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Introduction! ♡

Introduction! ♡

hello my little shortcakes i’m tomoyo and welcome  to my channel so i wanted to make a little   introduction video to tell you a little bit more  about me and about what you can find on my channel   so first of all i’m a plus size lolita  and i’m also a lifestyle lolita and i’ve been   for more than 10 years i started  wearing lolita fashion in 2009   and i became a lifestyle lolita and a daily lolita  that year too so what does lifestyle lolita means   lifestyle lolita means that i try to make every  aspect of my life fit my lolita aesthetic so of   course i’m more of a sweet lolita so i like cute  and elegant things and i try to have hobbies and   make lolita fashion and the lolita aesthetic  fit into each aspect of my life other than   that you may notice that i have kind of a weird  accent and that’s because english is not my first   language i’m actually french canadian so i may  have kind of a weird accent when i’m speaking and   i’m not used to speaking english and i’m a little  bit self-conscious about it so if i pronounce   things the wrong way or if i use the wrong word  to explain what i mean or if you see me like   struggling to find the right word for things  please just kindly tell me in the comments and   correct me also if you think that my english  is too hard to understand because of my accent   just please kindly tell me and i’m gonna make  some subtitles for it and i know that since   i’m a french canadian most of my followers may be  like more fluent in french than english so also   if you have trouble understanding english videos  kindly tell me i will make like french subtitles   but my videos will stay english speaking only  just because i feel like lolita fashion and   that kind of lifestyle is a bit more niche and i  want to broaden my horizon by using english in my   videos so it can be more accessible to more people  and also some of you might know me from my blog my   lolita blog Lady Tomoyo i’ve been blogging about  lolita fashion since at least 10 years also and   i’ve been blogging in general since like 15  years so it was also a passion for me for a while   but i realized that some of the things that  i wanted to do and some of the things that i   wanted to share will translate badly into a blog  format or it wouldn’t be the most ideal format   so that’s why i decided to create that youtube  channel like to go hand in hand with my blog   and uh speaking on videos and being on videos was  also something i was very self-conscious about   so after like two or three years i finally took  the plunge and i’m making my first video right   now yay so what kind of content can you expect  on my channel so of course there is going to be   some lolita fashion kind of content like lolita  hauls or clothing reviews or shop reviews   you can also expect maybe some meetup vlogs  when life is going to get back to normal   some look books if i have the energy for it   i also want to make things like maybe a wardrobe  showcase or things like that other than that i   really enjoy makeup videos so you can expect some  makeup videos from me like some get ready with me   or makeup unboxing or reviews other than that  you can of course expect some lolita lifestyle   content from me like tips and tricks on how to  be a lifestyle lolita and wearing the style daily   or maybe some teacup showcase or things related  to lolita decor or things like that i’m also   a big old weeb and geek so uh you can expect  some kind of like japanese content weeby   things geeky things like maybe some anime  merch hauls some anime review videos and maybe   let’s play and gaming videos maybe if i find how  to do that also you can expect some more like   personal lifestyle videos things like get ready  with me morning and night routine some more   personal vlogs or what is happening in my  life some tags some challenges things like that   i also have a really wonderful and amazing  partner which i like to call my prince   and i asked him if he wanted to make videos  with me and he agreed to so you can expect to see   some videos with my partner sprinkled out there  i really want to make videos that are related   to the kind of content i enjoy watching because  that brings me joy of course and i really want   to make like happy positive videos so maybe that  can bring joy to other people also and i’m also   a big like body positivity self-care and self-love  and mental health advocate i want to say so of   course i want this place to be a happy wholesome  inspiring place for people and for me also who is   expressing myself creatively with that and  i hope it’s going to be uh a nice and happy   place for my little shortcakes also whether  you’re a small cupcake or a whole cake like me   so i hope you’re going to enjoy my content and  please like subscribe and comment if you enjoy   my content i’m really looking forward making more  creative videos for you guys and interacting with   you and making new friends that share my passions  with me so until next time please stay safe and   take care and we’re going to see each other  in my next video goodbye my little shortcakes


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