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HSN | Better Than Black Friday – Gift Edition 11.08.2020 – 09 PM

HSN | Better Than Black Friday – Gift Edition 11.08.2020 – 09 PM

well as they say i am always the last to leave the party and boy if you’re discovering hsn for the very first time you picked a good time to tune in because do you know i have the grand finale the last three hours where everything is on five pay flex pay everything everything everything has free shipping whether it’s on the air or online and of course our extended holiday return policy well i feel like i won the lottery christmas certainly came early for me because when we presented the famous the one and only ninja i did not get it it sold out by four o’clock in the afternoon well i got mine have you got yours because we are headed into final quantities final territory one of your last opportunities to get our famous best buy of the day okay do you know what i have been waiting for this and i know you have to the famous the one and only the premiere the elite you want to bake you want to roast you want to grill you want to air fry you want guilt-free favorites you want the ninja foodie and here’s what’s amazing do you know it’s finally back it is the last chance for the year it’s the only time that we are doing it at this price with free shipping and i’m telling you this is a complete kitchen solution i am obsessed with this thing in fact thanks to melissa and hannah i mean they got my back um do you know what dinner in 10 minutes even my producer steve said is that salmon going to be done i’m like oh ye of little faith ye of little faith how about salmon dinner in 10 minutes how about oh do you hear that i don’t even need to cut into it hear it hear it hear that sizzle oh yeah jump back want to kiss myself i don’t care if it’s that crisp fat-free frying you get the grill marks you get the searing you get the whole shebango what i’d love to do hannah should i let these rest for a second and show them everything they got i’ll do that okay so you can see the grill marks obviously you can hear the most important part the sizzle as chef curtis stone would say because he’s coming up at midnight let that meat rest shannon be patient so i’ll do that in the meantime with a one-year warranty and the final quantities i want to show you what you’re getting boy oh boy you do need to shop now or forever hold your piece though because we’re giving you more stuff we’re giving you the best price and this is your complete kitchen solution in this beautiful little footprint now let’s start with the basics as i said and you saw from that video you can br bake you can roast you can dehydrate you can air fry it’s a convection oven so whether it’s baking a cake or brownies or doing salmon whether it’s cooking from frozen whether it’s reheating this is the ultimate dream machine for your kitchen so if we did it at this price it’d be a great deal because the retail value is about 225 dollars our regular hsn price again last chance you’re going to see it at this price final quantities free shipping we are including yes there’s a full recipe booklet there’s this great air frying basket and when i say yes air frying but you want to dehydrate you want to re-warm you want to crisp up that pizza remember you can bake roast use it as a confection oven you can air fry it’s the whole shebango you get your grill plate and you heard that sizzle that’s the key everybody wants that do you know with over 500 degrees yeah i’m telling you you get that sear you get that wonderful caramelization of the meat and i don’t care whether it’s salmon or steak or burgers or everything in between dream machine the brush which i got to be honest even though most of the parts are top rack dishwasher safe frankly i have this at home i didn’t get as much stuff as this as you did and i usually just wash it and rinse it off in my sink but you are getting the grill plate first time ever you’re getting that roasting rack which i have to be honest i bought another one last night because then i’m going to pay it forward and i’m going to give my original version to one of my best friends because you know she’s not so great in the kitchen this makes you an instant expert you even get the kebabs also hsn exclusive and speaking of exclusive these colors you will only find it here this price you will only find it here so we’ve got that beautiful cinnamon we have your black and we have this great copper but we have it for this show 36 on your credit card free shipping remember we’re calling it a slightly expanded delivery window but the truth is it’s just a few days beyond what we would normally have but we like to err on the side of caution okay when i showed you the sizzle the grill marks i don’t care if you like your steaks medium rare i don’t care if you like them more on the undone side look at that juice look at that color look at those grill marks are we making you hungry yet well we should be because in minutes in minutes and i have to point out again i defy anybody to tell me that did not come off that well now maybe snow infested mosquito written outdoor grill that nobody wants to clean your dream machine is here tonight well it’s a dream that i get to work with rachelle and uh i gotta tell you rachelle you know the story i was so upset when this sold out at four o’clock in the afternoon when we did it as a today’s special we made it better we gave them more stuff but anyone who hasn’t seen that late night infomercial or seen this on commercial anyone who sees this wants it don’t they they really do i was so sad i know we kept trying to get it on your show and every time we sold out before we got to this late hour so i’m so glad they brought extra inventory in but we’re only down to the final colors i know and it’s it’s so great because i think everybody loves it because it’s so versatile you know it’s a grill but it’s also an air fryer it also bakes it also roasts and air frying is so popular these days because it’s saving you that extra fat you know it’s 75 less fat than traditional you know deep frying cooking so you can enjoy all your delicious treats without having to worry about the guilt but let me kind of give you a tour of the front so you can kind of see how it works so right now i’ve got it ready i’m going to do my steaks here in a minute but this is the um grill control on the side so it goes from low to max with low starting at about 400 degrees and max going all the way up to 510 so you get that perfect charred steak every time just like you would on your outdoor grill so you can control the temperature here too for your baking and dehydrating and roasting on this side you have your other functions so it does air crisp which is your air fryer dehydrate bake and roast and then you can set your time once you set your time and you hit start it will pre-heat and when it’s ready it will say add food just like it is now so i’m gonna add some food since it’s asking for food and i’m gonna have some steaks here wait till you hear this sizzle these are giant steaks too so listen to that fizzle listen to how it’s just going to get that perfect char mark that you get from the restaurants or from you know outdoor grilling i’m throwing some mushrooms in here which i would never do on an outdoor grill because i’d probably lose them and then i’m just going to shut the lid and you’ll notice it starts counting down so i can walk away i can do my dishes i can go watch you know tv i can do other things it’s going to beep at me when it’s done and because it has that cyclonic air technology