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How to get flawless skin in just 10 minutes | My daily skincare routine for a clear skin

How to get flawless skin in just 10 minutes | My daily skincare routine for a clear skin

you don’t even need highlighter after this hello friends and welcome back to my youtube  channel so today i’m going to share my   everyday skincare routine with you guys but before  starting the video i want to share something very   interesting with you all so i was trying this up  challenge on tick tock if you guys don’t know what   the up challenge is it’s basically like you take  a ton of foundation and you apply it on your face   you know the makeup transformation videos like  that so i wanted to do one and i failed miserably   and after applying so much makeup my skin started  to itch a lot so i thought that it would be a   great idea to upload a skincare video and even one  of my friends asked me to upload a skincare video   so let’s get right into it so i have changed my  shirt and i’ve even tied my hair so the first step   is i’m going to take my wet wipes and i’m going to  remove as much as makeup i can from the wet wipes   okay you can use any wet wipes you have  at home so i’m going to take my wet wipes   and to remove as much as  makeup i can oh my god look i just hate that tik tok challenge   i seriously feel i’m going to get three to  four pimples at least after the amount of   foundation i’ve applied on my face just for that  video it does not mean that if you have clean   cleaned your face with the wet pipes all the  makeup is gone no there is still a lot of makeup   inside your pores and all so we have to clean  everything up before you go to bed okay so the   first step is done i’ve cleaned my face with the  wet wipes and you can see the condition of the   wet wipes over here it has become so dirty like  oh my god okay so i’m going to keep this aside   i don’t know what do you exactly call this and  i’ve seen a lot of makeup artists and beauticians   use this in their makeup videos basically it’s  like you dip this in water and then on top you   add some face wash or actually i use the garnier  skin active micellar cleansing gel wash it removes   makeup cleanses uh cleanses your skin like it  removes all the makeup and it even like suits your   skin and it’s for all skin types even sensitive  skin so and this is not sponsored by garnier guys   but i guess kanye should sponsor me after this  video what do you guys think so i’m just going   to put two to three pumps of this cleansing  face wash on this one two two and a half okay   i’m going to dip this in this bowl of water  and now i’m going to rub this all over my face if you guys can see the difference this is  turning brown i told you all the makeup won’t   go up if you clean your face with just wet wipes  if you guys are wondering why am i not cleaning   the makeup over here that’s because i don’t like  to rub like so much on my eyes and all it makes   my skin really dry and itchy after some time i  have a different step for that so please wait   okay guys so as you can see i have washed my face   so now i’m just going to take a towel  and i’m going to you know just pad right okay so for removing my eye makeup what i  usually do is i take these cotton pads and   apply some almond oil on it because when you  apply almond oil it it just easily removes   almost all your makeup and then you  don’t have to rub your skin a lot okay so i have removed my eye makeup using  almond oil and you guys can see how much   dirty this is i just hate it it looks so  dirty see but i still feel there can be like   10 chance that makeup is still there on my face  so next what i’m going to do is i’m going to   dip another cotton pad in cold milk because it  cleanses your skin and removes any existing dirt   or makeup so i’m going to take some cold  milk and i’m going to wipe my face with it see the cotton pad is turning brown that means  makeup is still there most of the things i’ve   used for the skincare routine i’m sure they’re  available in your house i’ve not used any hi-fi   products still now and i don’t think so i’m  going to use split rolls because i don’t have any   so i’m going to leave this for five to ten minutes  and i’ll see you guys after that okay so it’s   been like four to five minutes and the milk has  completely dried and if you guys can see that my   skin has started to glow but i’m telling you the  skincare routine is very effective you won’t get   any pimples no matter how much makeup you apply  okay so the next step what i do is apply a face   mask which of course i make it at home so for that  i need some chickpea flour or basin and then i use   some i use this kasturi turmeric powder but if  you want you can use a normal turmeric powder and   then i use milk to just mix all the ingredients  together if you have oily skin you can add few   drops of lemon juice and i even add this gulabri  rose water so let’s mix all the ingredients   together first i’m going to take some chickpea  flour besan i’m going to put this in the bowl then i’m going to take a pinch of not like a  pinch like a little bit of kasturi turmeric powder   then i’m going to put some rose water and  now i’m going to put some milk you know   just to make it into a you know like a batter  type consistency so i’m going to add around   first i’m going to add two tablespoons if i need  more then i will add it later on if you guys have   fresh aloe vera you can even put that not sure  if you can put like the aloe vera gel you get it   in the supermarket and all because it depends  on like everyone’s skin some people have like   really sensitive skin so it might react but pure  aloe vera will never react like mostly it does   not react if you’re allergic to it then it’s a  different thing i’m going to drink a little bit   of honey and i’m going to put it in my face  pack now i’m going to apply this on my skin   and then i’m going to leave this for  like 15 to 20 minutes until it dries so i’ll keep this face pack for like 15 to 20  minutes and i’ll see you guys after that okay guys   so it’s been around like 10 to 15 minutes so what  i’m going to do is i’m going to take my cotton   pads again and i’m going to soak them in milk  and then i’m going to clean my face using them   like this and just rub it in a circular motion okay guys so now as i’ve washed my face i’m just  going to take another cotton pad and i’m going to   add some rose water on it and i’m  going to wipe my face with that so i’m going to make a lip scrub for my lips  so i have some sugar over here in this bowl   and i’m going to add in some honey this exfoliates  your lips and removes all the dead skin cells now i’m just going to take my cotton pad and  i’m going to wipe this okay so as you guys   can see my lips look so pink and they feel  a lot more softer and they have become a bit   pink and plump the next step is to moisturize  your face so now what i’m going to do is i’m   going to spray this coconut oil on my face i don’t  know from where did my mom get this coconut oil   but it’s a really nice coconut oil like when you  apply it on your face it like completely absorb it   stick some coconut oil on my palms and now  i’m going to just apply it all over my face so next i’m going to apply this face oil it’s  for both dry and sensitive skin it’s in the scent   damascus rose so i’m just going  to take like three to four drops going to pat it on my skin so next what i’m going to do is i’m going to take  this serum actually i’ve made this serum at home   if you want to know how i prepared this serum  i will link the products i’ve used for this in   the description below so i’m just going to  take a bit of it like two pumps on my hand   and i’m just going to apply  it on my hands and face it’s very important to even like massage your face  to get better results see guys my skin is like   glowing it has become so soft and it’s glowing  we don’t even need highlighter after this i’m going to take my eye cream i’m going to put it here and then next the final  step what i’m going to do is   um i’m going to take my lip balm  i actually apply two lip balms so and then i’m going to apply this  cheddy lip balm it smells so good okay guys so that’s all i have for you in  this week’s video if you guys found this   video useful don’t forget to smash that like  button and subscribe to my channel guys i’m   sure no highlighter can match this glow on our  face right now because look at the glue on my   face my skin feels amazing right now and comment  below if you want a part two of my skin care video   and also what you would like to see next and guys  while filming this video i had this idea like what   if i recreate one of my favorite tik toks because  you guys know how much i suck at making tick tocks   so if you want a separate video on that let  me know and i will see you guys next week bye


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