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Joey Jay’s Promo Look | Ruvealing the Look | RuPaul’s Drag Race S13

Joey Jay’s Promo Look | Ruvealing the Look | RuPaul’s Drag Race S13

– Hi guys, My name is Joey Jay from RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 13. And today we are going to go, oh, (beep) okay, let me do that again. (mumbles) Hi guys, my name is Joey Jay all the way from RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 13.

And today we are going to recreate the beautiful purple promo look. We are going to go from this to this. (electronic music) All right, here we go, we’re awake it is 4:00 in the morning. It’s not 4:00 in the morning.

It’s definitely 9:30, I got a great night’s sleep. Hair is colored, we are not shaven yet. I’m just gonna like wipe these down with some alcohol wipes, just to get rid of all of the oils. And brows for me take a long time.

If I’m like in a rush I actually like to start my brows and then shave. Do you see how bushy these are, like, this is probably my biggest hurdle in my drag career. Is these eyebrows. We’re gonna get a cute little glue stick and a cute little comb.

Let’s grab some purple glue cause you’ve all seen that before. And I usually start in the back and I work my way forward. One thing you’re gonna learn about me with this is I literally flop all my makeup on and then I make it pretty at the end.

We’re gonna look busted for this entire thing because at the end of the day, like if you make every single step precise and perfect Kahmora then we’re gonna be here for three (beep) days. So what I just did is I just saturated this whole eyebrow full of glue.

And now I’m just combing this up with this disgusting gluey comb. And now, while it’s wet I’m gonna put another layer, woops Daisy. I’m gonna put another layer right on top going upward. Now I just like lick my finger and I’m just gonna smooth and get that extra glue away.

So now let’s do the other one. We’re gonna start that. Don’t tell the cops, but I fully have done like my eyebrows, like on my way to a gig like the red light comes that glue stick, bam. I’m gonna let like this first layer like do it thing.

I’m gonna go shave and become six years old again. So I see you guys in like two sec. (electronic music) All right, we are back, I am cleanly shaven. As you can see, like the eyebrows are pretty much dry.

So now it’s safe to add another layer. So that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. People get so stuck on one step by making it perfect. Now it’s Wednesday. So we’re not gonna do that. Let’s set these eyebrows.

I’m not going to use translucent powder because I’m a freak and have monster eyebrows. I wanna highlight it as much as possible. And I do like a really light layer first. Some people will like take it and they’ll press it on really hard right away.

And then it gets stuck cause there’s no layer of powder in between. And then when you pull it off you rip all the glue off, nightmare. So what we’re gonna do is put like a fine layer on now that that’s there, we’re gonna (beep) go in and beat that bitch out.

And I press it in so tight. We’re gonna dust off and then you kinda look like Bert and Ernie and that’s okay. It’s good. So now I’m gonna take this primer and I’m gonna start with my forehead. If I’m in a rush, like if let’s say like I literally have 40 minutes to get into drag I will take some shortcuts.

For example, I will have already started the bottom half of my face but it’s not the apocalypse. So we are gonna try to enjoy ourselves and have like a glass of wine. Do we have any wine? That’d be bomb.

Okay like, please that’d be so cool. We just prime my forehead. I haven’t primed the bottom of my half yet because I am gonna get fallout. So now I’m gonna take this. It’s like a corrector concealer. And I’m actually gonna like paint it right on top.

Eyebrows are my favorite part like literally of the whole makeup, because it’s like you look psycho and it makes me laugh every time. Like if you follow me on Instagram, every story like I have to video my eyebrows gone.

And I’m also experimenting with my brushes a little bit. So like before like you could use your finger to like blend this in. Like right now I’m playing around with this little like stipple brush because you know we have budget now and people who are rich stipple.

Obviously this is imperfect that’s completely fine because we’re gonna put some (beep) on top. It does not need to be perfect because like we’re gonna move it around. We’re gonna go in with them with some (beep) With some like TV sticks.

So I’m gonna show you like, it’s not perfect every time but I’m gonna show you like a few tips and tricks. Obviously the eyebrows are thinner on the outside so I can press a little bit harder here but I pretty much stop there.

