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How To Do Makeup In 5 Minutes by Shikha Singh | Makeup Tutorial For Beginners | Makeup and Hair

How To Do Makeup In 5 Minutes by Shikha Singh | Makeup Tutorial For Beginners | Makeup and Hair

Yellloooo!!! Welcome to Shikha Singh Shah Vlogs. Another day, another challenge. So this is day 4 on 4Wheeler Scooter So guys, today’s video is going to be about how to do your hair and make up in 5 minutes So I am going to show you how I go about it when I have a special date with that special someone.

Seriously Shikha, I’m right here. I mean with you only baby. So initially, we were only two. Then we became three, right Goku Singh Shah? And now we are four. We two, our two! Yayyy!!! Frankly, I am not fond of make up and extravagant things.

But to each it’s own. There are people who love to do make up and hair and I’m happy for them but I believe that beauty is internal. So today guys, we’re going to do a make up and hair tutorial in 5 mins before stepping out So guys, as you can see I haven’t done my make up and I’m going to use these 5 things only.

In most cases, people do not have access to a lot of make up everyone is not an actor or everyone does not have that privilege to stock up on a lot of make up So I’m going to show you how to do your make up with only 5 things.

So I just have a small brush, lip balm, this is a mascara, a hair dryer which I am going to use to give a blow dryer effect to my hair this is a small vanity in which is actually very very handy which has an eye shadow inside and this also has a blush on So I’m going to use this and show you how to get ready.

Let’s get ready. So here we go! Make up and hair in 5 minutes This little eye shadow palette as you can see, so I am going to put the first base layer on my eyes Im using my fingers not any brushes Done.

Now I’m going to choose this light pink, I dont like it too heavy, this is more natural Here we go! I think that is good enough Now I am going to use the same base shade and use it under my eyebrows Just to give a highlight to the shape of your eyebrows *Goku Sounds* Now lets move on the next step which is the blush on Ill get my brush So I’ve got the blush on and the blush on brush We will take a little and the basic rule is that you have to apply from the midway point of your jawline So this line and above this, here.

Same goes here Don’t put up a lot otherwise your cheek will look like a monkey’s b%&t So as you can see that Ive put the blush on but you will have to smudge it evenly so that it doesnt look like a lot.

So I am going to smudge it just move your brush in circles and smile and spread it I still feel this is a lot so I am using my hands, my palm, no brush nothing extra. Just using my hands guys Ill just dab it and remove it.

Dab it and remove it And a little bit on my forehead Near my nose and on my neck. And I’m done with the blush basically. Now moving onto the next part which is the mascara. Quickly! I’m going to use the mascara now, ok.

Be careful as it is difficult to remove masacara stains A lot of people use eyeliner but I am personally not a big fan so I skip it and directly put the mascara We’re done. Next step, stay tuned is the lip balm.

Stay there! So this step is very simple. I have a lip balm that has colour in it and I’m just going to apply it And leave it right there. Taddaaaa! My make up is done A lot of you will ask what kind of make up is this? But for me, I feel this is enough because I like this kind of make up.

Now, how am I going to do my hair is what I will now you next So lets move closer to the electrical board I’m going to open my hair quickly. Use this hairdryer. attach it switch it on. Here I go, I’m going to put it on the heat mode and start So there are two ways to go about it Use you split your hair in two sides like this and go half and half because it is neater and quicker Now the blow dryer part is almost over.

Now, the best and the secret Im going to tell you guys is this So what you do is you flip your hair down and blow dry your hair because you get a lot of volume with that. So, I’m going to show you how And we’re ready! Ok, whats the time? Whats the time? Ok, there is still 1 minute left for the 5 minutes to get over And I’m ready in 3.

….2………………….1 Now Tadaaa! I am ready to rock I’ve become ready in under 5 minutes This is my simple make up and hair look You guys can tell me about your experience But let me tell you another thing That it takes 9.

5 minutes and not minutes to cook Maggi and you can get ready in 5 mins. and one second. “ya baby” Oh you are not joining in? Thats ok, thats ok. No problem. Ya, ya, ya! Ill have dinner. Ill see you post that Dinner date is cancelled with my love But I have my love Goku and Alayna at home So I’m going to enjoy with them.

what do you think guys? And my point is very simple. DoYou do your make up, you do your hair. You dress up nice But do it for yourself. Dont do it for others, under pressure from peers because you are beautiful.

Remember guys self love is the most important love So always remember to give yourself all the love in the world. So that is it for now guys. Tomorrow Ill be back with another challenge. Stay tuned Keep watching as tomorrow there will be another challenge.

Like, follow and subscribe to 4Wheeler Scooter. You have to promise. I am out for now. xoxo


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