Home Makeup Tutorials I follow a James Charles makeup tutorial with only audio

I follow a James Charles makeup tutorial with only audio

I follow a James Charles makeup tutorial with only audio

Hey bitches- Oh my god wait my teeth are so yellow right now. Wait a minute. WaIT A MIN-. MAC Ok- So- I don’t- Today I am- being- weird. ….. That’s- nothing new- actually. So a few months ago, or it was actually a few weeks ago- When did I do this? My life has been so weird these past two weeks.

Everything is like a blur. So a few like, periods of times ago, I did a video where I made- [Don’t worry he’s trying guys] some shit. I followed a Bob Ross video without looking at it. So I’m gonna do that again .

……. but… not. …….. (to roomie) I’m so good at this! But first, before we get into any other shit take it away other Mac. Thanks other Mac! Guess who just came back around and decided to do another one.

This video’s about to get a little bit more sweet because it’s sponsored by HonAYYY!! The main reason why we’re still in this apartment *cough* The main reason why we can still afford it. Now, for those of you guys that have not been around my videos for the past like year First of all, what the fuck.

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Link down in the description and try to win some merch! Hey! ‘Kay, bye. Wow! So much money! That is now in my pocket because of that shoutout. Like I said before-*ehuh* Did a Bob Ross video without watching the Bob Ross video with just audio.

I could have just said th- Okay, nevermind. Because that video did so well, and became kind of meme-ish for like two seconds- I decided because I have no creativity what so fucking ever I would just do this same exact thing that was successful the last time again but this time it’s a bit different? So today we’re doing a beauty guru’s makeup tutorial without watching a beauty guru’s makeup tutorial.

……. Yeah. But what beauty guru are you gonna do Mac? I think I already mentioned it- God damn it. Well, I’m doing James Charles. Why? Because he is relevant as fuck right now. So. *wheeze* He also follows me on Twitter, so like- *no audio* Retweet, you know? He recently came out with a makeup palette.

I should have got that. I should have got the makeup palette for this video! God damn it, God damn it! Now I seem so fake! Today we are going to follow a James Charles makeup tutorial as best as we can with the shit I got because I don’t know anything about makeup.

If you guys have watched a previous video where I try to follow Tana Mongeau’s tutorials. *AAAA* I wish I was acting when I did that, but that’s just- that’s my life. So I currently have like a trough of makeup right next to me.

A trough? A large pile of makeup that I got from CVS by randomly picking it up off the shelves and was like, “Yeah people put this on their face.” So we’re gonna put it on mah face. I’m also wearing a “Boyz n the Hood” shirt if you guys are wondering, “What the fuck?” Because sometimes I like to think that maybe I might have street cred like imagine- Imagine I was like, I’m a hood ass person like imagine like this “entire-ness” (that’s a word) that you see on the internet is like so fake and I was like straight on some like Crenshaw shit.

You know what I mean? Like some Compton like, some South Central- A majority of you guys don’t even know the words that are just coming out of my mouth but like- take it. [DEMONIC] Let’s do this! Which James Charles video should I recreate? *slowly reading* Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial, “God is a Woman” Makeup Tutorial, Brows, Eyeshadow Wing Liner and Lashes for Beginning- I don’t know for beginning something.

It cuts off. Let’s do the “God is a Woman” Makeup Tutorial. 6.9 million views and I…… want that. I don’t think I have any purple in *tries not to panic* my trough. I’m still gonna do this shit, you know what! Fuck the system right? This is nineteen minutes long.

…… Is that what I’m supposed to be doing? God damn it, okay. [James] Hi sisters! [Mac] Hi bitch. [James] I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far And I am actually really excited for today’s video because I’m gonna do some makeup it’s gonna be really- [Mac] ]He talks so fast! I’m trying to catch up! I’m trying to understand! This is gonna be a wild ride.

