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Illuminating Korean Glass Skin Makeup Tutorial With Corallista & Simmy Goraya! | L’Oréal Paris

Illuminating Korean Glass Skin Makeup Tutorial With Corallista & Simmy Goraya! | L’Oréal Paris

Hi guys! It’s me Simmy Goraya, I hope you’ll are safe! And I’m back with another super exciting episode of La Maison L’Oréal Paris Your one-stop for everything beauty! So, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and also hit on the bell icon So that you are notified and updated everytime we upload a new video! So now that we have time on our hands I’ve been experimenting with alot of different makeup looks and I’ve been trying out different makeup looks And my current favourite has to be the Glass Skin Makeup Look! This is actually a Korean Beauty trend, which is all about keeping your skin dewy and glowy.

.. ..and poreless, baby, baby soft skin! So that’s exactly what are gonna be doing in today’s video! All the products that I’ll be using, will be mentioned in the description box below And also, for today’s video, I decided to call up my friend, Ankita Chaturvedi aka Corallista! To share some of her Glass Skin makeup tips with us.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s call Ankita! Hi Ankita! How are you doing? It’s so good to see! Welcome back to our channel! Hi Simmy! Thanks for having me back! I just finished my chores for the day! I’m really excited! So tell me, what are we going to do today!? Oh, that’s good! So basically, I’ve called you at the right time! So basically what I was thinking of doing this Glass Skin Makeup Tutorial, and who better than you to teach us a few makeup hacks and tricks on that! So what do you think, should we go ahead with it? Definitely! I love a Glass Skin look! I love makeup generally, where skin is the hero Your skin looks dewy, fresh and glossy! So I’m really excited for what we are going to create together, today! That sounds perfect, so let’s get started! So, the first product that I have with me today, is the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence Now this product, is so amazing! It has so many skincare benefits It helps in plumping your skin up, just keeping it really moist and hydrated for a very long duration So what I like to do is, just take 4 drops of this product, and just 4 drops is enough for your entire face! And then, you just dab, dab, dab the product into your skin, and that’s it! You know, Salicylic acid is one of my favourite ingredients It just helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells, it makes your skin glowy And we definitely need to use something like this in a Glass Skin look because we are building the look in layers of hydration So this is our first layer, and I’m feeling like my skin is beginning to get that hydration and that plumping effect already! I think we are done with our first step, moving on to the next step.

..what are we doing next? So now Simmy, we are going to use a sheet mask I have with me here, the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Sheet Mask And, we are using this because It’s going to give us a lot of radiance, instantly! It’s gonna plump up our skin, and really help in achieving the Glass Skin Look that we want to do today I love a sheet mask! I love wearing a sheet mask, because it’s so therapeutic, it’s relaxing And I really feel this is important because for this step You really want your skin to be very, very hydrated I don’t think a Glass Skin would look good on dry skin So you have to hydrate your skin properly, you have to nourish it And, nothing better than a sheet mask to give that instant hydration to your skin Completely agree with you, Simmy Goraya! One of the things that I love about this is that it’s a really fine and thin sheet It’s actually just 0.

3 mm So once I have placed it on my skin, It’s almost like a second skin on my face And I also love that serum, that this is soaked in It’s Japan exclusive technology And when you use this continuously for 2 weeks, you’ll see such an improvement in your skin the lines are reduced, and also your skin looks so much plumper and more hydrated! So Ankita, we have about 10 minutes till we take off the mask! Tell me, what have you been watching on Netfix recently? I have been binge-watching Friends! I feel like I’ve binge-watched so many shows during this lockdown! I’ve been really enjoying Friends, because it’s something I’ve watched a long time ago, So it’s just like, really nostalgic It’s very comforting to be watching a show you watched a long, long time ago! So Ankita, tell me about your dogs! I keep watching your stories, they’re so cute! Yeah they are cute and I would say, because I live alone They’ve been such a good company to me! Even though I miss human contact and talking to people Or you know, just like a hug from someone, the little things! But still, I don’t feel completely alone because they are always there giving me company And dogs are just generally so affectionate that you always feel nice around them! I feel like dogs make you happy about.

..I mean, for us it’s just another day.. ..But for them, it’s like; “Yay! We are alive! Let’s Celebrate!” They wake up with so much energy, that’s just amazing! I’m sure it’s good to have a dog! I wish i could have a dog too! Okay, so I feel like my skin has really absorbed most of the serum So, I’m going to take the mask off now You might see, in some parts of your face; you might have some extra serum so, you just wanna tap it gently or you might have want to do just a light massage To make sure it is well-absorbed into the skin Now that we’ve got lot’s of good hydration You want to make sure, we seal that in And I want us to use something which is light-weight Which still gives us that Glass Skin look but, we don’t want our skin to be too greasy So, I have with me here, the L’Oréal Paris Hydrafresh Anti-Ox Aqua Balm! It has grape seed polyphenols! And polyphenols are great for any kind of anti-ageing benefits Whether it be your fine lines, wrinkles or dullness, dehydration So, I’ve taken a small amount of this on my fingertips.

I’m just going to apply it gently And, I love the texture. It’s like… …a balmy, but not an oil balm It’s like a watery balm, if that makes sense! So with that Ankita, we’re done with this as well Now, let’s move on to the next step, which is actually starting with the makeup! Yes! So we are gonna start with the makeup! Now Simmy, tell me.

.. What should we start with!? Okay, so let’s do a very nice, soft and a very subtle makeup base So for that I have the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Foundation, I’m in the shade, 106: ‘Sun Beige’ I’m going to use the same one actually, Simmy.

