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Whats up everybody? Welcome back to my channel. Today we are diving into this glamorous, glowy, peachy, smokey eye look. I’m feeling the high fashion fantasy, and yes, I might have sex after I finish this video.

But today we are going to recreate this look. Now, I got so many requests from about a week or two ago when me and Manny did our reading mean hate comments video, you guys are all like what the hell is on your eyes.

So, today we’re going to recreate that, and can we just talk about the glow for a second? Like, oh it’s like burning my cheeks, my retinas are on fire. We are using two highlighters today for the glow, we’re also going to be testing out some new Marc Jacob beauty products that have real coconut infused in the makeup.

Do they work or do they not, that is the question. But besides that you guys, if you want to see how I created this fantasy, then keep on watching. Alright, let’s dive into this look. So today, as you can tell, I have no contacts in, these are my real brown, hazleish eyes.

Now, for a primer, today we are going to be going into one of my all time favourites, the Sicily Double 10 CR Primer this one is everything. So I am going to of course coat my fingers and rub this all over my face.

For a foundation today I am going to be going in with something I haven’t really used on camera before, it is from the brand Guerlain and this is the Lingerie Foundation. Now this one is supposed to be a skin fusion like texture where you look amazing and flawless.

Now let’s get a little damp beauty blender and get to work. Alright now, for a concealer today I am going to be going in with the new NARS soft matte complete concealer. I used this the other day in a full face first impressions and I was shocked at how, like smooth it went on my skin, I was like, oh, okay honey.

So we are going to be dipping it again, I’m just going to go in this is mine of course, Im going to go in with the beauty blender and get some on the tip. come on tip. and I’m just going to take this and to it right under my eyes.

Oh my god guys, this concealer like melts into your skin, maybe because the Beauty Blender is damp and it like really works well with it. Mmm, the only thing I wish is the shade was a little lighter, this is their lightest shade, this is a number one, I just wish there is a little bit more but I’m going to add some powder in a second and brighten it and set this face.

Now I’m going to take my mac studio fix and shade shivering white with the damp Beauty Blender, I’ve been doing this for years and lately I have kind of been you know, I’ve been trying so many products I’ve been steering away from this but I’m going back to my favorite trick of really like lightening under eyes and looking lifted, so we are going to take that on the damp Beauty Blender and what I’ll do is I’ll just take it right under the eyes and I will press it in almost like an upside down triangle type of motion and it just gives you in a look of like.

.. Oh, her skin is fetch. Alright now we are going to really set the under eyes in anywhere I put concealer, like the chin, the bridge of my nose and of course the forehead and I am going to go in with my favorite setting powder of all time, the La Mer ‘The Powder’ and you guys know I had been using damn Beauty Blenders forever to dip into the powder it melts right into your skin and it is a nice little beauty hack and we are going to buff that into the skin and you can leave it and just have it sit there for a minute while it soaks in and you can brush your way in a second.

Now I’m just going to take a little synthetic brush and brush off all of the loose powder and now its time to do a little contour if you will. So today I’m going to be going with a brand new bronzer that I just discovered at Sephora and it is from the brand Marc Jacobs, of course Marc Jacobs is exclusively in Sephora.

Now this is the new Coconut Bronzer, look how big the packaging is honey, yes! You know I’m a size Queen. Oh my god it smells so good, it’s like pure coconuts in your nose and this shade is called tantastic, it is the mega bronzer and this is of course limited edition in the beautiful white extending packaging.

Now it also has a brush you can buy with it which looks something like this, look how big that brush is though, look at that. Now I think you’re supposed to, you know use the brush with this and go in, I’m not sure, oh wow, that’s like a lot of product, so I might go in just a little bit to see what it looks like, I’m scared it’s going to be really pigmented I guess there’s only one way to find out.

Alright, I just bronzed up my entire face, we hit the cheeks, forehead, jawline and nose, oh my brush smells like coconut, I’m like hungry now, girl fuck. Now we are going to do some highlight right now.

My new favorite combination is peach goddess with eclipse skin cross mixing these together, oh my lord. So I am going to take this on a soft A23 brush and we are going to go into peach goddess, ahh hi.

Alright peach goddess is laid down and now I’m going to take out eclipse and use a Morphe five 10 brush and we’re just going to gently caress the moon and put that right over. Ohhh lord, help me now.

Alright you guys have seen me do my brows a million times, so I’m going to quickly do them off camera with a little bit of benefit precisely my brow and Anastasia dip brow and I’ll be right back. Alright now let’s get these eyes started.

Today we are going to be using a YSL couture eye primer so remember to always of course use a synthetic makeup brush when applying any primers. Alright now that the primer is down I’m going to take a Ivory shade and put it all over my lid up to the brow bone and I’m going to be really shady because it is a shadow that I am working on for the fall and it’s not final so no one go crazy and post about it, or you can post about it because I love when you do that.

But it’s just a shadow that I’m working on that I’m not going to show on camera yet because I don’t know if I am going to change it or alter it, but the fun thing about lab samples is that you can play around with it for a while and tweak it any which way you want.

