hi guys! so today we are doing another I tried to follow blank and certain models name here tutorial today we’re doing Haley Baldwin so Haley starts off with some glow drops for her California glow I am going in with the fresh fresh face instant glow illuminizer I didn’t own any glow drop so we’re going with this hot all over I am freshly faced and moisturized too by the way let’s hope this doesn’t give me like a white cast though we’ll see okay next she goes in with some concealer but she uses her fingers for this much as use a sponge or anything but she added some under the eyes like this she added some on her forehead I’m also gonna add a little extra concealer over here because my dog scratched me and I’m going to do a little around my nose because I get some redness there that I want to hide she uses her fingers I never use my fingers for my makeup ever so I used to all the time but now I like use a sponge I use a brush I feel like it’s making it look a little more natural though like it’s blending out really nicely I think the heat of your fingers and everything is doing a great job like this looks really natural actually okay so next she goes in with some contour some bronzer so I am going to do the same I just have this dirty palette this is from bare minerals this is their contour palette I’m gonna go in with the middle shade it’s a lightest Brown and I’m gonna try to some contour to my face she doesn’t use foundation which I use foundation every day and I’m not used to putting powder on without having something for it to like really stick to like a foundation so this is different for me but it’s what I’m actually liking it it’s definitely looks more natural which I love something I’m noticing – who is that models all pretty much do more of a natural look for the face which I really love personally that’s more my vibe as well so I appreciate that okay she said she’s really picky about her eyebrows she’s holding a spoolie and she says normally she just brushes them so I’m just gonna brush mine too but because she has this pencil she didn’t use it but I have some sparse areas so they just kind of want to fill in a little bit not doing a full filled brow just to fill in those little areas just so that way it looks full but I’m not gonna go through and like do the whole thing there we go easy those are nice just a gentle fill-in now she does blush I never use blush and she’s using more of a liquid blush I don’t have anything I have this lip palette and you can see where I’m like mixed colors so I’m just gonna go in with like this lighter pink up here it’s either in our fingers and I’m just gonna a little color and she also put on her nose now for the glowing part she goes in with more of a liquidy highlighter I have this from Avon it’s like this stick but she’s using her finger so I’m just going to kind of rub my finger in it and then just gently that’s pretty she also did it down her nose you want to do a dab and not rub so you get more of that you want the glow and you don’t want to like rub off any other liquid products so far so cute I like it okay now next she goes in with a press face powder I don’t have a press face powder but I do have this shade in a contour palette and she goes in just like right under the eyes and over long the nose where she gets oily so I feel like this is like the perfect powder for that perfect like that then she takes that same bronzer and she puts it on her finger and she uses it as I shout out it cracks you at that she uses her fingers like this this is so funny to me you don’t want to pull on your eye so just be gentle that’s why I don’t like to use my fingers like this but for this one tutorial that’s okay this next part we’re gonna do mascara now after mascara she does go in with a powder highlight so I’m using sleek and I’m going in with this like orange e toned one really pretty kind of go like this she said she wants the glow for the gods so we’re going for it were glowing for yay you feel like cute not for her lipstick she just kind of taps her lipstick on and since I already have this palette out here I thought I would do this thing with this I’m just gonna take this tone that similar to what she has actually do this one and then in the end she used a powder SPF which I do not have so this will be the end of the look for me so really quickly so Haley does have more plump lips I’m actually gonna go on with my little lip plumper pump him up and then reapply the lip product and see how it looks get more of that like Haley look there we go we did a little plump of the lips I’m feeling a little more Haley now she has more of a pout which I love I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you would like to see other videos like this let me know in the comments below if you want me to follow anybody else’s make a tutorial on Vogue also let me know I love you guys so much and I will see you in the next video bye guys wear this natural makeup all day yeah they say you


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