Okay. [James] I wanna to do a recreation of the kind of purple painted look- [Mac] Great! [James] the sister Ariana Grande was wearing in her newest music video for “God is a Woman.” [Mac] Love it! [James]So beautiful.

So stunning. Ariana literally looked the best in the entire world. [Mac] WHAT IS HE SAYING? [James] God is going to be a [ding] sister. [Mac] We love a youtuber that just like knows their brand. Honestly, honestly! [James] I love sister singing and I also love makeup.

So- [Mac] He loves sister singing. ……………….. Is the sister singing or is like a singing sister or is there? I need to watch more of his videos honestly. jUst GeT tO tHe mAkEuP tuTorIaL! OH mY GoD!! I get it.

Get that watch time and shit, but for the sake of my video. I need to be like done. I’m trying to like [pause] eat! [James] Alright guys, so starting this video right off I already have my base fully on and complete.

Let’s be real you all know that I use the same products every single time so there’s no point in showing it. What’s a base? What’s a base? He has a base on. What does that mean? I’m gonna look. I’m gonna look for a second.

Foundation? Is it foundation? I think it’s foundation! So I’m just gonna put that on my face. I think you put the primer on first, but I’m not sure. For my primer I got some primer shit. I don’t- Just put this on our face right? Just like slap it on *satan comes in* right? [“Judas” by Lady Gaga plays when Mac squeezes out the primer into his hand.

] Yeah, yeah! Hello? huha Hello? Wait- *hAhA!* I also don’t have a mirror. That’s probably gonna be like terrifying in a few seconds right now. For my foundation we got SPF 15? What? It’s a sunscreen color stay.

Van de Cayenne? Is this like tinted sunscree- …. [At least Mac’s trying, guys] Fuck it! Fu- No! Fu- No! There we go! Fuck yeah! Shit! Oo bitch! Is this going on my face? What is happening? Wait. This is like boring.

Is that all- Is this foundation? This is not- It’s on my face! It’s there! It’s like- Oh no. Am I being racist for a second? Boom! *tries to come to grips with what he has just done* Looks like I bleach my skin.

Fuck everybody right? [James] I wanna start off today with the eyes because we’re doing a Sister Cut-Crease and I am super super excited. [Mac] Great. Okay, eyes. Boom! *looks for approval* I look like crack is my best friend.

[James] This cut-crease is actually going to be super sister simple today and I’m gonna start with my Morphe Abba 513 brush. This is my all-time favorite fluffy brush for a transition shades. [Mac] Wait, what? Okay, he said super cut? With a Morphe- What? What brush can go in my face? Fuck it, fuck it [James] I’m just gonna dip into the shade ‘Incense’ and I’m gonna start off by just blending this in my crease region to start shaping the cut-crease.

[Mac] I’m supposed to put a neutral tone brow on my cut-crease * *tries to find his soul* Will ya’ll even see that? Wait a minute. What’s the cut-crease? What crease are we cutting? Is this it? Wow, it’s like falling into my eye.

Is that supposed to happen? Cutting that crease! *ooo yes he gettin it* [James ] Cut-crease. Crease. (x17) [Distorted Laughing] Outwards towards the tail of my brow. I’m kind of bringing it back up over here And then also pulling it in towards the inner corner and kind of tucking it right into that nose contour.

Just tie everything together, and so there’s no harsh lines. Why am I like having trouble with the tutorial today? I haven’t done this in so long. [gasps] [Mac] Same. [James] Like how do you literally explain makeup.

Just like [distorted] do it. *cuuuhaa* Next to finish up this cut-crease I’m gonna grab an M506 which is just a tiny like little pointy fluffy brush. Like I said- I’m just gonna dip in the shade with the slightest bit of black.

I’m just gonna use this to deepen up the very very bottom of this crease right before I go ahead and actually cut it. [Mac] ‘Kay ‘kay. [James] So now that we have all the crease colors laid down, it comes time to actually cut the crease and this is actually looking pretty clear.

