Home Makeup Tutorials Indian SUMMER makeup for WEDDING GUESTS | Modern Indian Wedding look

Indian SUMMER makeup for WEDDING GUESTS | Modern Indian Wedding look

Indian SUMMER makeup for WEDDING GUESTS | Modern Indian Wedding look

hi guys welcome back to my channel so i have¬† a summer wedding guest look for you guys it’s¬†¬† very easy let’s get started so i’m gonna¬† start with my sunscreen which is from lotus¬†¬† make sure you do this so the makeup is gonna be¬† very light i’m using maybelline fit me foundation¬†¬† and then i’m gonna directly go to my eyebrows¬† because i’m not using a lot of concealer¬†¬† and base products on this this foundation¬† itself is matte so i’m not even using powder¬†¬† and i’m blending the eyebrows now so i’ve¬† used miss claire eyebrow pencil brown color¬†¬† and once that’s done i am moving on to the¬† eyeshadow so i’m using again miss claire¬†¬† brown color eyeshadow which is very neutral and¬† it is like a nude color bit darker than my skin¬†¬† tone just to create a dimension so this is very¬† realistic makeup that i do if i am going for a¬†¬† wedding so there is not a lot of products that i¬† use so i am using the same misclaire blusher that¬†¬† i used as eyeshadow for contouring because it’s¬† the same shade that i’m going for so i’m using¬†¬† the same thing for nose contouring and everything¬† so it’s very very light it’s not like very obvious¬†¬† so yeah once that’s done i’m moving on to¬† the highlighter it’s a brick highlighter¬†¬† from swiss beauty so i’m using that just to¬† highlight the face here and there and then so and then i’m using the same highlighter to¬† highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of¬†¬† my eyes it’s very very easy and then i’m using¬† this nykaa kajal to line my waterline and then¬†¬† i’m using the same kajal as the top liner¬† so i’m going for a smudged kajal look today¬†¬† if you want to go for a wing you¬† can do that and i’m using the q-tip¬†¬† to smudge it out if you have a brush you can¬† use that as well i couldn’t find the brush so¬†¬† q-tip it is so now i’m blending my eyebrows a¬† little bit more because it was too hard so yeah¬†¬† um i’m using a spoolie to blend it out¬† and then i’m using the same highlighter to¬†¬† just highlight the middle of my eyelids¬† just like that it gives a sparkly look and¬†¬† i’m going for the color by mascara so mascara¬† makes a huge difference you guys my god it makes¬†¬† a huge difference whatever you do don’t miss¬† mascara because that makes a lot of difference¬†¬† now i’m using miss claire blusher in another¬† shade which is a little bit pink shade and i’m¬†¬† just touching it on my cheeks very very light and¬† on the tip of my nose and my chin i’ll be listing¬†¬† down all the details of the products that i’m¬† using and i’m using sugar cosmetics mini lipstick¬†¬† and i’m using this wine and shine shine and wine¬† wine and shine i guess yeah that’s the shade name¬†¬† and it’s a very beautiful pink purple color i¬† love this color this is very it’s matching with¬†¬† the sari that i’m gonna use and i’m gonna use¬† the same liquid lipstick for bindi and if you¬†¬† can’t find the same color bindi you can use the¬† same liquid lipstick to make a bindi like that¬†¬† and i’m gonna wear this uh earring which i got¬† from an insta page i’ll list the link of that¬†¬† page as well if you guys want to and nose ring is¬† all very optional if you guys want to and yeah now¬†¬† i’m pretty much done and you can go for open hair¬† or you can go for a ponytail like this i’m going¬†¬† for ponytail because it’s summer and it’s very hot¬† so and the sunglass will complete the look because¬†¬† it’s hot you guys i need the sunglasses and¬† i’ll put the link for the sunglasses as well¬†¬† um i’ll see you guys in the next video¬† keep smiling be happy i love you guys you


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