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I’M LOSING My MIND SFX Makeup Tutorial :) (CC)

I’M LOSING My MIND SFX Makeup Tutorial :) (CC)

(Blink Blink) Good evening! When I created this character,  I had no idea what I actually wanted it to be,   other than I wanted it to make this noise  (blink blink). When doing my bald cap today   for whatever reason I decided that I was going  to use a wig cap underneath.

.. did not like,   do not recommend. I then decided that I  wanted this character to have no eyebrows,   so I covered them up using a WASHABLE glue stick.  Also turns out that the back of my makeup brush   doubles as a very good smoothing thing.

Actually  surprising i’ve never done this in all the years   i’ve had makeup brushes. I should probably  actually mention that this is the handle of   Madeyewlook brush. I had no idea that so many  people had no idea that I have my own line of   makeup brushes until I launched my body paints!  .

..which by the way has been the most INCREDIBLE   experience of my LIFE. I guess i’m not very good  on the “self promo.” After i’ve covered my brows   using concealer i’m then going to create a  liquid latex brain.

You can get a mold for   these brains at pretty much any party store,  Halloween store, especially around Halloween   time. I mixed together Graftobian’s liquid latex  — like quite a bit of it — with the smidgen   of pink eyeshadow to give it a more pinky tone,  which I ended up not using a pinky tone anyways,   but that’s besides the point.

You’ll just want  to layer the mold with multiple layers of liquid   latex. You can dab it in or you can brush it in,  just make sure you let it dry in between layers.   SIGNIFICANT amount of layers later, you’ll be able  to peel it out.

Make sure you also powder it so it   doesn’t stick to itself. It’s probably a lot of  instructions for a whole lot of “I didn’t film   that portion of the video,” but it’s not  difficult, trust me, just time consuming.

I’m then   using a little bit of Pros-Aid on a Q-Tip. You can  also use Spirit Gum. (My skin tends to hate Spirit   Gum) (I’m then) applying it where I want the brain  to be stuck down. I probably applied a little bit   of an excessive amount, you probably do NOT need  that much — realistically mainly just the edges.

I also applied some more Pros-Aid around  the edge of the brain and also onto where   it’s going to be a little bit underneath the  brain as well. Using Graftobian Modeling Wax,   which is my favorite and absolutely amazing, and  a little bit of makeup remover on my fingertips, I   just made little snakes and stuck it down onto the  brain.

You mainly want it to be more on the brain   than actually on your skin because you’re gonna be  blending that down onto your skin — just trust me   it makes it a little bit easier in the end to  stick it more on the brain than on your face.

Once you have it all initially stuck down, you  can use a little bit of makeup remover on your   fingertips and just smooth out the edges, blending  it down onto your face or side of your head.   I’m also using the back of a Madeyewlook  makeup brush to smooth down the edge of the   top of where the brain and the head  kind of disconnect or are “opened”   using Graftobian’s Flexible Wax Sealer — which I  could not open for the life of me.

Pro tip — do   NOT let it dry inside the cap because you won’t be  able to open it later. This product is great for   sealing wax but also is very strong so PLEASE make  sure you have your windows open when you use it.

   I probably couldn’t open the wax sealer  because I have half a brain (BUH-DUM-TIS).   I’m now applying foundation using the Madeyewlook  Fluffy Foundation brush just… everywhere. Mainly   I just think it’s a good base for body paint.

  Advertising aside though, THANK YOU guys so so   so much for such an incredible successful launch  of my body paints! I’m going to be using the color   “Yeti.” in the Madeyewlook body paint. The body  paint release is literally a dream come true, a   life dream come true.

Some people want cars, some  people want big houses, you know I just wanted   a body paint line, and to be able to launch this  product has made October… has just made my whole   year. I can’t describe it to you, I really can’t.

  It has been the most amazing time of my life.   Somehow for the third time on the internet, I  have managed to make myself look like an egg.   Go ahead and prime your eyes. At this point I  didn’t really know particularly what I wanted   to do, all I knew when making this look is I  wanted for this character to make the blinking   noise.

Ultimately I decided that I was gonna  lay down some white eyeshadow, and then some   black eyeshadow on top of that. Initially it  was pretty messy, so I went back in again with   white eyeshadow and just blended everything.

