Hey guys, so in today’s video We’re going to be doing something a little bit different a little bit more interesting, I’m so excited about this video I’m so excited to do my makeup today like I’m shaking of excitement right now And that’s because I’m gonna be doing my makeup the way I used to do it.

like what five years ago back then I used to watch a disturbing amount of makeup videos everyday and now that I think about it nothing has really changed but today we’re going to be following a makeup tutorial by nikkietutorials So I’m gonna just follow her steps.

I’m gonna follow her techniques and everything I’m just gonna be doing my makeup way that she’s teaching us to do makeup I’m a little bit worried and nervous because you guys her makeup is always Perfectly perfect that makes me worried, but oh well, I’ve seen people on the internet doing those kind of videos And I think that the first who came up with the idea of these kind of videos was Thomas let me see what it was his other name Thomas Halbert Halbert, I really hope I pronounce his name, right but I saw that he did a video like that and I think that he was the first one so a Credit for the idea goes to him yeah without losing time, let’s go ahead and get it started because my face is ready I’m so ready to do my makeup today.

I’m just so excited about this video anyway Let’s go ahead and get started. Okay, so today. We’re going to be following her how to slay your holiday makeup look. Let’s see Hello guys. There’s the plot twist for you Just I’ve never done this before I’ve never done this before I too, trust me I am opening a tutorial video with no makeup on yeah Sophisticated but most of all glam Thanksgiving makeup look and Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is like 279 days away But I’m here doing a holiday look so what I kind of show what look we’re going to be doing But I didn’t watch the entire video because I wanted to do a little bit more of a surprise for me It’s not only suitable for the holidays.

It’s pretty universal and don’t ask me how I know how many days are until Thanksgiving I google all of that, I’m not that smart Oh, I have that drop strob cream, but I think I have it in a different color.

Let me let me see oh My goodness, okay? We’re not starting. Well. I have the the pink undertone one I know I’m gonna use these not gonna miss this opportunity. You’re gonna do it the Instagram way Okay, then get the Instagram way yeah This is probably a little bit too much.

This is just a little bit too much I’m sure and I think that I’m gonna use the L’Oreal Lumi Pure Life primer I know how that iconic lightening things, so I’m gonna use this one instead It looks pretty similar to the to the mac one Oh my god that that’s on my top.

This is on my shirt. No Okay she’s buffing it with a some kind of a stippling brush. I’m gonna use a brush by colour pop Oooo I look so sweaty, I look like I have been working out something that I haven’t done in the past two months just Just don’t judge me, kay I’m not judging don’t touch me too.

For foundation today, I’m gonna be going in with the huda beauty I don’t have that foundation, but I ordered it, I’m expecting it to come very soon And I’m planning on doing a review on it so instead I’m gonna use the Catrice liquid coverage concealer concealer Sorry foundation, and this is a pretty full coverage.

I’m kind of running out of it I need to get a new one I know that she’s using SuperDuper full coverage Foundations, so I’m gonna go with something very covering as well I’m mixing it with some lightening drops here because it’s tiny little bit dark for me Hello coverage we have come home baby Natural, for conceal our gonna be as.

. Hold on I’m not ready with my foundation. Just don’t don’t hurry And she also added some Foundation on her lip so I’m gonna do I’m gonna they do I don’t know if that’s a good idea but anyway. No, my lips are a little bit too dry for this but We’ll see how it goes.

alright she’s using some kind of a nice concealer in a jar I don’t have it, but I have these a nice radiant creamy concealer. I’m gonna use it instead, so I’m adding it under my eyes And I’ll also mix it with the it cosmetics.

Bye bye under-eye these two mixed together is my favorite Under-eye combination although right now. I’m using a little bit too much and She’s using some kind of a stippling brush to blend them out. I’m gonna go with this one.

This is the river what? 110 brush oh I’ve never seen my face like that and I’m gonna bake my under-eye area using the Maybelline no finishing powder Oh baking is not really my thing Because I have a little bit dry under eye, and when I add a little bit more powder there.

It’s getting even drier I’m not really doing the baking thing, but I’m gonna do it today. Okay here we go. Oh that. That’s exciting She’s doing my plate quick like dabbing motions like really pressing that father into a skin.

