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How To: Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial for beginners! Best tips & tricks | Roxette Arisa

How To: Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial for beginners! Best tips & tricks | Roxette Arisa

All right guys Green-eyed rocks is back in action. So today’s video is gonna be how to do the foxy. I look foxy I trend that’s been going around a lot. A lot of people have been requesting this and my dm’s on Instagram I think it’s because I typically do my makeup like this anyways, like aside from the trend I genuinely love shaping my eyes like this because it can totally change your face shape as you guys know I have a little egg shape face So when you Shape the eyes in the way that I’m gonna show you it really makes you feel like I would say more confident Honestly, it gives you almost that supermodel snatch kind of vibe because you’re uplifting the eye and brow area Oh, also, I just like one of the green eyes for really no reason like it You don’t obviously you don’t have to do it for the foxy I trim but I thought it was like kind of a vibe I loved my ABG looks so much.

So I just wanted to bring her back bring back Danny or Somebody commented that we should have named her honey Lin, so we’re bringing back honey, Lin I’m gonna show you guys how to do the hair part too because I feel like your hair can actually really affect how your eyes Look, let’s go ahead and get her started.

I think you guys are gonna love this look You got that copy, huh? No green juice so healthy so la Elger precise brow pencil, I’m gonna use neutral Brown today just because I want a little bit darker But I’ve been using taupe in general.

So for the brows the main thing you want to think about is See how mine curve up and down a little bit I want them to go like this and it is gonna help once I do my hair section of this video But you just want to always think about drawing the brows to the side more And then once you have your eyebrows filled in you want to take some concealer I recommend using a full coverage concealer for this step just because we’re kind of changing the shape of our brows are like attempting to you know, so I’m gonna take this concealer and Try to make my brows straight versus arched whoa My friends that works It actually looks bomb like I’m not gonna lie that looks about I’m just gonna go in and prime the eyes with this elf puppy eye primer So four pallets, I’m going to be using these guys maybe like a little mix of them.

Honestly. It doesn’t really matter What specific eyeshadows you use as long as you just get the technique, right? You can use similar shades or literally any shade you want to be honest and it’s gonna have the same effect But for this one, I just thought I would do a neutral Why do I keep waiting like a million type of a video? I don’t know I’m just like preparing for the vibe I think I’m preparing for like the vibe of like I’m foxy foxy, Roxy, okay Anyways dose of color is pretty cool About what I was gonna say.

Those are colors pretty cool and Joseph colours a fake brown eyeshadow palettes or baked Browns This is their new packaging So pretty same formulas same shades and everything just new packaging obviously Baked Browns is gonna be a lot more warm than a pretty cool palette But I thought it was kind of just used, you know, a little mixture of whatever Whatever comes to mind for this look actually I think I’ll just start with This guy right here at the second shade and I’m gonna take this Sigma Beauty x Jordan Liberty a tapered pony tail brush You just want something that has this really nice tapered tip to it So we’re gonna start to build up this outer corner You want to start off light and then build it up to get that nice like blended look My skin has like the Sahara Desert today.

Like I swear I’ve never felt my skin is dry ever Looking it up to create a nice wing with the shadow Alright, so now I would recommend taking like a medium brown. It can be on the cool side It can be on the warm side again It just really depends on what type of color range you want to go with or what you have at home But do the exact same thing and I’m using the same brush so I’m really depositing this color right here at the edge the lash line and then Blending it up into this cat eye shape Then I’m going to take this dark cool tone brown and I’m gonna take that on an e25 brush from Sigma So something that is flatter you want something that’s flatter for this set.

And you’re just gonna go again along the lash line This is where you’ll really start to see the winged building up How do you see how nice that starts to look Okay, so once we have the base down with the shadow, I’m gonna take a dark brown eye shadow again You can use anything you have at home But I’m using the artist couture supreme nudes palette and you want to take a flat brush something like this That’s really nice and small and flat and you want to basically create a wing shape with this brown eye shadow You also want to take this and place some inner tear-duct to Draw this section out and I like to make that first brush that we use for our initial shades and just blend out This upper line.

So it looks nice and seamless and once you’re done shaping it you can go in and Clean up the bottom a little makeup and we’re gonna be adding on some lashes I highly recommend trying to find something that has like, you know a little cat eye shape to begin with but what I really like to do when I’m doing this foxy eye look because you don’t want your Eyes rounded out.

I personally never like my eyes where I like I always want them to look nice and like Well me when I try to be sexy Anyway So yeah, I like to cut off the edges because I feel like it just again gives it like more of a essential It’s a Bite, so these are House of lashes iconic lights and I’m gonna cut off about half of it and only use this outer Section I literally wish I had green eyes cuz like honestly is survival This is turning out so good.

Do you see how like that really? Changes the shape of your eyes and just wait until I have like the lashes on because that’s when the differences Right here on this outer section and you can even tilt them up a little bit to make them look Extra cat eye.

I learned that from Karen on one of her lives And I was shook cuz I was like why haven’t I been doing that my whole life that it’s such a smart little trick Okay, literally cannot tell me that that doesn’t look fire like you nobody can say that this eye makeup Isn’t a vibe That’s why I was winking so much look at that It’s it’s so crazy how it literally will change your eye shape.