And I go to the middle of my forehead and I actually do it little cute little McDonald’s I’m gonna grab my makeup sponge if you know, you now. And I’m gonna start dabbing there and I’m gonna slowly work that makeup, like inward so that I’m not taking a brush physically to my eyebrow and removing all of my hard work.

Okay, I’m gonna do just like a little bit more and I’m barely touching it. Like, I’m just trying to add a little bit more product to move around. Like, wow, scary. It’s not scary. And when I’m blending, I’m just doing it, like I’m doing it so lightly.

Another thing you see girls, and they’re literally like it’s called like beat your face, but not literally baby. Like things are going well, I have no eyebrows. Do you? If you are watching it’s probably not.

Now the fun part, like now let’s draw. Let’s create a cute little eyebrow and I can literally paint like, right on top. And it’s not gonna pick up the product or remove the glue. This is not right, but we’re going to like give it a cute little makeover.

Now I wanna use the foundation stick and a brush but I just took like a little stick. And I just like grabbed a little bit here and like I’m not gonna press it at all. And this is not gonna be even, I’m not as good at makeup.

And I actually really liked this. So notice how like they’re uneven right now. Don’t freak out, it’s okay. Like I’m going to actually make my arch a little higher, work. You guys are gonna be so good at makeup when I’m done.

Like, am so good at this. So usually this is the eyebrow that looks good. And this is the one that looks bad but, girlfriend that’s crazy. I’m just gonna go back in and like, refine this. And I think I’m done.

I’m over it. So now, I’m gonna go back to this guy my cute little concealer. I’m gonna go in, and this is what I’m gonna decide like the shape of the eyebrow. So I’m not going to start up here cause I’m gonna get (beep) turn of product there.

I’m gonna start down here, get some of that away. Now I can go in and actually decide what I want it to look like without leaving an entire Sephora on my face. So now, same thing on the other side, I’m not gonna start right up here with all that product.

Okay, so it’s not perfect, but it doesn’t need to be. I’m gonna say that so many times cause you’re gonna get stuck on the step for an hour. You really don’t have to. (beep) I’m not even gonna touch her.

Now let’s get artsy farts with it. Is this okay? Oh, wait. We’re on a journey. So I’m gonna take this pencil. And sometimes if I’m doing this and I think it looks horrible and I should quit drag sometimes I will actually carve out the top as well as the bottom, but I don’t think we really need to do that.

So I’m just not gonna do that right now. We’re getting somewhere. Questions, comments, concerns like, share, subscribe at the bottom. Let me know. That’s what they say, right. So now I’m gonna take some white TV paint stick.

You’re fully gonna see all the add. You’ve already seen all the add here. I’m gonna put it right here. And I’m gonna put a little bit of translucent powder on the eyebrow itself. Okay, so now we’re pretty good with the top half and we look crazy and we’re gonna the bottom half.

This one feels like, I’m putting aloe on my skin but it goes on kind of like sticky and it doesn’t move anywhere. It doesn’t leave once it’s there, it’s there. And I love that. So, so far so good. Now we’re gonna go in with this and we’re gonna look extra crazy.

Another thing I’ve been experimenting with is back to that stipple brush using this. And I actually really like it. Maybe let me try this right now. I actually really liked this brush. Oh, I got closer.

Maybe I don’t. Okay, I think that’s pretty even, like I said it doesn’t need to be perfect because I’m about to put two other colors on here. So we’re gonna start with the white. I’m gonna go like this.

And now I’m gonna just blend that out. And I pretty much just like push it into the skin. Like I’m picking my sponge up and down. I’m never like moving it everything that I want highlighted it’s pretty much highlighted and I looked like Casper.

I’m going to add a little bit, just a little bit of contour. So I’m gonna take this and I’m actually going to bring it, like, I’m moving it inwards, I’m trying to make my face look smaller. But do you see how crazy that it looked in the very beginning when I was doing it but now like we’re getting somewhere.

No, you guys are fully like, no, you look (beep) so I’m actually going to follow. Like I see this shadow. I’m actually going to like follow that shadow And I’m gonna take it behind. I’m gonna bring it up a little bit but I still like to have that jagged shape.

