Hello! This is an intro before the intro so if you guys want to get straight into the video you can click to this time (5:00 hoe) But if you’re OG as fuck and you’re here for a random announcement I have some stuff to tell you before I get into the video.

So as some of you guys may know for the past few months I’ve been really secretly working very hard on something. I’ve been tweeting about it non-stop Been a little MIA here and there, working super hard, and I couldn’t talk about it and over the past week I finally got to announce that I’m going back on tour It’s so crazy because when I used to go on tour I would make entire videos about it But now, not only is life so hectic but, like, going on tour has become so normal for me that I feel like I can just throw it in like any video It’s crazy I never thought before I went on my first tour that I would fall so hard in love with traveling the world to meet you guys and performing and hearing your stories and talking to you guys and like that face-to-face interaction with the people who have supported me for so long I never thought I would be as in love with it as I am and what’s funny is when I got off of my last tour, I remember doing my very last show in Dublin, Ireland Three days went by and I was already ready to go back on tour I was already calling the CEO of Fullscreen being like please send me back.

I want to meet more people I want to do more meet-and-greets. Like, I miss it. For the last 60 days, I’ve woken up every day and done a meet-and-greet of hundreds of people and done a show and made people laugh and met people and Everyone said I was gonna be so tired, and that I wouldn’t want to do it again And I’m already ready to do it again, and I remember them being like you’re crazy You’re gonna wear yourself out.

You’re gonna be so tired. You can’t do this We’re not sending you back on tour like you need to wait a few months like rest like whatever and every day I was just calling like no I’m ready. I’m ready I’m ready, and I finally convinced them and finally let them let me go back on tour I definitely still intend on going on a giant bus tour again this summer, but I couldn’t wait I literally needed something to hold me over like I missed meeting you guys that much that I begged them to let me do something before that and this is what they gave me.

First and foremost I just want to tell you guys how hard I have worked on the pricing of this tour I would get tweets all the time of people being like your tour tickets are too much They’re too much money like I wish they were cheaper I’m young, I have a job.

I tried to make them as cheap as possible But I still look back on my last tour and feel like they could have been cheaper So I’ve spent the last few months every day in meetings fighting and fighting and fighting for lower prices, finding out where we can cut costs.

Cutting costs on merch to where I profit less, cutting costs on the show where I profit less, cutting costs on everything to where everyone profits less, cutting costs on everything in general to make it the cheapest possible price for you guys I cut out VIP completely because I felt like I wanted to stop charging people for a VIP experience and just make every single person’s experience like a VIP experience so now even if you get a GA ticket you still get to meet me and for a long amount of time I made it very specific that I wanted to have like long conversations with you guys and like actually get to talk to every person and take my time and make this super meet-and-greet centered like the first tour, but at a super low price that I’ve never done before so for under $50 you guys can come meet me And on top of that I still wanted to give you guys a show so I decided I would perform My songs live for the first time in person and that was another thing that was really crazy for me since coming out with Hefner.

I’ve gotten so many offers for so much money to perform my songs live at so many events But I wanted to give it to you guys for the cheapest price on my own tour, on my own terms for the first time so I held off.

So I will be performing Hefner, Kobe, and W and some more secret little things live and in-person for you guys and meeting you for under $50 so with lots of surprises of your favorite people obviously being there just like all of my tours, so you guys can guess who I’ll be bringing this time, but in less than 20 days I’m going to be in Portland and San Francisco Those are the ones I’m stressing the most if you are in Portland and San Francisco tickets are going by so fast And there’s absolutely no time to wait so if you are in Portland or San Francisco please get your tickets now, and if you tweet me screenshots I’ve been following a fuck ton of you guys on Twitter and then after Portland and San Francisco, I will be in, New Jersey slash New York City, Toronto Chicago and Boston so if you are in any of those places if you are in any of those cities, and you want to come meet me in less than a month I will be embarking on that tour and tickets are cheaper than ever and I promise you guys it will be worth your money I will also be debuting all-exclusive merch on tour.

I’m gonna shut up now I’m going back on tour, and I’m so excited and everyone is telling me that I’m crazy And I shouldn’t be doing it and I should be resting but I can honestly say over the last three years of everything I’ve done there’s nothing I’ve ever found that I’m more passionate about than meeting you guys and performing live for you guys and hanging out with you in person obviously seeing the physical manifestations of those numbers and those comments and those tweets and the love that you see online in person and actually getting to hug you guys and fucking hold you in my arms and talk to you is the best thing I’ve done so far in my career in this life and probably always will be.