Like let me look straight at the camera so you can really see It’s a vibe, I’m gonna go ahead and finish off my face makeup just adding armor and I’m gonna go in with kind of like the typical routine that I do for my soft glam so I pretty much always I mean I wouldn’t say always but this is definitely one of my favorite foundations use NARS natural radiant long where it’s in the shade versus luminol I kind of Rotate between all the ones that I love just so that my skin doesn’t get like too used to one in particular But I really do love this one and I’ve loved it for a long time Then I’m gonna go in and cream contour and add concealer and definitely use contour for this type of look I just feel like it just accentuates the eyes even more when your face is, you know as sculpted as possible I’m using the Fenty Beauty cheeks out cream bronzer in zero for honey glaze and then for my concealer at the Too Faced Born This Way multi use concealer in nude All right, so I’m just gonna go ahead and bake with laura mercier translucent setting powder really press it into the skin Just add on some NARS Laguna bronzer Another thing I actually really like to do to Further uplift the cheeks is see the difference here like when you’re done Doing groans earth.

I mean take some of the same transition powder and bake under this section it’s just further gonna like uplift the face a Little bit more bronzer I love being a little bronze goddess I’m just gonna add on a little bit of blush.

This one is from Patrick tah and it’s in the shade. She’s sincere I’m gonna take a little bit of the artist Couture diamond glow powder angle take her My bronzer We are so Boxy Like I literally feel like imprisoned like literally, who is she I wish more than anything right now that I had colored eyes because I feel like it is I Don’t want to say it one more time.

I don’t want to say the B word, but I’ve Actually used some of my bronzer really lightly underneath the lower lash line just to smoke it out I honestly like using my bronzer for this step because it’s a lot lighter than a typical eyeshadow would be so it just adds the lightest bit of Something-something to the under eyes and I’m just gonna line my lips with mac stripped down a matte quark to finish off Then obviously salsa, Galan angel, baby from the new artist couture silk cream lipsticks These have been my favorite little lip combo lately because it’s just like the perfect brown tone nude And the formula is so good and creamy and moisturizing It smells really good So I go saw seek out all over the lips and then angel the right in the center Okay.

I kind of just want like a little bit more bronzer for some reason I’m not really sure what I have it like I just do Sometimes I feel like bronzer just helps blend everything out and like my chest area is getting very bronzed Lately cuz it’s starting to get hot and I’ll sit out on my porch Or my balcony not not my porch but my balcony and like I’ve been getting Some Sun which has been nice alright, and then finally just some mascara on the bottom lashes and this mascara is Really really good for the lower lash line, cuz the wand is so tiny.

So this one is the Mac extended play gigablack lash Alright, so that little hair shape that I was going to tell you guys for this look you really want Ideally for your hair to be tight and up Because I’ll show you guys see this is how it looks with just the makeup, but when you pull this back It’s just even like it accentuates that even more and that’s literally just from pulling the side ones back Like who literally who is she literally? who is she so you could either like actually just pull your hair back into a bun or a ponytail like this and really Snatch like the sides up and back and that will definitely help you achieve that look But I really love Wearing my hair like in a specific style with this makeup look because I just feel like it kind of completes the vibe So I’m gonna show you guys that So I take the two sections of hair right here right above the ear Tight as I can So you can see that like all of a sudden lifts it up even more like it’s literally like you’ve had like a little mini facelift and It’s the best trick because if you want to hair hair if you want to wear your hair down You already have that super like uplifted look in the eye shape But also now in the actual like your hair is pulling your face back I don’t really recommend doing this for a long period of time because like honestly, it’s it’s gonna start to her and you Yeah, it just it’s gonna start to hurt So just don’t wear it for too long, but it’s really great for photos if you want like a super super Snatched look my favorite way lately to wear my hair with this And I quickly just blow dry the bangs just so that they look nice and voluminous and my last thing My forehead but my last thing to do is just put a little bit of hairspray right at the root and Press it up and this helps to hold the hair up.

Alright guys, so this is our finished foxy I love I hope these tips and tricks helped you guys it typically is the type of makeup look that I like to wear So got some good little pointers in there Especially the hair thing like that’s a game changer If you’re not already Happy with it at the end of the make up look like Try that little hair trick and I’m telling you you will feel like a different person like oh Okay, it’s a whole vibe when you add on some sunglasses too like These are very like 90s.

I’m a supermodel but like not really but like, you know And then these are very like I’m on the beach in st Barths and like just please don’t bother me because I’m reading my book and I’m very Intellectual, but like I’m also super stylish and like I probably work in the fashion industry Oh also, by the way, if you didn’t see my last video, I’m giving away all of these pairs of shoes I just want to get back to you guys.

So if you’re a size 9 hit up my last and You’ll see how to enter and I’m also gonna do the same with my closet once I finish cleaning it out Giving away all my clothes that are like more on the unused side and still in really good condition Just because you know, obviously I wanna get back to those who really support me and just like I’ve always been there for me So oh and don’t forget to subscribe if you wanna see more and get this video thumbs up and turn on those post notifications If you never want to miss video, love you guys and I’ll see my next video.

I hope you like this one. We’re gonna start Oh my god trying to create this shape


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