Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel Okay I was trying to think of a really fun and good and cute and fresh way to intro last week’s video into this week’s video But I literally cannot think of one.

So, you know what? We’re just gonna roll right into it That’s just how it be sometimes, um. In school, I was really really bad at history I was in all AP classes. I worked really really hard of them I got super good grades in every single class except for history.

For some reason. I was so bad at it I cannot remember anything I always did horrible on the test and I literally fell asleep almost every single day. My AP history teacher probably hated me the absolute Most shoutout Mr Owens, love you the most Even though U.

S and global history wasn’t exactly my chick in high school I do love learning a lot and in today’s video I thought it would be so much fun to kind of ditch all the current trends of YouTube the make up community and really go back to our roots But everything got started and my producer texted me late last night and told me that he found the link to the first-ever makeup tutorial uploaded to YouTube back in 2006 In 2006.

We were living in much simpler times We didn’t have a oopma loopma running our country Which was lovely, and were listening to bops, and bops only; such as sexy back, hips don’t lie, Promiscuous And bad day Hannah Montana debuted on TV for the first time ever and a new emerging social media site where you could share videos called YouTube was bought out by Google in only it’s second year for 1.

65 billion dollars. YouTube started to grow exponentially fast with people broadcasting themselves with new videos every single day from things such as iMovie projects, school presentations, different lip sync videos to huge songs at the time And of course makeup tutorials as well So I went on a sister search to find the first-ever makeup tutorial and it was uploaded by Adrianne K.

Nelson on March 29th 2006 Literally that is 12 years ago. Oh my god in 2006 I was 7 years old I was like literally playing baseball. Ooh scared of that. A few months ago here on YouTube There was a huge trend of people following different peoples makeup tutorials.

And for today’s YouTube video I am going to be following her tutorial and seeing how I finish- Why did I just hit myself? -seeing how my finished glam looks. Hello. What is this video? I have the video pulled up right here on my phone It is called makeup lessons look hot in five minutes or less.

Oh my god, this video was three minutes and 50 seconds long (Isn’t that crazy?) I’m- what is she gonna do in only 3 minutes and 50 seconds? Okay, so I clearly have not seen this video yet And I also don’t know what products are gonna be used either because my editor Requested that I don’t see them until she pulls them out which makes me very very nervous I really want to go into this with an open mind because the makeup industry of course is always changing the products and the styles That we use today.

We’re definitely not used a very very long time ago And of course I am able to teach and inspire people every day now But I had to learn from the people before me so without further ado Let’s go ahead and watch how to look hot in 5 minutes or less and see if I look hot By the end of the video, let’s get started All right, here we go I think I’m ready I’m gonna press play Make up vlog number one Love that iMovie title already Love this countdown.

Oh Hey Camille, okay Ooh love that shot Adrienne. Love that freeze frame. What is this? Oh, we’re already right into it, prep with moisturizer Okay. All right. So it looks like Adrienne is going to be clamming Camille today.

Love this collab So she’s first starting out by prepping with moisturizer Which is the same thing that I start off with as well so, so far so good She didn’t list what moisturizer she’s using either. Really rude So I’m gonna use the Tatcha water cream.

You guys know, this is my all-time favorite Tatcha was definitely not around in 2006, but it is here now. So we’re gonna use that because it’s good and fresh Let’s go to step two No, did she just apply it? Oh My god apply a foundation to t-zone Only the t-zone really on me “Miss can’t match foundation to save my life”.

She’s also using her hands. Oh She’s using the Bobbi Brown oil-free foundation so I apparently have that, it’s still a thing. So I guess I’m going to squirt this. Oh God, I’d probably need to take that first Oh, shake it for a real one.

It’s literally water I’m scared. What is this? This is so wrong No, okay applying this only to my t-zone I can’t do this This is like the lightest coverage foundation I’ve ever seen, that just disappeared.

Wait, Beauty Blenders literally didn’t exist yet That’s why she’s using her hands This is back when like people – makeup artists – used those triangle sponges that you get from like CVS I used to use those every single morning when I would try to cover up a pimple using my mom’s like dermablend concealer Whoa, let’s see if this will cover my five o’clock shadow No, I mean it looks like I’m wearing nothing, like if we’re being .

..honest. Like, is that it? Am I done with my foundation now? What! I guess that is our foundation like all applied I am praying that the next step is like a Tarte shape tape before Tarte shape tape even existed because I need some full coverage And I need it now No! This girl took two squirts of foundation into her fingers Rubbed it in for a real one into only the t-zone and is now already setting it in place with a sheer finish powder And no concealer.

This video is how to look hot in five minutes or less. You literally already need to be perfect to use these steps I’m scared. Does she put this all over? Okay, at least she’s putting the powder all over Jesus.

