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Jessica Rabbit Transformation Makeup Tutorial

Jessica Rabbit Transformation Makeup Tutorial

Betty Boop: Cigar? Cigarette? Eddie Valiant: Thanks. *applause and chatter* Eddie: What’s with him? Betty: Mr. Acme never misses a night when Jessica performs~ Eddie: He’s got a thing for rabbits, huh? You had plenty money nineteen twenty-two.

.. You let other women make a fool of you… Why don’t you do right… Like some other men do… Get outta here~ Get me some money too… *Eddie is shook * Why don’t you do right… Like some other men.

.. *eddie still shook* …too~ *applause, cheering, and whistling* Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. So before we get started on the makeup tutorial I’m going to quickly be showing you guys where I got all of the cosplay pieces in case you’re trying to get your Jessica Cosplay together so this is my dress, and I got it from this website right here, which i’ll also link down below for you guys, but it’s very high quality, very amazingly made, and it is custom sized to your body.

Now don’t make the same mistake I did… I accidentally gave them my natural body measurements even though I plan to alter my body so if you are altering your body with Waist trainers or Prosthetic [boobs] or prosthetics [butt] hips whatever put all that stuff on first And then measure your body and get those measurements to them for the dress because if you don’t you’re going to be ended up like me where I try to put a corset and just was too big on the Waist area now my hair is from Eva air [fit].

[so] which all the way down below as well, and I styled it myself It’s kind of fallen since I’ve filed it a few days ago But I [shot] it myself to look like Veronica lake hair because I believe from [the] lake with the hair and so for Jessica rabbit and the gloovles are from Sears I got it in the funeral and Bridal section and I got them in a dark purple in the movie her gloves are a dark purple But if you want to do the merchandise version of Jessica rabbit which has light purple gloves.

I really recommend getting latex ones from Etsy Because light purple and just of a fabric looks very costumey and very cheap now Just the rabbit shoes are actually a [croma] shm italic baby pink, but I couldn’t find any shoes like that well I did, but they were sold out, so I just opted out for red because it’s just what I have and I thought we’re trying to be she’s bored rent heels before so that Was a that is what I did for the shoes and for the earrings lastly the perfect finishing touch she has like some gold Round earrings these are vintage and it looks just like her so I got super lucky so yeah That is basically how we do her entire cosplay, so go ahead and get started on the makeup So you want to take a washable glue stick and rub it through your eyebrows and stick them against your head If you have thicker eyebrows I [explain] a different method in my [joker] makeup tutorial so check that out if you have that problem Then take a translucent powder and dust it over to dry it for the next layer Apply this as many times [as] you [need] until your eyebrow has absolutely no ridges or bump Next we want to take an orange [e] tone cream concealer and pat it over your eyebrows to cancel out the blue tone And always apply Powder between the layers Then apply a [fake] heavy foundation over your brows until it’s fully covered And continue on applying it to the rest of your skin and set that with powders, too Now you want to take a white eyeliner and map out the eyelid shape the way I’m doing it here your eyelid should be oval and tall then fill that in with white liner Be sure not to skip this step because this is what’s going on allow the purple shadows to really stand out and pull through with the illusion Starting with a crease stick a medium purple eyeshadow and thinly outline your newly drawn eyelid Then take a darker warm purple and deepen that crease make sure you keep the line very thin at first Then on the bottom outer Corner blend across the eyeshadow to begin the 3D effect Then take a very shimmery bright purple and apply [over] your lid now this eyeshadow must be shimmery because the shimmer will help give the illusion that your eyelid is bulging forward if you don’t use the Shimmery eyeshadow your Eyelids don’t look like it’s caving in word Now for the inner Corners use a white shimmer and Then take that same bright purple you were using earlier and fuse the colors together to create a light purple blend Now continue adding in the Darker dimensions of the eye until it blends together Be sure [that] the darker color doesn’t go past the middle of your eye has to be only on the outer corner the same way Your actual eyelid would be shaded Next you want to take white eyeliner and rub a dot onto your finger? Then carefully drag it down the center of your eyelid and pat it down to slightly blend it in Adding this line will give the impression that your whole eyelid is round in [3-dimensional] And if your eyelid shape is a little bit messed up use concealer around to perfect it Then you want to apply a very thin wing of eyeliner make sure this line is very thin and also very straight across you don’t want to curving down or Curving too high up, or else it will mess up the illusion Now you want to take two pairs of six tapered false lashes One for your whole lash line and another for the extended lash line apply [the] first pair like you regularly would then you want to apply the second part on your wing and You want this one to be sort of at a higher angle that way? It doesn’t droop down when you open your eyes Then line your lower lash line with a black liner to Define it So for the eyebrows you want to draw them at the edge of your natural brow Now the things that you want to avoid so it doesn’t look weird.

You don’t want it to be too arched up You don’t want the eyebrows to be too dark, and you don’t want them to be too skinny, so the colors I’m using is a medium Brown and An orange brown to create a little bit of steps in the eyebrows And I’m making sure that the front half is thicker than the outer half just like a natural eyebrow would look now when you’re done you want to apply a highlighter to your new brow bone to bring it out and Separate it from your fake eyelid crease so for the lips, I’m using a dark red pencil to do a [1940’s] lip shape since that is a style of her lips I’m making mine pouty But not too Oversized because I still want this to a complimentary when I move my face in my performance And then you want to fill that in with any true, red lipstick to [add] more dimension You can contour with the darker color and highlight with an eye shadow if you’d like I showed how to do this in detail in my betty boop video lastly pack on the lip gloss the shinier the better if you want her tiny nose use contour powder to create an upside down triangle on the tip of your nose like you see here and Then blend it out well and to complete the illusion highlight the tip So here is me before and here is me after I’m not back.

We should draw [them] that way So thank you guys so much [for] watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did thumbs up and subscribe and if you haven’t seen my betty boop video I’ll have [the] link in the description box, but until then I will see you guys in my next one


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