Okay, guys, I have no idea what tutorial I’m about to do today I had Chris actually pick it out as per your requests So that I wouldn’t know what actual look I’m doing today. So I have it right here It’s in my Dropbox and it says Rachel’s tutorial audio.

So I’m gonna turn it on and see if I can guess who it is Okay, so it’s a Nikki tutorials, it’s Nikki Tutorials It’s Nikki Tutorials. Oh my gosh Starting to sweat starting to sweat for those of you who have never watched a nikkitutorials video I encourage you to watch because it’s like watching art being painted on the face.

She’s so ridiculously talented Christopher Why would you set me up like that? It’s gonna look like Julia just scrawled all over my face Hello, everyone I’m here today to share with you guys the audio voice-over challenge and I actually saw this from nikkitutorials in interestingly enough But I believe it was glam and gore who actually came up with the idea So I will link both the videos down below in case you are interested in watching them But basically this is me following along to a tutorial But just listening to the audio and seeing if I can recreate the look as soon as I saw this challenge I knew I wanted to do it myself.

So I’m kind of excited that I’m finally getting down to do this on my birthday I don’t know if you guys knew this but today when you’re watching this video It’s my birthday and what better way to celebrate than doing a really fun makeup challenge So I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

Don’t forget to subscribe before you leave for new videos every Thursday and Sunday You can click on the little subscribe button. It is down here. It’s down here, right? So make sure you click that subscribe button and the notification bell so you don’t miss out on new videos and without further adieu Let’s get into this.

So I have no idea what products she’s using I have no idea with a look looks like I have no idea so we’re just gonna kind of like Pause and go and pause and go and just kind of like follow along to the best of my abilities So I have it on my phone.

Let’s listen Oh This is great, oh this was made for the voice-over challenge good on you Nikki tutorial. I like it I’m just excited to play with makeup again and not Stress about a challenge for once so it stress about a challenge.

No. No, I will do that for you. Don’t worry They’re called flesh This is a primer and I know it just sounds very interesting to me and I want to see what it does to the skin So I’m gonna be mixing these two together.

Okay, so she’s talking about the face Usually she starts with the eyes like I think right. I think I do have the fenty one. Hang on Girl remind me when this video has done that. I need to clean out my primers drawer.

I lied. I don’t have it I thought I had it. Okay, so she wants ones that are going to fight shine and also fill in pores So I’m gonna be using the Peter Thomas Roth skin to die for this is a mattifying Primer and I’m gonna mix it with the pores no more pore refiner primer.

So first I’m gonna use a brush And She’s using a brush. I don’t think I’ve ever used a brush to put on primer So weird buffing makes me think of like a kabuki brush But I have no idea in a dot them on and then we’re gonna buff it in with a foundation brush now I feel terrible that I avoid these fingers.

Why haven’t I used a brush? This is do it better. I don’t know Okay, Becca ultimate coverage I do have that one it is this one right here this shade is a little light for me This is sand No, no, let’s see Mmm might be a little bit light I’m gonna mix it in with a little bit of the Giorgio Armani fluid sheer This is in shade ten Tapping it on means that she’s like putting it on from here And tapping it in it does give a lot of coverage.

I will give her that. Oh No concealer. Ah, I still need to finish on my foundation Nicki wait Do you think if she’s tapping is she using a Beauty Blender? I don’t think she said well Brush because that’s what I found Where around where okay, so she’s combining two different Concealers so I’m going to take the color pop This is in fair neutral and apply it to the darker parts of my under eyes.

And then what? Wait wait, I thought you put the lightest one in Okay, so she’s using a yellow toned Concealer underneath the eyes to counteract any darkness and then she layers like a light one on top.

I think so This one is by L’Oreal True Match super blendable. It’s a little bit more of a yellow Undertone, so apply that on to the darkness More in like the inner corner area – I think she’s focused on the eyes right now But I have no idea and then she puts the color pop one on top So this one is the last one I have is in shade 10 Wait, did she blend these like one of the time or did she just layer them on top? I have no idea a little bit on this nice zit right here Which I popped and I shouldn’t have I’m sorry all my skincare experts out.

There are like, oh don’t do it Okay, now we can go on to powder Where are you and I’m gonna mix it in with my Elizabeth Arden. This is their high-performance blurring loose powder only because this one is a little bit lighter than the Maybelline one that I have and I kind of want to mix the two otherwise, it’s gonna look too dark under my eyes And I’m going to assume that she’s baking under there.

