Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel a few videos ago I did a Q&A and one question you guys asked was “if there were one youtuber outside of the beauty world that you could collab with who would it be?” and my answer to that was Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles And today my dreams came true.

.. kind of. There was a really crazy trend going around on YouTube right now We’re different people try to follow and recreate beauty gurus makeup tutorials This is started by Thomas Halbert who tried to follow a Jeffrey Star makeup tutorial.

I will link his video down below He started this whole thing and now it is literally blown up. This morning, I woke up to a million tweets because living legend Jenna Marbles decided to follow a James Charles makeup tutorial I can die happy.

I was so absolutely honored to have Jenna follow one of my makeup tutorials I was a little bit spooked though, not gonna lie, because she chose the Valentine’s Day look from last year I still had my man bun and block eyebrows.

*woo* Those are dark times We do not talk about any more on this channel, but I think she absolutely killed the look- not gonna lie I was not expecting much But I really think sister looked so good so- Definitely go check out Jenna’s video Go show her at the sister love tell her I sent you, and for today’s little surprise video.

I thought it would be only right To follow the trend and recreate one of Jenna’s makeup tutorials. Without further ado I’m gonna throw all my makeup knowledge *succ noise* down the drain. I am no longer a beauty guru, and I’m gonna be getting ready using a jenna Marbles makeup tutorial.

Lord help me Let’s get started Okay so, on YouTube and search “Jenna Marbles Makeup tutorial” Okay, so we have the “I tried following a James Charles Makeup Tutorial” That’s iconic We also have Jenna Marbles drunk makeup tutorial from five years ago, this has 23 million views.

Hello When am I gonna have a tutorial that gets 23 million views. That sounds the best ever. The fact that there’s a drunk tutorial spooked me a little bit, you guys know here on the James Charles channel we are sober sisters, but let’s give it a try [Jenna Marbles talking] Never experienced that issue before Okay, can already tell you- I’m not gonna follow this first step.

This is not off to a great start -By priming. This is a lot! Okay? Let me see if I can find a normal tutorial. Okay, this is “A makeup tutorial for my vlogs for unskilled people” and today that is what I am.

Let’s try this. I feel like I’m watching two different people, what is going on? Same. Same. Okay, even though this video looks like it’s filmed on toaster oven, she looks great, so, hopefully I’ll be able to recreate this on me today.

That is literally the tea. I feel like primer And correct me if I’m wrong, for many of you guys, I feel like primer literally does nothing like every time I use a primer, if anything it just disrupts the foundation that’s actually on my nose.

That’s why I literally stopped using it And I only use moisturizer anymore, but I feel like primer is the biggest gimmick in the beauty world like What does it even do? Oh my god. Sister said we are doing a full coverage, vanilla cake mix makeup today Good lord.

That foundation can cover, like, anything. Like, that’s enough to cover, like, my scandals. I don’t have the exact cream foundation that Jenna uses but, I do have the Krylon TV paint stick which is equally as full coverage and also a cream foundation This is literally what I use for drag makeup, but I guess we’re gonna use this today With a brush, oh gosh.

.. Guess I’m just gonna go right in and it’s- oh my god. This is so full coverage. My skin is crying Oh my god Flashback Mary is shaking. I did not even realize how light this foundation was Hello? Where is the concealer? DId concealer not exist yet in 2011? Okay, I don’t have that powder, but I do have my Mac Studio Fix Foundation Which is a Mac pressed powder that has some color to it.

She is scrubbing that all over. *noise of distress* Okay, here we go No… Oh my god. This is not how you’re supposed to set your face True! Okay sisters, Jenna knows what’s up. Love either Kermit or Marbles in the background Okay, I need this step, clearly.

Okay I think this video is literally sponsored by MAC I lOvE that. Mmhmm Love a dual-purpose sister. I don’t have that brush or dogs to chew on them But I do have my morphe M527 (((Use code “James” for 10% off lmao))) Oh I love the placement she’s going with of all over her face Okay, I’m gonna start off on the cheekbones like she did.

I noticed she put a lot of this in her eyelid region up here And also right across her cheeks and across her nose. Oh my god I can feel the foundation on my nose crying for help right now But you know what? I guess we’re going for the Sun kissed sister Jenna look Okay well, uh, at least I am back to my normal skin tone Jenna: Now if you thought we were done with bronzer, you’re wrong *Soft gasp* No! Okay.