i don’t have to flip the stakes if i don’t want to i can if i want to get sear marks on each side but i don’t have to and here’s how that cyclonic action works so basically it is surrounding your food with really hot air so it’s going to cook evenly all throughout it’s going to sear it on that grill plate so you’re going to get those perfect char marks but i love that it’s going to cook faster it’s going to cook more evenly you’re going to get a perfect steak every time you’re going to get perfect salmon every time air fried salmon is my favorite but this is air fried salmon on a grill so it’s got char marks too which is super delicious um you get that nice crispy deliciousness on the on the salmon speaking which i’ve already cooked some so let me show you this is a meal i love doing with my husband at least once a week because it is so healthy i think you had some in the studio there too and somebody was doubting you i don’t know who it was in the studio that was doubting you get this done in 10 minutes asparagus and salmon all in one it’s healthy look at how the salmon is not sticking to the grill because it is nonstick um i can pop this in my dishwasher you know while we’re having dinner or after dinner and it’s a really quick and easy meal it cooks in 10 minutes it washes in the dishwasher and it’s healthy so you don’t have to always go for the pizza or the you know the really you know fatty things that are in our freezer when we’re you know pressed for time during the week if we’re working from home and i love that it’s delicious i love that it’s healthy i love that it can grill i love that i can air fry i love that it’s easier all these recipes are yeah yeah for sure they are giving me a quick little update i’ll do that in just a second if that’s okay by the way if you find me on facebook um the official ingredients but no kidding now on mine instead of teriyaki like rochelle’s i put maple syrup because i could put maple syrup on a shoe and i would eat it so i just did a little maple syrup and then some cumin you can either use paprika or chili powder if you like it to be a little spicier but rochelle you’re right you heard the story correctly my producer steve who didn’t wait for me he bought his last night when he kicked it off um he he was a doubting thomas he was a doubting steven he’s like you just put that in the kitchen i’m like i know 10 minutes 10 minutes so rochelle i just want everybody to see what’s left by the way that beautiful sterling silver that you see in rochelle’s kitchen was one of those early sellouts please do not wait with this and if you are new to hsn i know that i know that i know you’re familiar with ninja foodie whether you’ve watched hsn or not chances are you’ve maybe seen the commercials or you’ve seen some of the advertisements we are the only ones who have this with this configuration for this price only as long as supplies last and we are headed to the home stretch my friends so don’t wait and in addition to the grand finale of our five pay flex pay flex pays are interest free payments so you can use your debit card your major credit card even paypal it’s less than forty dollars when you see that salmon dish let’s be honest if you do go to if you’re going out to your restaurants if you saw a beautiful plate of salmon like that you know that’s dinner out for two seriously actually it’d be more than that but we’re also doing free shipping this is not inexpensive to ship because you know you’re getting a lot of stuff and we have our extended holiday return policy until the end of january now you get this great little quick start guide which i didn’t mention before personally um that’s what that was my go-to when i got mine but i’m actually upgrading to this one and i say upgrade i’m going to pay it forward give my original one to my friend kitty but i want that roasting rack i mean especially whether you’re doing ham whether you’re doing turkey whether you’re doing wings whether you’re grilling with that great grill plate yes the cleaning brush comes with it but candidly you probably won’t need that i rinse mine out in the sink i don’t have a dishwasher but you could put it top rack dishwasher safe kebabs are also an addition then you get this great recipe booklet i know the big recipe booklet so a lot earlier but so many great things how about nashville hot air fried chicken you eliminate um and then of course you also get that great air frying basket but remember the salmon i just put in a you know regular basket and then i’ll show you real quickly because rochelle i’ve got a little question for you and this is a great segue so here’s my big old bag of regular fast food style french fries you dump it in and you’re done but rochelle so when i go to the drive-thru i love my fries there’s a lot of oil how much oil how much fat am i cutting in addition to the time when i use this 75 and you can see it all in the bottom because it will all go to the bottom of the grate so it is it is saving you that fat i think we did two pounds of fries earlier but while i was waiting for the show i was munching on them so i think it ended up being like one and a half pounds but i love that you can get all of your favorite fried foods and not have to worry about the fat and the reason is is because air frying is frying it by surrounding it with hot air and so that’s why you’re getting that golden crispy delicious but without the fat without deep frying it and so that’s why i love air frying for cooking and so ninjas kind of combined air frying with the grill so you get the best of both worlds so while you’re grilling you’re also getting that cyclonic air that’s going around you’re also getting that nice golden brown crispy and delicious from the sear but also from the hot air so it’s going to save you time because it’s going to cook quicker than your traditional oven so whether you’re doing your roast or your grilling vegetables or your tacos or even desserts i’ve got some pears we’re going to do here in a minute so i can show you how to actually grill fruits as well there’s so many different things it’s so versatile i think this is why this is everybody’s favorite is because it is a true five in one you can grill your weeknight meats your salmons and your steaks but you can do big roasts too i can’t wait to show you shannon we’ve uh amanda and i have come up with some great recipes here for the holidays so we’ve done a pork roast we’ve done a whole chicken um so it’s really really versatile and i love that this one is also coming with the roasting rack because it’s something that’s new that we haven’t seen before and i really enjoyed cooking with it so let me show you the front again let’s do that i just have to interject because my producer steve is keeping me up to date on quantities do not let this sell out from underneath you grab it and do it now i realize we have the official last airing coming up at 11 o’clock tonight but just as a friendly reminder for you the price is only good as long as supplies last this is an exclusive configuration it’s sold like hotcakes without the additionals like the bonuses that we’re including tonight but this is the grand finale tomorrow you don’t get free shipping and i think we’ll be selective when it comes to five pay flex pay today next two and forty hours and forty five minutes you get free shipping on this you get five flex pay you get our extended holiday return policy steve i think you told me there are roughly only a thousand of the copper okay roughly only a thousand of the copper and remember we’ve already sold out of two colors black is a