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JK! Guys’ Makeup Tutorial… OR CHALLENGE

JK! Guys’ Makeup Tutorial… OR CHALLENGE

♫ ♫ ♫ Oh my gosh! You’re welcome. I don’t know what this is but it says “dazzle”. Probably lipstick? Oh! *Laughs* Hey guys! As you know, we left Studio C and started JK! studios and we are trying to save some money in some areas.

So we, the men in the- in the group have learned how to do makeup! We have seen people with makeup This is the competition today: guys will do the girls’ makeup and whoever does the best job wins! Subscribe, and uh, James start us off.

Okay. Well, we’re gonna want to start with some foundation. “Tarte Amazon Clay full coverage” foundation Always start with the foundation. First things first. Do you have those spongey things? Oh there they are, perfect! Oh, look at you, you must have a wife.

Put a little on there. Liberally apply. Scrab-a-dabb-dabb Natalie’s so excited because she knows- Just make sure it matches your color. We’re essentially blending it in, giving Natalie a nice uniform palette Yeah, he’s doing a good job of, like, blending it into my eye.

Yeah, It’s already it’s already pointing out her her hairline. Cover everything with foundation and then- No matter the color- -re-design the face. This is a rare product too because they haven’t made it for 5 years.

What? Do I look like Voldemort? Everyone starts as a Voldemort but then they become a Bellatrix. Now it’s time for some uh blush It’s called “part-aaay” as you can see it has 3 a’s in it. Don’t go easy, just really put look that- Look at that.

Look at this girl. You are ready for the town. This is NYX liquid shoot That’s how you know, it’s good We’re gonna we’re gonna tag-team a bit. So you just you just do your- Do you want those bright? You are so welcome right now.

You’re gonna be so happy So. Happy. Okay, just rub that in. Yeah just like give us an- To match this lipstick we’re gonna also give her some eye eye stuff. Eye STUFF? Close those eyes. I’m a professional.

So we’re gonna really- the theme is purple… right? It’s midnight. It’s fun What are you doing? I’m trying to clean it up on the edges. Offscreen: If you get pink eye, it’ll just match the lips. It’s so true.

She’s like transformed, You guys are beautiful! Close the other one for me. I’m trying- Trying to figure out- does anyone have like a- With just water I can Natalie’s husband is going to freak out. I’ll just use my spit If you get a little smudge, don’t worry.

You still have a, um… It just looks like you’re fun, it looks like you’re like- you’re gonna let loose a little, get a little wild. Makeup pencil? Where does- where does that go? I mean, put it where it belongs.

James: So this is- This is like a Kylie. Kylie Jenner. I’m so proud of you for knowing that! Okay. – Natalie, we’ve been studying makeup, we know our stuff. You gotta line those lips. This is the chi-o-matic.

So that it contains the purple. Defintely not on my lips. Stacey: You take that take this like Crayola pencil and just… So we’re gonna apply a little um contrasting color to the underside of the eye.

Right? Close those eyes for me. I still you know, I really feel like the lips aren’t quite done I’m gonna go with this. It’s called “zombie gray” lipstick Zombie gray? This is a little Kesha. This, we’re going for a little Kesha look right now.

Natalie I need you to let- I need you to let professionals work, sweetie. Can you do something with your lips that makes this easier for me? I need you to, I need you to help us help you This is so scary! I think that kinda defines them.

Blending in. Oh, has still some of that lip stuff. Some of that lip stuff. My gosh Some fake lashes. “Wait 30 seconds for adhesive to become tacky.” Ooh~! I’m just gonna give her some wings on those eyes Oh my gosh.

I love that you know the word “wing”. You’re gonna be so happy you trusted us. *Laughter* Please be careful. Close your eyes. Nice and closed Oh, wow~ You look pretty It looks really good You’re just doing 1 eyelash? Hey, look Natalie, what do you think? Oh my gosh! You’re welcome.

I look like I’m dead but also- No, no, shh- -like a mortician was practicing makeup on me. Natalie, I know, I know you think- James: Thank you Nathalie: And did a bad job. I know you think you don’t look amazing, but you’re beautiful.

That is the importance of using high-quality products is that no matter what you do? Like, they’ll be pretty good *Laughter* Paint is paint. This is truly awful! The boys have gone for some real like fun, edgy colors.