They’re like Well that’s a little bit uncomfortable It’s like fooling. I don’t know. I hope it’s gonna be better in a while. Okay. What we doing next so here We are before we start I do wanna let you know um What happened to the eyebrows My eyebrows are not ready for your next step what kind of magic she did but can I have my brows defined and full and Both in the next clip like can I do that we should try it out, okay? The magic awaiting right the foundation on my eye lips my lips the foundation on my lips didn’t really work My lips are a little bit too dry for that, and it was just not a good picture And I don’t think that you guys want to see them like that so I just covered them with some lip balm And they’re much happier now if at the very end you still don’t like what you’re looking at just throw glitter on top And you’re fine all right, so I’m already primed First shadow that color is the the fourth one before the black so one two three four this one Okay, going all the way to the inner corner Now that you’ve got this very soon I’m not there yet hold on.

I really hope I can make it work. I’m gonna go in with a clean blending brush No worries. We inked a clean blending brush. I’m gonna use this one It’s not really clean, but I’m gonna take one of those there are Mona like cleaning things.

These are very useful And I’m gonna like rub my brush in there. That’s gonna clean it up like very nice you barely Don’t touch your skin and the bristles of your brush are barely moving. That’s how soft you want to blend this out Okay This is definitely one of those.

I have that brush I have This one here, and I’m keeping it. I think she used this color. She probably used this one watching. It’s looking so messy You’re gonna be fine. Thank you I really hope I’m gonna be fine so after all of that you have some wait wait wait wait wait You’re going a little bit too fast again, I’m a little bit confused now because her Brown is more of like a warm toned brown and my Brown is coming like very cool toned Brown and I Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I think we’re using the same palette the same color, but I don’t know anyway, so we’re basically adding one more layer of that brown Now it’s time to focus on that She’s basically using a concealer or something so I’m gonna take some of my color pop no field no feel that concealer It’s always so hard to say that I have this in the shade 5 and she’s using a very Like kind of a wide flat brush.

I have this one but Let me just clean it up a little bit this was used for something else, but and Stamping it on my eyelid right here, okay, and drying down Well, I guess something like that is good By the way my bun this thing here, I I can’t Put it in place It’s like my bun exploded And I’m using so glam from that same morphe palette the colors really confused me today like this eyeshadow In my palette looks like more like a green gold kind of color and for her it’s like very nice warm kind of Warm go to my I don’t know but anyway Let’s let’s go ahead and apply that on top of the concealer almost touching the far top edge of the concealer But just leaving that top edge bare My hand has a shadows and concealers and all kind of different Watches on it.

My hand has more makeup on it, then I have on my face right now on the very top edge We’re gonna use this pigment by peaches and cream This is called Gatsby and they’re pigments are one of my favor I have never heard of this brand, and I don’t really have that pigment now I have these Make Up For Ever starlit powder.

Let me just find a brush I’m gonna clean this one for the second time oh I hit my my What is feeln beautiful I like it I’m applying these you Aislinn cream eyeliner any fun I hate applying things in my waterline, and I hate watching the old ink it, but it’s part of the makeup, right Then setting that with a black shadow.

I’m using the one from the morphe palette oh She’s also bringing it a little bit under the lower lash line Okay, I’m gonna do it though For some reason for me – very difficult to remove the black pencil from my other line like honestly guys I can be walking around with black paints you in my waterline for like five days This thing is not going out of there.

It needs some special kind of removal I don’t know I Don’t usually add so dark eyeshadow as an eyeliner on my lower lash line what I’m doing right now is definitely not in my comfort zone And I need to stop talking because I’m messing things up that lower lash Line is getting dramatic and I’m smoking that lower lash are not using evolve On the inner corner my favorite milk your festive gold Never heard of this thing We need something to hide inner corner.

Oh, I can replace that with some kind of a no for highlight There is something cold let me let me go get one. This is the ever glow highlighter This is her collaboration with Oprah, so I’m gonna take this color here It’s like the lightest one from the three of them.

She’s like placing it like right here somewhere Yes, I added that highlighter Also, the top of that curved cut crease thing that we did there And it looks it looks better and also I think of my eyes and my face Looks so much more different when I have very dark eyeshadows, and I pencils in my waterline like honestly I think that it changes my entire face.

