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I tried doing a makeup tutorial for the first time – FUNNY

I tried doing a makeup tutorial for the first time – FUNNY

I love being a queen what’s up guys and welcome back to *laughs* What’s up, guys and welcome back to my channel welcome if you are new my name is Alana Aka Thun Thun Skittles and for today’s video I’ll be filming a makeup tutorial so it was gonna be very fun and interesting video to make I literally watched like one makeup guru Brentman rock and like Yeah, that’s it so Don’t expect much.

You probably aren’t so that’s Good, let’s see how this turns out so without further ado. Let’s get started alright guys, so this is my naked face I have nothing on it obviously I got my makeup box here This is just a hush box where I ordered makeup from and you’re probably wondering Why do you have a makeup box if you don’t wear makeup? I don’t know.

I thought I was gonna get into makeup, but I did it so um. This is my chance to Use this makeup, and maybe I’ll get inspired in the future to use it even more alright So we’re gonna start off by using face primer, and it’s called it’s from ELF poreless Face primer Wow that feels weird I didn’t know it would feel like that from upwards because we don’t want to UM I don’t know what I’m saying but rub upwards And now that we’re done with that we’re gonna move on to the eyebrows I Promise my face is usually not this Pimple less.

It’s just agreeing with me today. So that’s good. This is good for a very zoomed up video You could probably see my mustache That’s fine. I have this brush thingy for my eyebrows I’m gonna use my mirror so if you if you’re wondering why I’m not looking at you guys is cuz I’m looking at a mirror Yeah, yeah whatever eyebrows Okay, so I’ve noticed from the videos.

I watched recently most gurus start with their eyebrows I Don’t know why I? Thought they did it last, but yeah I Was wrong big wrong yeah, alright, and now we’re gonna use eyebrow gel It is l’oreal paris FluMist hide rolls Wait this mascara I Think I just used mascara on my eyebrows um I’m just gonna go ahead and do the other eyebrow I Have no shame I really have no shame whatsoever Alright, now.

Let’s clean up them eyebrows cuz they looking dirty all right So what are you gonna use to clean up my eyebrows to make them look a meter and less crazy? Most people use concealer. I’m just gonna use this really light foundation It’s too late for me to UM to do to do that thing Y’all will see and I’ll be using like a little angled brush.

Let me do the little infamous beauty guru Why I’ll do it Some and get the angle brush Then I’m gonna dip it in here and the very light foundation that I have that’s too light you guys are probably wondering if that Foundation is too light for you.

Then what foundation. Are you gonna use for your face? Y’all will see in a little bit, but now the eyebrows Oh Oh, that’s way better than I thought it would turn out you know just to clean it out a little bit like that booth Wow I Have very big hands so you probably noticed and then they blend it downward like that oh It actually works, so that’s very cleanly on Brows one flake Okay now to other eyebrow oh I don’t know.

How me that’s up Sorry if the camera goes in and out of focus I think I broke my camera, but I’m just lucky It’s even recording right now hashtag grateful. Oh My god. This is trying out way better than I thought loving Alright guys, so that is my eyebrows like that.

I’m linking you linking. No. It’s alright um I think it’s pretty good for someone who use mascara instead of you know actual eyebrow gel um Now to the eyeshadow! Alright guys so for my eyeshadow look.

I’ll be using the Amazonian face candy eyeshadow. It has 14 colors. I bought this off of hush This is NOT sponsored by Hush But these are the shades. as you can see my sister has used it cuz I don’t use my makeup at all waste the money yes.

100% so that’s what I’m gonna be using for eyeshadow look, I was thinking of doing a Park Jimin (<3 *we stan*)eye makeup look. cus his makeup looks are iconiiiiiiiiiiiiccc buuuuuut, that's looking a little complicated.

props to their makeup stylist or whatever buckle up I’m not even gonna attempt So instead what I’m gonna. Do is just I’m just gonna use the colorful colors, and see what happens is this the right brush So the color, I’m gonna use, I don’t know I’m leaning kind of towards like a dark look But I also want to do a colorful look.