And I feel like- Whitney: It’s very ’80’s. Mallory: And I do like when people do like the under Like the under, the under It’s not a bad idea- The direction- Blue was an interesting choice because that’s the natural color of a very tired person Yeah, like- Also Natalie is a warm-toned person.

It kind of makes her look- Dead. A little sad. Dead. I like how they lowered your cheekbones. To your jaw. It’s a great jowl look. Instead of blush. It’s like just a slight beard shadow. James was spending some time on the lips Yeah, we’ve got a nice fade-out “Kool-aid” mouth.

I will say I would never purposely do purple on my lips, but maybe I’ll try it if everything else looks normal. You look cute. Look at that! *Indistinct* On a scale of one to ten I would give this Um.

.. Like a- a three? 3-5, maybe. 3-5? Yeah… We’re gonna- And I’ve never done this before. Me neither. Usually the only maintenance I ever do is every so often I’ll pluck my unibrow, but- We’re gonna start with like a football look.

Jeremy: Eyebrows. Whitney: Okay… Yeah. It’s really good, right? *Adam wheezes* It’s really goopy. Is it the one I bought on glossy that’s too dark for me? Um, yeah. I don’t know how long you spend on foundation, because we’re just gonna cover it up anyway, so I’m okay with it being a little streaky *Laughs* This is high-impact mascara so I can only assume it’s used for beauty marks.

So we’re just gonna- Or at high speeds. -High speeds. -Give Whitney just a little bit of a beauty mark right about here And there we go. It’s great. Do I look like Blake Lively? Oh, always- You look exactly like Blake Lively.

Why does this say “driver’s seat” on it? Okay pretend like you’re driving I’m totally gonna like get this, I can tell. What’s this? LORAC? Huh! *Adam squeals softly* Oh, it’s like a Dr. Seuss thing. *Laughter* I immediately regret picking this.

Oh, you know, this is probably the thing for beauty marks actually. So we’ll give you another one right- You know what, let’s kind of contour that… Kind of really- We’re gonna shade it in. Adam: Isn’t there like a pencil? I don’t know what color that is.

You drawing in my crow’s feet! This is for a- -Outline your nose. -nursing home sketch? I dunno. I feel like this is gonna make her nose really pop. This is gonna make the eye really pop. Okay. Yeah. I saw this on a David Bowie album cover.

Oh no!! *Laughs* I used to draw in high school, and I wasn’t very good, but this is what I used to do when I was drawing a face. Why were you shading on my jawline? Do you blend stuff with foundation? O-oh Jim~! So it’s like a nursing home rock show? I don’t know what this is, but it says “dazzling”.

So I’m legally obligated to use this. One thing a lot of people don’t do- That’s really dark. I’ll fix it with foundation. Whitney doesn’t have any earrings on, but quick fix? Some of this glittery makeup right here.

Just put it on an ear lobe. There we go! Don’t trust- just- Don’t trust you? Do trust me. You look a little less like a witch. The number one thing I’ve learned from going to… Art places Um… Museums? Museums! The artist will sign the image, and so that’s what we’re gonna do right here.

Adam: Can I? Can I sign the image? You’re signing me? Yeah. Well, it’s a work of art, yes! Put a dot right there. I mean Walt Disney couldn’t draw hands. I love the signature. It looks like a cool face tattoo.

Sort of Picasso’s, like, beard. Yeah, like… You know, the lips aren’t bad. No, they’re not. In comparison to mine, they’re really not bad. Some of your eyebrow has dripped into your eye. Natalie: The brow is very bold, along with a bold star over the eye; I normally wouldn’t do two bold things like that together.

OH MY GOSH! I look a little Jennifer Connelly. Connelly meets Jackson Pollock *Laughter* For creativity, like a 7 or an 8. 7, 7. For, for like- For like- -going outdoors- -looking good- -maybe 0.5. Okay, I’ll be generous and give it a 1.

Yeah. They say an artist is only as good as his canvas. Hmm… And if that’s the case, we’ve won already. *Laughter* Start with getting the hair out of the- Very good. -working zone. I trust you guys.

