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IVF Update/ Embryo Implantation Results | Chatty FALL MAKEUP TUTORIAL

IVF Update/ Embryo Implantation Results | Chatty FALL MAKEUP TUTORIAL

Hi, how are you? I hope you guys are good It’s Taylor, we’re gonna do some makeup today Some fall makeup This is actually the third time I’ve filmed this video The first time I sort of breezed through the makeup It was in a vlog I posted a photo on Instagram and you guys were asking me how to do the makeup so I thought maybe I’ll film a more in-depth tutorial and then also, I could chat to you guys about IVF and my pregnancy journey because many of you guys have been having questions about that too because it’s been over 3 months and this is the point where I would probably announce if I was pregnant or.

.. not so people are wondering Yeah, so I’m gonna take the opportunity to do that today So this is the makeup look This has been my go-to fall look It’s not really my everyday makeup… When I wanna get a little bit more glam which I have been lately to film lookbooks and stuff like that then this is my go-to look Just been doing my eyes a little bit differently My contour a little bit differently A few little tweaks here and there So I’m going to share those with you so if you want to hear about those you wanna learn how to do this makeup and you wanna hear a sort of life, pregnancy journey update then please keep watching this video! Alright, third time is the charm Let’s do this I’m very clearly starting off with my foundation concealer, powder and eyebrows done If you wanna see how I did that, I recently made a very detailed video titled “How I Cover My Acne, Acne Scars & Skin Pigmentation” I will link that below I also recently made a video on how I cleared up my acne It was basically getting rid of a few products and adding in a few key ingredients I will also link that below if you’re interested And with that being said, let’s start with the most fun part which is eyeshadow I’ve also done my eyeshadow primer And I put on an eyeshadow colour that is close to my skin colour just to use as my base It’s looking a little bit crusty I hate primers, I’ve come to realise Every time I try and use them I end up hating them and I always try to use them for videos which is when I want my makeup to look the best and then.

.. asdflgkh For eyeshadow, we’re gonna use this method that I like to call the ‘Blueprint Method’ I grew up a painter, I painted all the time, I attended art classes and when I do a new makeup look… I’m not the best at makeup, let’s just put that out there I’m very mediocre, so you’re not going to see anything revolutionary today It’s gonna be very basic and like not the most perfect look So if you’re not the best at makeup, but you enjoy doing your makeup then you’ve come to the right channel For this reason, I like to take the same approach that I did when it came to painting I would lay things down very roughly, loosely, softly and slowly build them up This leaves more room for error, or sort of if you make a mistake it can be corrected easily Or it will sort of just blur into things, no one will really notice because we all know, when we make a plan and we think it’s gonna happen and we try to make it happen, it doesn’t always work that way because there are many uncertainties in the world We know this more than ever this year I’m starting to get ahead of myself We are going to talk about all those things in a second Let’s lay down some eyeshadow, shall we? So for eyeshadow, I’m going to be using the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette This is one of the Huda Beauty things that is not fragranced at all She’s known for having a lot of fragrance in her products so if that’s something that you don’t like or are sensitive to Her eyeshadow palettes will work well for you I really love the colours and love the texture and the payoff and everything like that First we’re going to dip our brush into this warm toned brown colour called Coco Okay so here is where the blueprint begins You’re going to lay it down in the outer corner of your eye Sort of where your eyeliner will go And then we’re also going to take that same colour down onto the outer corner of our lower waterline Let’s just jump into IVF because I know that’s probably the reason many of you clicked this video The last time I talked to you guys about my pregnancy, IVF journey was in June, when I was doing the implantation and after that, so, end of June to July, was probably the darkest, worst month of my life I don’t know, it’s a toss-up between watching my grandfather pass away on Skype in Canada as I was stuck in Hong Kong, back in 2018 Or this year, yeah, July IVF didn’t work IVF didn’t work (well it did and then it didn’t.

..) Living on my own and modelling over the years and being sort of ‘independent’ from the age of 20 has forced me to get to really know myself and deal with my own emotions and deal with how I handle things I’ve become quite strong in that sense but I think that nothing can prepare you for.