  It needed assistance. It needed to be blended   very badly. I then went ahead and lined my eyes,  doing my normal cat eye shape. The pencil broke.   I continued lining my eyes as normal. I also  knew that I wanted some sort of design on this,   I didn’t want it to just be pure white.

I’ve done  a pure white kind of look like this before, which   I love black and white looks, but a lot of people  gave me a whole lot of compliments on this look   from the body paint launch so I wanted to overall  channel that type of vibe with like this drippy   sort of.

.. runny maybe “Billie Eilish” kind  of music video… sort of effect kind of going   on. All the black body paint in this video is  the Madeyewlook body paint in the color “Ink.” Going into the Madeyewlook body paints in the  color ‘Vampire,” which if you get a “Halloween   Pack” by the way (which is the color “Oak,  ” “Vampire,” and “Bone Tone) just know that   before you wet “Vampire” and “Oak,” they’re  VERY easy to mix up — but once you wet them,   one is dark red and one is dark brown.

  That’s just a little bit of a heads up.   Anyways, i’m using the color  “Vampire” to color my brain in. Then,   going on the very bottom with “Vampire”  still in my makeup brush, and mixing in   “Ink” along the bottom edge of the brain  and then just kind of lightly painting   it in.

As I go up I wanted the darkest  part of the brain to be at the bottom Going in using only the color  “Ink,” and then applying it   right to the edge of where my head  splits before my brain is uncovered I also added a little bit of a drip because  I felt like it needed to kind of tie in a   smidgen.

I thought that looked nice, decided that  I was going to add another one to the other side   and then I thought to myself, “what does this  look need?” FOR SURE eyelashes. Eyelashes   are definitely going to make the “blink blink  perfect.

” I made them out of paper! They’re very   addicting to blink once you start blinking you may  never stop blinking — it may never end — you may   do this for the rest of your life — you may do  this till the end of time — you may never be   able to stop — it is a complete possibility.

..  do this look at your own risk. Once you’re done   messing around though and you decide “Ah, you  know maybe I need to curl them a little bit more,”   then you can go ahead and just do that. I also  decided that I wanted my eyelids to be a little   bit darker, so I added liner to the top of my  lids.

I also didn’t want to make paper lashes   for my bottom lashes, so I just drew on my two  lashes and it looks exactly the same. (lol.) ANNNND here we start on our lip  adventure. I’m looking at this,   i’m like, “Does this need lips? I  don’t know, do I need black lips?” Thanks, I hate it.

So if by chance you DO  mess up and you’re going to take off your   body paint and reapply it, you can take  it off using water and a rag but when you   reapply your body paint if you put foundation  underneath it, if you put primer underneath it,   make sure you prime or put foundation on  that spot AGAIN.

I then thought to myself,   “Well maybe i could do a little drip kind of  coming out of my lip,” and as i’m painting   it — as i’m watching it RIGHT NOW, i’m like  no this does not look good. This — this looks   this reminds me of?? This kind of looks a little  bit.

.? This does not? This looks kind of a little   bit like…? Not something that I was thinking  that it was going to be looking like…???   You ever have it where you pull the hair out  of your drain? On to everyone’s FAVORITE part.

   THIS is Graftobian’s blood gel. As you guys can  see, it’s nice and thick it’s pretty much like   jelly. To jelly my brain, I just lightly scraped  it on over my brain. I also kept in mind that I   did want more blood around the edge and not  as much blood around the rest of my brain,   also keeping in mind that over time this will  drip down so you don’t want to have like an   excessive amount on it.

Blood gel is my favorite  “blood” to use because it is thicker, and I feel   like it’s easier to work with and get it to sit  where you want it to sit — at least initially. And so now you know what I think of  when i hear the “blinking noise.

”   If you enjoy my video or any of my videos  PLEASE make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube   channel. I know i’ve talked about it the entire  video but THANK YOU so much again to everybody   that has purchased the Madeyewlook body paint,  Madeyewlook makeup brushes or anything from my   website (madeulookbylex.

com) I will put a link in  the description below. Also if you HAVE purchased   the Madeyewlook body paint, let me know in the  comments below what is your favorite color! 🙂


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