great universal and then there’s um that great cinnamon of course they’re all hsn exclusives but they are going for sure and certainly i think we could all agree rochelle we all collectively have cooked more during this unique time in history than maybe in our entire lives but you know the other truth of this is we’ve all we’ve all we’ve done more dishes we’ve maybe been eating things that gave us the coven 15 or 20 or whatever they’re calling it so it’s fast it’s healthy it virtually cleans itself there’s nothing that you can’t cook or base bake or roast or air fry or dehydrate in this it’s like a five in one no kidding this is the dream machine in the kitchen isn’t it it really is and i love that i can do quick and easy weeknight meals so we just did the salmon i’m going to walk you through the panel again and then i’m going to cook some kebabs because you are getting the skewers too so you can do some kebabs at home so this is the grill control where you can set your temperature and i love that it’s a little fire there it kind of is really just a cute way to show what temperature it’s at but it goes from low to max low starting at 400 max going to 510 you can also set your temperature here for your dehydrate and bake and roast functions and air frying as well over here you can set your time based on your recipe and then you have your other four functions for you have your air crisp which is your air fryer dehydrate bake and roast so if you have an air fryer home maybe it’s time to upgrade it to something that does more than just air fry something that you’re gonna love having sitting on your countertop seven days a week because you’re using it all the time as it’s preheating you’ll see these little lines here and once they get all the way to the end it will beep like this that ninja is known for everybody that’s a ninja fan knows that sound because it either means it’s ready for the food or dinner’s ready um so while we’re waiting for that to preheat for the kebabs i want to show you the roast that we were working on so this is a four pound roast that we did with the root vegetables look at how beautiful that turned out we did that with the roasting rack and so we just put the roasting rack on the bottom and what that does is it allows it to sit up high above the juices so that way it gets that perfect air crisp surround with the air that makes it nice and golden and delicious all the way through but then you have that juice on the bottom if you want to use it for your gravy if you’re doing this for the holidays you know i know a lot of us are maybe doing a smaller thanksgiving this year so you could do your four pound pork roast for your holidays you could do it for your sunday dinner and just have this beautiful presentation to bring to your table and once i get all these vegetables out you’re going to be able to see that roasting rack in here and kind of see how we did this roast and i love that it has this versatility of doing not just weeknight meals but also family style meals because it has the capacity with that six quart capacity and it roasts in just a fraction of the time as it would in your big oven so i’m going to take this to the table here actually i got a couple more potatoes let me get some more potatoes here and now i’m going to take this to the table to show you all the stuff that we’ve been making i just heard the beep i don’t know if you heard the beef i just heard the beef which means it’s ready so look at all the things we’ve been making today so we did a four pound pork roast with our root vegetables we’ve also been making some chicken kebabs all evening long we did a brownie shannon this bakes amazing things we i did a double brownie in here so we just cooked it right in the six quart pot look at how it didn’t stick to the bottom we were able to easily lift the brownie up this can go in your dishwasher too we also did a carrot cake this we just used my eight inch regular pan so this is something that you could do with your baking dishes that you have at home it just goes right inside the pot when you’re using the baking function so any bakeware that you have that’s oven safe you can use in your ninja foodie too we also did some dehydrated apples so if you have any you know leftover apples from fall apple picking and you want to get them dehydrated for healthy snacks you can do that and we also have some burgers so we can still keep the flavors of summer all year round it doesn’t matter what the weather’s like outside whether it’s rain or snow or mosquitoes you can do it inside smoke free um so you know if you if you have an air fire at home if you love air frying and your air fryer doesn’t do all of these things maybe it’s time to upgrade to one that does five things at one it’s also a great gift i know we’ve got the holidays coming up any foodie that you have in your life that loves grilling that loves food is really going to love the ninja booty they will indeed and wow wow are we busy i just i don’t want you to miss out on this just to show you capacity again and rochelle beautiful demos i mean big props to you and and sweet amanda out there um just so everybody realizes here is that wonderful air frying insert now that’s your four cord and then this is what rochelle was talking about because we’re getting a lot of questions today boy i feel like ginger rogers how did she ever dance backwards and make it look seamless right but there’s our six quart that baking insert so basically anything that you would put in your oven i mean whether it’s a pie pan or cake pan double brownies like rochelle did in her kitchen so that’s your six cord that’s what she did that beautiful roast in as well here because a lot of people been asking i love this little plate that actually covers the heating element that way because let’s be honest when you’re cooking there’s flatter you know you’re not getting the fat in your body but you know there’s fat that’s being removed and nice and still getting a nice crisp skin on things so that is a nice little plate that makes it even easier for um both protection and cleaning if you will and then the roasting rack another addition like a bonus that we didn’t do when it’s sold out at four o’clock the kebabs which we love kebabs on your regular outdoor grill are kind of a nightmare because then you have to worry about cleaning them this yes dishwasher safe on those pieces and parts but frankly i just wash this in my sink i don’t have a dishwasher right now so it’s genius there’s that wonderful grill plate you heard that sizzle you want that sear you want that char you want that caramelization of meat you want this great recipes included wonderful little footprints so it is a whole kitchen solution who couldn’t use a second oven for christmas for thanksgiving for the holidays and beyond this is it remember it’s really for all intents and purposes like a five or six in one because you bake you roast you grill you air fry and you also dehydrate and you do it for a price that we are only honoring as long as supplies last so when you think about what you would spend for an air fryer uh rochelle i’ve been on the air with you i’ve been on the air with other guests where we have sold just air fryers for 199 and they’re fabulous but this is a whole kitchen you know i just want to give it a hug because people fall in love with their foodie and and and that’s just it that’s one of the reasons um other people can you know basically charge more money for it let’s talk about capacity and versatility though now um talk about the temperatures because any good cook or chef i mean