[Mac] Were we not cutting the crease? What were we doing? What is cutting the crease? I thought we were cutting the crease, James! *CoNfuSed* Who’s Crease? Why are we cutting him out of our life? [James] I’m gonna grab a just flock concealer brush and then just a regular concealer.

This is, of course, Tarte Shape Tape. [Mac] What is a concealer brush? And what is concealer? [lmao he’s fucked-] This is some crackheaded shit I am on right now. I’m sorry! Do these have like names? Do they say concealer brush? [James] Cut the crease.

Start right above the middle of the eyelid because this area’s always the absolute hardest for me for some reason. I just gonna take that excess concealer and kind of blend it down right onto the eyelid just to kind of prep it for literally nothing because we’re just gonna put a light color shadow over top of it.

I’m just going to take a Morphe M224, this is just a flat packer brush, and dip into the shade base in the Norvina palette. What’s a flat packer brush?! Why are there so many brushes?! This is a lifestyle that I cannot get into.

[James] Lightly go over top of that concealer to set in place before we go ahead and line it. We’re about to go ahead and put that little line of purple right underneath that. [Mac] Put a line of purple underneath- -to what? I don’t know.

[James] I’m going to grab the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick. [Mac] Lipstick! Great! What are we doing James Charles, Sister James, Jamester [end my pain] *selling his look* I really hope he doesn’t watch this video because I swear to god he’s gonna block me on everything [James] Plop this on the back of my hand.

Dip right into that liquid lipstick. Line that crease. [Mac] Okay. What? Putting lipstick on the back of my hand because that’s what he told me to and lining the crease. But didn’t we cut the crease? So why would we line something we already cut if it’s like more than one? What’s cutting the crease?! Is that the crease? [James] But I’m gonna go ahead and cut that crease.

Again. [Mac] The crease is already cUT!!! [James] Now comes time for the actual liner [Mac] ‘Kay! Liner. For my eyeliner I got- There’s so many words on this packaging. [James] I’m just gonna start off by sketching a simple little wing.

[Mac] Sketch a wing? Okay bitch There we go bitch. There we go. I literally cannot see myself so I have no idea what I just did. [Laughs] *that explains it* [James] I’m just going to kind of tight-line that wing to add a little bit more definition to kind of make it look like a little bit of a smoky wing.

Said he wanted to smoke. Is God a woman yet? [Laughs] [James] So now I’m gonna move on to the lower lash line and to this I just want a pop of that light purple shade kind of to match with that liner, but I really can’t find an eyeshadow [Mac] Now we’re doing the lower eye-outline? Okay.

Fucking alri- ‘Kay. Done. [James] I’m just gonna grab an M433. Yes, this will probably- I’m just gonna dip into this on the back of my hand. Tap off any of the excess product and I’m just gonna go right on the lower lash line and kind of blend that color.

I know that I’m gonna be popping a purple highlighter right on the inner corner as well so I’m gonna go the excess of that shadow liquid lipstick. Hello. and put that in the inner corner as a base so that highlighter- Using a tiny sponge or brush, this is the M508 [Mac] What? [James] Then further tight-line that lower lash line just to add a little more [Mac] What the fuck is tight-line? [James] dimension.

Then I’m gonna grab the shade ‘Celestial’ in the botton left-hand corner. Pop this right in the inner corner right over top of that purple base. [Mac] Like this? God’s definitely a woman now that’s all I’m saying.

[James] And then last but finally not least, I’m gonna grab just a little bit of highlighter. [Mac]Haha! We have highlighter. We got that shit. She came prepared. She came ready to rock *well done!* *looks at this foreign object* This is highlighter right? Actually, wait a minute.