Great Okay! So she’s contouring her face right, okay? Let’s pause and go in Right in at the hollows of the cheek bones to really give that sunken-in sculpted look. I like that she actually described that that is definitely correct placement And I always do my contour in my cheeks And as well as around the face as well.

That really highlights the center of your face, which brings attention to it So good job sister Jenna, that is correct. I feel like we have reached the maximum level of bronzer, please don’t be more bronzer.

Yes! Okay, thank God! *Gasp of delight* You guys know I love a good peach blush Okay, I don’t have that, but I do have a Mac blush and peaches. Hopefully they should be similar color Okay Okay! Me too.

I think she’s actually doing a really good job of explaining where to place the products and how much to put on, like, how to blend it out. That’s awesome Good job sister Jenna from seven years ago Oh.

I love an “I don’t care” look Oh no. Me! Everybody! Okay, so it looks like she has a duo palette of a light, light, light, light, light brown and a slightly darker brown Let me go see what I have. Okay, so I just found this “Covergirl True Naked eye shadow palette” It basically is, like, my only palette that has light tans and browns If you guys know what you know that I really don’t do a lot of soft makeup, so we’re gonna make this work today so try and find a clothing the sort that just really looks natural but Okay so one thing I think she’s doing a really really good job of actually explaining Why she’s picking used to color like she talked about how she wants Light matte chicks under her eyelids really bring attention to her eyes.

I think this is actually a good tutorial. Sister Jenna! YouTubers everywhere are quaking! <> Okay.

Not true. Oh God. I’m gonna take my upper 33 and dip into this light brown shade and my nudes palette And I guess put it all over the eyelid with a blending brush like genocide This is definitely not the brush that you would normally use for this I wouldn’t usually pick something like this a more like a flat packer brush to really get that color on there.

Oops, …to really get that color on there But you know what we’re gonna just use a blending brush for today and like Jenna said we’re gonna put it all over I think this is literally doing nothing because the amount of bronzer have on my face right no <> Love that, ‘k.

<> <> Don’t know about the whole slapping method I can actually feel my eye Kind of throbbing right now that definitely does not feel good, I’m gonna stick to my windshield wiper motion, but you do you, sis.

I look dead. I’m just like this oh <> You know what? Feel like this is a terrible joke video oh That is just not what you’re supposed to do as painful as that was for me to do it as a beauty guru I am following, of course, Jenna’s tutorial.

I do see so many people doing that when it comes to fixing up their eyeshadow a really great technique You can do if you want to kind of clean it up and make it just a little bit more to find Easy to grab a little bit of concealer on your Beauty Blender and just go Right and and kind of just go up against that edge And really just clean it up doesn’t do a great job of kind of lightening up that area and defining a little bit without Ripping up all of your foundation leaving a red spot was just spooky and horrible or Sometimes if it’s really not looking that bad, you can take a powder puff or your Beautyblender and a little bit of setting powder and just go right under just like that and wipe it off after a little while just like baking normally does and that shuttle will be cleaned up and your foundation will not be too chopped it and Completely gone like it is here.

Helpful hint! <> <> Before I even start doing this I notice Jenna is Tugging at her lid to get it straight across while looking down at her marriage on her liner This is something that is really really common for people to do as well, but this is actually a really really bad technique This is thing that can cause really really bad Eye wrinkles which obviously none of us want if you’re gonna do a gel liner and you’re having trouble getting it really really even I would recommend getting a Compact mirror like this and instead of kind of like looking at your mirror and trying to get it straight Hold your mirror at a downward angle like this and hold your brush upwards That’ll give you a really easy access to your eyelid So you have the whole thing to look at without having to stretch it Which it was bad in the long run right here in the corner? Oh? Like this Okay, so we’re doing a wing.

I guess as well and Jenna is definitely right and that when you draw an eyeliner wing you definitely want to follow the natural shape of your eye and And Jenna just drew a baby wing today, so it’s the same thing that we are going to do If I turn to the side, and this is basically higher wing eyeliner should look as you can see it Goes right from the bottom and it follows my eye Right up at the shape and just comes right up into a nice point and goes right back in to that liner Which is really really flattering for my eye Shape way too many people draw their ring Islander going right up like that that eyeliner.

