Home Makeup Tutorials JUKYUNG Makeup and Hair Tutorial!!😍

JUKYUNG Makeup and Hair Tutorial!!😍

JUKYUNG Makeup and Hair Tutorial!!😍

Hi guys! Today I’m going to transform into Ju Kyung makeup look And I will share Step by step How to look like her The first step Wear the natural brown colored contact lens It’s from “Voxie Lens – Mulan Brown” I recommend to use the tone up cream first To make the foundation looks brighter and smoother But it’s okay if you don’t have it You could just use sunscreen Which has a brighter color The one I’m using is from “Laneige – Sun Fluid” For the foundation, I’m going to mix these two Because I think Ju Kyung’s makeup is matte Not glowy Let us apply this “Jacquelle Blur Effect Foundation” In “Shell” shade Mixed with “Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Fluid Powder Foundation” It’s in “Sand” shade Take a sponge *Tishdrop 02* Then we blend it For Ju Kyung’s makeup tutorial The most important is the makeup base has to be smooth Like in Webtoon Or True Beauty Both are the same This foundation is quite bright So I focus it on the center of my face And don’t apply too much on the sides After I watched episode 14 I really want her to be with Seo Jun Who’s always there for her Well, I don’t know What do you think, guys? Now I’m taking concealer from “ESQA” “Flawless Liquid Concealer” in shade “Milkshake” Okay.

.. so for my eyes, I’m using the palette from “Rom&nd” I’m choosing the pink color from these shades Then applying it on my eyelid I will make it as easy as possible for you to follow For the eyes part Ju Kyung’s eyes are really round Like an anime Webtoon So they have to be round So for the eyeliner I won’t draw it up high I will just try to make it low But before that I’m taking the dark brown eyeshadow And I’m going to line my eyes And taking the same dark brown color Then applying it on my lower lash line Okay.

.. because my eyes have sharp shapes Kind of like almond Not round at all So, for the lower lash line I can only applying it on the outer corner For it to look like this Round like this And if I apply the eyeshadow on the inner corner The shape of my eyes will be too sharp So, I can only applying it on the outer corner And thickened the bottom part Okay, now curling the lashes Actually, if you saw the makeup on Webtoon Her makeup is thicker But when it goes to the drama True Beauty it’s not that thick Then I’m going to apply the mascara This I’m using it from “Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara” Okay, now I have to use fake lashes And it’s from “Miche Bloomin’ No 06 Girly Fair” Which looks natural, but still long But this is Japanese brand So if you want to buy it You have to “jastip Jepang” I really suit this Japanese brand Because it makes my makeup looks natural But still good because of its length This is the result The eyelash looks so nice, right? Very natural But still pretty Okay, now I’m going to use it on the other side The way I use it, usually I put it in the middle first Then in the outer corner After that, the inner corner Okay.

.. like this By the way, my eyes’ shapes are different One’s rounder And one’s sharper So For eyeliner, it’s from “Jacquelle Eyetractive” Here I’m using the black one Then, this is how I’m using the eyeliner Usually after I’m putting the eyelashes Then if you open your eyes, there’ll be a gap Between your natural lashes and fake lashes, there’s a gap So, I usually fill the gap parts “Why so complicated?” “Why don’t you draw the eyeliner from the beginning?” Because.

.. everyone’s eyes are different If I drew the eyeliner on my eyes at the beginning It won’t look that natural While if I’m drawing my eyeliner this way It looks more natural Like… I’m not using anything It’s called tightline Okay.

.. it’s time to make an aegyo-sal I don’t have brush anymore So, I’m going to clean it first Using this “Aeris Instant Brush Cleaner” Tadaaa~ All clean! I’ll apply a highlighter On the inner corner As much as possible Following Ju Kyung on the Webtoon And I’m using this highlight.

.. *shock* Please don’t break, my Dior~ There’s still one more Slowly take this color Then, you may smile first Until those eyebags are seen And apply it as much as you can That’s it! This one is with highlighter This one is without highlighter And I noticed that Korean people always have this aegyo-sal Okay! Before I contour the bottom part This is optional I’m going to put eyelid tapes Because my eyelids aren’t big And round enough So, I’ll use these To make it rounder And the way I put it is so random That’s why, I still couldn’t give you the tutorial Because I’m not sure if it’s going to work And I put it on Near the line Then I pull it a little to the inner, like this Ju Kyung’s eyebrows aren’t like these Hers are thin And straight too Quite long enough, and the color aren’t too bold So, I’m using brown color And it’s from “Guele Slim Eyebrow Pencil” And it’s not that sharp at the edge So, just make it more blunt Now I want to conceal my eyebrows To make them thinner Now, the most important part is contour To make it more V-shape Sharper I’m using this from “Benefit – Hoola” Okay! Let’s cut our chin off! Okay.

.. so my problem’s here So I contour it like this Because this is Korean makeup So, we don’t have to make a strong jawline What we need is to make it more V-shape Something sharper We don’t need to use a technique like this Okay.

.. this side is done Now is here Now is nose contouring Ju Kyung has a sharp nose So I’ll try my best For the lips Ju Kyung often used gradient lips And the color is more like pink, coral, orange And I’ll apply this first as the base from “Perfect Diary No 9” I only apply it on the inner part So my lips won’t look too thick And for the gloss I’m using it from this “Goban – Satin Lip Gloss” in “Sugar” color That’s why I feel that there’s something missing I forgot the blush And this is from “Barry M Blusher Quad” And I mix these two colors Then.

.. I apply it from the center of my cheek And… bring it to the back Because if you saw it from the picture Her blush is like this From the center of the cheek Bring it up Okay! Now I’m going to change my clothes first! And curl my hair To make me look like Ju Kyung And her signature hair is There’s curtain bangs And then we’ll curl it Like this And because my hair is so oily now So I’m going to use This.

.. mmm… what’s the name “Pon Pon Powder (Dry Shampoo)” It’s like a dry shampoo But it’s like in powder It looks like this if you use it You could use a basic powder, the translucent I usually use the “Innisfree – No Sebum” one, it’s effective too *hold it for a second until it shapes* *the curler has to be at 180 degree to make a big wave* *remember at 180 degree :)* *just turn it half, not full* *just turn it half, not full* *have to be patient, slowly curl it but repeat it many times” *almost done! now comb it to make a big wave* *comb it maximum 2 times or else it’ll be too loose* So.

.. this is the final look! From Ju Kyung’s makeup tutorial I hope this will going to be useful and help you achieve this look too Thank you so much for watching! And… see you next time! Bye!~


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