So yeah, I’m an emotional little bitch, and I’m going back on tour and I’m very excited, so if you were in any of those cities if you want to come meet me and give me a hug I finally get to say I’m going back on tour, and I’m excited and if I’m not coming to your city Tell me in the comments below where you want me to come so I can get there ASAP All right, I’m gonna shut up you guys and let you get into this very interesting video, bye.

I’m going back on tour! [Music playing] Hi guys and welcome back to my channel! [Laughs] Hi guys, it’s Tana Mongeau. Welcome to my channel or welcome back to my [laughs] Hi! So in today’s episode of “the universe keeps handing me clout tokens that I don’t deserve” yesterday, Jeffree Star tweeted out to Twitter asking you guys if he should recreate my makeup tutorial or James Charles’ makeup tutorial and when I saw this poll James was the winning and I was like wow that makes sense.

I decided that I wanted to make our sister angry and I wanted to quote it and ask you guys to come through with the fucking forecast. The people had spoke. You guys wanted to see Jeffree recreate some true talent sister and [laughs] and when I found out that I had the chance to be on the side of a Jeffree Star video that gets millions of views you know a sister put in work.

A sister. So um James is quaking sorry J- I’m just kidding. James is doing just fine, James is monetized. No, but really, I’ve been seeing so many people recreate my makeup tutorials lately, which means so much because I’m just like so talented and so good at makeup and I know that no one can ever do it as good as me, but knowing that people are trying is just so humbling I’ve been wanting to recreate someone else’s and I already had pretty much decided I was gonna do Jeffree Star’s and when I found out that he was recreating mine I thought that it would be a perfect time to make a collab out of it [laughs] Jeffree is going to see this and like block my number and block me on everything like I’ve never done more of an injustice to another human being in my entire life, but here it is So yeah, that’s what today’s video is gonna be I recreated this beautiful Jeffree Star look I try to parade myself as a comedian and a youtuber or whatever but we all know that I’m a makeup artist so this is gonna be a piece of cake for me Hopefully Jeffree will watch it and learn a few things because I’m clearly so much better Before I get into the video make sure to subscribe, click that little bell to turn your notifications on, maybe? I’m sorry.

I’m just gonna get right into the look because I feel really bad about myself right now. Okay, so um I don’t know how to do that thing where people film like reaction videos like when they put the video in the screen right here like I never learned how to do that so um I don’t know how to like put it on the screen and then do it So I’m just gonna show you guys the look that I’m choosing to recreate I originally was going to do a look from a Jeffree Star tutorial called “how to get a sugar daddy” But I already have sugar dad No, no but it was like a super simple orangey look and I decided like I am a makeup artist I could do that super well, so I decided I would go ahead and do something a little challenging for me I mean obviously Jeffree did choose to recreate my makeup tutorial because I’m by far the best makeup artist on YouTube and so like I needed to choose something that was a little challenging for me you know and so I chose this look I’m such trash.

Oh, I could put a picture on the screen. I know how to do that okay. I chose this look [Elijah offscreen] You know you can do videos in the same exact way? Yeah, when you’re editing with iMovie, which I’m sure you use.

[Tana] I do So, um I chose this look, um [offscreen] Let’s just let her struggle. Lipstick Nick is actually doing his makeup in this video, and she is a goddess every time she does my makeup I actually look like a real girl.

I don’t really have a lot of the products that Jeffree Star uses It’s funny cuz Jeffree was texting me tonight about his video from me tomorrow, and he was like yeah every time you used a product I didn’t have I just use my most expensive version of it and I was like Oh yeah, I’m gonna do the exact same thing except for like with cheap shit like if you clicked on this video thinking it was going to be like good-? Jeffree Star just said if you’re just going to Walmart like Jeffree Star has ever been to a Walmart Jeffree I don’t have any of your makeup, so you’re trying to put me on your PR list like Jeffree’s literally starting off with a primer that is filled with like 24 carat gold flakes like it’s like a hundreds of dollars It’s like a hundreds of dollars primer I don’t have that I’m gonna start with some moisturizer cuz like dry I actually did buy this moisturizer because Jeffrey recommended it once yeah I’m a fucking fan.