.. I don’t know, just you feel like you’re crushing your… I should probably tell you what I’m talking about Then take a brush and just sort of blend it out to soften it Basically what happened was…

I got implanted in June and it worked, I tested positive on a pregnancy test and then the baby stopped growing and I lost it I wasn’t that far along so I don’t think it would be considered a miscarriage and it wasn’t as painful as a miscarriage It was just more of a heavier period.

.. and a heavy heart Blend, blend, blend Soften, soften, soften Alright, so next we’re going to go in with some liquid eyeliner I’m using one from Tarte and the reason why I really like it is because it comes with a liquid AND a pencil We’re going to be using both for this look so we’re going to use the liquid side first What made it really difficult for me was the initial positive test because we were so, so happy The months surrounding it were very difficult for obvious reasons with everything going on in the world and many things going on here in Hong Kong so this was just the most positive, happiest moment that we’ve had in a long time and we were so, so happy I remember Tom actually saying, “This is the best news I’ve gotten in so long” and I was like oh my god I’m so happy and If you’ve been here for a while, you know that we didn’t have a big wedding Our plan was to put our money into an apartment, which is where we’re living now Travel a bit more, which hasn’t been able to happen yet We weren’t even able to have a honeymoon yet, which is fine This is something we were both really on the same page for Something we both really wanted to do I don’t regret it, it was great Something we both really wanted to do I don’t regret it, it was great and now we’ve moved onto the point of starting our family The part that we were looking forward to most because I really believe that it’s not really the wedding and the size of the wedding and what the wedding looks like that will determine how your relationship goes It’s really what happens after the wedding or even before, but, yeah I just really feel, to me personally I was looking forward to the life and the family we were going to build after In the direction and place that you’ve added your blueprint You’re just going to add a wing The moment I was looking forward to most for a long time was telling Tom that I was pregnant and I had been planning in my head what I wanted to do for like over a year I think we’ve been trying for almost 2 years in December I came up with a perfect plan and I executed it and we celebrated and we were so happy and.

.. uh… I filmed all that and I will release that footage at one point but I always wanted to release it when I had a happy ending and I don’t have that yet and I’m still hoping for that or maybe we will never have that or maybe our Our plan will change to something different I don’t know, that’s the thing I don’t really know what’s going to happen right now so I kind of want to hold onto that But I wanted to come out and talk to you guys about it anyways because I’ve been—ooh because I’ve been giving you mini-updates See, even when you have a blueprint sometimes, something comes along that just throws you right off It’s fine, it’s there, it’s gonna be seen if you really look deeply It’s gonna serve as a reminder that it happened, but.

.. It’s not going to make a huge difference in the overall… This video is in no way a means to ask for pity or anything I’m really doing okay I took the time I needed before I’ve sat with my feelings, I’ve processed them I’m feeling good now and I’m in a good place At that time, I wasn’t and .

.. Yeah, I think the hardest part was … Just feeling disappointed in myself for Tom Not that he made me feel that way It’s just… I know building a family is something he’s always wanted and it just hit us at the hardest.

.. one of the hardest points in life Tom actually made a post on his Instagram the other day I’m going to read it so I can share his words about how he feels and not speak for him He said: hi guys, long time no update! I have been so busy to manage my business which has been seriously hit by the coronavirus Stressful, struggle, anxious, feeling helpless, nothing in control etc etc.

Feel like I am free falling without a parachute. I think many of you are experiencing the same bad situation. So you are not alone! Face the problems in a positive mindset. Just do what you can do best to survive.

Take care of your mental health, learn to let go things that u tried your best to save. Sometimes you will find other opportunities which you never thought of before Take care and hang in there! Those months were where we both felt like our lives were completely out of our control and completely uncertain and Tom has always been my rock He’s always the stronger one, he’s always.

.. he’s super strong, mentally Without going into his personal story, he’s been through so much in life and has worked so hard to get to the point where he is and he inspires me every single day His mindset is unbelievable So when I’m the one feeling down, I always turn to him and at this point in my life, it was where I needed to be strong for him because he was not in a good place mentally and to look at him like that There were some points where I just.

