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ICONIC 60s makeup tutorial | jackie wyers

ICONIC 60s makeup tutorial | jackie wyers

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video we are recreating the 60s inspired look in my five-minute perky ponytail tutorial I got so many requests to do the makeup look which was super 60s and then I saw this image on weheartit and I was like oh but it’s so vogue, so cool and I wanted to recreate it with the little cigarette in the wine glass but then I don’t have wine or wine glasses and we can’t really run out to the store at this point in time and also I have actually fake cigarettes from like a costume store but I thought maybe that was a bad idea so we’re just recreating the makeup and of course that this is a wig I didn’t chop my hair but I should really love this style so let me know what you think and also this is a very weird time I’m sure we’re all coping in weird ways for me I’ve got a very small Manhattan apartment and I’m working I always work from home but now my boyfriend works from home there really is no alone time and it’s definitely an adjustment for me when I have like loss of control at all I pick up my skin really bad habit but I’m telling you guys this because I won’t be starting tutorials off with a bare face for a while I really bruised my skin and yeah it’s obviously a little bit of an embarrassing thing that I do but I know a lot of you guys have said you struggle with it as well because I have mentioned it over on Instagram so let’s get through this together and do stuff that makes you happy for me that’s makeup that’s making videos so I hope you guys like this one and if you’re looking for something new to do I would love it if you try to have this look and then tag me because I love featuring you in the video you’ll see that at the end as well as a mini haul and let’s get started and I already have applied a high coverage foundation and that’s brighten the skin with concealer the photo I’m using for inspiration is really bright through the center of the face I’m using the NYX can’t stop won’t stop concealer I like this one and it has shades of very light concealers for very fair skin or for highlighting popping it into a v-shape I don’t like to apply too much because I already do have a heavier foundation on and then I’m blending out with my favorite blush from Charlotte Tilbury it’s the contour brush but I really love it for foundation and concealer time for contour to help mature my face and since the eyes are gonna be super round as well as this kind of round hairstyle it’s nice to bring in a sharper contour to the cheekbones brush a cool tone contour under the cheekbones at blending out as you go and I also like to add this a bit under the jawline for the nose contour I’m going more subtle when there’s a lot of attention to the eyes making them appear quite a bit bigger your nose will inevitably look smaller so I’m not going to snatch it in too much but I’m going to add some shape to the top in between in my eyes like in my inspiration photo and I like to add more of a structured look to my tip fav powder is by hourglass and patting this radiant powder over the highlighted areas to set and if you’re looking for a great setting powder on a budget I always recommend the Revlon Photoready translucent finisher a product I totally forgot I had it was the Charlotte Tilbury at film-star bronze & Glow contour duo I’m using the bronzer to soften the contour I already applied and a little highlight to the cheekbones but not going for a strobe look this time a bit of a natural glow and this whole picture just reminds me to Nell’s so I decided to use my favorite blush from Chanel did you contrast in the shade for 40 you can totally skip blush with the look but a peachy rose is perfect like from any brand and giving my bangs a touch up with these brutal scissors and one of my favorite Too Faced palettes is the natural S palette the big square palettes from Too Faced are really easy to travel with I love putting them in my suitcase and they last forever and have so many shades I’m starting with a light white base the image was a bit more muted and I didn’t expect this weight to be as pigmented as it was but you can go with a pearly white like this or a shade it closer to your skin tone if you want it to look more like the image you don’t need to use super expensive brushes to recreate this look the only brush I would invest in is like a small blending brush this one from Charlotte Tilbury has made a big difference in my looks and foundation brushes like the ones on screen I do recommend going a bit higher end but otherwise you can definitely work with cheaper brushes and what I loved about this shot was the rustic feel I’m going with a yellow gold and a dingy green through the crease this is fun because a lot of the sixties looks I’ve done are more bright with pops of purple but this one is more earthy bring the green shadow under the lash line as well and with a precise brush start creating an exaggerated crease I don’t have the steadiest hand so I like to slowly build up the line heavier on the outer and inner corners and I’ll switch between a black and gray shade and tap off the excess before slowly etching in with a bronze shade I’m going back and forth blending above the black and then bringing in more depth with the black again I don’t know how many times I’ve used this tiny brush that comes with the Revlon Colorstay cream eyeshadows but it’s great for details I love how small the brushes it’s just really easy to use so I’m creating a sharper line again on the outer and inner crease to touch it up and I’m working on the other side here one of my favorite products for fixing any mistakes is the Anastasia Beverly Hills pro pencil base I treat it like an eraser for moving darker shadows if you are enjoying any of these tips and tricks make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss an upload in it’s time for the most important part of this look the liner we’ve put in the work for the shadows so we definitely want to be careful with the liner I find it safest to plan out with a pencil as long as it’s super creamy and you can sharpen it to a fine