Hey guys, what’s up? And welcome to my channel today’s video is going to be I follow Blanks makeup tutorial and as you saw from the title of this video I was gonna try to like surprise, and I realized you guys would see the thumb nail and title.

It’s Nikkie Tutorials!! (Cheer SFX) I have decided to challenge myself because me and Nikkie have a Different face shape and we also have a different nose, eyes,and mouth like my eyes are very rounded And she has like a lot of space between her brow and lid I feel.

It’s a different eyeball, but I’m gonna try really hard Nikkie is so talented She was like the tutorial Queen on the internet hello her name is Nikkie Tutorials I want to take on the challenge and try obviously these videos are going around and I want to try and recreate one of her makeup looks Probably won’t turn out identical because again we have a very different face shape, but I think I can do it, and I’m gonna put my best foot forward and try really hard to recreate her makeup look I’m very nervous.

I literally just went on snapchat I’m So ScAReD!! haha I need to get over it and do it, so I’m excited to be doing this today I hope you guys are excited for it. Also. I’m not gonna lie I I landed like midnight last night from Chicago and this morning.

I’m waking up and filming and I am tired do I look tired?? Don’t answer that (Your water my love <3) Thank you kind, sir I need some water and a face mask, but we're gonna go ahead (And Jesus) And Jesus sweet Jesus.

We’re gonna go ahead and jump right into this video may all the makeup gods be with me and Nikkie if you’re in here around here somewhere help me… Without further ado let’s go ahead and jump right onto the video (click)! (Zoom?) AHHH Also just jumping right in the video me and Nikki have very different makeup techniques So I’m really interested to see like how my makeup works out using Nikki’s techniques and makeup I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either of our techniques I think they’re just different, so I’m excited to start.

I have my little mirror here And oh I need to have the video playing so we can go step by step. Hello!? Start playing the video I’m gonna be doing the how to slay your holiday makeup one. I feel she did a really pretty.

.. Hi Nikki it’s very intricate but Not too intricate, but kind of intricate. It’s a look that I typically wouldn’t do and that’s why I chose it Let me put that way and the reason I wouldn’t do it this way.

It’s because, this look, because of my eye shape But I’m gonna do it because I want to challenge myself. Okay, Nikki is first applying a Mac strobe cream to her face Oh my gosh, and then she puts that Iconic London drops within the stroke cream and then she takes a brush Alright Nikki That’s a lot.

I have, like, the tiniest head ever You ever meet me you’ll get to admire, how small my head is It’s like abnormally small It’s too small for my body Okay, and then she put the Iconic London drops on her face but she just went.

.. I’ve never done this before I’ve never put these on my face before foundation I think she just did that yeah, oh, no she puts them right here. I thought so *gasp* I just pooed it across my face annnd maybe some right here.

Oh my god. I’m nervous about these now. Okay. I’ve never done this before this is new territory for me, and then she took a little brush and blended it out, so I’m just gonna take it. Oh my god. I’m kind of nervous.

I’m like what!? What what WHAT?! How is this turn out, okay? Maybe she’s testing out an Instagram technique. Whoa her forehead is shiny Well, I have never looked more Lumi in my life, so next up would be foundation for foundation today I’m gonna be going in with the Huda Beauty Faux Filter in the color angel food and mixing it in with a drop of Jouer Okay, I have the two foundations she mixes together.

I’m gonna use cheesecake, and I think Actually, cheesecake. I’m gonna use cheesecake and latte; so she basically does mostly Huda and then she adds in a drop of the Jouer foundation. So, she is a very full coverage girl as am I.

Nikkie, maybe, just like a touch more full coverage than me I’ve never mix these two together. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but her makeup’s always flawless, so I’m trusting the technique Nikkie: And applying this using my Morphe sponge.

Laura: (Morphe sponge) Puts it on this end of the sponge first Nikkie: Oh! And let me say it again: if you are new here, and you are looking for a natural finish… this is not the channel Laura: That’s right Nikkie.

Girl, that’s right. You tell ’em! I’m actually gonna use a lot of foundation because Nicki that’s just her technique. You know nothing wrong with it By the way, I haven’t watched one of these videos yet Like if I’m gonna do a video challenge like I like to do it And then watch the challenges may not be the smartest thing in the world to do But I just don’t want to I just want to be very much my own you know Um so I’m assuming this how other people are doing this they’re just Literally putting them on the screen, which is what I’m gonna do, I’m actually watching it for my phone right now, so I’m just like Assuming I’m doing this right.

I think this is the concealer she uses… Soft matte complete concealer This is what she uses, so I’m gonna use shade medium one. I do love this concealer, and I’m familiar with it She first applies it to her face with like a smaller brush and then goes in with that sponge and blends it out Which is different from me you guys know I put it on.