So it’s kind of similar to my shade china white in a beauty colour palette but it’s a little more intense. Now this eye look is really simple; it looks a little smoky and dramatic, but I really only used like two brushes and literally two eyeshadows.

So we’re to pull out my Androgyny eyeshadow palette and today we are going to, I’m feeling like Vanna White. Dah dah. Today we are going to be dipping into only a few shades and one of them which is the main star of the look is of course charm, my favorite transition color for really any look and we’re literally going to start patting this on our eye.

So you’re going to take the brush, and you’re just going to start in the inner corner and I’m going to go like this and that is like a little place holder for where I am going to stop. So we’re going to start there and now we’re going to take this same bus with the same of course shadow and we’re going to go all the way over.

And then you’re going to take it and I’m going to start going into my crease and we’re going to go all the way in like this and you’re going to stop it right outside of the eye. And now you’re going to fill it in and do the same with the other side.

So now I am just packing on charm all over the lid and what I started off camera is I took a blending brush and I just kind of feathered it out barely with any product on the end, you’re just going to go basically in little motion like this, you’re going to blend up and outward.

And now we’re going to take a tiny little Mac detailer brush this is the 221 and were going to dip into shade dominatrix this beautiful dark chocolate shade right here. A little goes a long way with this one so I like to coat the bristles completely, knock it off a little bit and then this is really say I’m going to put this right in my crease, so I’m going to tilt my head up a little bit so we’re just going to massage this into the crease and give us that really dramatic look.

Alright now this eye look is almost done, we just got to smoke out the under, but before I so that I am just going to go back into eclipse really quickly with the brush we put on the primer. And we’re just going to go right below the brow bone and we’re just going to pack on some eclipse right on the arch of the brow just so it gives a more uplifted look.

Alright now we are going to go in with one of my all time favorite black eye liners this is smoulder from Mac and I am just going to put this on my waterline quickly and then get to smokin. Alright now I’m going to go back in with charm we’re just going to place this right below the waterline and just drag it out and sometimes I like to tilt my head so there’s no fallout.

Alright so I’m going to take another tiny little brush, this is the Morphe 507 and I’m going to go back into dominatrix for one split second and I’m literally just going to brush right below where I put smoulder, only like barely so it’s only going to give you a little bit of a liner effect but like barely like a little detail I want to add.

Ohh, hi there. Now it is prime support master so of course y’all know about to go in with my benefit roller lash mascara and then we’re going to put on some falsies, so let’s get to it. Alright, now I’m going to quickly pop on some lashes and today I’m going to go in with the lily lashes in style Miami .

These are really gorgeous but not too dramatic, I want the eyes to really have a moment I was like, hi I’m peachy and I’m here bitch. So I’ll be right back. Alright, lashes are on, now it’s time for the lips.

Today I’m going to be going in with the Marc Jacobs liquid lip cream in shade, what is this one called again, your’s to try. This is a beautiful, warm toned, nude color, I think it’s going to go perfect with this eye look.

Alright lips are on, oh I love a color combo right now. Alright I think the only thing left to do is set the face and not to sound like this is a coconut March Jacobs whore ad, but they also came out with a brand new setting spry and I just got this stuff in the mail right before I filmed this, so I though why not, let’s give this stuff a whirl.

Now you will see some missing because I was trying out the pump, I heard so many mixed reviews online and I saw my girl Jacqueline Helene snapchatted a few weeks ago using this and a lot of people were saying that the spray came out like really like I guess intense.

I noticed that if you don’t press down all the way, it does kind of shoot out, so quick advice for anyone that has this or is about to try it, you have to go all way down and then it creates a beautiful fine mist.

So I saw a lot of people just kind of like venting or asking me have I tried this yet, so I haven’t tried it on my face I just sprayed it a million times. So let’s see what happens. Oh it smells so good.

I forgot to tell you what this is called you guys, sorry, this is the perfecting coconut setting mist… recover is what it says on the bottom. Now I am noticing that it didn’t completely dry down my forehead area but the rest of my face it did so I’m just going to take this Beauty Blender and just kind of buff out those little light coats, almost like droplets on my forehead and there we go it is blended, pretty blended.

Now the settings also said that it’s supposed to lock in your makeup for like 24 hours, I’m like girl, I ain’t wearing makeup for more than six hours. But I will let you guys know that in the description box if this worked for me or not, but it smells amazing, I mean all the coconut stuff is just like, I don’t know, I’m like hungry right now, craving a chocolate bar with some coconut shavings on it.

But I’m with you guys, I think that this look is almost complete, I want to change my hair and do something different because so many of you are like, girl where’s your slay intro shots, where’s the fucking wigs.

Well be right back then. And this is the final look I am feeling this high fashion glam moment. Look at this hair bitch, slayed by David Scissorhands. Don’t fucking play me baby. I love this look I feel like I could wear this anywhere, to Walmart, to the grocery store, to a fashion show in New York.

I’m just feeling myself right now but I hope you guys love the final look. I had so much fun filming it. I would love it if you guys recreated this look if you have the Androgyny palette, dip into some charm honey and create some magic.

Thank you guys so much for watching this video as always you guys are the best. I will see you on the next video. Mwah. Bye guys.


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