I don’t- it’s shiny bitch. It’s something. We’re working with that. Fierce! Stunning! ….. Great! [James] Use the code ‘JAMES’ for 15% of your purchase, but I’m gonna go ahead and finish off the face so I wanna grab the- *no audio* Get that promo, bitch! [James] So, I went and grabbed the MAC blush in the shade of ‘Oh Cheeky Bit’ *tihuh* [Mac] We needed blush? I wish I was that type of gay that just like understood makeup, but God doesn’t make everyone the same way, okay? We’re using lipstick.

We’re gonna use lipstick. [James] Love that. [Mac] Love what? What are we supposed to do with this? Fuck it! Whatever. We’re just- Blush is red. Right? Like that’s what we do. That’s how- [James] And go in right on top of the nose for a fake freckle moment.

All right set up- [Mac] On top of the nose for a what? Bitch my nose is like a mile long I don’t know if you understand. You can’t just say that in two seconds and expect me to be done like that So peaches is now over the nose .

……. [James] So to add in the fake freckles quickly I’m going to use this new MAC, like, liquid brow thing which I’m literally a- [Mac] A what?! A liquid bra? I have something that’s liquid. [laughs] We’re using that.

[James] Kind of make some little dots right over all my freckle region just to kinda create some dimension. [Mac] What’s a freckle region? Bitch. Bitch. Here it is. These look like watermelon seeds but like go off Honestly, I’m black that’s acceptable right? That was racist as fuck! [James] And then we’re just gonna use this other end which is like a marker and use this to draw some more little dots and freckles.

Has God come out and said she’s a woman yet? [James] Alright so next we’re gonna move on to the lipidy-doodahs and I’m gonna start off by using the Anastasia new liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Violet’.

This believe just came out with the Norvina collection. We don’t- Wait, what is this? What is this?! Any one of you violet? Should I put in some of that James Charles music in background for me? [Mac sings wordlessly] *mac you’re doing great sweetie* Yea? Yeah? Sure.

We’ll take it on a date. We’ll go grab some popcorn together. [James] On top of this base we have going on I’m just gonna layer on some different little like splotches to kind of mimic the whole cloud type effect that Arianna had on her lips so just using that Jeffree Star lipstick that we used as liner before, a white gel liner and also the Anastasia lipstick in the shade ‘Paint’.

[Mac] ‘Kay! Great! So we’re splotching. * the longest mac pauseā„¢ ever* *someone help this poor baby he is so lost :(* *Am i A pReTty YeT??* *no,no, not yet* [James] Hello. The look is literally complete so I’m gonna go ahead and take some setting spray.

This is just the Cover Effect’s ‘Dewy Finish’ setting spray [Mac] Setting spray, bitch? [“God is a Woman” by Ariana Grande covered by James Charles] Okay, we’re gonna stop that cuz I don’t want to get copywritten.

Wait a minute. [i’ve become so numb] [i can’t feel you there] [become so tired] [so much more aware] [im becoming this] [all I want to do] [is be more like me and be less like you] I like how you just like left.

Right? [Laughs] We did it! We survived. First of all, we didn’t die. That’s a good thing. That’s a positive, okay? What was it supposed to look like? [“Judas” by Lady Gaga plays] ….. Is that where the crease was!? Not even close.

Ariana Grande is probably going to block me. Ariana Grande? She not gonna give any attention to me What am I talking about? Hope you enjoyed that shit Sorry James. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I tried my best Moral of the story, people that are into makeup, honestly, I applaud you because I can’t.

I couldn’t I just can’t. It’s art honestly I look like some ….. Bomb-ass drag queen, let’s be honest. Do I look like I do crack, that’s the main question? [Roommate] I mean just a little bit *uhAHA* Guess I’m ending this video here.

My name’s Mac. Honestly, if you want to subscribe after this go ahead, but I’m not going to edge you on you to do it Edge? [Scream] Fuck it. This is the part where the ending music plays (yas queen) This is the part where the ending music plays (slay it momma) This is the part where the ending music plays (yas qu-) This is the part where the ending music plays (slay it-) This is the part where the ending music plays skirt skirt This is the part Bitch Where the ending music plays


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