You know what? Hmm let’s go with colorful all right, so what I’m gonna use is Sunbeam Okay, so I’m gonna use Sunbeam. as like the center of the group so think of Sunbeam as the Jungkook *we stan* of my eye shadow oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh That’s really bright I like it my eyes are like shivering cuz like how do you guys put hold your eyes down? This is so tiring oh? This is gonna look like a sunset.

That’s just kind of look. I’m going for is like a sunset The other eye with all right now, let’s move on to the other eye, and then the transition color That’s what it’s called is gonna be toucan this does not look right it does not feel right um.

Let’s let’s blend. That’s the center color and now we’re moving on to the Transition color look at me being all technical. We’re probably gonna use the wrong brush again I’m gonna use this one, and I’ll be using toucan as a transition color Oh Oh.

Honestly, I just *laughs* Okay, let me just continue blending All right, you know what I’m gonna move on to the next I cuz I don’t want to ruin it anymore Alright so that looks absolutely horrible, but we’re gonna move on because I’m not a legit makeup girl And I I don’t know how to fix it if I wanted to so next what we’re gonna do is Foundation alright guys so that I shadow looks absolutely horrible, but I don’t know how to fix it because I’m not a makeup girl So we’re gonna move on to the foundation And you know how I said my foundation was too light earlier Well that is fine because I have a foundation that is too dark So I don’t know how to pick out my shade correctly so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna mix these two together and try to get as close as my skin tone as possible Cheers come back, okay, so Even with two shades I’m probably not gonna get my color correct, okay, so I’m gonna take this foundation brush I think its foundation brush.

It’s just the biggest one I just grabbed it and said it was a foundation brush, and I’m gonna mix these um two together Does it look my color? Sure okay, so now I’m gonna apply the foundation to my face.

Oh, this is too much. Oh Wait I forgot a step rewind what we’re going to be doing first actually is color correcting to conceal my Unreal like dark spot like right here, and I’ll just be using my fingers very quickly And now we can apply on that foundation oh That’s too much, it is not my color Wow oh, no, that’s too much And while all we have the foundational looking for Wallace, I don’t have anything to set my makeup, so we’re gonna move on to contouring and highlighting Which I believe are the final steps? I think for contour I will be using Milani contour and highlight cream liquid duo And it is in the darkest shade.

I don’t know. I just felt it was safer that way Is that too much probably I was gonna use the fourth trick. I learned but that would take too much time Get a little butt chin I think these are cute little butt Alright and now for the highlight so highlight, I’ll be using the hard candy Highlight and contour the contour was way too light for me, so I’ll just use the highlight What did I make this up? Um I forgot where I’m supposed to highlight again.

I’m just going with the flow on its life. Oh What am I doing my life, I hope my neighbors can’t see me alright Wow And now from here. We Blanton’s we blend we blend language tryna erase our face Okay, and for the blending brush.

I’ll be using the elf ultimate blending brush so That’s that Everything is basically from either eBay or drugstore so yeah My cat just woke up and like scared the living crud out of me crazy Alright guys so that is the look now that I have blended my contour and highlight now.

I’m gonna add some Musky rough the correct way you know Alright guys that is the mascara oh? My gosh Wolof guys, this is the makeup look The struggle we went through we made it we made through it. Hey, let’s have a close-up on the eyebrow That’s why we started off.

It’s looking pretty good then the eyeshadow looking on not so good, but we tried we tried here eyeliner, and then the Balm the mascara is looking pretty ok I have very short eyelashes so I think they look alright, and then the lips I Am Gonna be honest here.

I kind I kind of like this makeup look But let me know how you guys feel about it alright guys so that is it for today’s video Let me know what you thought about it How you felt about this makeup look the lips think the good everything? And if you have any advice for me, please give it to me.

Yeah, I appreciate you guys so much Thank you for watching the video all the way to the end should I do a part 2 and improved video? Maybe thank you guys so much for watching today’s video of a great day.

Goodbye 🙂


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