I’m not just doing this video cuz it’s gonna get a lot of views Well no, no, if you were questioning if I’m doing this video only because Jeffree’s uploading it too, and this is gonna get a lot of views that, like that is why, like I’m gonna moisturize my face Alright sisters! I have no room on my little table, because it’s not a table for anything, so every time I’m done with each product I have to like throw it.

Okay now I primed my skin. Jeffree is now using foundation, the La Prairie rich foundation. I don’t know. This is how unprepared for this video I am like I’m out of this product I literally can’t even fucking use it I think it’s so funny that Jeffree was just putting on like a $200 foundation with a Beauty Blender And I’m putting on like some Fenty Beauty that doesn’t match my skin with like a four dollar Walmart sponge But it’s fine.

Dragging the Beauty Blender. Drag me, Queen! It’s not even a beauty blender I’m not even on their PR list, sister! James to Fenty Beauty, he’s like I had to walk in to Sephora and buy the foundation James is gonna kill me for dragging.

I feel like James drags me every chance he gets though, like one day he went on a 20-snapchat snapchat rant where he was like “I just hate people use those titles where they’re like parentheses exciting.

” He’s like, “Tana just uploaded a vlog today where she was like parentheses scary” I’m like what do you mean sister? James is really salty with me because Jeffree did a poll of whose makeup he should do mine or James’s and the people spoke They chose me [laughs] [offscreen] Tana you’re like, “anything you can do I can do better” Okay, I don’t have a mirror like at all like I’m just doing it in the viewfinder I love that Jeffree has like camera people and like producers and like editors and like whatever I just have a group of people telling me how horrible I am and a viewfinder.

[offscreen] Why are you dragging it? I always drag my beauty blender, like I’m trying to be quick sister Get into the eyeshadow sister [offscreen] When the fuck did he become British? James is like, ‘ello sistahs Okay Jeffree pounces the Beauty Blender so They finally are using a product that I have Tart Shape Tape that’s exciting She’s just dotting it all over his face and beauty blending it in.

I think I can do that I don’t normally do it like this. I’m not gonna lie. I can’t see it. Oh my god [offscreen] This isn’t an apology video, calm down Dude that’s one thing Jeffrey and I have in common we both have a few apology videos I I know this noise literally sounds like my pussy Then she like carves out his cheekbones.

Oh, that’s not blended, that’s awkward Don’t know if Jeffree has cheek filler, but I do so so I’m just popping that right under my cheek filler I mean my cheeks I Oh I might need that back cuz they like carve shit huh? Oh my god.

I’m sure Jeffree fashioned one of my people just Right. Does that look good? No. She looks good, she doesn’t look remarkable cause she’s not remarkable. She is Fenty Beauty shISTAR not on the PR list sistar So I just wanna talk about the fact Jeffree’s skin in this video literally looks like a porcelain doll and mine just looks not like that They’re gonna hop into their Chanel translucent powder, I’m going hop into my Peach Perfect translucent powder I think I’m low-key allergic to this cuz it makes my face really itchy, but uh my face is already itchy Okay so now they’re.

.. I don’t know this is Well she like carefully slightly put under there and like there and like there and like there and like there, but I’m just gonna like you know Okay, so they bronzed the face and Jeffree looks flawless, I’m gonna bronze the face and look flawed This brush is from Target its Sonia Kashuk for Target That was on clearance because it was like Easter Edition and like I just bought it like I don’t know when Easter is but like way after Easter Jeffree’s out here using like like $100 brushes.

It’s so embarrassing. I’m so sorry. [offscreen] That’s not even a contour brush. You’re just making yourself tanner but it doesn’t look right. It doesn’t look right at all like this looks really bad [Laughing] [Offscreen] Yes.

the silence, the dead silence. I’m literally in a room of 7 people and I’m like this looks bad, and they’re all just like Jeffree has all these like contours, and he’s like using different brushes for each thing, and I’m just like She is literally out here using like his eyeshadow on a fan brush like on his face [Offscreen] I have a fan brush But I don’t want to do that Now they’re moving on to brows and they’re using on Anastasia dip brow That’s not happening, that’s not happening.

Okay, I’m just gonna fill in my brows [offscreen] No, you don’t just put it on your eye, you like make a palette with your like, hand Wait so you can like put it on your hand and then your eyebrow? Cause I already put it on my eyebrow Oh it’s already so bad [Offscreen] Yeah, I know because you just put in your eyes I know I put it on my hand.

