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instagram model soft glam makeup tutorial

instagram model soft glam makeup tutorial

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video I have this modern supermodel makeup look at that I see a ton on Instagram and I’ve been getting some requests to do just my own favorite makeup look of what products I’ve been grabbing for recently so that’s what you’re getting in today’s video and I realized whenever I’m doing my makeup generally I’ll open up Instagram and look at my saved images and pull inspiration from there and a lot of the images that I’ve been saving recently are pretty similar so here are two of my favorite photos that I faceless look off of I started off with this look and then I realized it was really similar to Victoria’s Secret look that I’ve already put up on this channel so I switched it over to this rosie look, so I hope you guys like this glam makeup, I think it’s perfect for a date and if you are not into as glam as it is you can take off the fluttery lashes and maybe not wear the gloss and I think it would be perfect so if you enjoy and before I get into it I do have a little giveaway in this video I have so many benefit brow products like I am stocked for life and I was sent this bomb-ass brows kit by desi Perkins and it’s such a gorgeous kit we have all these rose gold brow products so it’s beautiful but again I have too many so I thought I would give this to one of you guys and it isn’t shade three so it’s medium I don’t this would suit someone who’s super Aaron blonde but pretty much everyone else it would soon know if you want to enter to win this all you gotta do is like this video be subscribed and then comment down below one of your favorite beauty products as well as your Instagram handle make sure you’re actually following me on Instagram so that I can DM you easily and you’ll be history it’s international I’ll be sending it out myself in a couple weeks so good luck and let’s get started with this look okay let’s begin with the base I decided to finally try the tatcha silk canvas this luxury priming balm feels velvety and makes makeup last longer while preventing clogged pores and then for foundation I’ve been using the girl all natural glow foundation I was sent this to try and it gives medium coverage for me while leaving a natural glow plus it has SPF for daily wear my skin is clear for the most part but I do have discolorations around my jawline here so I like to start by applying the product there with the it cosmetics foundation brush and then work my way around the face and while I typically use the Tarte shape tape I wanted to give a drugstore pic ago and this is the NYX it won’t stop contour concealer similar concept with a full coverage concealer to sculpt and this one really does increase for me but it does take a little more time to blend in I feel like it’s kind of sticky on top of foundation but it does last all day and has a great price point now offset with a bit of translucent powder and I’m really gonna bronze using my favourite face palette from benefit the cheek leaders palette in pink squad I used a bit of hula and tap this all over for a sunkissed glow and then I used Dallas blush to start contouring the cheek and a rounded shape and then I’m blending out I switched up my hairstyle here I had to wait for my camera battery to charge but I wanted more of a tousle look mid way and let’s add some supermodel body to the decollete area I love some Sheen to the skin it looks super healthy and when I look more sunkissed I can go a bit deeper with the contour while having it look more natural which is definitely what I’m going for it for this modern supermodel table look and now my favorite the Kevyn Aucoin contour for sharpening up the tip of my nose and creating more structure overall with the bridge as well for model inspired looks you want to enhance what makes you unique and exaggerate it but I do have a very rounded features so I like to add sharpness here and there to mature my face a bit but I do still want to use a light hand and I really wanted to try the maca powder kiss lipstick so I will use this on my lips later on but I’ve been seeing these talked about so much and the lady at the Mac counter said that the lipsticks work greatest powder blushes – so I’m taking the pretty pink shade I picked out on a small brush and then buffing into the apple of the cheeks for natural-looking touch of color we are definitely going for an intense highlight on the cheekbones and then more subtle highlights on the high points of the face to give a lot of dimension without relying too heavy on contour so I’m using the Charlotte Tilbury a Hollywood flawless filter I love this in the inner corners of the eyes as well and then just on the cheekbones I’m enhancing that highlight with tickle from the pink spod palette and this highlight is so intense and awesome it’s my favorite one right now and boom and here’s a look at the brow kit I mentioned that I’m given away and from benefit I am using my fav the precisely my brow in shade 3.

