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How To Flawless Foundation Routine For Dusky Skin | Glamrs Base Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

How To Flawless Foundation Routine For Dusky Skin | Glamrs Base Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Well, we’ve had several conversations between you and us in the past about her dealing with dusky skin or deep skin tones and how to correct them. So there is evenness across the face That’s specifically what I am going to deal with today.

I have preped and primed her skin with moisturiser and a primer. Now, if you notice the skin on her face is dull mainly around the eye area, around the cheek just under the high of the cheek and normally around this area.

And the pigment is quite different from what is otherwise a bright face if you notice the centre of her face. Her forehead is bright, nose is bright, the cheeks are bright and the chin is bright and so is the neck and the chest.

So you want to create this kind of a balance. So I would say focus quite on the centre, it actually bring balance to the whole face But I will correct all these differences by using colour concealers, correctors Not to mention brands or anything, but you will find colour correctors in palettes, like this.

On almost every professional store counter, makeup store counter It may not be available in regular the brands or mass brands but every pro makeup brand will have this and you will, get a whole choice from really expensive to inexpensive, to choose from.

I am going to get started So I am going to take a bit of orange corrector, another thing is, don’t whack on a corrector, its not meant for heavy use. A corrector literally is suppose to take away the dullness so the tiniest amount is necessary, you don’t need to slap it on.

So, I am going to do an orange first and it’s a fairly deep orange it’s a tiny amount you should not be able, to see the orange as a separate entity. Don’t forget the inner corner of the eye, because, this throws a lot of dullness on the face.

You should be able to bring it back to balance and then take it further away in makeup So I haven’t done a thick layer, its just enough. because this is not the only layer of makeup. So,remember that you cannot slap on at this stage.

You are going to build up to create a skin like finish. So, its literally to cancel the dullness under the eye, that’s the only function of this. Like wise around the mouth So in the first step of the correction process what I’ve done is literally nullified the blues and violets on her face.

So what I’ve done is taken off the shadows Now what happens when you have a little bit of orange is the skin turns orange, it becomes a warmer tone Now, you want to bring that also back into some kind of control So with a tad bit of yellow, yellow also brings brightness to the face So, I am just going to go over the same areas with yellow, you could also do this after your concealer and you’ll see as I am working what’s happening to the skin if you notice the orange kind os starts blending into her own skin tone right here.

Where I previously had applied the orange its slowly turning into her skin colour. Again tiny amounts don’t use a heavy hand because there is still more makeup to go. So, I am going to find a foundation that kind of works close to her skin, if you notice.

and you’ll see that this is going to bring colour bring closeness to her, kind of wraps up the makeup let’s blend this off Again choice of tool is yours, I use brushes but you are most welcome to use anything that suits you.

Again I am just focusing on, what needs focus I am using a foundation brush, to just even out the strokes, even out the skin. just applied that, I am going to blend it off So, there you go that kind of brings the entire thing back to balance Again for a setting I would use a beautiful yellow powder tiny amount will do, the idea is to set and brighten.

So that kind of takes care of what we were trying to achieve So there is a nice balance between her face and neck. I am just going to brighten up and finish up her make up with a little bit of mascara to bring her eyes back into focus and she already has a little bit of lip balm on so not much fuss there So, there you go just to complete the look a little bit and show you, how a clean well balanced face looks like.


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