.. He was just a shell of himself and I… I just didn’t know what to do and then the one thing… The one way that I brought him so much happiness and hope… got taken away, too Life was just kicking both of our butts in so many directions before and.

.. I think the first question that everyone has when I talk to them about this is… “Why? What happened?” and the hard part is, we still don’t have the answers Like, my uterus lining, my hormone levels, everything was in perfect condition and sometimes this just happens They don’t have reasons for it The doctor said sometimes something is wrong with the embryo maybe some chromosome problems and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason so, yeah.

.. There must have been some complications there That’s what it’s looking like anyways I know that a lot of couples take… I think the average is about 4 tries for IVF, I heard I’m not sure if that’s true so don’t quote me A lot of the times, it doesn’t work the first try and we are going to try again but we’ve taken a break since then because it just got to be too much with everything going on We weren’t in the right place mentally, either of us, or financially With the way things are, so unstable and so uncertain right now we decided to just take a break and probably wait until next year Hoping things will be more settled then, but who knows what’s going to happen So I’m taking the eyeliner about to the middle of my eye and then I also add a bit on my inner waterline It’s interesting because maybe some of you remember I talked to a fortune teller and he told me that I would get pregnant in 2021 and give birth in the spring of 2022 [2022, like 3 years later, the Year of the Tiger] and at that time, I thought, “You are completely wrong” “because I’m going to be doing whatever it takes,” “even if I need to turn to fertility treatments, it’s going to happen” “and it’s going to happen now!” and yeah, it’s looking like he was right, so far He also said I would be doing a lot more cooking and I was like, “Eh.

.. It’s not really my thing…” Now I’m going to take this cooler brown tone called Suede and I’m just going to pop it in my crease and sort of blend it with that other colour in my inner corner I’m also going to add some of that colour on my lower eyelid and then again, we’re just going to blend this out and soften it Ugh, this primer is still looking so crusty If you’re older and you have eyelids that are a little bit drier I’d love to know which primer you use If your eyeliner isn’t perfectly straight, don’t worry because we are going to blur and smudge that too Just grab a dark brown colour, I’m going to be using this one On an angled brush, just go over your eyeliner The one thing I’ve realised again and again It just keeps surfacing is not to put too much weight or focus on things or milestones that society says you should accomplish or have or that you even feel you should have This holds true for everything For example, when I was modelling, I always thought I have to get into this specific agency to be taken seriously Or I have to this specific size and then clients will start booking me Or I need to lose this many pounds and then I can wear this specific outfit and then I can take these kinds of photos Or when it came to YouTube, I need to get this specific camera Or this specific studio light and then I can shoot this kind of video Or I need to work harder on my makeup skills and then I can make makeup videos It always had to be this thing needs to happen and then this will happen and then life will be good or life will be easier Or also something like marriage I think society overly romanticises marriage and the journey to finding the one and getting married and once you do that, life will be good, life will get easier and that is not the case Once you get married, it’s not easy Like I said before, it’s what happens after the wedding that is most important Marriage takes hard work, it takes sacrifice, a lot of responsibility When you mix things in, like trying to have kids and problems coming in that you didn’t foresee There’s a lot of stuff I mean, it’s a beautiful thing, of course That’s why I believe it is so important to look for a partner that is willing to work through things with you willing to put in as much of an effort as you do Just.

.. you’re able to work together as a team That is one of the qualities that you really need to look for early in a relationship Or I suggest… I feel it’s important anyways But then your partner aside it’s really important to realise that you solely are responsible for your own happiness and your own self-worth and you really need to work on that without having other outside items or other things in life: marriage, kids, etc.

because it might not always work out the way you planned and more often than not when you do achieve those things It’s not really what you thought it was going to be You’ll be looking for this feeling forever because it won’t be enough Or even when you achieve it, it could be taken away from you That’s another thing I’ve learnt this year is uncertainty I feel like a lot of things are out of my control and.

