come to Wishtrend Tv, then I will be there, so please come, I will listen to your skin concerns and I will help you out. See you there!


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