Home Makeup Tutorials How To Do OMBRE Lips? Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | Anaysa

How To Do OMBRE Lips? Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | Anaysa

How To Do OMBRE Lips? Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | Anaysa

Hii friends !!! welcome to ANAYSA today i am gonna show you how to put lipstick in a different way OMBRE LIPS creating ombre lips shade is not tough i will show you how to put ombre lipstick in right and easy way let’s get started with today’s video if you want to buy them link in the description box before putting lipstick we put lip balm on our lips with the help of beauty blender put bb cream around your lips as per this we will get perfect lip color put shade 20 in the center of your lips make sure the color be on center blend the color as shown in video now outline your lips with shade no.

9 if you are not able to do outline with wand so you can use angular brush too fill on your outer corner with shade 9 fold your lips 2-3 times as shown in video so both colors get merge perfectly here we done with our first ombre shade for 2nd ombre shade i am putting shade 1 on center of my lips blend it well on your lips for outline i am using shade 7 for ombre shade we take 1 dark color and another light as per this we get ombre effect here we done with 2nd look for 3rd ombre shade i am using shade 12 in center of my lips now blend it well too now with shade 13 ( orange ) i am giving outline now blend it well as you can see orange and pink looking pretty together for 4th ombre shade i am putting bb cream in center of lips and blend it well now with shade 3 i am creating outline and fill left space now blend bb cream and lipstick well here we done with 4th shade that’s it for today’s video if you like the video hit on like button and share the video if you hadn’t subscribe channel yet then must subscribe ANAYSA don’t forget to press on bell icon so you will get notification that we have posted a new video so as soon as you can see the video me ANISHKA will meet you in my next video till then take care and buh byeee


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