.. I really hate that feeling, I think we all do If we have to choose, we would like to be certain but I’ve come to realise that being certain won’t allow… It doesn’t allow for much change or much growth It doesn’t allow for you to explore other avenues or learn new things, or gain new experiences If you feel certain about things, you will just stick on that path because it’s working which may be a good thing, or may not be because being uncertain and being curious about other things or even having to explore other avenues may lead you to even better paths Alright, so now going back to our pencil black eyeliner.

.. Another thing I like to do lately is line the inner corners of my eyes and sort of slightly extend the little corner a little bit You can’t predict the future, no one can, really Fortune tellers may tell us something that might happen but a lot can change, a lot can change depending on your choices The only certain thing about certainty is you will drive yourself crazy trying to achieve it In June and July, we tried so hard to plan what we can do for the future and what different avenues and options we could take but it always turned out that it didn’t go that way because life just doesn’t always go as you planned Now I’m taking a beige liner and lining my waterline Next I’m going to add a pop of this shimmery colour to the inner corners of my eyes And I think this might be a makeup faux-pas using the brushes that come with the makeup set I like to use them sometimes because this is the perfect stiffness to get right in the corner of my eye We’re almost done with our eyes, the last step is mascara and for mascara you can either go for black or brown They both look really nice, I’m going to go for black today Also, the eyeshadow—this technique looks really good with many different colours I’ve also been doing it a lot with a wine-cranberry colour This is one colour that is trending right now for fall/winter in terms of clothes and accessories so if you are not that into fashion, or you don’t have something in your closet and you don’t want to go out and buy something You can sort of incorporate that trend into your makeup Not that being on trend matters but, for me, it just makes me feel fresh and current and I like doing it I think that colour tone looks really good on a lot of people so maybe consider giving it a try Also, it’s been really popular in Korea for many years so it’s not really a “trendy makeup”, it’s something that you could wear for years As always, I like to apply my mascara on the top of my lashes and then to the bottom, lifting upwards and outwards to open up my eyes Oh my god, how did that happen.

.. I have black eyeliner all over… I think a chunk fell out of that and I stepped on it It’s all over my floor and my foot I just dragged it across the floor to go and get this brush I’m also adding mascara to my bottom lashline Eyes are complete Now for contour, I’m just going to use this I’m using this flat brush that also comes with the palette I’m just going to flick the brush sort of up and try to sculpt my non-existent cheekbones into looking like there’s something there Another thing I’ve been doing a little bit differently is taking the contour and adding it.

.. Instead of on the jawline like I usually do I kind of flick it downwards to create a shadow So that this sort of comes forward and this goes back This is sort of like another blueprint and then once this is set down with my Fenty Beauty Inda Sun bronzer Twirl this around to blur and soften things and add bronzer Blush, I’m using the Nars one in Orgasm It’s a little bit reddish-toned I also have been liking to add a bit to my nose lately Touch of golden highlighter on my cheekbones and tip of my nose First I’m going to use lipliner to over-line my lip Step one is to draw a V a little bit above your natural cupid’s bow and then take the liner from the corner of your mouth and draw it to your new cupid’s bow Now I’m going to apply lipstick, the colour I’m using is Fearless by Natasha Moor And now finally the last step You’re going to think I’m crazy because I just took the time to outline my lips to make the perfect red lipstick and I’m about to blur the edges but blueprint, first and then also I’m setting myself up for success in the future because the future is uncertain and I find that if things aren’t perfect, if I don’t expect too much perfection and I make room for messiness with the mask.

.. and I’m about to eat and it’s bound to get messed up If I sort of mess it up or soften it up first I feel a little bit better, I don’t have too much expectation on it but really, like, this kind of applies to everything So, I like to just take a q-tip and .

.. Okay, just smudge that in there Smudge out the line… like this I like the way it looks and I find that this technique works best with masks Alright and that is my go-to fall makeup and pregnancy journey update I hope you enjoyed this video Just remember that although uncertainty sucks There is so much in life that is out of our control Trying to gain that control can sometimes drive you crazy Try to take things as they come Try to look at the positive side, as hard as it might be Or at least try to take things away from it that you can learn from and try to continue growing and just working with what you have Being as happy as you can be Thank you so much for watching this video, I will see you guys next time


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