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Jocelyn McClellan: All right. You gorgeous babe,   Jocelyn McClellan here. You asked for it, I’m  bringing it to you. I’m going to give you the   colors that look good for blue eyes, green  eyes, and brown eyes.

So let’s get started.  All right. Now, I have these blue green eyes, and  you never do know what color they are, depends on   the day, and it depends on what I’m wearing. But  I’m going to show you a fun look today that goes   well with these colors.

So what I did throughout  this video, you’re going to see ones for blue   eyes, brown eyes, and green eyes that are really  good options. I pulled some colors together,   but I’m going to give you this look right  here.

Here, we have the eye shadow colors from   Maskcara Beauty. It’s Kin, Sabrina, Zion, and  let’s see if I remember, Foxy. Kin, Sabrina, Zion,   and Foxy. And those colors are going to accentuate  my eyes that are blue, mostly green, depending on   the day.

It’s always green, but depending on the  day, sometimes they go kind of blue. So we’re   going to rock this puppy out. Let’s get started. Starting things off. I do happen to have   just one little basic eyeshadow color on right  now.

It’s called Stay Golden. It doesn’t do too   much of a look to it. So I’m just going to go  over top of it. If you feel like you want to   add that in there, you can. Stay Golden is  a color that I absolutely am obsessed with.

   Ugh, it’s just so good. I love it. I don’t  know how else to say it, but I love it. Okay.  I’m going to go in first with Sabrina. Now,  Sabrina is a really, really light color. Maskcara   Beauty offers two colors like this.

Here’s  the Sabrina here. There’s one that is Rome,   and there’s one that is this one. Rome  has a little more almond look to it.   If you aren’t as fair as somebody that might want  Sabrina, you can always try Rome.

But it’s always   good to start things with that solid base color. I’m going to go in, I’m not using this compact   because I want to keep these eyeshadows pretty.  If you’re wondering why I keep going from that   one to this one.

So I’m in my compact with  Maskcara. This is a compact where all of…   Everything. You can trade out whatever colors  you want. I have [inaudible 00:02:05]. I have   colors for my whole foundation for if my skin’s  changing.

I don’t even have to have all that.  This is all in here because I was showing  different ways from going too light in color,   to too dark. And I haven’t traded them out yet.  But that’s what’s so cool is you can just pop in   and out your foundation.

So if you want  more info about Maskcara, it’s in the US   and Canada. And if you want information on  how to know what colors are best for you,   I’m more than happy to help and be your artists.

  That’s how cool this company is. It’s awesome.  All right. I’m going to go in first with Sabrina.  We’ll zoom you in really well, so you can see what   I do. The four colors I pick, I’m just going  to demonstrate really fast.

If you notice,   I will always have a lighter color, and then I  will go to one that isn’t too dark. And then I   always will have like a transition color, and  ones to add in those added pops. You definitely   want to add those added pops in because this live,  this eyeshadow tutorial look is for how to make   your eyes pop.

If you want to stick to neutral  browns, you can totally stick to neutral browns.   But this one is a tutorial on how to make your  eyes pop using eyeshadow colors. Now, one thing   that you want to remember too, is so many colors  make your eyes pop.

Because we don’t just have one   color in. Granted like… Or sorry, not granted. Notice how I said I have blue greenish eyes,   okay? We all have these undertones. And brown  eyes, actually, a lot of people have a redness   to them.

They have a green undertone  to it. They have a yellow and a purple.   They can have different undertones to them.  Blue eyes, there can be little flecks of   other colors in it. Some people with blue eyes  have a yellowness to it as well.

And then same   with green eyes. They can have a yellowness  to a blue, to a little pop of brown with it.   There are so many colors that are universal  that you can use. It’s just what accentuates   your eyes more.

So you can have the basic, or  you can have the pop, whichever one you’d like.  Okay. So Sabrina is going to go on my eyes, and  Sabrina is a color that can go all the way up to   the brow bone. Because it is a light color.

Now in  this tutorial, I want you to pay close attention.   If you’re like, “Well, I have mature eyes. I  can’t do that.” You can. Anytime I do my eyeshadow   tutorials, I make sure to talk about hooded eyes.

  Talk about mature skin. Talk about wrinkly eyes,   deeper set eyes. You can use so many colors. You  just have to might tweak things a little bit.  But for my eyes, I don’t have the youthfulness  that some other people might have.

