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I like Make-up // Daily Make-up tutorial // No Talking Video // Make-up Vlog // Easy Make-up Routine

I like Make-up // Daily Make-up tutorial // No Talking Video // Make-up Vlog // Easy Make-up Routine

I like Make-up // Daily Make-up tutorial // No Talking Video // Make-up Vlog // Easy Make-up Routine Hello and welcome to my channel !! I really enjoy the process of doing my make-up That’s why i thought i am sharing my everyday make-up look I started with my suncream which is from garnier And now i am moving on with color correcting ( the palette i am using is from nyx ) With the pink shade i am color correcting my dark circles under my eyes and the yellow color i use to cover my redness i really like this color correcting palette hihi My next step is concealer !!! I am using the mac pro longwear concealer in the shade nc 15 I love this concealer so much !! Because it is high coverage and you don’t need much product I am blending everything in with a beauty blender * tup tup tup * Concealer makes such a big difference ! it lifts your whole face up And it is covering all my problem zones up Now we are moving on with a setting powder This setting powder is from essence and it is also one of my all time favourite powders I am always very careful with powders because if you are using to much of it under your eyes the powder could crawl into your wrinkles and then you look older so always be careful if you are using powder.

do not use to much <3 or make shure that you have a good hydrated base I don't do baking i think it is a little bit too much on the daily basis are you baking ? I did it once and oh my ... my face looked facetuned It was really crazy .

. That is why i love make-up you can change your face every day <3 Be creative wuhuu Now i am going back to my color correcting palette and i am using this rose shade as a blush it is the perfect blush shade for the ones who has very light skin next tip use a nude or rose lipstick and use it as bush it is like a cream blush Cream blushes look more natural on your skin or lipsticks You can defenitly set it with a powder blush so it stays longer on your skin I like to use multiple colors / lipsticks on my skin it is like mixing your own unique blush which no one has i always use the beauty blender to blend everything in Next step is : highlighter I am using the charlotte tilbury beauty lightwand highlighter It is also one of my favorites because it looks so natural but it is also sooo blending It is such a pretty highlighter I like to do highlighter on my nose lets blend everything in The rest i am using on my eyelids so they look really shiny and glowy Let's do a brown eyeliner here i am using the born to run palette from urban decay best hack ever heat your eyelash curler !!! But be careful wait a few seconds after it cooled down otherwise you are going to burn yourself it is mascara time.

.. here i am using from catrice a waterproof mascara i always use waterproof mascara because it holds the best your eyelashes up Now let’s plump my lips… Here i am using a lipstick from mac I like this berry shade a lot Lips are for me the hardest to do haha And now i am adding my all time favorite lip gloss from fenty beauty.

Now brows i am just filling them in Let’s use this shiny glowy bronzer from too faced I like shiny bronzers because it always looks like you have really good glowy skin when you are using a shiny bronzer lets finish the makeup look with a spf spray ( this spray is from garnier its spf 50 ) Thank you for watching my video <3 see you next time <3 - Soul Fiona <3


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