chef curtis would tell you this too when you can go up to those higher temperatures that’s where you get that nice um caramelization and sear marks so this will go really low for dehydration but then also really high for searing correct it will it will so if you’re going to dehydrate that’s low and slow right so you’re going to set it probably at like 150 for eight hours so you can get your beef jerky so you can get your apple um crisps if you want to dehydrate your apples but then when you want to do your steaks you want to get these wonderful beautiful char sear marks that you would get on your outdoor grill and you want to get it nice and golden brown and crispy and delicious on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside and look at how juicy this is you so you’ve got your grill marks you’ve got it perfectly uh you know light pink in the middle so you could do this uh medium rare you could do it however whatever temperature you like your steaks but that 510 um you know for the max grill temperature is what gives you these perfect sear marks from the grill and you don’t have to flip it but you can if you want to get the sear marks on both sides but that cyclonic air technology is going to cook it evenly all the way around that’s why you’re getting this beautiful color in the steak where it’s really perfectly cooked even all the way around and it’s nice and pink in the middle it’s perfect just like a restaurant would do i think it’s even better personally than outdoor grilling i feel like an outdoor grilling it doesn’t always cook so evenly it doesn’t always get so juicy because you know it those juices are um you know dripping down into the grate and here it’s all contained in the container plus it’s smokeless you know it’s your i’m indoors it’s been raining all day outside here you know here in orlando and florida and i’ve been able to grill these steaks indoors and get this beautiful wonderful delicious color that i would at my favorite steakhouse my favorite restaurant plus we did the fries first so i usually this is how i cook on a weeknight is i will air fry the fries take out the airfry basket add the grate and then do the grill grate and then grill the steak so i get steak frits like a little french bistro uh in my kitchen on a friday night so this now says add food so i’m going to add my kebabs i just want to show you now that it’s preheated it tells me when it’s ready to add food it will say add food i’ll hear that little do do that little beef which tells me it’s either time for food you hear that sizzle that’s that 510 temperature that’s that grill grate it’s really smart technology it makes it really easy to cook uh whatever you would like to cook you know seven days a week these will be done in about seven or eight minutes we’ll have little chicken kebabs to add to the kebabs we’ve been making all night so i love that it’s a great you know weeknight meal solution when you want something quick and healthy i know we’re we’re indulging in these brownies and other delicious things here for thanksgiving the holidays but come january maybe you want to just do you know your steak and vegetables maybe you want to do just air frying and you know you’re going to have those goals coming up in you know in the new year in 2021 so this is the time to do it this is the time to get it but let me show you we’ve got a whole roast chicken we did back here too and i also want to show you i know you’ve got a ton of demos is it okay if i do a quick update first and then i promise we’ll go right back to you yeah um just because this is the grand finale for the weekend so a couple of things are happening if you’ve watched it throughout the day maybe you were fortunate enough to get yours before it sold out at 4 00 p.

m when we did it in april i did but i have to be perfectly honest with you i’m i i got another one i upgraded and i say upgraded because i use this as like my oven um my convection ovens died about a year ago and so i do everything either in toaster ovens or air fryers this is my kitchen i mean you’re looking at my kitchen i mean seriously rochelle just mentioned the rain that we’re having here in florida again we want everybody to be safe but if you do have to do an evacuation or glamping camping your kitchen can go with you on the go so i just i mentioned that um just because it is a whole it’s a whole kitchen i mean for lack of a better term now i upgraded because when it sold out in april i did not get the roasting rack and especially i like i said i use this as my kitchen i wanted that roasting rack i’m going to pay mine forward and give it to my best friend who actually is not a great cook but but you know she’s been forced to cook like all of us have so she’s going to get a great kitchen solution that she can’t screw up there’s that grill plate there’s that brush to clean frankly you really don’t need it though kebabs are in addition cookbook remember four quart capacity on that air frying basket and then six quart capacity on that insert for when you bake and remember yes you can bake you can grill you can fry you can roast but here’s what you need to know um steve i think you said the black is the most popular in this show so the black is the most popular on this show i have one if you’re shopping now and it’s really close with the cinnamon um the original one that i got was a cinnamon and like i said i kind of upgraded because i wanted that roasting rack in the kabobs we have them if you shop now and boy i call this copper kind of a sleeper these are all exclusive colors i think it actually looks even prettier in person than it might on your televisions at home it is a beautiful copper i think we’re all familiar how people are loving their rose golds and their metallics and their kitchen and their homes and their jewelry and their electronics and that is this for sure but do not wait do not wait with this because remember it’s the last chance that we’re not doing this as a today’s special again for the rest of the year and trust me when i tell you where this is going underneath your christmas tree you still get that extended holiday return policy until the end of january you could i for most and i think i want to say a standard eight-inch pie plate i’ll defer to you in a moment uh rochelle but you could bake your pumpkin pies you could do your sweet potato pies you could do your green bean casserole you could do your yams you can do your steak you can do your wings and this is one of the things that rochelle was talking about there is a restaurant um actually i haven’t been there since um this whole weird time in history started where they do wood fired wings and i love them i gotta tell you they’re a little under a flex pay do you know you could do add a little liquid smoke add a little bit of flavorings that import maybe a barbecue or a mesquite or a hickory or an apple or a teriyaki so you can really kind of duplicate that experience at home but the really cool thing have these cooled off enough where i can grab it without a pot holder i think so i’ve got like hands of steel because i’m i’m always in the kitchen rochelle as you know but one big thing about this and prince can they see um we got nick on the jib which is perfect i want to plate these but we were talking about what you don’t get meaning now do you see all that as they say you know pass the lips on the hips i love the flavor i don’t like the fat so all that fat drains away so wings are not necessarily um bad as a dietary choice it’s all the fat or the preparation method and rochelle i have you speak to that because