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Huda Beauty New Nude Eyeshadow Palette | Soft Eye Makeup Tutorial

Huda Beauty New Nude Eyeshadow Palette | Soft Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, so today I created this look using the new Hoodie beauty and nude eyeshadow palette I also used three of her eyeshadow brushes as well So if you want to see how to get this look in my thoughts on this palette Go ahead and keep on watching.

I am so excited to dig into this palette The colors are so so gorgeous and just soft and neutral Cool toned. Oh, it’s so different and I love it and the texture of these two shades right here There’s a few of them throughout the palette.

It’s so different and so cool I’m gonna be using these hooded Beauty brushes that came in the PR package. They’re double-ended and there’s three of them I believe you can buy them. So I will list them and link them for you My eye is already primed with the it two-faced Born This Way concealer and I set it with the translucent powder I’m gonna take the shade secret on the build and blend brush the shape of this brush is so unique where it’s not like Rounded like your typical blending brushes.

It has more of this kind of flat side, and I’m just gonna buff this shade in my crease And I am gonna build up this color I’m gonna take play on the same brush and I’m gonna use this slightly above the first color just to help blend it out Kind of feel like this brush does all the work for you like this blended so quickly I’m gonna take the other side of that brush in the shape teddy, and I’m gonna use this to deepen up my crease These matte shades are so like buttery and smooth and they’re blending beautifully Wow, this is my first time using one of the larger huda beauty palettes I’ve only ever used her small obsessions palettes before but this is just like beautiful and soft.

I really like it I’m gonna flip back to the other side of the brush and just kind of blend over everything. I Want to do a half cut crease so I’m going to take the Born This Way concealer again And I’m gonna take it on a sigma lo5.

This is my favorite brush for any kind of cut crease or half cut crease Perfect Now I’m going to take this a fender-bender Brush from Hooda and I’m going to take the shade crave and that’s going to go on the concealer This shade is so gorgeous.

It has like pink and green reflex in it But it’s also just like a nice pale shade. Oh, I love it Now I’m gonna take the smoke and smudge brush And I’m gonna take the shade raw and I’m gonna use that to deepen up my outer corner More like the outer half of my eye And I’m trying to keep this shape rounded to follow that half cut crease I’m gonna go do my foundation and concealer and I’ll come back and we’ll do the eyes and some face makeup Okay, I’m gonna take Teddy on that smaller side of the blending brush and that’s gonna go on my lower lash line Now I’m gonna take RAW on the small side of the smoke and smudge brush and I’m gonna put that kinda on my lower lashes Just to deepen it up and kind of smoke it out Then I’m flipping that brush over and using that to smudge it Now I’m gonna take base on the fender blender brush and I’m gonna use that to brighten my inner corner And a little under my brow Now you could totally do any type of eyeliner you want you could do a basic eyeliner, no eyeliner a wing anything you want I’m gonna take a black eye shadow on a sigma e60 8 and I’m just gonna do a little bit Right on the outer part of my eye Just kind of add a soft smudgy eyeliner Okay, now I’m gonna pop on some mascara and lashes wait for my lashes I used huda beauty and Nowell and here is the final I look Now let’s finish up my face makeup and I’ll tell you my final thoughts on the palette okay both eyes done My face is feeling a little flat because they just have Foundation and concealer on so let’s do some bronzer blush and highlight I’m gonna take the japonesque and Velvet Touch blush and it number six and I’m going to bronze and I’m using a sigma f10 I’m gonna take this Sigma face powder and chordae Rosa and that’s gonna be my blush.

I’m Gonna set my face with the Urban Decay all nighter spray Spraying weird. Oh My nozzles cracked wait my highlight I’m gonna use Well from a highlight I’m gonna use Mac soft and gentle I’m using the, Anastasia 823 brush Okay for my lips I’m gonna line my lips at the Makah lipliner in spice Then I’m going to take the Fenty beauty and Matt was a Lipstick and single I’ve actually never used this one before but I’ve been meaning to try it out Look that goes well with the look, right? Yeah, I also wanna take a little bit of the fenty lip paint in unbuttoned and just go like right in the center Okay, I think that looks good so here is my final look I love how this look turned out It’s a little bit softer on the eyes and what I typically do I love to use like dark brown and black to really deep it on my eyes But I kept it more natural and softer and I think it looks really really pretty the matte shades and this pallet blended so beautifully It was so so easy to work with like I’m very impressed I feel like the matte formula of this palette is even better than the mattes and the mini obsessions palette So I’m really happy about that.

I’m also kind of surprised at how well the brushes work. Do you guys know? I’m a die-hard sigma brush, man And I always will be but I like to switch it up sometimes and these were really nice especially this fluffy one right here because it has such a unique kind of angled shape instead of more of a tapered or Rounded shape like most blending brushes.

I also did like this little smudgy brush, too I think it was really pretty for applying the shimmer and for like my inner corner this sides a little bit more rubbery I’m not sure what I would use it for but overall I’m very very happy with the palette and I will be doing more looks with it I know I need to dig into these gorgeous glitters right here and more of the shimmers.

Maybe these like purpley shades Ooh, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to Like and subscribe


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