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Suddenly, I don’t know how great of an idea this is, but we’re goin’ with it. Hi, my name is Grace Helbig. If you did not know, now you know. Your life is different now. I wanted to do a “follow along” makeup tutorial video in which I follow along someone’s makeup tutorial that they’ve already pre-posted.

This is not a new or novel idea. I just wanted to do it. I know, Goose. Wow. [laughing] Tell me how you really feel about this idea. On that note, my own dog presenting her a–hole to me. I decided to follow an actual child’s makeup tutorial.

I, myself, am very much a child. My house is filled with juvenile things, so I felt like this is more my speed than following some very difficult drag makeup tutorial or, like, “going out” makeup tutorial.

I feel like this is something I might actually be able to do. So, I looked up “childs makeup tutorial” and this was the first thing that came up – “Cutest Kids Makeup Tutorial”. I’m going to attempt to follow this little girl’s makeup tutorial to the best of my ability.

Please note – I am not making fun of this child… intentionally. This is a video from The LeRoys, who I don’t know anything about. I can assume that they’re, like, a family vlogging channel, and they even write in the description: “Perri.

..” Oh, her name’s Perri? She’s already cool as heck. “…wanted to film another kids’ makeup tutorial. Before everyone gets all worked up, she is five.” She’s five. I’m following a five year-old’s makeup tutorial.

“She doesn’t wear makeup every day. She’s beautiful the way she is. This is just for fun!” This video is also just for fun. Here we go, we’re gonna follow a five year-old’s makeup tutorial. And I thought my creative brain was all dried up.

[laughing] Okay. I’m nervous. I’m, like, already getting… [sighs] nervous. Perri: “Welcome… to my makeup tutorial.” “I’m gonna do a new one ’cause the other people liked my other, so.” Girl, that’s all I do.

Her setup is already so much better than mine. Perri, how you do dat? “We’re gonna start with this!” Oh, this is gonna be for real. [laughing] Okay. I haven’t watched this yet, at all. Just brought over, like, a bag of stuff with me and, hopefully, I have the stuff similar to what she’s using.

So, we’re gonna start with… [upbeat music in background] “Teensy bit.” Teensy bit. “Couple more.” Couple more. Oh, you’re a mess! “So, make sure that you wear it all over.” “Gonna get in your face.” “Scrub it in.

” Oh, we gotta rub it in. It’s goin’ quick, Perri. Perri: [sighs in frustration] Grace: [sighs in frustration] Perri: [mumbling close to camera] Grace: [mumbling close to camera] Perri: [giggles] Grace: Ow! Ooh, I actually poked myself in the eye.

[groaning] Ohh, I’m an idiot, Perri! I forgot to do the giggle. [giggles] Perri: [breathes out] Grace: [laughs breathing out] “Teensy bit more…” Teensy bit. “…and I’m just gonna rub it with my finger.

” “So, then I-” “Now, I’m gonna use this on my cheeks.” Okay, hold on. So, do I look pretty? What are you usin’ on your cheeks? Translucent powder? Oh, I don’t have that. “And I’m gonna use…” Oh. “..

.this brush.” This is very telling. Wait, the brush? “Holy cow.” “So, when I put this on, I make it really fun.” Make it fun! Perri: [stretching her mouth] “Nuh nahhhhh.” Grace: [stretching her mouth] Ahhhhh.

“Ah, that pokes, but I’m fine with that.” Oh, me too, Perri. “Next…” What? “I am going to use this!” What’s that?! What? Okay, hold- I haven’t made it fun for me yet. I’m gonna make it fun for me. [starts singing “We Are Young” by fun.

] I don’t have a palette with me. Hold on, I need a palette. Where do I even start looking? We’re gonna use this. What are you doin’? Where’d you get that brush? You got a brush? Oh, where’d you get that brush? Damn it! What color we got here? Pink? Okay, I’ll use a pink.

“I love it! I love it how it’s pink!” What? “It’s so cool!” Yeah! “I love how it’s purple too! It’s so awesome! I love pink, purple!” “Those are my favorite colors.” Good for- Whoa, what are you doing? You’re doing dark in the creases like that? Okay, hold on.

“Is it actually showing, guys? ‘Cause I can’t really see.” Is it- Can you see it? “It’s kinda showing…” Yeah, I think it’s kinda showing. Oh. [sniffles] Wow. “Do I look pretty? You like my bun?’ Oh, wait, do I- You do look pretty and I do like your bun.

Hold on. There we go. Now I like your bun. “Next, I’m gonna use… Hmm…” Perri & Grace: [humming a tune] “Drum roll.” Drum roll. [tapping fingers against table] Oh, she plays music too! “Mascara!” [gasps] You’re using mascara? You can do anything.

Hold on. “When I put my mascara on, it looks so pretty, but I can’t put that much.” It’s a little bit more, okay. “So, next-” You have beautiful eyelashes. “I am actually gonna use some more lipstick.

” [gasps] Lipstick?! Oh, do I have that? How do I have so much sh-t in here- Sorry, don’t curse. I have this, ‘kay? “Guys!” [whispering] Guys! “Do you think I look pretty?” Do you think- “Comment down below!” [shouting] Do you think I look pretty? Comment down below.

[imitating Perri] Hoo! “Press the sk- sky button.” Press the sky button. “Make sure to give this a big thumbs up.” Make sure to give it a big thumbs up. “And… we… will see you… uhhhhhh…” Uh oh.

Virtual-reality, what’s goin’ on? “Another time!” “Bye!” We’ll see you… [imitating Perri] uhhhhhh… [groans] Another time! Bye! I think I —– nailed it. I- um, don’t curse. Look at this! [camera shutter sounds] Which one is five years old? I nailed it.

Wow. I do feel pretty. Comment down below if you think I look pretty. Thank you, Perri, for that and to The LeRoys, who are hopefully not taking any offense to me just trying to look as adorable as their child is.

I think I’ve truly found art that is my speed. Wow. Well, thank you guys so much for watching! Leave a comment down below on how pretty I look. Don’t forget to hit sky button because I make videos… Other than that, I don’t know.

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.. makeup tutorial… Lots of layers in this video.


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