here’s a real case in point i’m getting that caramelization i’m getting that flavor you can see it’s draining the fat away so i’d love to see some of the other goodies that you and amanda have have been up to in your kitchen because i i think the the hardest thing to do is just to get people to get it at home and no kidding once you get it at home rochelle don’t you agree it never gets put away i think we all have those appliance graveyards this is one once i get out of the box i have never ever ever once thought about taking you know putting it in some cupboard pantry we use this every day don’t we you use it too much you use it way too much to put it away and i want to show you it fits perfectly right on my countertop i have plenty of space when i want to open it up it opens right underneath my cabinet so i can use it you know seven days a week i can use it for my weekday meals look at this gorgeous chicken we did a whole five pound roast chicken with the roasting rack so you can see the roasting rack in there so all those juices dripped underneath we um we wanted to use this grill rack so that way we could get the whole chicken in there but then also look we did some grilled acorn squash you were talking about uh thanksgiving side dishes earlier if you want something creative this is so quick and easy and so healthy to do your grilled acorn squash and then just add some garnish on here to make it so pretty for the holidays and then i’m just going to put my roast chicken on top of the side dish here so you could make this into you know oh this is heavier than a five pound chicken let me get a better grip there we go so you can just bring this to your whole table and if you wanted to do this instead of doing a turkey you could do a large chicken if you’re just having a small family gathering this year for thanksgiving or even for a sunday meal i mean it’s sunday now and this is the kind of stuff that we’re making for dinner and i’m going to carry this over and show you all of the things that we’ve been making and answer some of your baking questions that you had too so we did a whole roast chicken we also did a pork roast with the roasting rack so a four pound pork roasted roasting rack we’ve been doing it kebabs we’ve been baking we did a mega brownie so we did a double batch so two boxes of plain brownie mix from the store that we did in the six quart uh pot but i know you had some questions about the pans and so i wanted to show you this is just my regular plain um you know eight inch uh cake pan that fits right inside so that’s what i would use for bake but you can also use your plain square if you wanted to make a regular brownie and not a mega brownie like we did tonight you can also just use your plain square one too so you could do your pies you could do your cakes if you wanted to do your cakes i know all of us always need that extra oven throughout the holidays this could be that extra oven that you need right on your counter top there is the quick start guide too that i think you pointed out earlier tonight that really makes grilling easy so you don’t have to be intimidated it tells you the time and temperatures for any kind of meat any kind of vegetable that you would want to do plus you are getting the recipe book with color photos they’re beautiful photos in here um there’s also grill charts there’s marinades here’s the steak and asparagus we did some salmon and asparagus and so once you get this home you’re going to feel really inspired i think to try all the recipes in here there’s also a ninja foodie official facebook group that ninja runs so you can go on there and meet other people who also love their ninja girl foodie and get different recipe ideas and tips and things for what people are cooking for the holidays but we made all of this in less than 30 minutes and the cleanup is nothing and that’s what i want to talk to again um and why are we busy we’ve got one if you’re shopping now now here’s that wonderful crisping basket we say a four quart capacity but here’s what i want to show you so you know how they say objects and mirror are larger than they appear this might look like okay well how much can i do in there let me show you these wings okay hannah how many is this like a pound of wings two pounds of wings okay two pounds okay uh yeah all right so we’re talking capacity so when you see that um chicken that wonderful split chicken that that uh that um rochelle and amanda did in her kitchen it’s great here’s the other thing though and this is what i really want to stress listen i love my curtis stone cookware and of course curtis is going to have a great today’s special tonight you could put his brownie pans in this remember any oven safe pan actually i even have one of my anchor hocking glass bowls i might grab just to show you because you’re anchor hocking you bake into that like 450 500 degrees as well anything that goes in the oven will go in here this is not going on your hips not going past your lips you still get that grilled flavor but you know what you rinse it out so all that fat drains away and if we just took okay easy cleanup check sapbox fast checks that box healthy checks that box uh i remind you and i hope you can find me on facebook i i promise i’ll post the official um ingredients but the truth is it’s maple syrup little paprika if you don’t like spicy otherwise i do a little chili powder and then sometimes a little cumin you could also do the teriyaki version that’s included in the recipe book that we that we send you even my producer steve and i love my producer but he bought his in at midnight he’s like that is not going to be done we’ll show them in that last store and i’m like oh steve do you doubt me 10 minutes i promise you 10 minutes now i ch i chose to bake that so but you could grill it as well so baking 350 you know seven to ten minutes depending on how you like your salmon your steaks you can cook from frozen um i’ve actually got some frozen steaks i might even throw in here but the whole idea is you don’t obsess about dinner anymore you can use this to crisp to toast to bake to dehydrate to roast to grill to reheat a lot of us are getting brave we’re doing out and and all that other kind of stuff put up pizza on this i mean seriously rochelle it’s funny because when we were talking first of all if you they want it they need to do it now but let’s say you don’t even have um the recipe booklet handy uh you were so cute you’re like oh let me check on frozen steak so yes there’s a big old manual but there’s also like a little cheat sheet and then of course like a built-in prompt it’s ninja thinks of everything it’s kind of goof proof isn’t it it really is it’s foolproof they do think of everything so if you don’t want to pull out the recipe book you do have that nice sticker on the top that tells you really quickly hey i want to i want to roast some salmon or i want to do some steaks it tells you the time and the temperature for your grilling tips it also does it for air frying it easy even has a little uh like little snowflake here to indicate if you’re cooking it from frozen so it makes it really easy really fool proof to get things done there’s also that ninja foodie facebook community that i told you about so this is saying add food i’m gonna add some pears here so if there’s any questions that you ever have don’t feel intimidated it comes with a quick start guide it comes with grilling and air frying charts um i’m gonna do some roast pairs so we just covered these pears in some sugar so i’m going to roast the bottoms here i’m going to do this really nice