Remember, if   you are more young, you don’t need to go up onto  the brow bone so much. We go onto the brow bone   more because our skin starts to sag. And it’s also  cute and we love it, but we’re going to camouflage   all of that.

Pay close attention to  this tutorial for that too. Here we go.  The next color that I’m going to dip into is going  to be the color that’s called Foxy. Foxy is this   baby right here. Okay. She’s going to be what I  get next, and we’re just going to pound her out.

   I’m going to go Foxy. I keep wanting to dip into  Zion, but we want… So Foxy is going to go right   in the crease and she’s going to come up in more.  She’s going to be seen, I guess, throughout a lot   more than the other colors.

So this one’s in the  crease. And then because I’m applying her lighter,   like I call it her. I don’t know why, but  I did. Because I’m applying her lighter,   we’re going to get on to the brow bone.

The brow bone is what camouflages that excess   skin, that hooded eye, if you have deep set eyes,  you want to make sure you don’t do too dark a   color down here on the lower eyelid. So I’m going  to do a Foxy.

She’s got a little bit of a redness   to it. That’s why she works well the green eyes,  because green, the complimentary color is red.   And so that’s where this is pulling in from, is  that redness to it.

Green eyes, the compliment   complimentary color is red. Blue eyes, the  complimentary color is orange. And brown eyes,   it all just depends with what’s going on. In  fact brown eyes, you can seriously use anything.

  So pretty. Brown eyes though, dark purples, dark  greens, reds, warm tones. Brown eyes look good   with everything. All right. So I’m just muting  that out on the top. No harsh lines. We don’t want   any harsh lines along here.

Okay. Next color that  we’re going to go into is Zion. Here is Zion right   here. Zion is the color of like red rocks. So  the area that I live in has red rocks. We’re   going to go in right here, and tap in just like  so, with Zion.

So I’m going to tap in the corner,   zoom in there. And I’m going to bring it  in. Notice and bringing it in just a bit.   Okay. That’s the difference between the   Foxy and this, is I am bringing this color in   just a little.

Okay, and I don’t want it to have a  harsh line where it ends, so I’m going to turn my   brush around and then I’m going to dab right on  there, and kind of fuse it on in to the inside.   And then also make sure that there’s no  harsh lines.

Okay. And on the other side,   bring it… So, on the  Foxy, I brought it out here,   into the crease. On the Zion, I’m going to come  right inside of that, okay? And then bring it in.  So this is just your basic look for  an easy eye.

So if you want to take   all the color examples that I’m going to  give you today, and if you just want to   put those kind of in the same way. So the first  color is a light color. The next color is a little   warmer, but the light is out of your other, making  it pop colors.

And then you’re going to go in   with the next color up from that. And then  you’re going to hit your darkest one last. Okay.  So just always remember that when you’re  building up your eye, unless of course we’re   trying to create a smokey eye, but for this look  today, that’s what you’re always going to want to   remember with your colors.

And I’m just sticking  to four colors. All right. So there was Zion. We   are already popping. Like I can see it from this  green shirt that I happen to have on. And the   other thing I want to remember too, is if you’re  wearing green and then you wear green makeup,   it might just match too much.

So you can make things work really   well with each other, and play on each other,  to make things pop. I’m already feeling the pop.   Can you? Because I can. All right, now don’t  forget to comment below if you have any   suggestions that you want to see done with any eye  shadow tutorials, or if you have any questions.

   Remember too, here’s a tip for you. If you tend to  really open up your eyelids while you’re doing it,   and you’re like, “I am getting out of the hood,  I’m getting all the way out there,” right?   And then you put your eyes down, and you  have so much excess skin that goes across.

   Then see how I don’t see that color any longer.  So you really need to get your brows down   and make sure it’s there. I  am going to get mine down,   and do it facing down. You can even look down if you want,   so that you are not raising your brows.

And then  maybe making sure that is spot on there. Okay?   That is creating that camouflage look for you. So  just remember, drop those brows because if we’re   used to raising them, this looks great, but this,  I can’t see the shadows as much.

Always remember,   camouflage those upper lids. Okay. We’re going  to go in with Kin, the final color. Oh my gosh.   I love this color so sticking much. This is kin.  It is absolutely beautiful.

