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Indian Wedding Makeup Tutorial – Step By Step for Beginners In Hindi | Shruti Arjun Anand

Indian Wedding Makeup Tutorial – Step By Step for Beginners In Hindi | Shruti Arjun Anand

Did you liked this intro and the song do LIKE this video today I am going to share with you a glamorous Makeup look as festive season coming soon so don’t forget to recreate this makeup look especially if you want to get compliment from your loved one so we start doing makeup by applying a primer first so as to make our skin super smooth so that our foundation get blends well on our skin its not necessary to use the exactly same products which I am using use whatever be the products available to you to create this look so to hide this hyper pigmented area or darkness I am using an orange coloured concealer if you don’t have it you can use a semi matte finish orange coloured lipstick instead of that always apply the foundation with a damp sponge as this prevents your foundation to looks cakey and seems like that foundation is your own skin now apply the concealer wherever you’ve applied that orange concealer on our hyper pigmented areas and also apply it where you need coverage don’t forget to apply it on your eye-lids so as to make our eye shadow long lasting I am applying it too around my lips this will give a crisp look to your lipstick if you apply concealer this way I am using a dark brown coloured eyeshadow to make my eyebrows or if you want you can use an eyebrow pencil as you all know I don’t like dramatic eyebrows so if you want can create dramatic look I am applying a peach coloured eyeshadow on my crease area then I’ll pick a purple eyeshadow on a brush applying it too on my crease area as you can see the colour gradually becoming intense or dark this will perfectly define our crease area again applying the same concealer over the lids i am not creating any cut crease here or if you want a cut crease so you need to deposit a dark coloured eyeshadow on your crease area so that your cut crease will be perfectly visible now applying a lavender coloured eyeshadow to my eyelids or if you want you can use a gold coloured eyeshadow too to give your eyes a bigger effect apply a dark coloured eyeshadow at the corners of your eyes now blend your eyeshadow upward with the help of a compact powder If you want you can use this purple coloured kajal pencil too here we take the same purple colourd eyeshadow so first apply it under lash line then applying a slight darker shade with a small brush this will give a gradient look now applying glitter on my eyes camera doesn’t captures the glitters well but it looks so awesome in real so try out glitter eye make up at least once here I am using a liquid eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger If you don’t know how to apply liquid eyeliner I’ve made so many step by step videos on how to apply liquid eyeliner so you can check out them on my channel and can learn to apply liquid eyeliner well to give my cheeks a slim look here I am contouring my face with a dark coloured powder so that it gives my face a slim look and them we’ll apply highlighter to give our face a shiny look as we did create this cool makeup look so here we apply a warm coloured lipstick to give perfect look overall and lipstick too looks vibrant complete your makeup with eyelashes and mascara wear some other accessories and be a party ready If you found my makeup tutorials little bit variant on youtube so do LIKE & SHARE this video also most of you complaining that I am making vlogs less and requesting to make more vlogs with Ana so if you want me to make more stories with her so don’t forget to follow me on instagram as I upload so many stories with Ana there


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