and lightly because they are fruit so i’ve got it on the lowest setting i’m just going to do it for a couple minutes i’m going to put it on some cake with some caramel and it’s going to be so delicious and our kebabs are done so we’re gonna add to our kabobs that we’ve been making all day look at how easy this was to make a quick and easy weeknight meal look at how these are non-stick they’re coming right off the grill grate you would never do this on a regular grill you’d probably lose your kebabs you know into the grate but i love that i can cook quick and easy and healthy and do it in my kitchen without having to go out and deal with the weather or deal with the rain or deal with the snow if you’re up north so look at this feast we made all of these things in 30 minutes or less so we did our kebabs in eight minutes we did our four pound pork roast in i think 30 minutes with the root vegetables too we also did a spatchcock chicken so we did a chicken with the roasting rack we also did the salmon and the salmon is one that i do i tell you we do it once a week here in my house because it’s a quick and easy weeknight meal in 10 minutes you know you’ve got your vegetable you’ve got your salmon it’s low carb it’s healthy but speaking of healthy that allows me to go right for the french fries when we have our movie night so we’ve got our air fried french fries we also have our burgers and um cake and brownies and dehydrated apples there’s so much you can do you know if you love air frying maybe it’s time to upgrade your air fryer but if you love grilling you’re going to really love grilling indoors with the ninja foodie grill i mean honestly rochelle and here’s the best part if um listen i’ve hosted enough dinner parties and and many of you know i love to cook the thing that stinks is the cleanup and uh thank you guys i just i kind of fired this up because first of all i want to show you when i say you cannot mess this up remember the control panel everything is is you know completely labeled for me you have complete control so whether you want to change that temperature adjustment whether in the middle of it like a lot of times what i’ll do is bake but then i’ll decide you know what i just i want to crisp at the back end so that’s why you get all those plates it’s just the touch of a button it tells me everything start stop tells me when it’s done you can see how quickly that was already heating up even if you just used it to reheat your steaks if it’s your takeout so now we did not flip these but if i wanted to get grill marks on both sides i could flip them but what’s so nice is you keep the juice you keep the flavor you drain away the fat get yours while you’ve got it in fact if you if you don’t rave about your ninja foodie you send it back you’ve got until the end of january but remember this is an hsn exclusive configuration we are in the grand finale of our better than black friday weekend of course that means only until 12 midnight whether it’s something you see on the air or off air i’ve got my little shopping cart ready i’m gonna have to hit you know check out while i’m on the air because everything’s on five flex pay but then everything has free shipping this is an exclusive configuration and here’s what i want you to do whether you’ve shopped at hsn or not chances are you have seen the infomercial even if you haven’t i know you’re doing something chances are you’re cooking more in this period in history than you’ve ever cooked even if it’s just takeout and you want to reheat that pizza you want to heat reheat those nachos or those tacos or even that chicken breast whatever it might be even if you just used this as a reheating machine it would pay for itself but remember we are doing this last and only chances of today’s special for the year this will not be back as a today’s special for the rest of the year this is an exclusive configuration normally at 225 it’s a great deal but it is only as long as supplies last we include bonuses of that roasting rack that was not here when it sold out in april the kebabs fat-free kebabs whether it’s lamb or arrows or chicken kebabs seafood vegetable kebabs stone fruit kebabs you could grill pineapple or peaches in this you could do a grilled caesar salad if you want cleaning brush recipe book grill plate air frying basket if you will and then you also get kind of this baking pan that’s that six quart one kind of also doubles as a reservoir to catch that fat there’s our cinnamon here’s our black there is our beautiful copper and no kidding i think that copper actually looks better in person my producer steve was actually asking me he has has an air fryer he said oh should i get this one and i said absolutely because steve do you remember what i told you the one that my friend and producer steve has i sold on the air at one point for 199 and it’s a great air fryer however um it doesn’t have the addition of this little mesh screen and you know that’s you know neither here nor there but this in my own opinion it um allows for things to crisp without you know everything splattering on that heating element and you know what hannah can i do this backwards it’s kind of hard to do but um i know oh see there we go that’s ginger rogers i salute you well there we go gosh i’m i’m impressed with myself what can i say a little a little help from the crowd but you can see that just um with the one that my my friends and producer steve has this is exposed which that’s it’s not a bad thing it’s just it’s just a different design but i know because i have that one too because you guys know i buy everything and you know that one if you look at it you kind of it’s like a horror show it’s like oh i didn’t know what was on that um so rochelle in in the final 60 seconds or so that we have remaining you you’ve got more great things do you want to do another quick reveal before we we we clear the path for another great item i do i have one we grilled some pears so it doesn’t just have to be summer fruits that you’re really you can also grill some uh fall fruits too so we did some grilled pears with cake here i’m gonna cover them in caramel sauce look at these wonderful grill marks on there and then i gotta tell you after grilling pears my husband earlier tonight was like why have we not been grilling pears more often these are so delicious so there’s really so many things that you can do you know you can do your steaks you can do your salmon you can do your big roasts so whether you’re just cooking for one for a small quick healthy you know weeknight dinner or you’re cooking for your whole family on a weekend or a holiday i think you’re gonna love having your ninja foodie in your kitchen with you all year long really well and honestly the only way to know for sure is to get it at home because once you try it you’re a foodie forever and always an awesome job rachelle i’ll look forward to seeing you back here well with whatever’s left at 11 o’clock okay all right see you soon thank you rochelle no kidding i hope you’re inspired it’s as easy as it looks i just i love mine i upgraded because you get more stuff with this one i promise i’ll be generous i’ll be paying it forward to some special people in my life that makes a great gift speaking of great gifts wow wow wow have we pulled out the stops for our better than black friday weekend you’ve got basically the you know 2 hours and 15 minutes give or take where you can qualify for everything on free shipping that’s a big deal because even some of those bigger items you can get with free shipping you also get five pay flex pay and of course our