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Joker 2019 Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume | Joaquin Phoenix | Easy & Cheap

Joker 2019 Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume | Joaquin Phoenix | Easy & Cheap

Momma always said put a big smile on before you leave the house Hey Everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Today I am super excited because its the middle of September and you know what that means?? Halloween!! Our favorite time of year because we get to dress up but.

..now she has to shave me for the first time…ever! Ever since I grew this out when I was 17 It’s never left me He’s never shaved it off so… this is unprecedented…this is huge huge news! So the tutorial we have for you today is the Joker 2019 the Joaquin Phoenix version I did go to the 99 cent only store and picked up these makeup creams They were only a dollar each.

They are smoke and mirrors I wasn’t able to find the blue so I went to CVS and found this Wet & Wild Multi Stick in Blue So we are going to use that for the makeup Ever since he did walk the line he’s been a huge fan Let’s get started and shave his face and prep and prime!! I am very nervous.

.. Please stop doing that…that’s a different Joker Would you stop doing that?! It’s a totally different Joker dude I don’t know…I haven’t seen the movie yet? We never saw the movie yet.

..so how do you know he doesn’t do it. ok…so overall this was very difficult on him. He’s extremely sensitive so… I would suggest anyone who is sensitive do not try this makeup Don’t do it on your husband.

.. I think the red could be a little darker but for spending $5 on makeup it turned out pretty good. We sprayed his hair with green hairspray I got at Rite Aid for $2.50 That’s our Joker 2019 Joaquin Phoenix version Pretty Scary.

.. Happy Halloween!! I’m gonna freak some people out…I think you are freaking yourself out. I think I am too


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