And then I start blending this up here and then I’m actually gonna move it down. And then what I do, I’m gonna go back with this guy cause I do have facial hair and it comes in. I am gonna put another layer of foundation on top though.

And we’re gonna get started with the purple line. So like I said, I really like to slop my makeup on even though like, I’m definitely being a little bit more like precise right now. And I start on the outside and I’m just gonna go dab, dab, dab.

And then we’re gonna do it right there too. And the reason why I’m not doing any in the middle is because I am actually going to have the inside of it be a little bit lighter and sparkle and I’m gonna play with some white in there.

Okay work. So I’ve got my two different eyes. Cause we’re having an experiment. Now let’s go in with a color that’s a little bit darker and add that on the outside, on the end side. I’m gonna do this thing here.

We’re gonna take our white that I use for the foundation. And I’m gonna put this right on the bottom of my eye. And I’m just gonna like set that. I’m gonna go back in with my purple and I’m gonna go under this way.

And then I’m gonna take that blending brush that I used originally and just use the tip of it to just one blend it out. But also cause it’s a bigger brush, I wanna take this down, but just a little bit.

Okay, we’re gonna go in with a darker color now, like a really dark purple and then same thing. And I’m gonna blend it like up almost into the brow. So I haven’t added like that much shape yet. Okay, definitely like this eye more than this one.

Thank you for joining me on my experiment. I can just like take some of this white foundation and just like with my finger, like really lightly up, boom. I’m so good at makeup you guys. I’m gonna actually bring this eyeliner down instead of going right on the line.

I’m gonna bring it down a little bit. So let’s get all up in your business. So you see how it’s not coming anywhere near my eye. That’s why I like having a little bit of that white there. Cause it’s kind of like make my eyes with bigger.

So let’s go in again with this dark purple. Okay, now we’re gonna go on with the black. Yeah, so now we’re starting to not look like boy Joey. We’re looking like crazy Joey, cause we’re doing a purple look.

I don’t think I wanna have brown brows for it. I think I wanna have a cool violet blue moment. So I’m gonna start at the end with my darkest color and I’m gonna go like that. That’s why I made and my two little lines like my eyebrows look jagged and fresh again.

So now I’m gonna go in with that purple brush that I was using earlier. I’m gonna wipe that actress off and I’m just gonna blend a little bit of that and this way. I really like this so far. So now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go back with that eyeliner and we are going to finish the wing.

I actually start from the outside and I draw inward. And so now we’re gonna go in and fill her up. (mumbles) I’m gonna go in and clean up this black with this white. And it completely like changes that from far away.

Good. I think this part is kind of fun and it’s really easy to do. We’re gonna take it this and we’re gonna make a little like semicircle almost like right here, Just like that. So now what we’re gonna do is I’m actually gonna just take some of the products on here and I’m just gonna make a couple of lines like going down.

I’m just gonna smudge up. I kinda want it to look a little bit messy. Okay, so here’s one of my favorite things that I just started doing not too long ago. So I’m gonna take some of this bronzer and I’m almost gonna make like a little square.

And I’m just gonna go right up the side. We’re gonna take that white that we use on the eyes. Here’s where my normal nose is. I’m gonna make it a little higher. So if, when I highlight that it’s gonna make my nose look a lot shorter.

But now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add two more lines just like that. And then I’m gonna take a little bit of highlight and we’re good. I’m gonna grab some powder, work. (mumbles) We’ll do a cute little line right here.

It looks crazy, but that’s kind of what we’re going for. I’m gonna add like a little bit of burgundy. We’re almost done final touches and some lips. I know that you all get into a point that everyone does, like you’re doing your makeup and then there’s a point where you’re starting to feel it like, feel like, oh oh.

We’re causing it right now. So usually that happens for me when we do lips. I have a full on like blue and purple lip in here. And I put my lip on really weird. We’re gonna take this lipstick and I put my lip on.

And I start to move it around and I pushed the product where I want it to go. And this is how I figure out the shape of my lips. I know it’s not kosher. And then another thing that I’ve done is we can take a little bit of shadow, like right on the outside, work.