This is- Make me beautiful. You’ve definitely never done this before. There we go. Mallory: Right up on top. All right, all right now foundation is the key- Mmm, that’s my color. -to any building. “Found-ashe” away.

When I studied at Julliard in the artistry of makeup, we used our hands. This is also foundation, and I assume all are the same. Just like a house, the more foundation you have the more likely it will be to survive an earthquake, right? *Offscreen wheezing.

… Breathy Laugh, perhaps?* *But don’t worry. The old man’s okay* The layers of a beautiful cake In the biz, we don’t say “more” we say “contour”. “Más”… and “contour” Mal has what we like to call- A face.

A face? -a strong jaw- Strong. -or “SJ”. Yeah. We want to make the SJ “pop”. With lipstick. YEAH-BA-BAAH! I was joking. Every artist works differently. That’s right. All right, we’re gonna make- -Sm-mashbox- -this SJ pop.

There we go! Probably lipstick? Ooh… Yes, we are framing this thing. Framing it like a- Offscreen: HAHAHAHAHA – like a contractor. What color is in my hand right now, Jason? Could you- Oh, yeah Matt’s colorblind.

*Jason chuckles* That is, um orange-ish red. Are we framing this? Oh what happened? *Jason laughs* Was that me? Did I- This? What? No, that was me. Oh, no, good. Don’t question my work! *Matt stuttering* This is kinda working.

This is called a wand. A purple wand. Very good. I’m just gonna come over on this- This is not how it’s- We gonna Okay. Purple eyebrows. It hasn’t really reached the states, in popularity, but- It’s all the rage in Europe.

We want people to be like “ooh” “Ooh, that’s nice.” Oh, man! Good-! *Laughs* Looks so good. Where’s that foundation? When you don’t have blue- Should we get some like, like elvish pops on the cheeks? -Yeah.

I’m gonna go with “terrific” because the name of this one… Here we go, a little bit of- Yeah… *Mal snorts* Yeeeah *Chuckling* I wanna fade that in. It’s a little… Not a lot of women can pull off facial hair, but.

.. *Laughter* Offscreen: The lash ‘stache. Oh! The lash ‘stache, exactly. “Lashes more”, as they say. *Laughter* Some rouge? Is that- Yeah. This is gonna be awkward if you don’t- I wouldn’t recommend doing this particular look in Germany.

Your lips were looking Fierce! Sasha Fierce. Sorry, I just like to fade. DANG IT! Just gonna powder you off~ Piece de la resistance. -Now that’s gonna stay all night- no matter how much she parties. There we go.

I call this the “Bob Ross”. Mm-hmm. Add a few trees- -Happy trees. Because Mallory’s from Oregon Whenever I have a subject, I like to work with their hometown. So if she was from Detroit, I’d draw like- -a nasty city -Cars.

-or cars. If you’re watching this in Detroit, send us a picture. Heh heh. And some hate mail. All right. How does it look? Am I beautiful? OOH! It’s me~ Looks worse up here! – It is worse close up. I actually don’t mind a purple brow.

That could be a trend. Yeah, if it were done a little better. If you feel like putting a tint in your brows- That’s super fun. The lipstache- ! The lash ‘stache. Jason: The mustlache It’s a mustlache- Using foundation as the adhesive which is a very bold- It’s creative! Jason: We can use glue later on.

The lips aren’t bad; we have the same color. And I know- I know -that Matt was working hard, huh? Where Natalie is accentuated under the cheekbones, Mal is accentuated just right here. Huh… Wooooooooooooow.

These trees on your forehead! Is it weird that I don’t hate it? I don’t HATE it- This ‘stache maybe makes it a 3, or a 2… It’s possible, but there’s a part of me too that’s like I just feel like different and special.

*Laughing* It’s also got a nice little curl to it. That’s right! *Laughter* I purposely tried to grow these like 51 hairs right in line and then add a little curler. Sloop! My official score out of 10 I think is a 4.

Yeah, I’d say a 4. Maybe- maybe 3. Okay guys. Thanks for watching Subscribe and comment below which duo you think won the challenge. And whoever wins will actually do our makeup for an upcoming video.

Yeah, your options are Matt and Jason, Stacy and James, and then Jeremy and Adam. Have a beautiful day! ♫ Runway music ♫


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