Shape is flattering on Literally nobody, please don’t do that. ‘K. Can relate, I love a good lash. Okay, those look like ardell demi whispies hold on whoa Hello words explanation, where’s the glue? Where’s the tweezers? She’s putting this lash entire lash may add on with her hand Even as a beauty guru who does this as a job for a living every single day? I still struggle with putting on eyelashes, and it’s one of the hardest parts of makeup and she’s just gonna throw it on there speed it up like it’s nobody’s business I don’t think so, sister Did I actually just get that on there? Are you kidding me? Okay lashes are on let’s go into a mascara house Please tell me she did not just glue on a pair of eyelashes about a mascara to blend them together Oh Jenna She literally just did that eyebrow in like, 20 seconds My eyebrow process is like 20 minutes for each eyebrow okay, like Jenna said, just gonna go right in Follow the shape of the brow, make the tail.

Go to the top and make the natural shape of the brow blend it in Tell me why that eyebrow does not even look at that bad, what is going on? Thank God Thank God okay whoo I can roll with this Okay, I think that’s a Maybelline mascara But this is filmed in 2011 so I don’t even know if that’s being sold anymore I’m gonna use the Maybelline big shot mascara kWhich is being sold and it’s good not only do I want to teach Jenna how to do makeup? But I also need to teach her how to do a tongue pop desperately Okay Yeah, so once again, there’s gonna be a helpful hint when you use black eyeliner often gives you like a sultry sexy look But it does make your eyes look much smaller I like to use the white like Jenna said make sure I just look really really big draws attention to him and gives you like a doll like look but God all jokes today Tea make up is very very expensive, but you can definitely find it cheaper options that is for sure sisters preaching the truth Sick Uh-oh, so I just grabbed a mac lipglass and the shade that pleased me.

This is the lightest pink I could find so That’s it Wait a second where’s the highlighter, or has a setting spray? Where is the setting powder our sister okay sisters I guess we are done here, and this is the completed look For tonight looking at this for a beauty guru standpoint if someone who does makeup every single day I definitely have products and techniques that I like to use and definitely would have loved to see added to this Tutorial but the whole point of this video is obviously to throw all my makeup knowledge out the window and kind of look at this As an outsider trying to follow a YouTube tutorial just like all of you sisters out there I really don’t think this looks that bad and throughout Jenna’s video I actually feel like she did a really really great job of explaining every single step She was doing so everyone could kind of get it no matter what their skill level really was Jenna’s video actually included a lot of really really great tips that beauty gurus tend to skip over But that would be super helpful to any beginner makeup wear, such as using a different brush for bronzing and contouring No, they’re not the same thing Using your natural eye Shape as a guide for drawing your winged liner one of the best tricks I’ve ever learned using mascara to blend together your falsies with your regular lashes And of course the pros and cons of using black and white eyeliner Overall I had so much fun following a jenna Marbles makeup tutorial today I know how crazy she could be in her video sometimes But I think he was really cool to see this more chill side of Jenna Just relaxing I’ve been subscribed to Jenna for years now I grew up watching her so to wake up this morning and say that she recreated one of my tutorials and has been watching me And as a true sister was definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced on YouTube Thank you so much that if you’re watching this.

I love you sister although. I love this tutorial, please Let me do your makeup and do it right it will be such a huge honor If you enjoy today’s video and this jenna Marbles inspired layout, please give it a big thumbs up down below it means the world to me and Don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below as well and come join in this sisterhood also click that Bell icon So you can be notified every time I upload a brand new video If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter they do both Just shame Charles and my snapchat for more.

I have the seats I stopped is James Charles, then extra ass after Charles this week’s shout-out goes to sister Lana Thank you so much for your always solving and supporting you I love you so so so much and if you like to read the next video sister shout out Don’t forget that were you taking video links.

They go live on Twitter alright guys. Thank you so much for watching this video Thank you again to Jenna Marbles. I love you so much, and I will see you in the next one I’m reading all that he ought to do this.

Oh, oh my god So much better


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