I can’t say it enough.  Now, I’m going to take kin on the outer edge  and I’m just going to… Are you zoomed in here?   I’m just going to bring her, and I’m going to  pop her right in there. She’s going to finish   off the look on the outer edge.

I’m going to  pop her in, and then you’ll see how I bring   her down into the lower lid here in a second.  But this just adds that final pop of color   that’s going to make a migraine eyes go  crazy, and make them stand out so much.

  So it’s not overwhelming with the purple.  It’s just enough. We have some good warmth   in there. And then those purples work with those  red tones too, for having the green eyes, because   we all know what the color wheel, how they kind  of smoosh together along in the color wheel.

Okay.   And then I’m going to take a different brush. This  one’s called the multitasker brush. The ones for   Maskcara aren’t wooden any longer. So just to  remember that. But you’re going to take Kin,   tap off any excess, and then go along your lower  lid.

I will get that fallout here in just a bit.  You’re going to go on that lower  lid, and just that outer edge.   It will fuse itself back in on the center. You  don’t need to go in heavy. And then I finish   this inside.

Now for eyeliner, I will leave that  up to you. I don’t really need eyeliner because   I have a lash extensions right now. But if you  want to fill in any bare spots, I recommend going   into the lash line, instead of going up above  the lash line, because you want it to stay really   thin and nice, and just finished, but really  thin.

Okay, I’m going to adjust my lashes here,   there. And then to get that excess off, I just  take a loose brush and very fluffingly, I’m going   to fluff it off right there, so it doesn’t attach  to my skin.

Okay. I’ll go on to do the other side,   but this is how it looks with adding that  Kin on there, versus not having it on yet.  It’s so pretty. All right. So again, I’m going to  push Kin into that crease the on the outer edge,   just like so.

Okay? And then as you  can see, I’m just pressing her in   time and time again. And if you are like me,  and you have wrinkly lids, sometimes when you   press it in, it, doesn’t get into the wrinkles.

  So you might have to like, hold down your lashes   to get it, to get into those wrinkles. Okay.  Then I’m going to smoosh that out. So again,   things are blended out really nicely. I’m  going to take my other brush, go to the under   side here.

  And then my inner. And then again, if you  don’t have fake lashes, which chances are,   you might not, you’re going to take this into the  lash line. Now, into the lash line, I don’t mean   in the water line.

The water line, you would go  up under here and you’d stay in the water line.   To go into the lash line, just means that you  literally are going into the lashes and you’re   going back and forth into the lashes, which  makes it that it fills in any bare spots.

And   it gives you the look that you have eyeliner on  without having a thick liner look. My daughter   always makes fun of me for any time I ever do  my lashes, I always open my mouth and I’m like.

   And she makes fun of me. She’s like, “Wait. So that’s   how we do it now? And I’m like, “Hey, when you  get older and you got extra skin going on there,   you’re going to do that with your face too.

You’re  not just going to be able to hold it still. So   be quiet sista.” All right, you guys.  And that’s that eye. It is so pretty.   And so I want to walk you through some fun  colors that I have right here for you.

Okay?  Now, besides these four fun colors, this  one is a really awesome look for greens,   but I want to show you some other fun ones that  I have pictures of, they’ll have the names next   to them so that you can see what I have, too.

  Okay? All right. So for green eyes, besides this   first one that I have, let me tell you the colors  really quick, like those so that you don’t forget.  I have Sabrina, Zion, Kin, and Foxy. So those  are the four.

And then another really fun one   that I have, that I really do think you’re going  to like, is this. Mi Hija, I don’t say that right   either. I’m so sorry. Mi Hija. Basic, Lullaby,  and Sabrina.

So the Mi Hija is going to like   really pull, and it works so well with Lullaby.  Don’t be scared of Mi Hija, she is a really   bright pink color. But she adds so much depth  and dimension to the eye, too.

Don’t be scared.  The next one that I have for you is Leo, Stardust,  Coco, and Stay Golden. Again, Stay Golden is one   of my very favorite colors. That is just an  awesome color. If you have a skinned tone,   kind of like mine, Stay Golden is so good  because as we get older, we get red purple   tones on our eyelids and it just helps  pull those out.

It’s so good. So again,   that one is Leo, Stardust, Coco and Stay Golden. The next one that I have for you that you can   use on your beautiful eyes for your blue eyes.  The awesome eyeshadows for you, Ginger is one,   because ginger is that orange tones, and pulls  well with blue eyes.

