Hiya sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel I know everybody’s gonna say that this is the most hypocritical ironic video of 2017 so far and you’re probably right It’ll be way too good of an opportunity to pass up.

even though I personally did not enjoy the movie, Pennywise was The best I feel like literally everyone right now with a blending brush and some form of red lipstick is creating their own Pennywise look which is literally so so cool to see everybody’s very own interpretations And of course I had to do it so this is what I came up with and it’s like this glam Pennywise the dancing clown I put together this red super super deep cut crease with of course the iconic Pennywise nose and big smile that reaches through the entire face, and I am honestly so happy with how this look turned out and with all that being said if you guys like to see how I created this penny wise inspired Glam makeup tutorial make sure you keep on watching All right sisters so to start off this glam pennywise makeup tutorial I’m first gonna go to my foundation duh and today I am using the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD stick as always But this was in the shade @y 215 as opposed to my normal 315 or 325 depending on how tan I am Did want to definitely go way lighter than normal But I didn’t want to go like full on white (ode to flashback) since we are trying to keep this Still a little bit glam and not as spooky And then I’m just gonna blend it out using a damp Beauty Blender Definitely don’t forget your neck and your ears as well I do have a costume for today’s video that I’m going to be putting on so I want to make sure I’m going to cover My entire neck and face so this photographs really well And then to brighten my face just a little bit more I’m gonna grab my Kat Von D Whiteout concealer and just put that on the high points of my face And once again just gonna blend it out my Beauty Blender Then I’m just gonna use the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder as always to lock my face in place So to chisel out the face today obviously the whole points that we are a dead clown here So I’m actually for once not gonna go to any bronzer, and I’m just gonna use a grey eyeshadow And the only one that I could find today is in the Ofra Pro palette I’m just gonna be using a mix of these two shades right here even though.

We are a dead clown, though We still need to look snatch, so I’m just applying this like normal using my morphe m5 30 brush And I’m just trying to go lightly because I don’t want this to be too too intense I’m also gonna use that same eyeshadow shade in my morphe r39 brush to lightly chisel out my nose And then I’m gonna use this sugarpill single shadow in the shade of tako to brighten up the high points on my face I’m gonna go ahead and do my eyebrows off camera.

Just to save some time, and I’m gonna do them Just like always But I’m gonna make sure that I really make sure to draw those eyebrows up and arched as much as possible just to give that Like that “IT” expression all right guys so now that both brows are all done and slate and snatched way up Which gives us a lot of room for eye shadow we’re gonna move into the eyes obviously and today We’re gonna be doing a deep-ass cut crease that I am so so excited to do this I think it has literally been months.

I put on a cut crease on my eyes I’ve been doing half cut creases for far too long now I am ready to step away, so for todays im gonna Be using the brand new morphe 35o 2 palette as many of you guys know the 35o is like an iconic Palette, and this is the sister palette to it which in my opinion is way way way better I am so excited to play with this I have actually not touched just yet, but yeah, this is the 3502 it lunches Thursday October 12 So if you guys wanna check it out go ahead and check it out You guys know coach James gets you 10% off and let’s go ahead and get started I’m first gonna grab this shade of chestnut on my morphe 39 brush and uses to sketch out the crease oh my god high pigmentation what the hell as you guys know I’d like to do I cut it creases in a slightly different way I Always start off by sketching in the bottom line first and then blending upwards from there I don’t know.

Why don’t ask it just works really really well for this. Why do it however you want to do it? I’m then gonna go right in with the shade fire on my I’m 4-3-3 brush and begin to blend out that line, okay well that was supposed to be my transition shade But this is clearly uh a little pigmented so definitely not a bad thing at morphe I see you girls stepping your game up I’m gonna take um 513 brush and attempt to climb out a little bit you see an e36 brush So I better grab the shade of brave Which is like a dark ready orange color and use just to darken up the crease Then I’m just gonna go back over that with an m4 33 to make sure it’s blended out next gonna take an m213 brush into to the shade at brunette And then once again using that previous brush, I’m going to blend it out Next gonna grab an m 508 brush and dip into the shade wiz and then cut that crease one more time I am so glad more of you decided to add a black shade to this palette I felt like that was the one thing to the 35o was definitely definitely missing, so thank God It’s here this problems definite a lot more pigmented that I was expecting which is the opposite of a problem? But this crease is not as clean as I would normally like it to be that is for sure.