5 using small strokes to enhance the fullness of my brows in a subtle way that’s not going to make them look super filled in and my fav part is to add the 24 hour a brow setter from benefit as well I just loved how this gel enhances each brow strand and keeps them up in place and the texture is very eye-catching and youthful and now moving on to shadows I recently bought the Too Faced natural lust palette so here’s a look at the natural love palette that they came up with prior and I it was obsessed with this palette I still am I use this one a ton it’s still a neutral nude palette I’d say this one has more muted pinks and purpley tones and a lot of matte shades I personally prefer the natural love out of the two palettes because I find the tones really similar throughout the first half of this newer palette so no matter which color combos the looks won’t be crazy dynamic but some people might really like that so it’s up to you but we do get a cool blue and green in there and I started with call me back a little above the crease and into a soft bead really blend out that outer beef more depth and focus in the inner eye and I do two versions of this look later on but first I kept it matte on my brow bone and the lid with buff it out inner lid I used a bit of this pink and it’s called take the cake I actually really like the shade and like to just add a bit of pop to it to neutral looks and deepening up the crease in a rounded motion with DME love the shade names for this palette and it’s great for creating shadows and I used call me back and the deeper red based Brown called hot-to-trot under my bottom lashline added the lightest shade of the pallet right at the top of the lid for a pop a brightening eye pencil to the waterline and I love the Too Faced better than sex liquid liner I’m actually really picky with liquid liner I have a hard time using a lot of them but I personally love the Mac brought little Mac brush stroke liner and nothing has compared to it before but I have been reaching for this one too because it’s just as easy to use love the packaging and I did a look on Instagram with a bigger wing but this look was a lot more subtle so I just smoked it out with some shadows and finally big lashes I love kiss lashes and the faux mink line are a great price you’d like to use duo glue the most and I also like the Urban Decay glue as well those are my two foolproof ones I’ve been using and this pair is called Twilight they are pretty dramatic so I cut off some of the longest end and you always want to trim the outside and not the inner corner I like to wrap the lash around my finger this really helps with application and I have never been good at applying lashes but once I finally get them to stay put I am going to separate them out and make them a bit more doll like with mascara I’m trying out this crazy unlimited mascara from L’Oreal I wanted to try this because I’ve never seen packaging like this it reminds me of like a perfume bottle and I’m wiggling it back and forth and I didn’t know but you can actually snap this mascara into two positions like the photo I put on screen really had no idea it did that but bottom lashes armed us with this look – I’m really building it up and if you can see I’m using the urban decay mother of dragons highlight palette as my mere sneak peak to my next video because I will have a full tutorial with the entire Urban Decay Game of Thrones collection and a little sneaky giveaway so I’m really excited about that and anyways after layering up the mascara we have this gorgeous neutral feathery eye and brow plus natural sculpted skin and time for the first lip combo I forgot to mention but I love to apply lip plumping gloss while I’m doing the rest of my makeup for a little oomph and then my favorite prep for over lining is the Aveda feed my lips pure nourishment lip primer it just moves out the area and makes the lip liner look smoother if you are over lining the top lip I don’t know how it does it but it’s just a great step and my all-time faves if my nerd that I used almost everyday is Charlotte Tilbury iconic new and let’s try the maca powder kiss lipstick this is my first impression here I’m clearly quite pleased it feels very lightweight and you get a blur of effortless soft focus color the ones I tried in store the deeper shades had more pigment but I just loved this pink and it does say zero shine but I had some gloss on before so I’m getting a bit more shine through but it is more of a matte option and if you wanted a hundred percent matte I would just add a bit of powder after you’re done applying but what a nice pink I think I’m gonna pick up some more maca powder kiss lipsticks and to keep my photo reference going a little more I added a bit of a peach buxom lip gloss and there is the first very Victoria Secret type of makeup definitely something you’ve seen for me before so I wanted to switch it up slightly and deepen it so you can do kind of like a date a night look or you know I’m just playing with makeup in this video and show you guys my fave products and fittingly Charlotte Tilbury has three new shades of lipstick and one is called supermodel so I was like kay I gotta use it I did swatch all three of them on Instagram but I thought the shade was very rosy and it is like a rosy shade and in this photo Rosie’s lips are super plump and textured I love the look but I don’t have nearly the amount of volume or texture to my lips so to get a similar vibe I went with the Too Faced palette again and I took a peep show which is a gilded lilac and it’s very shimmery shade I added this to my lips and then it just added that bit of purpley mom and Mo oh my god and texture I wanted and then I did add some more lip plumper a bit more depth to the cheekbones obviously hers are like these cute little apples but I tried my best and here’s the slightly deeper version let me know in the poll which one you like better it could be like I said a quick switch from day to night and then this hair I tried out a cake the hold out hairspray for some texture I just gently misted this through and added natural volume and I love cake products because they’re inexpensive I feel fabulous with the scent of caramelized sugar and vanilla like that’s my favorite scent and my true favorite favorite cake product has got to be their hand cream like you need this if you love rich vanilla shea butter I don’t even like hand creams that much and I apply this every day so sorry I’m raving about a hand cream in a makeup tutorial but it had to be said and there’s the look let me know if you have any product questions as well in the comments and I can kind of elaborate and give you more for review Instagram makeup look and if you did make sure you give it a big thumbs up and subscribe for more beauty videos also please let me know in the comments what you’d like to see next I do have a full game of thrones Urban Decay collection review next on my channel but then after that I am a little bit lost I’d love to do a Jenny a black pink look from kill this love I love this whole look but it might be a little late by the time I actually get around to it for it to make like a make sense video you gotta do things when they happen you know what I mean but let me know what you like to see and of course it make sure you comment down below if you want to win the desi Perkins at brow set from benefit I’m sorry I don’t have all the shades I just have three but hopefully one of you guys get to you know try out this and it’s actually your face so shade free I hope you guys yeah enjoy and make sure you follow me on Instagram for more content because I’m about to swatch some lipsticks right after this video and just have some fun over there do a livestream or something also I love when you guys tag me in your photos to show me your makeup looks or if you try out any of my makeup and hair looks so here are a couple of my favorite photos thanks for tagging me


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