tip my favorite liner pencils are from NARS and Urban Decay for sure planning the line in the inner and outer corner and I love to dot under the lashes so the bottom mascara really pops and looks dot like for the liner closest to the lashes I love benefit roller lash or my original fav I used to always use my videos but just ran out of recently is the Mac brush stroke liner and for building up liner again I find its easiest with a creamy pencil so once I have the line closest to the lash line I’m going to start bringing up the line and am using NARS again on an angled brush this is kind of acting as a gel liner and I love the blend of pencil and liquid liner for control and both of these products have a matte finish which is very retro looking other eye I was checking the inspiration photo and by the way this case you can get from my merch store super girly at there my lip print and my friend Sabina used watercolor to make the print of them for the case and for lashes I went with the double demi wispies from ardell I love the density of the lash with the thicker liner and it also has a thicker band which really helps with the glue not showing this mascara is so glam it’s the to face it better than sex with diamonds and I’m blending the natural and falsies together at the base I don’t want too much length we want it to be more focused on the liner and then I love smaller plastic wands for lower lashes and control definitely less of a chance of smudging and building up the bottom lashes in the center with L’Oreal Paris the MBI mascara I feel like peanut from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide in this wing a bit but then let’s just finish it up with the lips I love love the charlotte tilbury iconic nude lip cheat lip liner it’s a holy grail of mine and I’m over lining the Cupid’s bow a bit and then the sides of the lips just a bit and I was deciding between these two shades here I won with my favorite NARS lipstick called tolede again I’m not sure how to say that I think I’ve mentioned this in several videos and this is such a beautiful finish hair spraying the bangs in place with wigs using hairspray really helps style them and there’s the iconic a rustic 60s makeup I know I do a lot of sixties but it’s my absolute favorite style of makeup so if you have any other 60s requests let me know and if you want more info from the decade scroll through my vintage vibes playlist I hope you enjoyed this 60s inspired bombshell look my eye is watering I can feel this lash starting to move oh my god I work more on this work okay if it starts getting smudged hopefully you’re too bored to but I thought I’d be funded to do a haul of some items that I was gifted from revolve I am in the process of just going through my closet so I’m selling a whole bunch of my stuff on Poshmark many of it you guys have seen in videos and I love shopping on Poshmark you can find the coolest stuff so I always try to track down looks from TV show so I showed this on Instagram already but it’s just so fun this is Serena’s sweater with the sequins as soon as I saw I paid off whopping amount for this for Poshmark anyway because usually things are pretty marked down but I just wanted it so bad so I got that and yeah I hope you guys will shout my posh I’ve been having a lot of fun with it I’ve made some some friends on my Poshmark and anyways here are some of my favorite revolve pieces that I’ve been gifted recently so this is not sponsored but of course I mean I I picked them out and I love them so I wanted to show you guys this is from lovers and friends LA it is a bodysuit and I love the stripes and the little ruffle here if you love body suits I love them for skirts for jeans they look so good size up because I like things really tight but then it’s too short if I go like the size I normally get so I got extra extra small here I should have gotten a size bigger it would have been a lot more comfy so definitely go one size out before body suits if it’s like a stretchy material and then next I got this gorgeous dress that is so girly and fun I can’t wait to wear it in the spring so I love the front of the it’s super soft and again has ruffles I love ruffles next up I got this little tiny beach bag I was supposed to go to Florida right before you know travel wasn’t advised anymore so this is adorable I got a crochet a bikini to go with it it’ll have to wait for summertime but it’s even really cute for spring so I thought that was pretty dainty and fun next another bodysuit for just like a basic this one is from the brand privacy please and it has a ruffle and it’s just ribbed and I love that and I paired it with a really adorable skirt this reminds me of Alison DiLaurentis in prison a liar’s from like that scene where she finds our Ian’s dad cheating I really like it it’s kind of vintage II and we’re so little there’s like buttons down it oh here we go okay there’s tiny buttons in the front and I just think this is really unique this next top is a little tube top very pretty pink has some lace super girly and I’m really into that one and then finally this dress let me zip it up it’s so pretty I wish I had it when I did the Lily Collins look for her wedding scene because I feel like this is pretty similar and I really love all the lace detailing puff sleeves it is a mini dress perfect for that video it turned out in any way but really cute and this is from the brand lovers and friends as well I think that’s one of my favorite brands to shop and then my final piece I wanted to share is this fun pair of boots these are from the brand Rey and they take some time break in like around the ankle maybe I just got too big of a size so there was which give I did find they hurt my ankle a bit but I’m good with like heel this size when it’s thick but these are really cool so there is my mini haul I hope you guys enjoy it yeah let me know what you’d like to see from me and again I’m sorry about skipping foundation for a while but anyways here are a couple of my that is loud here is a couple of my favorite photos from you guys I love to see you guys at switching up your style and I will see you in my next video bye!


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