Okay, I think that we need to contour a little bit more with some colors cause things start to fade away after a little while. So I’m about to go in a little bit harsher. And I just love how like the eyes connecting to that brush.

Okay, so now let’s do some lashes. What I do is I grab a 301 and I grabbed a 199. So I think that like a 199 is curvier than a 301 based on how long it is and how far like, that arches. So what I do is I take the 199 and I use that as my base.

Then depending on what I’m feeling I’ll take the 301 and sometimes I’ll cut it into pieces and I’ll perform surgery and put those pieces on top. In this case I did not cut it. I literally just took the 301 and I put it right on top of the 199, because it’s more it has more of an arch on it.

I feel like it does a really good job holding the 301 ups. So you still going to keep that curve because 301 are long and somebody comes along and they can get kinda flat. We don’t like that. So I already have a pair ready to go.

I use hair bond and glue for my lashes and every now and then, I can male it like a little bit jammed in the bottle. I just take a little bit and I just put it at the end of a brush and I literally just like take it.

And I just like paint it on the lash. And like, this is also another journey for me, like I’ll put one on and then like, it goes horrible. And then the other one goes on perfectly or vice versa. It’s a journey every time.

So let’s see what happens today kids. And then I put my lash on I kinda pull a little bit and I lift. So it’s not actually going on my eyelid. I set it up a little bit higher and it’s on. You can still see my lashes and their powdery.

I’m gonna put mascara on that and grab some eyeliner to make that black and blown that out with the lashes. Lashes are crazy. We’re full on cat fishing right now. Like I don’t look like this every day.

And then I’m always like, you can tell I’m like lifting them up because I want them to dry going upward. I mean, they’re not heavy but I mean, they’re still big. So like naturally they’re gonna wanna go down, work.

And I think this one’s out a little bit longer than this one, but like baby do you. We’re gonna live our life. So now that’s on, I can kinda see what everything looks like. Fully feeling it, love it. I am gonna go in with some eyeliner again and mascara and I am just gonna like, once again touch this eyeliner up.

Sometimes I’ll actually add a second point. We’re gonna do that right now. That looks so cool, works. So now let’s grab that white again. This is usually fine because this part of your eyes moving around all the time.

So it’s not really gonna dry out. Thunderous applause. That’s called good drag. Wow. Oh my God. Like, okay, so now the fun part. So we’re gonna go back in with a little bit of that bronzer up here. Oh my God, we’re almost done so excited.

We forgot this hole moment, yes. Oh my God, that chalk smells so good I could eat it. So now, like any chalkiness like, this is good makeup. Mind you, I’m looking at it on a screen like this big. So like everything is really small.

So I could, I probably actually look hideous, world bitch, okay cute. Okay, so I was gonna add some spray to add like different shades of like shiny purple to my hair. I didn’t realize it, but on my spray, the knob was bend.

I’ve got like five minutes. We’re about to go. And then I spray my hair. I miss and I landed right on my forehead and I can’t let us wipe it off. It’s like spray pain. And I’m like, Oh my God, what do I do? I put stars in it.

And I live for it. And we’re actually gonna do that right now. So I’m gonna try to miss, bam. Just like that. This is what I did. And I was like, oh! So then what I just did is when we did this look, I just like blended it out.

And then we grabbed that white, like, I think that’s so cute. So then just to make it even, we’re just gonna go back in with a little bit of these purples right here. We’re gonna make another Starry Night, right over here.

All right kiddos, we are all most done. I think I’ve said that 80 times now we’re going to add these little iridescent flakes. So all I do, I take like clear eyelash glue and we’re gonna just add a couple of droplets of glue.

And then I grabbed one of these guys and I’m just gonna put it right there, yes. (electronic music) We’re gonna do a few more of these dude adds. And then I’m gonna actually grab some of this highlighter.

Let’s do green. And then we’ll just dust a little bit on. And now we literally have everything but the kitchen sink on my face. All right, kiddos, I am done with the makeup. Love it, galaxy down. Let’s put on the outfit to complete the whole look.

World bitch.


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