Home Makeup Tutorials How To Create A Glowing Skin Makeup Look | Indian Makeup Tutorial

How To Create A Glowing Skin Makeup Look | Indian Makeup Tutorial

How To Create A Glowing Skin Makeup Look | Indian Makeup Tutorial

If you love watching Glamrs videos and would like to be notified every time we drop a new one. Please bash that bell icon below. Hi Guys, It’s great to be back at the studio after a really long break. It’s been several months and while I have been away I have had a lot of requests to generally help people through the times when you have weddings and functions to attend or holidays and parties to be at and how one can manage from whatever they have in their kit.

I’ve already moisturised her skin I am going in with a primer I prefer a clear primers because I feel like they don’t really interfere with the texture, color of your makeup that’s going to be applied over it.

So I’m just applying a primer quite evenly you don’t need too much just a tiny tiny amount It also kind of evens out the base of your skin. making the foundation application easier. It also keeps your makeup on for several hours.

which is we’re all looking at. I’m going to use a very light base so I’m going something that has lovely iridescent inside. It’s already in the product. I like to brighten the centre of the face again remember when you’re using something that’s very iridescent or it has a bit of reflective quality to it.

If you wear it all over your face there is a tendency that you might end up making your face look round. So you don’t want that It’s just all meant to be flattering and not overtly done. So I’m just adding a touch of this you can use sponges, you can use your hands whatever you find easy for you to blend with I much prefer working with brushes because the very tip of the brush touches the skin so it has a nice feathery effect it doesn’t really come on strong and with brushes you can control that So, I’ve just done the tiniest tiniest of a matte foundation over what I earlier applied and there is no specific reason for this I just find that mattes remain longer they remain fresher don’t worry about having put the sheen underneath it will come through over a period of time it all comes through the skin and it adds brilliance to the makeup I’ve used a very very thin layer of a matte foundation I’m just also going to do a tiny bit of concealer under her eyes.

so I’m going to use a slightly warmer concealer and warmer only because she needs to have some brightness. So, I’m just going to use a slightly orange peach concealer. I just need a fantastic base to get my eye makeup going So for now as you can see there is a bit of an orange patch but I need that because the orange will cancel the darkness and dullness around her eyes.

Once I’m done with her I’ll cover it back with the foundation and powder. So, I’m just going to dot a bit of a really lovely orange – pink actually blend that in upwards very very softly. so it has the effect of a gentle blush from the skin I’m not applying any contour on her instead I’m placing the blush in such a way that it lifts her cheeks already.

Just make sure that the concealer and the seam between the concealer and the blush is always blended so it doesn’t look like two separate products. Just apply on the apples of the cheek and then train it towards any direction that you see fit for the person that you’re doing the makeup on or for yourself.

Now just before I go on with the powder I’m going to do just one more thing revisit the iridescent product. Just to pick it up on this little half moon here. Now when you use products like this the tendency is that you tend to either take it off completely by blending.

Especially with your fingers or if you use a thicker brush it kind of disappears into the tuft of the brush. I really find these kind of brushes useful. This is a fan brush it’s really light it doesn’t have much to take the product away and it also tends to keep it within the area that it should be placed in without moving it around too much.

So, I’m just going to put that right here into the tip of the temple bang on the moon and over the cheek. So you can see that slightly wet moisturised kind of quality. and use a very light hand you don’t want the product to disappear altogether.

because the product it’s already creamy and you know that it’s not meant for over – handelling. So, as you can see there’s a soft very dewy moisturised look Now, I’m going to start applying the powder quite strategically without taking away what I have created here.

So, just before you powder don’t rush through you’re makeup. Handle one feature at a time. And it actually saves you time when you do that. So just remove the crease with a light hand and a concealer brush.

As soon as you remove the crease take a bit of powder and dab over to place and set the cream. Don’t forget to powder the far inner corner of the eye as well. Alright so now I’m just going to powder up around the areas that I see fit.

Now the whole point is to leave these as peachy moist you know cheeks. So I’m not going to touch that area and I’m not over powdering either because then the skin is just going to get too matte. So using very little powder just make sure take off the unflattering bits of shine So around here basically very close to this you take away the shine so this stands out as a separate feature.

Take away the shine around the nose. But I’m leaving the bridge of the nose so that still retains some of radiance. Again close to the half moon and underneath the cheek. Everything else stays matte around So as you can see now the cheeks actually stand out as a separate feature.


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