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How To Makeup Look For Problematic & Acne Prone Skin | Everyday Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

How To Makeup Look For Problematic & Acne Prone Skin | Everyday Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Hello again, welcome back to the glamrs studio. Well, over the months we have received several requests to deal with textured skin. and which is why, we have Priyanka here today And she has really kindly offered to lend her face to saught out these problems,that we all seem to be constantly be dealing with.

There are, so many questions that have come up about How to wear, basic daily makeup on textured skin. So, I am going to get started let’s start with the basics, which I think is skin care. As I have repeated in several videos I wont take too much time over it.

But there, always has to be moisturiser underneath a primer. A sun protection, also goes a long way in eradicating or lightening hyper-pigmentation which is one of the greater issues that we indian women face, being coloured.

So basically, once you have your suncreen on I would prefer, that you use sunscreen that are gel based. Because, they tend not to change colour because sometimes, products change colour On the face, once they oxidize and That actually dulls your makeup even further.

Well, the first myth that i’d like to break is that, you need to use alot of product to colour this kind of skin. Not at all, its absolutely the opposite of that the lesser the product you use, the better the effect will be.

Also, makeup remember is not going to cover the indentations or the pock marks or the deep little holes that are across the face. It only creates the illusion of a smooth surface. I am going to get started with the correcting methods.

Now over, all these kind of slightly purply dark patches that, you see all across her face particularly, along the cheek, under the eyes, on the sides of the forehead and around the mouth. I am going to use a orange corrector to just blank that out, as much as I can and then, i’ll get the whole complexion back to try my best match the clarity of the skin, around the neck and chest.

With this, simple step a lot has been covered, there is a fair amount of a difference between this side and this one. So, now I am going in with the foundation and I am using a cream stick foundation, because, I find that blending with this is easy and it offers a little hydration to the skin.

So, another reason, why I am using this colour is if you notice, its very close to the colour on her neck. And I do, want to kind of bring the face and the neck as close as possible in general. so I am that, there as a swatch.

And I am going to start at the center of her face to brighten. Use a small amount. While it looks, very creamy right now, it does set very well. Set to a nice matte finish, which is ideal for this kind of skin type.

So, I am getting a good amount of the foundation in You may use a sponge, if you prefer but I somehow always work better with brushes, so its a personal choice, its not my way or the highway. So, by all means use a tool of your choice.

I am using a brush, a buffing brush to just blend this, into her skin. Be careful, when there is a lot of skin colour difference between, the concealer and the foundation you want to get enough product into the hairline as well.

So it looks, quite seamless on the edges. So, now I feel I’ve gotten somewhere close remember you will not be a bang on match unless you keep working at it. So I am trying really to get as close as I can Now, il go back to the corrector palette and take a tiny bit of pale yellow.

Just to brighten the undereye, Because I am not really using a concealer here. Again this is something, if you have, you can do it. Otherwise you can brighten it with your concealer that works too. That is what, I am trying to do.

Very tiny amount. So now, kind of largely arrived at the place that seems alright, for now but remember you don’t have to jump into, this whole procedure. You can tweak as it goes. Now, I am going to get on with the powder.

Now, powder is an important part especially in setting, and mattefying this kind of a look. I always would prefer and advise, That somebody with this skin texturisation uses matte products. Because mattes really take the path that you, don’t want to focus on, out of focus.

So, for example this textures skin that she has here once, mattified it receeds further in the perception of another’s eye and that’s pretty much how you want this makeup to look and mattes also tend to give an illusion of freshness for longer periods of time.

The minute, you add something shimery, over it it looses its freshness, and actually starts looking more oily. Exactly what you are trying to avoid, in this kind of skin texture. So, I am going to pat on a good amount of either loose powder or you can use a compact setting powder.

That is also, fine. So, this is how largely you can deal with textured skin on a basic level. Because, the make up is really simple, I am going to draw the feature into focus. So, definitely because the eye makeup is going to be very subtle and muted.

I would like the eyebrow to be very groomed because it actually creates a frame for the eye makeup so nothing to elaborate just keeping it very simple going with the natural dark brown. I wouldn’t recommend very shiney eyeshadows for use in the day.

But having said that its a matter of choice. I prefer always to wear warm neutrals which are matt finish on the eyes And I figured that again it is a matter of freshness and longevity of the freshness It just keeps your make looking fresh and bright through the day And actually requires minimum touch up So I am going with a warm brown, very very matt and soft brown, all over her eyes just a wash of it across her eyelids so if you are doing neutrals keep them warm with hints of red and orange and peach in them I am just going to a small display of that I am using an amber eye shadow In a slightly sparkly finish Again I would just place it like a highlighter exactly where the light catches the eye This looks flattering versus having a whole lid full of shimmer all through the day But having said that there are no rules to makeup And it all depends on your personality and how far you would like to take it Another thing I would advise about highlighting is most people again don’t tend to want highlighters on the brow bones that I wouldn’t recommend a very shimmery one for the day Because I just feel that again this is a matter of freshness I am using a beige highlighter in matt finish Apply the highlighter and immediately blend with the same warm brown eye shadow So that it doesn’t look like a band of colour This will brighten your very subtle eye make up But if you are somebody who likes to wear kohl, this is a great time to do it So I’m going to do a very smudged out brown kohl pencil on the upper lid With really close to the lash line Pick formulations that will stay for a good length of time So you don’t have to worry about re-touching Very gently smudge it out Alright, so I’m done with eye makeup and its really quite simple While on the cheeks I am not going to do anything really really elaborate So I’m just going to go with a matt fresh blush That will be all on her cheeks And then of course the main feature that will be in focus, will be her lips Alright, so this I have just used a satin finish matt lipstick So her lips stay hydrated So this is something that’s a very controllable, environment controllable make up But as you can see, a little bit goes a long way And the whole point of it is to keep it matte, simple And also the colour choices, warm colour choices make the entire makeup brighter I hope this video was informative for you and if you have anything to ask Please write to us and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible And answer as many questions as possible


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