Ginger, Stay Golden, Coco,   and Salem. This one is dead sexy. You’re going  to love it. Then we have this Sabrina, Zion, Kin,   and Foxy. And we have Bubba, Sabrina, Lullaby,  and Crush. Again, that orange is coming in   with the beautiful colors that Lullaby can give.

  And the Bubba has the nice warm brown. So that’s   going to go really awesome with your blue eyes. Brown eyes, you’re going to love this. It is   going to be absolutely so gorgeous. We  have one that is Stay Golden, Gilded,   Zion, and Coco.

So pretty. So we pulled in colors.  The Gilded kind of has the purplish tones to it,   with the brown warm tones as well. Zion is going  to pull in the reddish tones. Stay Golden, keeps   things really neutral.

And Coco is one that’s a  really beautiful brown, but it is a warmer brown,   exactly like chocolate. It is beautiful. You’re going to like this one for sure. And then   we have the Sabrina, the Kin, Foxy, and Zion.

  Again, those reds, those purples coming in a for   those brown eyes. And then lastly, this one is so  good. Greens on brown eyes are so beautiful. Finn,   #33, Rome, and Ivy League. I really think you’re  going to love this.

I can’t wait for you to try   it. And I would love to know if you love it. What’s crazy about all this you guys is these   names that I just named off, you might think that  these are just for blue eyes, just for green eyes,   just for brown eyes, but guess what? They work  good for all your eyes.

In fact, I challenge you   to try these ones for green eyes. I challenge you  to try the ones that I said are for blue eyes. And   I challenge you to try the ones that I said are  for brown eyes, because they are that incredible.

  I hope that you loved this tutorial. If  you have a mixture, a concoction of colors,   even if you aren’t wearing Maskcara beauty  and you have ones from other makeup lines   that you absolutely love, take a picture of  it, send it to me, and I’ll create it using   Maskcara.

I’ll do my best to create it using  Maskcara. I think you can like this. So again,   let me go into detail really quick, one last  time. Start out with that lighter color,   okay? So first color is a lighter color.

The  next color is going to be this transition color.  It’s one that goes really well in between the brow  bone, and then a little bit lower. And it’s going   to come in through here. The next two colors  are going to focus more on the outside of the   eyelid.

So the next one that we had that came  in was Zion, and Zion came in about halfway.   Oh, I want to show you one last thing  that you can do too, that I just did not   do. With your Sabrina as well, if you feel  like things just aren’t exactly in place   that you want here, you can take that Sabrina  one last time, and pop it in the inside just to   make sure everything is nice and blended  in.

So even though you started with her,   you can finish with her just on the inner, and  just make sure all the tones are nice and even.  Okay. A couple tips that I didn’t mention before.  When you do eyes, especially the older we get,   we want to lift them up.

So anytime you go in  with the eyeliner, try to do this up first,   before you do the upper lid, because when you do  this up first, you’re creating that smile. You’re   creating it to be lifted, and not be drooped down.

  The next one I have is, I know I told you to go   into the lash line, but if you watch my tutorials  on Thursday, on Facebook at Fit Mission Makeup   with Jocelyn McClellan, I talk about, get out of  the hood, which is getting onto the brow bone.

   And I talk about going into the jungle. Into the  jungle means get into the lash line. Okay? So   you are seriously just windshield, wiping it  back and forth in that lash line. And that’s   just going to help your lashes look thicker,  add a little pop of color, and have some fun.

  All right. Jocelyn.McClellan, Instagram.  That’s how you can find me over there. Say,   “Hi,” please. I love it. And then of course Fit  Mission Makeup with Jocelyn McClellan as always on   Facebook where I do makeup tutorials on Tuesdays  and Thursdays.

I might’ve just said Thursdays,   but it’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I tend to do  makeup more on Tuesdays, and hair on Thursdays.  And then if you need anything else, I’m  on Pinterest. And of course I’m on here,   where we drop new tutorials every single  week.

I hope you enjoyed this one. Let me   know which eye color you have, and what’s best  for you. Make sure you subscribe to this channel   so you can be notified, turn on the bell. It  doesn’t really ring, but turn on the bell,   so that you can know when a new video pops  up.

Have a good one. Take care. We’ll see you.


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