Home Makeup Tutorials Jimmy Kimmel’s MAKEUP TUTORIAL with Goddaughter

Jimmy Kimmel’s MAKEUP TUTORIAL with Goddaughter

Jimmy Kimmel’s MAKEUP TUTORIAL with Goddaughter

the Internet is a mysterious place there’s so much weirdness it’s impossible to follow all of it I have two young children at home so I like to keep up with what the kids are into which is challenging because there’s so much out there with the fortnight and a five-night it’s nut so I asked my goddaughter Frankie who is 7 years old to teach me about something she enjoys online and she introduced me to a world I was unaware of the world of makeup tutorials so this is my goddaughter Frankie Frankie you watch these makeup tutorials Wow what are you trying to learn from these things how did you make up yeah and do you wear makeup oh my girl that’s us but not a lot only a grandma your grandma is my aunt chippy and she really does a beautiful job with her makeup so do you want your makeup to look like your grandma chippies no not really okay well and what about fake eyelashes do you like those yeah did you know your grandma wears fake eyelashes yes yes and what do you think of those they’re disgusting why are they discussing because you have new eyelashes on and it’s really hurtful Yeah right you’re gluing what looks like a bat to your face right and then another bat to match yeah so let’s watch one of these makeup tutorials and you can tell me about it all right all right oh this is a My Little Pony video yeah oh okay a wire her eyes purple I don’t know that’s weird isn’t it yeah let’s watch one of these other ones here and see look at how this one’s a deer makeup tutorial they make you up to look like a deer Wow do you think you could do this yeah you want to watch this and try doing deer makeup to me Wow okay let’s try it all right go crazy okay do I look like a deer yet no are people gonna call me a racist online after this you’re gonna highlight and contour your skin TV extreme who’s your favorite spice girl I know you want to come to her on the top of your nose well I could be right I do yeah oh dear now this is what your grandmother uses right yeah miss Garrett snitch he didn’t put it on with one of these little brushes he puts it on with a toothbrush we’re just gonna elongate the inner corner of your eyes a little bit no what’s that called Oh eyeliner okay would this be a good time for me to get on a trampoline relax okay put your head up oh yeah okay daddy done yeah I hope you guys enjoyed it now you look like a deer if you try this out definitely I see the mirror can you let me look at myself let me see what you did here Wow pretty good right antlers and you’ve learned all that just from this tutorial wow this is pretty good you know what I tell you something on Halloween I’m gonna need you to come over okay okay okay thanks Frankie you’re welcome should we look at one more picture of your grandma chippie yeah you should do your hair now thanks for frankie apologies to end champion if you liked that video then put a ring on it click the subscribe button below Oh


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