And what I want to do is, I want to mix my moisturizer The Aqua Balm in it, just to sheer it down a little and just to make it a little more dewy So we can get the glass skin finish we want! Perfect! So Ankita, I’m gonna use the same technique you suggested I’ll just take a little bit of the product, and I’ll sheer the foundation down by mixing it with this So, I can see you are dotting the product on your face first, and then using a beauty blender Yes! Because the beauty blender gives you that seamless finish You don’t get anything that looks very cakey or very patchy, and that’s why I really like using a beauty blender I also love how long-lasting this foundation is Specially for us, since we live in a really humid city! Sometimes we sweat like crazy! To the point that your foundation can just melt off! But this one just doesn’t, and this is something I just love about this! And I really love the texture of this foundation now that I’ve mixed it with the moisturizer It’s become very balmy and very soft! It’s almost become like a skincare product now! And, one thing we need to take care of is that while we are creating a Korean beauty trend, we don’t really have that kind of a climate here So you have to use products that are appropriate for our climate it’s doesn’t look very obvious, that you’re wearing tons of makeup on your face It just looks like you’ve amazing, beautiful skin That is super glowy and glassy! I love glowy skin! I think I’ve got the light coverage that I needed, but I don’t think like I’ve got a mask on my face My skin still feels really fresh! Okay Simmy, now that our makeup base is done We are going to move to the next step, which is highlighter Now, because we’ve used a lot of cream and liquid products, I want to use a product which has that kind of a silky texture that will blend in nicely So I’m going to use the L’Oréal Paris Le Bar A Blush and I love the colour because it’s got a lot of warmth, and a golden tone to it which works really nicely with Indian skintone.

What do you think? I love the colour too. I feel like it works with a lot of skintones and undertones So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna use my finger to apply this product because we’ve used a lot of creamy products So I feel like, using a finger would get the maximum pigment out of it And it’s also gonna give you that, ‘glow from within’ kinda look that we’re going for! How are you applying it? So, I’m just gonna follow you and use the same technique I’m just going to dab onto the product and take a bit on my finger and exactly do, what you are doing So in the last video that we’ve done together, Simmy Remember you had taught me that you can take your highlighter up to the temple here That ‘C’ Shape? And I’ve been doing that, and it’s really changed how my temple and my eye-area looks! So, I’m doing that same thing today! So what I’m also doing is, I’m tapping just a little bit of it on the browbone And my eye-area here And because this is such a silky product, it blends beautifully! But, it’s still giving me a little bit of that light reflection which is the key behind getting a glass skin look! You want your skin to reflect a lot of light and look really glossy Same! And, everytime I use this product I wanna overdo it because I love the colour of this! I mean, it’s such a beautiful, beautiful shade of highlight! I agree completely! It sort of blends in with warm undertoned skin perfectly! So Ankita, we’re done with the highlighter and let’s move on to the last and final step for today, which is a lipstick And for that, I have the L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Liquid Matte Lipstick And, I’m going in with the shade, 121: ‘I Choose’ I’ll use the same one Simmy, because I love this colour Such a natural looking pink, which is going to fit in perfectly with our glass skin look today Yeah! So, I feel like let’s use the same colour as our cheek tint as well because as you said, it’s a very beautiful pink colour So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna go in with a wand directly And I’m going to place 3 small dots of colour, right here on my cheek And, I’m going to blend it using my finger I’m just gonna follow your technique then And you don’t need to use separate tools for this, your fingers work perfectly In creating this soft, seamless colour without any patches Yeah! It actually works really great as a tint too! because I’m honestly, always very scared to apply lipstick directly to my skin But, this one just blended right it in! I’m actually gonna apply a little bit more because I actually quite like how blush looks on my face So, I’m just using a little bit more And again, just using my fingers to blend I’m a blush person too! I can overdo blush, anyday! Me too! Okay, I think that looks really pretty, looking natural And it hasn’t taken away anything from that glass skin, dewy makeup base that we had created I’m just gonna do this to the other cheek as well! So Ankita, I was going through your Instagram earlier, And I came across some really yummy pictures that you’ve been posting recently Your pictures always make me so hungry! So I have been focusing on eating healthy, and I feel that what you eat also shows on your skin So, staying hydrated, eating lots of vegetables.

..specially green vegetables. I feel like when I focus on my food, my skin definitely improves And you can also use nice products, but it has to go hand in hand with also taking care of your skin And body from within, by the means of food that we eat! Yeah same! I agree with that! So Ankita, let’s move on to the next step I think we’re done with the cheek tint And now, it’s time to apply the lipstick One of the things that I love about this formula is that, it doesn’t dry my lips It doesn’t flake off, it doesn’t get cakey like a lot of other liquid lipsticks do It stays really comfortable, and that’s something I really like about this lipstick It’s a very.

. …water-like formula, but equally pigmented I mean, very, very hydrating! So because it’s a glass skin makeup look, I don’t want my lips to be so defined I’m just gonna buff the edges with my fingers Because I want that Korean blur, stained look! And that is actually a very good technique because, it takes off that excess colour It almost gives you that look, like this is your natural lip colour! And especially, with this kind of makeup look which anyway so delicate and so natural I feel like, you shouldn’t actually do anything that takes away from the whole, ‘delicate’ bit of it! Yeah, you are right! And also, the colours we have chosen is also keeping in mind that it’s a really delicate look, it’s all about the skin We don’t want to use any product which takes away the focus away from the glass skin that we have created here! And, with that we are done with the look! It was very easy and very quick, infact! I agree! And, I don’t feel like I’m wearing a lot of makeup! I still feel really natural, and still; beautifully glowy! Yeah same! I mean, I would totally wear this look anywhere This is like my, ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ look with like glowing, beautiful skin! And I feel like, we did prep our skin really well So that’s the reason why our skin is looking so nice and healthy! It’s also looking really plump! Do you notice that? Yeah! Same! So, thank you so much Ankita, for being here today! And sharing your valuable makeup tips


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