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how to deal with a bad day ✨a makeup tutorial + tips \\ [english] Jim Reno

how to deal with a bad day ✨a makeup tutorial + tips \ [english] Jim Reno

wake up hey wake up everything is going to be okay I promised today’s one of those days work I feel like the whole world is against me and nothing I do just turns the way I want to so rule number one is don’t stay in bed even if you really really want to you have to you have to get out of bed I know it seems so easy to say and hard to do but as the truth so those are things they do are well dealing with a bad day or just like a bad episode in your life so taking my makeup off it’s quite therapeutic because it’s like taking all the rest of dirt away I don’t know so I’m using this stock cleanser which is kind of amazing I just rubbed onto my face and yeah it leaves like a very very smooth base of chill all right and in the shower I love the shower because I feel like I can just like I can like cleaning all my problems away for some reason I don’t know don’t be too hard on yourself your body is beautiful the way it is and your rewards of being happy and being loft don’t forget that it’s important to organize the space your atticus that kind of is a reflection of your mind space and I’m very messy so I need to clean it up in order to function do my makeup is also therapeutic to me I really enjoy the process of doing it for some reason so yeah you guys have seen me doing my babies so many times I’m skipping that for now and I’m gonna use my NYX IRA marker of course for my freckles I’m using benefit rockateur because it gives me like this instant healthiness shot and I look ten times better after using it and for my eyes I’m gonna do like my usual burgundy color that’s how I feel like the most of myself and yeah sometimes I feel like I do lose myself in some situations where I can’t control and right now it’s just I feel like I’m all over the place because right now I’m actually moving out so everything just gets more complicated when you’re not feeling like you have a home or that you belong somewhere um but I know things take time so little by little so yeah I’m basically this broken do makeovers making me feel more like myself which is kind of really think about a bit that I guess that’s the power of makeup I don’t know I’m also going to do some glitter freckles because I thought you know what why not what birthday to do then today when I’m feeling like so this is a glitter from in your dreams I believe and yeah I’m just putting it like under my eyes and on my where I previously put my natural brown freckles basically none of using these house with lashes lashes in iconic and holy moly they make they put the entire look together I’m not gonna pre-washing but these ones are so good oh my god and then I’m using this really gorgeous dark lipstick by Jeffery star and it’s in designer blood I believe I wanted to get the unicorn blood but he’s always sold out so I have to use this one and then I’m gonna be using the chill spray which is basically my um everyday setting spray and it works really really good it gives you like every dewy finish which I love and I feel my hair oh my god I’m so lazy when it comes to here I never know what to do it’s always tangled and it’s so thin that nothing stays so I’m just brushing it a little bit and I’m using to power things behind it and that’s about it something that really really helps me it’s writing down my feelings and why I feel like this um doesn’t have any solution or is it up to me to change it and I think that shows me a little bit of the big picture and just tells me that I don’t need to worry about certain things because they’re not absently to be changed pretty much in every office one its surround yourself with friends I think that’s very very important to feel oft I don’t know it’s really really important to me was to be with the people that I thought I loved if it wasn’t for for them I think Los Angeles or anybody in the world would be a much worse place to be um anyway and this is just me dancing to the music that I was playing I’m gonna leave a playlist here in the description box so you guys can check it out because it’s a place that I always used to I don’t edit or just get inspired so hope you guys enjoy it and always separates out of a video but I just wanted to let go of these feelings and yeah I hope hope you enjoyed it anyway look like if you liked it and see you guys very very soon bye


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