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Introducing James Charles: Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL

Introducing James Charles: Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL

Hi, guys. My name is James Charles, and I am the newest COVERGIRL. Today, I’m gonna be teaching you guys how to do this dark glam skull makeup, which is perfect for Halloween. Of course, me being me, I decided to go super dark and dramatic with this look.

I absolutely love how it turned out. It is totally customizable, however. You can make it as dark or as simple as you’d like. If you want to see how I created this look, make sure you keep on watching.

Hi, guys. So to start off this spooky skeleton makeup, I’m first gonna go in with my face primer for combo skin. I’m using my hands to rub this all over to make sure we have a nice, even, and flat base.

I’m then gonna jump right in with my damp beauty sponge and my Clean Matte foundation, and just rub this all over and pounce it in. This foundation is pretty medium coverage, but this makeup look definitely is gonna be full coverage, so I’m making sure to pack a lot of this on.

To highlight and conceal my face today, I’m gonna go to my COVERGIRL plus Olay de-puffing concealer, and just put this on all the high points of my face so that it’ll be under the eyes, in the center of the forehead, underneath the cheekbones, and in the center of the chin, just to brighten everything up.

And then I’m just gonna blend that all out with my damp beauty sponge once again. Then, to finish off the base, I’m gonna set my entire face using my Clean Matte pressed powder. To start off my brows today, I’m going in with my Brow & Eye Makers pencil from COVERGIRL.

I began by outlining the outer edge of the tail, and then dragging that pencil in to outline the bottom edge of the brow. Once I know how thick I want it to be, I’m going back into the tail and just defining it a little bit more, making sure that point is nice and on fleek, and then using just the excess to fill in the rest of the brow.

Once I have the basic shape, I’m going back in with that de-puffing concealer on a flat top brush, just to conceal and clean up the bottom edge of the brows. I’m also gonna use that same concealer to serve as an eye primer, and then just blending that with a big fluffy brush, and then setting it with powder.

To begin this eyeshadow look, I’m first gonna go in with Cinnamon Toast bronzer from COVERGIRL on a big fluffy brush. I am gonna use an eyeshadow palette later on, but I really want the outer edge and the transition colors to be very, very warm tones, so I thought this bronzer would work perfectly.

I’m just going in with my crease, doing windshield wiper motions, and then also going in on the lower lash line and kind of dragging that shadow out towards my temples. To add some more dimension to this eye look, I’m going in with my TruNaked Nudes palette.

I’m gonna use that middle brown shade on a fluffy packing brush, and start to fill in my eyelid using windshield wiper motions and circular motions to blend it up into the crease. Once I get to the outer corner, I’m gonna go in on the lower lash line, and then kind of drag that shadow out in a v-shape, because we want this eye to be really elongated and blown out.

To ensure that everything is blending, I’m going back in with Cinnamon Toast on the same fluffy brush from before to just go over those edges. Next, I’m gonna go back in with that fluffy packing brush, but this time I’m gonna use the darkest brown shade in the Naked Nudes palette, and I’m gonna start by defining the lid.

I’m really focusing this color near the lash line and blending it upwards, making sure not to go too far. And then once again, once I get to the outer corner, I’m just blending that shadow outwards in a v-shape.

To darken and define my eyes a little bit more, I’m going in with my Perfect Point Plus eyeliner in both the upper and lower waterline in the shade Charcoal. I’m then just gonna use a small definer brush and the same dark brown shadow from before to blend that out to make sure there is no skin showing around my eye.

To make the skull glow and slay for the gods, I’m just gonna use my favorite gold highlighter on a flat defining brush on both the browbone and the inner corner for a nice pop of light. After curling my lashes, I’m going in with the new So Lashy! Mascara to elongate and thicken my eyelashes.

And then I’m just gonna quickly pop on my favorite pair of dramatic falsies to finish off this eye look. And that is one eye completed. I’m gonna go ahead and do the other one off camera. Then we can go ahead and get started with the rest of the face.

OK, so let’s be real, skeletons are like cheekbone goals. So I’m going in with my Cinnamon Toast bronzer on my favorite contouring brush to carve out my cheekbones, forehead, and jawline to make them nice, sharp, and defined.

Next, I’m just cleaning up my contour using my Clean Matte powder to really give those cheekbones a sunken-in appearance. Of course, we have to be glowing on all areas of the face, not just the eyes, so I’m going back in with my favorite gold highlighter from before and just putting that on the tops of my cheekbones.

To really turn this into a skull, I’m going back in with the same charcoal liner from before and starting to sketch out my nose. I start by putting a dot in the center and then drawing a v-shape, and then just connecting the tips of the v’s down, and wrapping them underneath my nostrils.

Then, to make the nose look real and actually hollow, I’m going back in with the dark brown shade from the Nudes palette on the packer brush, and just filling it in. I also went in with a small definer brush to make sure all the lines were nice and sharp.

To start off my decaying bony mouth, I’m first going in with a white face paint and just giving a light wash of color around the lips and mouth, making sure to set it later on with a white powder so there’s no creasing or transfer.

To start sketching out the teeth, I first started off with my charcoal liner from COVERGIRL, but I ended up later on switching to the Intensify Me! liquid liner, obviously both in the shade of black. I began by drawing vertical lines on my lips to represent the teeth, and then I also drew lines extending from the corners of my mouth outwards and up to kind of create a creepy smile.

Once I had all my teeth in place, I went back in with that small definer brush and the dark brown shade from the Nudes palette, and kind of started shading over the teeth to add more dimensions and shadows.

Once I had all the teeth outlined, I used the excess shadow on the brush to draw lines up and down from the corners of the teeth, almost like a picket fence type of shape. This really makes it look like the teeth are growing into my face.

I then went back in with the iconic Cinnamon Toast bronzer and fluffy brush just to go over those shaded edges to make sure everything is nice and blended together, and there are no super harsh lines.

As an optional last step to really give the skull some attitude, I’m going back in with the medium tone brown shade from the Nudes palette on a fluffy brush, and putting some color right above the inner corner of the brows.

To finish off this look, I’m going back in with that packer brush in the dark brown one last time, and just deepening that shadow a tiny little bit. And we are done. All right, guys, and that is the completed dark glam skeleton makeup perfect for this coming up Halloween.

As I said before, I decided to go super intense. And you guys know me, I love dramatic makeup looks. But you can totally customize this to be however dramatic or light as you want. If you’ve enjoyed this video, don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below, and subscribe to COVERGIRL if you have not ready for more amazing content coming soon.

If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey and see all my crazy out-of-the-box looks, as well as see what life is like being a COVERGIRL, make sure to follow me on all my social media accounts. The links will be below, or just search James Charles.

All right, guys. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time. Boo!


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