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Indian WEDDING Party PINK Makeup – Step by Step Tutorial For Beginners | #Bridal #Beauty #Anaysa

Indian WEDDING Party PINK Makeup – Step by Step Tutorial For Beginners | #Bridal #Beauty #Anaysa

oho.. getting late where are you going in so hurry Hardly I’ve been invited I have to go for a wedding party and I am getting late… do you get the invitations!!! hmm.. i don’t have that much of time and yes people invite me in Parties and the transition here so I am ready so first I’ll make a Boomrang what a nice makeup I’ve done all judge you through your Eye makeup you might have thought seeing this beauty shots that how many Eyeshadows I’ve applied but I’ve created this look using only four eye shadows and this double winged eyeliner make this look more beautiful so for this Awesome makeup hit 1,00,000 LIKES So lets start with the eye makeup first so first start with Eyebrow Along with the Eyelids apply concealer around your Eyelids along blend it using a beauty blender set your concealer with a loose powder No matters if you apply loose powder or not but if you skip it summers dark patches might be seen in your Eye Makeup now our eyes are ready for applying eyeshadows pick this first shade from the pallet blend it on your crease area keep blending until you get a dark browned line on your crease area as you’ve seen here again take the concealer apply it from inner corner towards centre of your eyelids don’t wait after applying concealer then immediately apply any of your shimmer eyeshadow otherwise that shimmer will get spread on your face if you applied shimmer after drying of your concealer my first colour got lighter after applying shimmer so again apply that same colour using a thin brush now look how to apply this third shade first place it at your outer corner of your eyes using a pointed brush as we’ve applied the lighter colour earlier so now we apply a dark colour at the outer corner of our eyes so as to achieve that depth which only comes due to this transition just apply it following these steps those who have small eyes create this type of liner which gives your eyes an Almond shape look now just apply kajal now a hack If you don’t have Magenta coloured eyeshadow so pick your pink tone blush Using an angular brush apply it just below your kajal merge wings of both the eyeliner at the inner corner now look my eye makeup after I applied this double winged eyeliner winters has gone so if you are doing makeup in summers and thats too the wedding makeup so Primer is must before doing face makeup as this gives a perfect base to our foundation which makes our foundation long lasting start applying foundation in dotted form blend it well with a beauty blender and yeah also apply it well to your ears and neck apply the same concealer to your highlight points of your face like at your under eye area and around your nose & lips blending this concealer with a beauty blender now I do baking on my under eye area Contouring is the best way to show your makeup skills those who have oval, square shaped face and they don’t satisfied after doing makeup so they need to do contouring as this will gives your face those sharp edges Now we need to apply a pink coloured blush if you want to be in highlight during the whole wedding party so don’t leave with applying highlighter as we did that bold eye makeup look so you need to apply that nude coloured lipstick and Anishka di I don’t feel this makeup is looking good without eyelashes who has said this? tell me in the comments below if you’ve recognised whose voice is this so done with eye lashes now apply mascara now set your makeup with Makeup Fixer done with Makeup


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