I kind of look so different I like how this look is coming up so far by the way for lashes. I’m not gonna be applying the talky lashes I’m gonna use my lower lashes In the style flash it these are my favorite and I have worn them a couple of times As I can see but I’m gonna use them today as well I actually switched to a different pair of lashes because that velour lashes they were they were used a lot you guys they just they couldn’t take it anymore, so So I switched to a pair by house of lashes coat I Laura light I really hope I pronounced that right, but they’re gorgeous now.

Hopefully. This is the last step of that look Alright really horizontal spotlight smokey eyes I had so much fun doing this video because it’s a different shape so I ordered this Bronzer right here by Tom Ford, and it is called the ultimate bronzer in the car won.

Gold dust but That’s war that’s expensive wait. I’m gonna go get my benefit browser It was in my back for some emergency browsing situation I’m using the hoola light because you know um fail and The light one looks good on me For bus are gonna go in with barely legal by Kylie cosmetics I don’t have that kind of blush, but I’m gonna use one by makeup geek.

This is called spellbound Now let’s do some cheek carving. I told you we’re gonna. We’re gonna look like we’re full. I’m gonna look full Cheek carving quit. I’ve never done that in my life. Okay. I have this huge powder here by motives It’s it’s huge.

I’m gonna like dip my my sponge here it and I guess just work Oh Work with boys what she’s taking it all the way down here. That’s what a father All right, that’s something very new for me like a so I’m gonna go in with glazed donut the The further we go along.

I think I have that highlighter here the over highlighters are very very very intense like imagine an intense SuperDuper bright highlighter This is brighter like I’m not even kidding so I have to be a little bit careful with these but she’s going like a full glow so I Okay, let’s do this.

I I need to stop talking and just do things And to be honest with you, this is the Look at that. This is the first time that I’m using this highlighter And it’s like it’s like a mirror on my face like you can you can you can see yourself? We just don’t it down a little bit, just I Have power there on mine, but my blender everywhere right kind of Linda died you know? I know this is like this is like so we’re departing didn’t super me.

How does he look so gorgeous on her? She always had it on the hard-nosed you guys I’m like super duper scared stuff. I this highlighter on my face It’s it’s so intense There is here somewhere in this area right here, and it’s like driving me crazy Okay, we’re done with the faces well now.

Let’s see what’s next alright now for lips I’m first gonna line my cupids bow and bottom lip using these you a long wear creme lip liner this lip liner Especially this color right here. This is in the color pink champagne shimmer.

Do I have this you a lip liner? I don’t think that I have a lip liners But let me see if I can find a similar lip liner to this so she applied on her Cupid’s bow Something like that maybe applying Qat lip creams the matte ones and the first color is buff and for a highlight this one is so special So happy right now.

They actually send them to me Thank You J for being so kind And some pop oh This looks very pretty what is that lip gloss? Why should you do it? What was okay? I have a nice lip Eclipse Seal of Approval lip gloss by Sigma Oh, I had that Urban Decay settings pretty similar, but I just can’t remember where I’m Denise I’m gonna use instead the L’Oreal in Volvo infallible fixing me This was so much fun you guys I just really enjoyed filming this video today because doing the things like someone else would do them it was a whole new experience like it was like something that I Really enjoy doing I have to admit that Niki just took me out of my comfort zone today And she threw me at all of those things that I am avoiding that includes They bright lip like I would never wear that nude lipstick like Never dark lower lash line and the waterline very intense highlighter the baking thing and everything these are the things that I am not usually doing I loved how today’s eye look came out I Wanted to do a smoky eye like this for a while now, and I’m so happy that I did it today It didn’t came out like hundred percent like hers But I loved I loved how it came out so if you want to see more videos like that Let me know down in the comments I have some people in my mind that I wanna I will recreate their tutorials and I just wanna know your thoughts it’s interesting to see you know people recreating other people’s stuff and just seeing how a certain look will look If someone else did it but using the techniques of the first one who created it I don’t know if you understand what I’m talking about but anyway Let me know if you want to see more videos like that.

I really hope you guys enjoyed watching this video Let me see if I have some lip gloss on my teeth. Oh, there is so if you enjoyed watching this video Please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already also Don’t forget to press the bell button extra subscribe button because that way you’re gonna be notified whenever I post a new video You can also phone my Instagram Facebook or Twitter all of the links will be down in the description box I want to thank you guys so much for watching and hopefully I’ll see my next one.



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