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INNISFREE One Brand Makeup Tutorial & Review { GIVEAWAY }

INNISFREE One Brand Makeup Tutorial & Review { GIVEAWAY }

Hi guys! In today video, i’m gonna make Innisfree 1 brand tutorial video I’ve been collecting the products for quite long For about 1 to 2 months But i just have the time today to make the video You can get all Innisfree products that i’m using today from @eggporeshoppy I’ll put the link on the description box below Today video will be like talk trough Like i talk to you and give the reviews directly Because, my recent videos are mostly voice over And i quite miss this Making video that is talking to you directly And i’m gonna make this makeup look This makeup look is actually inspired by Na Eun Pink Many of you said that i look like her So i try to make the same makeup look of hers But the result .

.. I think it’s failed But anyway i hope you guys are excited to watch this video And yeah, let’s get started Before to makeup, i wanna scrub my face first Using Innisfree capsule recipe pack This is seaweed based The function is to exfoliate dead skin or to lift up the dead skin The texture is like gel I’m gonna apply on my whole face Okay, just scrub it Actually, this is not a scrub, it’s like a mask But it can lift up the dead skin There’s a warm feeling on the skin I feel like my skin is so tight, like being pulled After that, just let it be for 10 to 15 minutes 15 minutes have passed, i just washed my face I’m not sure if you can see the difference But when i touch my face, it feels smoother, softer Also, feels fresher Now to makeup, i’ve applied moisturiser and i’m gonna apply sunblock From Innisfree This is Daily UV Protection Cream I used to apply the one with yellow packaging before Actually, this is just the new packaging of that version I myself like Innisfree sunblock Because it’s so light and not sticky on my face So yeah.

. Now i’m gonna apply primer first I’m using Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer Many said that this is the dupe of Benefit POREfessional And indeed, the texture looks like the POREfessional’s This is no sebum, so it controls the oil on our faces So the result is like matte It’ll make your skin really dry if you have dry skin I only applied on the areas that are easily to get oily I only recommend this for those who have oily and combination skin I feel that my pores look smaller after applying Just a little, not totally Innisfree has a lot of beautiful cushion cases Mine is spring version, all of them is lovely and i’m confused to use which one So you can choose the cushion case based on your taste Now i’m gonna apply the purple cushion This is lavender Which the function is to make the dull skin becomes brighter Like colour correcting Apply it on the whole face and on the yellowish or dull areas You can see, it brightens my skin and even up my skin tone There’s no coverage of this, it’s just colour correcting But the difference can be seen directly Now i’m gonna apply Water Fit Cushion no.

21 I chose this packaging Innisfree has 2 types of puff The blue one is for more glowing result The brown one is for more to matte result I’m gonna apply using brown puff on this and blue on this To show you the difference This is the matte result Now using the blue puff Oh! Indeed it’s really different Different puff different results And this blue puff, it’s really different from the previous one It’s not sticky at all when you apply it on the skin It’s light and soft as well The texture of before one is a little sticky You can hear the sound? It’s more sticky while this one .

. And My skin looks fairer when using the blue puff The summary is that the brown puff result is more to matte And the coverage is lower While this blue colour makes the skin looks luminous It also makes the skin looks brighter and fairer And higher coverage For the Water Fit Cushion, i have reviewed it before The result is actually more moisturised or watery But because i applied blur primer before, so it makes my skin matte So this is still okay if combined with the primer So i recommend this Water Fit for those who have normal to dry skin The result of this cushion is natural as well So it’s suitable for daily But don’t apply this too much as it might look heavy or cakey And if you have rough or bumpy skin I don’t recommend this cushion as it can emphasise the roughness of the skin Done! For this powder itself, it’s no sebum So it’s really suitable for those who have oily skin Combination skin too as it can control the oiliness on our skins I’m gonna draw my eyebrows using Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil This is in grey colour I draw straighter brows today Because it’s been a long time i draw super straight brow like this This eyebrow pencil comes in many colours and is easy to use Continue to eye makeup I’m gonna use no.

4 shade I’m gonna apply on my whole eyelids Oh wait! I forgot to apply eye primer But it’s fine as i’ve applied the eyeshadow I’m gonna apply eye primer on here This Innisfree eye primer is quite sticky so the eyeshadow would be adhering To our skins The colour will be more visible if using primer I applied for few layers on this eyelid While i apply only a little on here and the colour is pigmented I’m gonna apply on lower lash line too It doesn’t have to be perfect though Because we’re going to blend again later I’m gonna apply eyeshadow in no.

9 I apply it at the end of eyelids The colour is really pigmented and i love the no. 9 color I’m gonna apply on this inner area too Now i’m gonna use the first shade Then i’m gonna blend the harsh line at the end I’m gonna use the small brush and take the no.

9 eyeshadow Apply it on the lower lash line Now i’m gonna curve my eyelashes Now i’m gonna use Innisfree Auto Eyeliner in brown colour And i’m gonna draw tight line It looks so scary but when you apply by yourself It’s not as scary as this My eyeliner is blunt now The way to sharpen it is just like this Close the cover and spin it Press it until there’s click sound And open it Taka.

. It’s sharp again Now i’m gonna lengthen the end of line I’m also gonna darken the lower lines Now i’m gonna apply Skinny Waterproof Microcara mascara The brush is really small So it’s really convenient to comb the lashes If using this, the mascara rarely gets on our skin So i like it This is the result of the mascara I love this because the brush is small so it’s easy to use It’s also able to lengthen the lashes Actually my lower lashes are quite few But it makes my lashes look longer and volumized I’m gonna put super natural fake lashes on my eyes And this is the result Now i’m gonna apply this gold shade, glitter no.

3 I’m gonna apply on the inner eye corner So this is the eye makeup Now i’m gonna contour my face using Innisfree Highlight and Contour Palette I’m gonna make my cheeks smaller This is also natural, so the result isn’t so strong Done with the contouring, now I’m gonna apply the highlighter On the end of nose On the cheek areas too As this is a korean makeup So i’m not gonna make it as strong as usual Now i’m gonna use Innisfree blush no.

2 This is pretty pigmented and it’s a little bit shimmery The shade is pretty nice Now i’m gonna apply the lipstick I have only 1, so i have no choice to apply this Real Fit Creamy Lipstick no. 10 This is really creamy, easy to apply I really like the colour and the texture of this lipstick But because this is a creamy lipstick, so it doesn’t last long That’s its only shortcoming But i love the lipstick product Okay, i’m gonna fix my hair and i’ll be right back So this is my review about Innisfree products By the way, i have mini giveaway for you The each of 3 winners gonna get 1 foundation You can check on the description box below for the requirements Dont forget to give a like and subscribe on my channel for the other videos And see you next time Bye


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