Gonna dip into my Bobbi Brown sheer finish powder in the shade pale yellow. Wow My editor was really trying to turn me into flashback mary here. Hello. Okay and just apply this all Over is there an even anything? Okay, at least there’s powder on the brush My face looks exactly the same as it did before Conspiracy theory.

Hey guys, makeup tutorials are all a scam. Are we done? Okay. All right. Moving on to the next step I guess Okay. Ooh okay brows, let’s go Okay wait, so we have a tip and it says combing down brows First makes it easier to find the natural shape of your brow.

True. Okay, great. So shoot the beauty guru Okay, so she’s using an angled brush and a brow powder. I I love this background music That’s it? In this video the artist is using a Stila brow duo which apparently does not exist anymore r.

i.p So i’m just gonna be using a regular Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder. ABH brow powders are really bomb But I personally hate doing my brows with powder and an angled brush I’m much prefer pencil, but I’m gonna try to make this work today so I guess I’m just gonna start off by brushing my brow hairs downwards to find my natural shape and then Literally just filling them and she gave no other instruction so That’s good.

I literally only know how to do my brows properly from trial and error and making them look the absolute worst so if I was watching this tutorial back in 2006 before I knew how to do makeup at all when I was literally 7 years old I probably would have made my eyebrows look the absolute worst.

So Adrienne sister, I’m gonna need you to get on it The eyebrow looks gross. That’s so ugly. Okay. Let’s do it again. Gonna brush the hairs downwards. Oh this looks gross! Okay, let’s pray she’s going to clean them up Of course not.

Great! I guess that is our brows all done. Looking in the mirror I don’t hate the way the brow powder looks solely for the texture I feel like they look really really fluffy and nice and almost kind of natural which is definitely a nice break from my like pretty intense Brows, but I will say regardless of the texture.

I do like a much more clean look and not concealing underneath them is ummmm Sister scary. Concealing underneath them is very much a step that I’m used to and kind of rely on in my makeup routine Being that I can kind of be a little bit messier with my brows and then fix them and make them absolutely perfect Later on, which is not an option.

So that is um Great. Okay, so Now we’re gonna use a cream blush and this is NARS in the shade Riviera and this still exists, love that. I already powdered my face Excuse me that’s like against the laws of makeup, okay guess I’m just gonna like take my fingers and rub it on for a real one and then That did nothing this is literally doing nothing because my face is already red from not using foundation all over it like Hello? I mean it kind of looks pretty I guess.

. I’m gonna.. maybe put some on my nose too. Okay so, what’s next? Whoa Okay we’re on eyeshadow and it says… Looks like we’re doing a brown smokey eye that took a turn Whoa, literally foundation in the t-zone a cream blush and a powder brow and now she wants to throw on a brown smokey eye girl Hello – are we-? What? Um, it says use the Mary Kay eyeshadow in the shade fig I do not have any Mary Kay because I Don’t have any middle aged mothers in my life that are gonna sell it to me So I need to find a taupey brown shade I’m just gonna apply a light brown shade right to my lid and I’m gonna use my morphe M433 morphe was not around back then, but it is now so use code “James” for 10% off She didn’t put on any eyeshadow primer this is just going right on like the oily sweaty lid unless I was supposed to put foundation there Adrienne didn’t tell me so I’ll guess we’re just gonna do it It looks like she kept this brown shade focused right underneath the crease on at the actual lid So that’s what we were going to do Wow She wants me to put a shimmer shade in my crease *Sigh* Adrienne.

It looks like she blended out her brown smoky eye using a bronze shimmer shade in the crease, which I am A little bit scared to do but you know what? We’re just gonna trust it I know that typically in regular glam makeup a satin and metallic shades are never used in the crease But it is a very popular trend in runway and of course there are no rules to makeup.

So let’s just try it out Maybe it’ll look good hmmmmmmmmmmm No, I was right it doesn’t look good I mean, it’s like there I guess. Maybe if I apply a little more brown to the lid EW. Every other step I’ve been okay with, this is where I draw the line This is why you do not put shimmers in your crease.

That looks so bad. What’s next? Okay lower lashline Okay, same thing, fine. Shes using a pencil brush I’m gonna grab the morphe E36 and just the same brown eyeshadow from before and sweep that below This look literally is like not even bad aside from this.

Like what is this? Okay, that actually looks a little better I’m kind of fixed it. Oh, I just- I forgot to do my other eye Whoopsies. Guess I should probably do that now. Okay, not even gonna lie. I’m really liking how this is turning out so far it’s kind of like coming out very like a runway editorial-esk which I don’t think was supposed to happen, but Kind of down for it.

