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Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Shades and Review

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Shades and Review

Hey guys it’s Zaeema. Today I’ll share all the  shades of Huda beauty faux filter foundation for   different skin types along its review. It’s a full  coverage foundation. Always use a moisturizer and   a primer before using this foundation because  it is extremely matte and gives a powdery   finish.

So I would recommend this foundation only  for oily to normal skin and not for dry skin. I   would suggest you to take a small amount  of the foundation for applying on your   face because it is really thick and heavy.

Coming towards the shades. This foundation   is for four types of undertones  and eight types of skin tones.  Very fair skin with pink or cool undertones  can use the shade milkshake 100B. Panna Cotta   130G is for very fair skin with yellow  undertones.

Very fair skin with neutral   undertone can use the shade Angel Food 110N. Vanilla 120B is for fair skin with pink   undertones. Cashew 140G is for fair skin with  yellow or warm undertone along with the shade   crème brulee 150G.

Crème brulee 150G is darker  than cashew 140G. For fair skin with neutral   undertone you can use Angel Food 110N or custard  220N. Angel Food is one shade lighter for fair   skin and custard is one shade darker for fair skin  as it is for light skin.

So you can also mix both   to make your shade. Macaroon 230N and toasted  coconut 240N is for light skin with neutral   undertone. Shortbread 200B and Chai 210B is for  light skin with a cool undertone.

Light skin with   warm undertone can use the shade Cheesecake 250G. Latte 300N is for medium skin with neutral   undertone. Medium skin with yellow undertone can  use the shade Amaretti 310G and Tres Leches 320G.

  Butter Pecan 330N is for medium dark  skin with neutral undertone. Baklava 340G   and Dulce De Leche 350G are for medium  dark skin with yellow undertones.  Dark skin with neutral undertone can use the  shade Gingerbread 430N.

Shades for dark skin   with warm undertones are Macchiato 400G, brown  sugar 410G, Toffee 420G, Cinnamon 440G, Chocolate   mousse 450G. Macchiato is the lightest shade for  this category and chocolate mousse is the darkest.

  Deep skin with red undertones can use the shade  cocoa 510R. Deep skin with yellow undertone can   use the shade Mocha 500G. Nutmeg 520G and  chocolate truffle 540G is for deep dark   skin with a warm undertone.

If you have deep  dark skin with red undertone go for the shade   coffee bean 530R and hot fudge 550R. Hot fudge  is the deepest shade of this foundation range.  If you have any question or any comments  regarding this foundation please feel free   to write it in the comments section below.

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