extended holiday return policy holy shmoly man an exercise bike with five flex and free shipping check out all those details you might find something well that you didn’t even know you wanted or needed well we all need a great deal twenty dollars off when you apply and buy on our hsn card and we’ve got more holiday shopping and gift giving to do the radical racers actually a new configuration coming up i have an encore of that beautiful hp and much more upper sleeve so don’t go anywhere food has always been my passion but the truth is even in the world’s best kitchens the tools can really make or break a ship that’s why i’ve developed this incredible innovative line for it makes the prep easy and it also makes the cooking a whole lot of fun from my kitchens to your tables let’s turn the everyday into gourmet make your season merry and bright during our deck the halls event november 10th it’s our largest selection of holiday decor before the holidays with everything you need to decorate your home indoors and out find the very best gifts for everyone on your list and all things christmas during dexter halls all day tuesday november 10th on hsn and at hsn.

com at doll 10 beauty we believe in the confidence that lies within you every woman deserves to feel beautiful in a matter of a few minutes each day that’s why i created doll 10. i want to give you beauty tools to create that feeling my mission is to make you feel empowered unstoppable and unapologetically beautiful give me 10 minutes and i’ll change the way you see yourself well happy sunday fun day hey it is a better than black friday weekend here at hsn i’m shannon and that means uh last to leave the party five flex pay free shipping extended holiday return policy here’s another great gift giving idea and because you’re getting so many you might want to keep a pair for yourself well comfort code made by cuddle duds now cuddle duds is some a family of great high-end products i always love to watch them at qvc well they cuddle duds actually made comfort code exclusively for hsn this is actually their four pack is this not the coolest thing look at this little sherpa lining oh my lord i want to crawl right into this sock oh but there’s also a lot of give do you know you can actually use this as your christmas stocking which i think is such a great idea hey there’s you don’t have to worry about sizing um actually when i worked with amy the other night she’s got a size 10 she has a friend who’s a size 11.

she’s got a girlfriend who her foot is a size 5. so big small y’all fits all of that and then i’m trying to show you one steve can they see the non-slip grip on the bottom of these okay so this this is a big one for me because i’m always slipping and sliding all over my house um i’m a little accident prone so it’s nice to see that you get a little bit of that tread and then of course all machine washable as well so we won’t have time to do a full presentation but you can definitely grab it and then we also have final quantities on once more um a comfort code made by cuddle duds the brushed ultra knit pajama this is a smokin hot deal now you can choose it in black or plum we also have the navy or that beautiful seaport blue so it’s one of the few designs that they’ve done for us with a v-neck in that soft lace trim and then that pant is a jogger it really does look like something that you could conceivably wear out i mean why not i mean we won’t tell well the secret is out though when it comes to radical racers and whether you’ve seen the infomercial we’ll show you some videotape in just a few moments this is the hot gift of the season no kidding if your kids are driving you up the wall this is a racer that goes up the wall now the thing is we are doing a special adjusted price so this is really our value pack if you want to think of it that way because you buy one and gift one they’re both in separate gift boxes you get a blue you get a red of course you get the controllers you operate these at different frequencies so you know you can actually get more than one set and the whole family can race and play and everything else but if you saw that videotape and we might show you that again yes it will drive on the floor like a regular race car but but but there’s like this little um turbine or fan and there’s a little switch that you hit when you hear this like a race car you’ll actually drive up the ceiling and drive up the wall it is the coolest thing well it’s the only time that we are doing free shipping and five flexible payments as part of our better than black friday weekend i am going to have to uh shop for this while i’m on the air because uh chad allen my mom my my pat she she called me the other day and she said oh hunter loves his video games he’s so hard to buy for you have to get him this and i’m like okay mom i knew i was going to have him in the show but chad i actually didn’t know i was going to do this price so at 34.

95 this is actually even a better deal than i thought i was gonna get right yeah it used to be uh let me see if i can drive this up closer to where you guys can see it on the screen you can probably see the headlights coming first this used to be forty dollars and now it’s down to 35 and it’s much more expensive in the stores but hi shannon hi everybody welcome to my home the cars are so cool so aerodynamic and did you see what i just did from uh race car sound putting it on the wall taking it off the wall is super super cool you can spin you can drift you can rake and go forward backwards left right you probably see on your screen the blue headlights and the red tail lights everything like that and you’re probably already asking yourself but how does it work and i have the answer for you because right underneath you see that divot right there that’s a wind turbine that’s a fan like that’s sort of holding it and hugging it to the wall so if i flip it into there’s three modes there’s an off mode a floor mode and then a wall mode and wall mode means for walls for ceiling for a-frame homes anything like that when i flip it into wall mode is when you get that that race car sound like it’s going around the track and all i have to do is any wall i don’t even have to look i can just stick it to the wall just like that it doesn’t create any marks it doesn’t create any traps it doesn’t stuff or you know anything like this i can drive it left right forward backwards i can thin i can drift i can race now you are getting not only the two cars but you’re also getting two remotes they look exactly the same however they have different frequencies so you have an a a b or a c frequency so even if you pick up a couple of sets of these you can have up to three different frequencies in your room so two remotes one red car one blue car two usb charging cables because shannon i’m not gonna make the mistake of this show these are rechargeable you don’t have to buy batteries shannon and i were on the other day with these and i it was like the last 10 seconds i was like oh my goodness it’s rechargeable no but that’s really true and i’m so glad that you mentioned that because um i’m trying to do a bunch of christmas recipes thanksgiving recipes some table top stuff so i’ve got all these lights and do you know every single one of them i had to go back to the store to buy batteries i’m serious so i couldn’t do like the demonstrations that i planned on doing because i’m like oh great that needs triple a’s that needs double a’s that needs double d batteries so to chance point you that’s a whole another added expense the reality is you could expect to spend 34.