I normally do my liquid concealer, and then put it on and then blend it out with my Y6, but you know I’m not using the Y6 today because Nikkie doesn’t use the Y6 This is an M436 brush Next up she just takes the fit me setting powder and sets Everything so that is exactly what I’m gonna be using.

I’ll use shade number 10 fair light And she just dips the dampened sponge and the powder which is Often times what I do Alright here is the palette she used: the Morphe Dare to Create 39A palette and she starts off with this color right here um This palette is no longer for sale so I feel bad using it and normally get a lot of kickback whenever I use things in my Tutorials that are no longer for sale, so I was just gonna say the 24G is for sale And it does have a similar brown color in it that I can use as well So that way you guys can kind of follow the look and still get still get the look with us in my affordable palette I’m gonna take a R39 brush She doesn’t start with the transition shade which is totally fine people do that all the time I typically do so like I said, this is like a way that that is just like a different technique for me to learn.

OOoHhH! Okay, let’s do it. Oh my god. I’m so scared I’m gonna mess up! Uhahah!! I’m gonna quit being a wuss. I’m gonna stamp this color on my eye I’m gonna take that exact shade, Bear, on this little tiny brush And I’m gonna try to clean up and soften out those edges This is gonna be a horizontal Spotlight smokey eye, so next up.

I need to find a perfect brush to do Which I think I’m gonna use actually I’m think I’m gonna use this tiny little lip brush I think it’s just gonna do better on my smaller eyelid to carve out that Center and I’m just gonna use a cream concealer from NARS I I feel like I did a pretty good job of doing the spotlight part My eye shape is really different than hers and this is where I feel like the look It’s gonna be a wee bit different, but I’m gonna try my hardest to make it the same I’m going to take a M326 brush like she took a little brush went back in with the brown color And she said she kind of wanted to make this part like a brown liner at the base of the eye I’m gonna go in with that green gold shimmer.

Just like she used and I’m just gonna pack it on the spotlight area, but she left the very top corner of the spotlight area without any eye shadow so We’ll see what happens I definitely don’t think it looks identical This is frustrating cuz I don’t have the pigment that she used but I have a very similar one I’m gonna apply right there, and the crease that we left that spot we left to open Next up she sets her waterline with a black eyeliner and If you’re wondering why this eye is plain it’s because I got pissed off at that eye and took off all the makeup So, I’m gonna go back in and do that eye.

..off-camera ugh! And she added some black shadow from the palette along the lower lash line Which I Typically on my eye lid; my eye Shape was so rounded and like I don’t know I’m such a big eyes that whenever I add too much darkness on the lower lash it pulls my eye down my eye down But I’m gonna do it for six of the videos in hopes that it will turn out good and then I’m gonna take evolve which is the same brown color from the palette and Smoke out the lower lash line And then I’m gonna apply some similar lashes to the one that she used in the tutorial In this video Nikki mix this together, hula light, which is why do you light for me? so I’m going to use regular hoola, and then the Bronzing powder from Tom Ford that is gold dust so I’m going to mix them together and bronze up my skin Then she took the kylie blush which I don’t have that either, so I’m gonna take this blush from the balm This one’s called hot mama It’s really pretty really pinky very similar color to the Kylie blush and with the E3 blush brush angled brush before Everything is wrong that I’m saying I’m gonna apply this to the apples of my cheeks, and then I’ll go ahead and buff it on backwards and like Nikkie I’m going to take my Sponge and carve out the cheeks so here I go And then she goes in with glazed doughnut, which I’m going to try a little bit of this one but Really like her my skin tone.

We definitely have a different skin tone. I’m a little bit more medium. She’s a little bit more light It’s okay. We’re gonna work it out Well that shade is light But I wanted to try it in honor of Nikkie and I’m just gonna buff away all that excess powder that’s baking on my face For lips she went in with buff from Jouer and then she put papaya on top, so I’m gonna do the same It’s a really pretty lip combo which I haven’t really tried out I’m gonna let that dry And then I’ll add some gloss on like she did I don’t have the exact gloss that she had it But I have a very similar one, but doesn’t mean time She did set her makeup with the all nighter setting spray from Urban Decay, so I’m gonna go ahead and do that as well Okay, and this is the final look.

I don’t think the look is identical to Nikki’s but I think it is super close And I think it turned out really really pretty despite our makeup techniques are different And I typically wouldn’t have done the makeup this way I really like her technique, and I think it worked out really well, and I’m super happy I got to try it, so thank you Nikkie for honoring us with such great tutorials But I like the makeup look, and I hope you guys like it, too I know I don’t look identical to Nikki, but I tried really hard And I think it still turned out very pretty so thank you guys so much for being here and watching Be sure to subscribe to my channel before you leave, and I’ll see all my little Laura Lees in my next video.

Thank you guys Give me a thumbs up for my efforts (Laura sings) (Love ya Laura -Macy Stewart)


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