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Karuta Roromiya – Makeup Tutorial

Karuta Roromiya – Makeup Tutorial

hello my fried chicken it’s done Italian cosplay and today makeup tutorial is kurudavva Rumia first of all I like to I join my face with face cream I apply it all over my face and my neck without it your face can dry out or burn or die you know that’s not true after this I use my foundation True Match and cover my face with it like a cake because I’m so freakin good oh my god I apply a second layer of foundation on my black circles and imperfections when finished through the foundation away and kill now it’s time for the concealer use it on your imperfection and your dark circles then it will I use a second layer on the same place just like the foundation I apply white eye shadows on my eyelids my nose on the corner of my eyes under and on the top of my lips I like to call it the t-zone because it doesn t time for the blush to make a cute healthy effect I do have three on my face and apply some of it on my nose I finished the base of my makeup with white powder and I remove the excess with a fluffy brush even if I didn’t show it sorry now you will define your eyes with some eyeliner to have a symmetric line I start with drawing two dots on my skin better they are straight now you can draw the line on your eyelid and remove the ugly mistakes with the q-tips please don’t mind my silly face I’m just so funny and narcissistic yeah I’m so weird do have a big eyes effect I use a white pencil I also use it on the corner of my eyes and draw a fill line under my eyes with eyeliner to make a base just like anime and manga then after the pencil and the eyeliner I use mascara on my eyelashes and after I apply some fake lashes it will make your eyes look bigger you to place the lashes I use the tip of the glue you can also use whatever you want unless if it’s a knife or something really sharp please no to finish the look I use eyelash curler you know there’s dangerous thing that can poke your eyes so watch out hey link watch out if you want you can also apply pink lipstick now that makeup is done you can wear your beautiful wig cap be careful to not mess up your makeup when this is done you can wear your wig this is the final look you’re beautiful now don’t you but you’re always beautiful here’s some bloopers to make you smile Watanuki when finished crowdfunder thank you so much for watching my makeup tutorial I hope it helps you I like the music in the description and wrote the product that I used don’t forget to leave a like or comment I’ll see you in the next video stay rose to my chicken


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