I have no idea. She didn’t say but like let’s just assume All right, what’s next elevator music like it’s jazzy Oh I was right I was all right, you did bake. Yes. Okay brows are on let’s move on to the next part of the tutorial Okay, so you need to prime the eyes I’m gonna use the efendi Beauty this is the pro filter one.

Okay, we’re all primed What’s next? Yellow yellow yellow Do I have a yellow shadow Okay, so I found the closest things that I have to matte yellow one is by Laura Lee This is the party animal palette.

This is sort of like a greeny Yellow shade and then I also have the huda beauty coral obsessions and it’s more of like an orange II Yellow, I also have this one from the lemonade crazed palette this one right here.

That’s pretty yellow I don’t know what kind of blend all No idea what brush he used I am NOT up with the morphe stuff, but she said precise So let’s do that Alright, I’m gonna dip into these colors and then we’re just going to apply it to the inner part of the crease Alright isn’t is that in enough? I don’t know First of all, she’s stamping which I didn’t do just gonna stamp Stamp the color in there we go.

Oh Stepping does work a lot better This is why we listen Rachel and then we’re gonna use little motions to bring that color up into a nice gradient. Oh my gosh guys This is giving me flashbacks of the Kylie look that I did We’re looking a little bird-like Murphy and 5:06.

I’m dipping into the hot pink which is called party drip actually I’m first stamping that color onto the outer corner of my lid as well as Microfauna pink, this is the CUDA beauty rose gold Remastered palette so I’m gonna use that color right there stamping it in For Nikki.

Well, that is a very pretty color. I do like that. Okay, and she only said the outer Corner, like gonna leave it like that. I gotta say out of everything in a makeup. Look Blending is like my least favorite part.

It’s so stressful. What if it doesn’t blend what if it just stays like a streaky line What if I just end up looking like a clown is exhausting like my hand? Okay, so she’s taking a coral shade and she’s using that as a transition I think she means Into the crease because the the yellows only in the crease But I’m not sure we’ll start with the crease and see if I can figure it out.

So very light Just the tiniest amount of pressure. All right, we got a little bit of a transitioning color going Flat under the skin where we’re just waving the hand waving The hands. Oh, no don’t like that so far.

Let’s try a different brush I have no idea what like gradient she’s talking about here. Like where do I sweep it like here? I’ve no idea what base she’s using for carving out the crease. So I’m just gonna use concealer.

I don’t know how far She’s cutting the crease. All right. Hopefully I’d cut this, okay Okay, so first tapping motion start there blend out that Line I get took the concealer a little too far out Whoops, I think I just erased all the pink on my lid.

Okay. Now she’s setting that concealer with a bone colored shadow What I will do man, I hope this is at least at the range of what nikki is doing It was very helpful Thank You Nikki small blending brush coral shade Blend it.

Got it. It’s really interesting trying to do a look without seeing What the look is supposed to be it’s sort of like doing a puzzle and not knowing what the puzzle is gonna end up with You just have these pieces in front of you Alright pink lower lashline outer corner got it No white liner, okay.

So we’re gonna do is same sort of gradient, I guess on the bottom lashline I feel like these colors will be very muted Versus what nikkietutorials is done. They don’t look like they’re popping enough White liner to define the inner corner, did she say anything about it? Oh No, she just does white liner and to define the inner corner What does that mean? I am just gonna guess where it’s supposed to go, but I have no idea And yes, I know this is for brows.

Whatever I feel like I did a better on the job on this side then on this side. This was not sliver try that again Okay. Thanks sliver tiny amount Rachel Okay, so some sort of Stila gold something or other, okay Okay, so I don’t have the gold one but I do have Wanderlust which is sort of like a pinky gold and I also have the heavy metals by urban decay and Midnight Cowboy So I might like combine these two to create that sort of cut crease gold thing and I have no idea how she’s applying this but I’m gonna assume she’s using a brush maybe she said it and I didn’t here but I’m gonna take an angle brush like this and use that to like define this so It happens if I stamped some gold like on top.

Oh Yeah, how I managed to mess that up, but that’s not good just a word of warning Don’t try and fix a glitter cut crease not working out. Well, let’s see if I can salvage this. Hang on It’s not great, but it is my first gold cut crease.

So oh I notice she’s taking this stuff the baking stuff off yet I feel like it’s still on there and it shouldn’t be Dusted away. I feel like she already like she’s got rid of it Right, of course, I don’t know how like how wings she’s doing but like let’s just assume it’s a big wing Oh, no, his that a giant enough wing.