Oh well I’m just gonna move on and hopefully it’ll come together all in the end. I’m sure I’m gonna grab my Kat Von D Tattoo lock it concealer once again and my Concealer brush and just cut out that crease and I’m gonna set the concealer in place using my sugarpill taco eye shadow once again.

I Feel like creases always look wonky until you cut them and then Obviously being a cut crease they pull themselves together that sentence was one that definitely did not need to come out I’m now gonna throw on a really quick winged liner Now before we move on to the lower lash Then obviously later on in the tutorial My lips are going to connect up through the eye and upwards onto the forehead So I just want to lay out that on the upper forehead and the lower lashline before we move on to Everything else I’m gonna grab 513 and dip into the shade of fire and just create a light blending out Triangle and then using a block, and I’m just gonna sketch out that triangle I’m also to connect this triangle down or into the cut crease Then I’m likely just gonna blend out those black lines using Chestnut on my e36 brush Alright so now that that is all in place we’re gonna start on the lower lash line finally I’m versatile by carving a mix of the shades of brick and fire on my m4 33 brush and blending those onto the lower lash Line and then similar to above the eyebrow, I’m gonna take those shades, and I’m going to blend them downwards Ever my teeth 36 percent chest I’m going to deepen that up And then once again just using the slightest bit of block I’m going to lie in that waterline So honestly loving how this is hurting out so far and sentences a cut crease I was gonna do black in the waterline But don’t kill me you guys I know do this all the time, but I’m gonna grab a white eyeliner pencil I’m gonna line the waterline and do that drive technique that I always love to do with the inner corner Just to make those eyes are really really big and open and kind of more glam Okay guys And that is the shadow in one eye all complete Obviously we stopped to add lashes and connected to the lips later on but I’m gonna go ahead and do the other eye off-camera quickly And I’ll be right back to finish off the rest of the luck Alright guys so both eyes are now on and next I’m gonna grab the ofra liquid lipstick in the shade, Honolulu And we’re gonna sketch up a tiny circle on my nose or like the clown nose Then I’m just gonna fill it in using my makeup rubber lipstick in the shade for a1 Basically you just want to use a light red and a dark red just add more dimension And then with the tiny Java concealer.

I’m just gonna add a little white dog to the center of the nose Next we’re gonna move on to the lips I’m just gonna do the same exact thing lining it with the darker red and then filling in the center with the lighter add Since Pennywise a is like permanently smiling, I’m gonna kind of sketch in little smiles at the end of my mouth And then I’m going to connect those to the point of the like blended out eyeshadow For lifes today, I’m gonna pop on the new bouncing lashes in the style dragon Li And then of course, I’m just gonna use my mascara to blend together the natural lashes for the big ones So they don’t look crusty and gross I Feel like we’re kind of missing something here census is supposed to be relatively glam makeup And you know what that is and that is the glow Highlight, so I’m gonna go ahead and take the makeup of our starlet powder number 13 This is one my all-time favorite blinding highlighters And it is the only one that is like bright enough to show up on this like white ass foundation And with my morphe m5a1 brush.

I’m just gonna apply her I Lost what certainly not least I’m just going to give myself a good spread so using the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray Of course if we were going trick or treating or to a Halloween party we definitely need this to last All night long and I’m gonna go ahead and throw on a costume and some props And I’ll be right back with the finished look all right sisters And this is the completed glam Pennywise makeup tutorial if you guys needed to this tutorial Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below.

Let’s see if we can get this to 100,000 likes I know you guys can do it And if not yo Flo if you’d like to follow me on my makeup turn you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter They’re both Just James Charles and my snapchat form overhead and seat lights up is James Charles in the next row ask after Charles this week sister Shadow goes to sister Lexi Thank you so much girl for always falling in support, and you know I love you so much And if you would like to be next week sister shout out make sure to always retweet my video links when they go live on Twitter alright guys that’s all you have for this one Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to stay tuned for more Halloween tutorials coming very very soon I love you so much, and I will see you in the next one


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