[Offscreen] Shit look like an eagle make me proud to be an American Did you just say “shit look like an eagle make me proud to be American” about my eyebrow [Offscreen] Yes. Do people do upward strokes to make it look like hair? [Offscreen] But Jeffree doesn’t have actual hair so just go for it Okay, that’s very true Jeffree doesn’t have actual eyebrow hair so anything I do is just gonna be so good in comparison because I So I think I finished my brows and now most people like carve them out with concealer But I just I just put some there okay on today’s episode of my best friend is rich every product that Jeffree has Ashley has like I keep starting to be like oh, I don’t have this product, and then she has it Dude, I have not put on eyeshadow primer with a brush ever We zoomed in a little putting on some painterly paint-pot You can’t see on camera how bad it is [Offscreen] I’m sure they can Carefully precisely applying this fucking eyeshadow primer like it’s gonna matter in all of 30 seconds when I ruin my entire face [Offscreen] this cut crease with Poison and blend out with Military but before I do that, just like in our red smokey eye video I like to carve out with creams so I’m gonna take Breakfast at Tiffany’s Dirty Money and Crocodile Tears, mix them all together Okay, so there’s like a green cut crease and I don’t know why I was under the impression that it was just gonna be one green eyeshadow, and all I have is one green eyeshadow She’s just using like 30, I just don’t have them Okay, so she starts off by putting like a gold metallic shade all over his, uh, lid okay So I’m gonna use this shade called Nefertiti from the Huda Beauty palette she like wet the shade and like fucking and put it on with her finger I mean, I actually just spit on the brush Okay wait But his already looks so pretty and like this doesn’t look pretty so I just dipped into the shade Gold Money and Famous from the.

.. Okay, so when I compare this look side-by-side to Jeffree’s they look nothing alike I am so scared to do this right now like this is the point where like everything I did that’s decent is just gonna get so fucked up.

Picking a random angled brush and some Evian water spray She had some like cream products, but uh they’re rich I’m not, this is definitely like an emerald green, and there’s this definitely like a turquoise But I mean like this is literally the moment where everything good I just did like goes to waste I also can’t do wings like at all like have you ever seen me with winged eyeliner except when Lipstick Nick literally did it That’s wrong.

Like already. I can just tell [Offscreen] That’s wrong Stay in focus sis Oh my- look at this, and then look at this [Offscreen] My new favorite makeup artist is Lipstick Helen I am Lipstick Helen Keller Okay, they’re not similar at all my eyes are not twins they’re sisters Oh, so then she uses a brush to blend this up like the green up [Offscreen] Yes.

Yeah, let that bird fly [Offscreen] Speaking of Black Swan okay, they use a bunch of colors But I feel like I can’t I feel like that did make it look more like Jeffree’s [Offscreen] Oh, no, no it didn’t [Offscreen] No, you’ve definitely, yeah This is real bad, I like I didn’t even think.

.. low-key this whole time I was like I’mma come through, I’mma make it look good. Oh my god, okay, so apparently this is in for the eye shadow like this is I was like oh I’m gonna save it there’s gonna be like a million more colors.

No. This is this is just it like this is the finished eyeshadow look Okay so now Jeffree goes in for a winged liner And he definitely uses like a really expensive one and then they top it off with gel, but Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline How do you do winged liner? This is legit me trying my hardest to do winged liner too This video’s really upsetting me, like I’m not even kidding you I’m like I’m gonna leave this video like annoyed as fuck like cause I just can’t do makeup [Offscreen] Honestly have you guys ever seen any girl do eyebrows? That was me trying my hardest.

I thought it was gonna come out better and I wanna cry I love how one is touching the eyeshadow and one just isn’t I’m trying Like this isn’t a fucking funny video anymore like it’s not even funny. Like I’m trying so hard I really really wanted all of the comments to be people saying like oh my god Tana actually killed it like not bad like It’s like 100% I thought I was gonna do way better.

She puts a bunch of black… [Offscreen] What? Like underneath and cuts his like underneath. This is gonna get ten times worse It’s just so ugly Okay, yeah, yeah, I feel like I kind of got it. She said smoke out this undereye liner I’m using the shade Free Love and Mod so Bella created this palette.

I look like a bird I’m like the bitch in a Black Swan movie She’s using a shade called Swallow, sister is very familiar with swallowing. We’re done with the eyeshadow [Offscreen] You said that 20 minutes ago They used Benefit Roller Lash, which I have, but it’s also like the worst mascara on this bit So I’m gonna hop into some Maybelline.