95 just on batteries i mean for the first pass i mean any parent or grandparent knows that but this is hours and hours of fun you don’t have to worry about an internet connection you don’t have to worry about skins or tokens or parental advisories or you know or batteries like chad said remember two remotes two boxes two cars especially during a year where um uh i’m actually going to try to create like what i’m going to call like a little blessing table here at hsn where i’m just going to leave things that i want to pay it forward for people to use and incorporate into their christmas or gift giving and i think we’re all trying to be more generous this year so whether it is toys for tots or secret santa or just you know a little stress relief for mom or dad or grandmom the whole family can enjoy this you don’t stress about the price you don’t obsess about you know is is there going to be like an avatar or something kooky that i don’t want my kids to see you get it you do it and we are doing it for a special adjusted price it is the only time that we’re doing free shipping and that five pay flex pay and chad look at this it now describe how this does there’s like a little what a fan a turbine thing or like what’s going on because people always want to know how that works we call it a wind turbine i’m so impressed with whoever’s driving that in the studio because those are fake walls we all know that but right there that divot that’s underneath there’s a little wind turbine underneath a fan for all intensive purposes so we understand it and it sort of creates a vacuum and it sucks it to the wall it sort of holds it to the wall but not so powerful where the car can’t move in fact i like to take it one step further because you’re probably like oh he doesn’t have any scratches on his wall maybe his walls are magnetic no no i bought a piece of a plastic right here i’m going to turn it into wall mode you get that sound just like we all love i just stick it right there whether it’s the wall whether it’s the ceiling the a-frame home it doesn’t matter but watch this when i flip it out of wall mode that wind turbine kicks off that awesome car sound kicks off i can turn it into floor mode and i can drive it all over the floor but we’re used to that the reason radical racers is so special the reason that we’re the name brand this is the name brand radical racers is here is because this is the one everybody wants whether it’s the kids whether it’s you and your husband oh and they’ll always know the difference because you get one red car one blue car so it’s not like whose car was that oh no that was my red car that won no you’ll know which one one when you’re racing but all you have to do is flip it into wall mode put it on the wall the ceiling it doesn’t matter it drives up and down forwards backwards you’ll notice that radical eraser didn’t stem on a single thing okay not one thing that they skimp on right here in the very front when i go forwards i get real led headlights when i go backwards i get real led tail lights in fact this is how advanced this is because the engineers thought of everything if i just go sideways i just get one headlight so i can sort of create my own turn signal if i go the other i mean they could have skipped all these different features and they did not the team of engineers and technical you know big title people who created this awesome technology is the people who know what kids want what excites them the old school you know not your mother’s remote control car or not your grandma’s remote control car that they used to say this is the one that’s meant for this generation this for 2020.

this is the one that’s so advanced that it makes you go how does it even work because it blows our mind that’s why it’s been so wildly popular that’s why the retailers are fighting over it for this holiday season there it is in the studio shannon i don’t know if you’re doing that or somebody but those walls must have 18 layers of paint on them so and i know they’re quite thick and that just proves it really does prove that even with all the internet connections and the screen time and all the things going on in the studio these remote control cards work you don’t need to worry about if the power is on you don’t need to worry about if how long they’ve been on the app if they’re getting onto that program where they can look up any video they want this is that gift you can trust you can count on each and every time all you have to do is recharge the car when it dies you don’t have to buy batteries for the car nick and kelsey were actually fighting over who got to do it i mean he he’s he’s been uh the master in the gym for me earlier tonight and then he’s shown off his mad skills with the radical racers uh thank you nick um our mom or dad watching tonight i know your mom and dad watch okay well see you know they would be proud well we’re proud to have these and even better the price is right you get the two rechargeable batteries different frequencies so the whole family can play together no um mature m for mature or avatars or data speeds i mean the whole shebango it’s just cool it’s fun it’s affordable it is on five pay flex pay and free shipping which chad we were talking earlier that is something that is also unusual in addition to this great price isn’t it yeah that offer was done by hsn just for this weekend so when we come back later this week which these this will be here the shipping will be there i was told but it’s buy one sort of gift one if you look at other retailers but here’s the big thing red car in blue car nobody’s fighting they get to know exactly which car stores this is the gift of this holiday season to come don’t be surprised when they see that infomercial running and they say mom dad the radical racers this is that name brand shannon this is not an off-ramp this is the brand it is indeed it’s not the gosh wish i were a radical racer when i grow up it’s the real one and of course with that free shipping and that five pay flex pay always um an easy one to add to that shopping cart especially before that black friday or better than black friday uh savings are done at midnight chad as always thank you so much thanks shannon it was fun good to see you as always all right don’t hang up on your radical razors thank you chad um we are continuing now we’ve got the grand finale two of the last hours of our better than black friday remember if you are still


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