Not even gonna lie. Let’s see what’s next Okay Clinique high-impact mascara. Down, let’s see. Oh my god. This looks familiar I feel like my mom used to use this like a million years ago. Sorry mom And then Tip; add volume to bottom lashes by using a square brush to apply mascara A square br- like a concealer brush? Okay.

Let’s see what we got. How do I even do that, do I like… Does she literally just rub it on there? Yeah Okay. Wait I don’t like this at all, using a brush makes it really hard to actually like coat the lashes I usually have very very very long bottom lashes and this is not doing them justice.

I’m gonna do the regular mascara wand on the other eye just you guys can see the difference because I don’t like this tip. Oh my god, yeah look yeah don’t apply your mascara using a square brush. Sorry, Adrianne.

Okay. What is next? Oh my god, she’s literally on a flip phone she answered a flip phone in the middle of her makeup session Haha me! So she’s using the Laura Mercier pink quartz lip glaze and I have the same one right here Once again, this is one of the products that they’re still making So we’re just gonna go ahead and apply that to my lips.

Oh this tastes so bad Okay, kind of a pretty color not even gonna lie, okay, what’s next I can’t get over music *dab* She’s done She’s done wait, whoa, we have no highlighter. No setting spray. We did not use concealer Okay, I guess we’re literally done.

That was the fastest I’ve ever done my makeup in my entire life okay low-key though Kind of looks pretty like hello. I will say miss Adrienne and Camille kind of snapped because I feel Really pretty not even gonna lie.

As soon as I saw this video being only three minutes and 50 seconds I knew something was up and I pretty much lost hope completely when I saw “apply foundation to only the t-zone” using your fingers Whoo child you guys know, I love a good a full coverage glam.

I love my beauty blenders I love packing it on with concealer and powder and this is definitely a very very light coverage look today I will say that for sure my under eye bags are There and my forehead and cheeks are definitely a little bit red But but I do feel like I could walk out with this base routine as like a your face, but better type of face It’s kind of funny though because this like foundation base is what a lot of people strive for when getting ready quickly in the morning Including myself you guys know I talk about this quite often I really struggle with doing light coverage makeup looks because I’m so used to packing on the foundation and the contour and the highlighter but Contour literally did not become a trend until Kim Kardashian and highlighter didn’t really become a huge craze until JLo both being a few years later So this base was very very typical for the time and it does look very very beautiful But I will say it kind of definitely relies on Somebody’s face that already has a lot of structure to it and pretty good skin because on some faces especially for you guys Who are makeup lovers it might look way too light of coverage as for the brow and eye region I will admit I was a little bit skeptical of the brow powder at first Mostly because I used to use it a long time ago back when I was used to like the James Charles brick eyebrows Which are scary thoughts and I have not used them in a hot minute And for the eyeshadow, I feel like the eyeshadow came out Okay in the end it is definitely much more of like an editorial type look which is clearly not the look we were going for I still stand behind the kind of makeup law that exists in the current day Which is do not put a shimmer in the crease because it does not look good I’m scared of the lack of powder that we used in today’s look I know everybody kind of lives for that like dewy skin moment But I’m literally gonna sweat this off in three minutes flat this foundation was basically water and I literally tapped this on like three times and called it a day Scared overall, even though I would definitely not use the majority of these products in steps in my everyday makeup routine today It was really really fun to kind of take a trip down memory lane and kind of see what really started the makeup industry online And see how everything has changed.

It’s really cool to see the growth of the makeup industry over the past 12 years on YouTube I mean I literally just watched a video of two people sitting in front of a black backdrop with lights that looked like it was it’ll be a table lamp a Crappy quality camera, iMovie editing and just luxury piano music in the background fast-forwarding 12 years later to Now a lot of beauty youtubers including myself have full-on studios in their houses with very very expensive lights that people use on real movie Sets and expensive cameras and lenses and monitors and it’s truly been so cool to be part of this journey Even if it’s just for a little bit, I’m super excited to see it where everything goes even 12 years from now Alright you guys I think that is all I have for this video today I did not realize it was going to be this short I really really hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and got to kind of see where the makeup community has come I’m so proud to be a part of it and I’m so glad you guys are as well if you enjoyed this video today Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your love and support it would truly mean a so much To me and as well if you have not already Don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below and come join the sisterhood also click that Bell icon so you get notified Every time I upload a brand new video if you’d like to follow me on my make up journey you can follow me on Instagram Or Twitter there both just James Charles.

And my snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff Is James Charles with an extra S after Charles. This videos sister shout out goes to sister Alex Thank you so much babe for always following and supporting, know I love you literally so so so much and if you like to be the next videos sister shout out Don’t forget to always retweet my video links when they go live on Twitter.

All right sisters Thank you so much for watching. I love you, and I will see you in the next one. Bye


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