I love it. I look so scary right now I’m like I will fucking kill you [Offscreen] This is gonna be the thumbnail to all the noob compilation videos Every video that’s like 10 things wrong with Tana Mongeau.

[Offscreen] It’s gonna be that, it’s gonna be that Dude, I’m like I’m feeling myself [Offscreen] Why? On today’s episode of you can have money, but you can’t buy talent Like literally this many eyeshadow palettes and this is what I got So I’m using these Morphe lashes, use code sistar [incoherent] comes over and just fucking beats the shit out of me I look like Toddlers in Tiaras, like a Toddlers in Tiaras reject.

It doesn’t even matter where I glue the lash because my winged eyeliner is so big. I mean honestly [Offscreen] Honestly what? I look so fucking good Guys this is this video, if anything, is inspirational as fuck.

I was having so many moments of self doubt and like [Offscreen] They were all accurate Okay, now I just need like a lot of plastic surgery They ended up using a white shade called Drug Lord in the waterline and normally I use a white shade called drug lord in my nostrils, but Okay, so now I’m just gonna apply a lash right here Just like they did I’ve actually never done this before I say that like that’s like shocking But like where do I even put it? [Offscreen] Her eyes are gonna be glued shut Everyone’s like no like next time glue your mouth shut [Offscreen Oh my god, my goth queen I can’t, like this is the worst feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life [Offscreen] You look like you’re gonna rob a bank I really do I look like that McDonald’s character, this is like a Halloween look like not because it’s good, but because it’s fucking terrifying I look so bad!! Just petting my dogs.

Oh, she used individual lashes on the body I literally don’t even have like one lip color other than like the ones I use every day. Oh shit ok, duh Yeah, just put like a coppery eyeshadow on my lips and then put lip gloss over it I don’t know my colors anymore [Offscreen] Blondes to peach to copper peachy pinky is bronzy this’ll work great [Offscreen] Will it? Ohh so pigmented Ok eyeshadow as lipstick honestly worked well, and I’m also channeling my inner lip signet cuz like she was using some like lip color as eyeshadow [Offscreen] Do you use eyeshadow as lip color? They used setting spray, but that’s cause like they wanted to keep this look, but my track is showing so [Offscreen] When you open your eyes that wide it’s so (?) It’s so scary Why does my nose look like so much more like a beak Like there’s no way to make this cute.

I keep like moving my hair like that’s gonna help the look I’m just trying to like Jeffree Star like what else would Jeffree do I feel like he does that a lot Alright guys and that is it for today’s video.

[Offscreen] Why do you need an outro? Nobody watched the whole thing. Yeah, no 100% [Offscreen] They tuned out as soon as you put on that fucking the green the green is As soon as I made the one green swipe everyone, my watch time goes from 100 to zero at that moment If you guys want to recreate this look Tweet me photos Ooh, I’m James Charles-ing right now with the fucking sishtar flashback.

Okay there we go. I’m just so good I feel like if anything I wouldn’t even go to call this a recreation because I did it so much better that it’s like its own new look You know so yeah Jeffree if you want to recreate this Maybe I’m coming for your spot in Jeffree’s friendship I want a Tesla too.

You guys just want to see one final close-up shot of the look. [Offscreen] No. I like how the bottom ones are significantly more dramatic than the top ones Okay, guys. That was it for today’s video I only recreated a Jeffree star look because he did it to me and I wanted you guys to view this video and I wanted clout I really do love Jeffree Star and I’ve been watching his videos for a really long time So it is an honor to recreate one of his looks and do it such justice This all stems from like I said in the beginning of the video Jeffree recreating my makeup tutorials So I will link that below you guys should definitely go check that out and Jeffree out.

Thank you Jeffree I know that you woke up in your Calabasas mansion with your Multi-million dollar net worth probably in your Tesla and you were like wow I’m gonna do some charity work today and I just want to say thank you for doing that charity work on me, so if you want to meet this I will link all my tour stops in the description below as well in less than 20 days I will be in San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, New York/ New Jersey, Toronto, and Boston um yeah, if you guys want to meet me I can’t talk about tour looking like this.

No one wants to meet me in general but then like this is just a lot Okay guys, thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe click- I can’t do it. I’ll talk to you guys the next video. Bye! [Offscreen] That’s the face.

That’s what it is. Oh my god, this is the ugliest I’ve looked in 2018. Happy fucking New Year


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