I feel like that’s organic. Now. Here comes the fun part trying to make them even Moo-ving on let’s go on to the next part Okay, so she’s using Carmel by Lily lashes I don’t have caramel but I do have their lashes what about these ones these are the Ash under Sir Colm ones, they’re kind of cute.

Okay cute. What do you guys think? This is it’s very dramatic for me, but I kind of like him. Oh my gosh Who’s that from Oh dude who ties into my look today nice? Okay. What is the next step? Stippling motion, wait how she set the rest of her face and I just missed it.

I think she did Stippling motions, that’s interesting and she also didn’t mention any use of mascara So I’m gonna apply mascara now just like a little bit of it just so that it blends with the lashes I haven’t set the rest of my face.

I only set the under eyes. So maybe maybe I should do that first Let’s just make sure there’s no creasing going on smooth that out It’s holding up really well considering I haven’t set it up for browser.

She doesn’t say which one she used So I’m using this one by girl ah, this is the Terra Cotta light bronzer and she says so that she stippled it into the skin just like stamping it into the skin alright I Hear you girl bronzer for the win I switch brushes because this one’s on the hustle lipstick on it So I’d end up with lipstick on my face, which is cool, and I’ve lost my bronzer I don’t know where oh, there it is She put it on to her cheekbones as well as used it for contour a little bit more bronzy Feeling good.

I always feel better when I have bronze on my face bronzer and highlight it just changes everything Okay, and then I assume we’re going on to blush, but let’s find out Middle shade, what from Okay, so she has a more feet trio of blushes I Don’t know what color they are.

I’m assuming pink. Why are all the blushes beside me some form of coral? this one is by Too Faced is love hangover much more of like a Neutrally pinky tone actually know what I’m just gonna mix it in with this hourglass.

Ambient light This is incandescent electro, which has more of like a coral tone But has some like sheen to it now mix them together because she makes new colors So I want to mix two colors right girl bring me to the highlight Glossy glowy wet.

Okay glossy glowy wet highlight the closest I have to that I’m gonna use the glow the glow powders by glam glow and the ambien metallic strobe light palette by hourglass because I have no idea what she means like by a Glossy wet cuz she’s already set her face So I’m assuming it’s like it’s still a powder But I have no idea so I can use a mixture of the yellow toned one from hourglass and the two lightest ones from glam Glow oh my gosh.

Love everyone And then using Oprah Star Island as like a really pop of highlighter on the Cheeks. Oh Whoops. Clearly I didn’t listen to the rest of it and I just just applied highlight Like I normally would not thinking it would be any different So she applied something entirely different down the center of her face With with highlight and then she also popped it underneath the brow bone And this Rachel is why you listen you listen to the tutorial first, then you apply Which ones this is it peachy or is it the nude one so it’s gonna be new cheek and Lips okay, so nude liquid lipstick and a nude gloss on top.

Got it. Okay. I’m just gonna go in this is uh L’Oreal McCall and Then on top I am going to use a little bit of bare minerals a totally gloss. She said nude This is pretty nude for me Setting spray settings for everyone she doesn’t say which one it is, so I’m just gonna use this one by flower beauty This is the seal the deal a long-lasting setting spray.

Nicki loves lots of setting spray I feel like none of that actually got on my face. We’re gonna fan it in place fan it in place That was that was a journey Whoa. Okay. Now I want to see what this look actually look like.

I want to see how close I got Nicki tutorials Yep. There we go. Oh, oh Okay, so there there’s the two looks Not not too bad. Like it’s just I feel like I’m Nicki but like dialed down several notches And I want to know what you guys think.

How do you think I did with this tutorial? How close did I come to Nicki’s? Look would you wear something like this? Have you tried following her tutorial before? How did you do? I want to know leave me a comment below I’m gonna be checking all of your comments and responding to as many as I possibly can make sure if you are new here to Subscribe to my seven every Thursday and Sunday make sure you do so and I will put up some videos on the screen in case you are interested in seeing some more and If you do see any of these videos and check out some of the other content leave me a comment there and let me know That it came from this video because I always like seeing where you guys go and I took all of the comments on my phone So it’s awesome.

But thank you so much for watching. Thank you for all of the birthday. Love you guys I really appreciate it. And I hope you’re having an amazing amazing Sunday. I will see you guys all on Thursday. Love you all


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