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Kiki with IGGY AZALEA! (Iggy learns Trixie makeup)

Kiki with IGGY AZALEA! (Iggy learns Trixie makeup)

They really are wild oh you know what it was on pause straight white teen tiktok is the only problem with me being the sound tech is that I constantly am messing this up alright so that’s camera one that’s camera two and then this little go pro’s right here oh my god you’re like professional and then i’m excited for you because you get to do this oh yeah i get to clap yes Trixie and Iggy being the best ever take zero because we’re only doing this once b*tch *intro music* this is iggy she’s here if the audio or the video cuts out just remember that this actually happened it did we’re gonna be getting in drag today both of us yes i enticed you with some ideas but you were pretty dead set on like i was dead set that i needed to be you because i always say that you know i’m your daughter even though you won’t sign the adoption papers well my australian accent is also so unclockable that people really it is absolutley thank you for coming on the channel you’re welcome do you have to glue your eyebrows do i you tell me i mean i barely have any but maybe well lets glue the brows down and we’ll be right back lets do it cuz people usually dont like to watch us glue our eyebrows down cuz it takes so long it takes a long time do you have a gluestick? no i didn’t know i needed one you know what we are gonna film this because i sense that there’s going to be some struggle all all our best videos videos are like me getting in drag using dog sh*t and a bucket like thats what they want mine’s like iggy falling off stage wait have you fallen off stage many times? enough to make a montage by the way thank you for taking off your eyebrows and being vulnerable on my channel you’re welcome i had no i told you my baby was born without eyebrows i had to wait for them to grow i was waiting for months if my baby had- i didn’t know if he was happy or sad i couldn’t tell if he liked me until recently now i’m sure of his emotions one grew in and now he looks really suspicious that you’re not his mom you’re one of my most famous friends so people ask about you all the time and they said what’s it like working with her you’re my only friend so i’m your most famous friend too great yeah like she’s one of the only artists i’ve worked with where when i walked on set i was in drag and you basically went there’s a drag queen on set she’s in pain we’re gonna get her shot so she can leave cuz i just know it takes a woman in a wig a woman in a wig can say that by the way, quarantine has made me weirder well i started my tiktok in quarantine so that’s gone really far left quickly it’s not smooth enough no don’t look i take it back can i ask a real quick on-the-spot question? who’s your favorite spice girl? well i listen this is a two part answer this is a two part video no more makeup, we’re just gonna talk about he spice girls it’s complicated i love scary spice and i made my grandma buy yards of leopard skin velvet to make me scary spice dresses and i wore them to school everywhere no you didnt yeah, i did a gown? a leopard print gown to school? long and to the floor i used to wear the blue chinese silk gowns with platforms fully booked fully bullied i read that on your wikipedia oh, i love that they put that i’m bullied on my wikipedia how fabulous no they basically said that you were like very creative and at school people didn’t really go along with that and also in my adult life yeah but also before we move on i just want to say i love posh spice too just for the attitude oh yeah, plus just for like the let’s be honest singing optional modeling heavy exactly i love that she came and she’s the original go girl give us nothing oh completely and i love that for her that’s david’s favorite too really? yeah i love scary’s outfits, but I love what posh is giving me which is nothing you really did-i mean is this your first time covering your brows? yeah, don’t look- you kind of served yeah, it’s good I had a terrible error where I thought I’d look like this high fashion model if I bleached my eyebrows and they looked just like this so you tell me you know what you wanted your america’s next top model dramatic transformation i wanted my transformation moment I like when they do things like we’re gonna drill a hole in your front tooth but you are being eliminated tomorrow yeah I love that do you like to do your own makeup? i don’t mind it, it’s just I don’t look as hot well, when the professionals serve it it’s like, oh yeah and then I’m like ew who is this bitch two caucasian women putting on makeup today i look like i have no top lip you’re doing a reba you’re doing a reba impersonation you’re gonna run into reba someday at an award show and she’s gonna be like are you that bitch that said i had no lip? you really tried it so i’ll just sit here and model while you okay, I’m ready it’s just makeup, it’s okay you better work you [______] she’s intense you-no it looks great is your family impressed by your fame? No mine either mine thinks i’m mine’s like get a real job whore they don’t care but my sister you are probably the only person I’ve ever met that she’s like you’re meeting a famous person oh really? wow I’m so thankful for that thank you yeah, she thinks you’re a real celeb and now I’m someone to her oh wow well, my mom she felt like that when I first like had a show in New York and somehow I got on the same bill as Mary J.

Blige yeah, I felt like I had made it and I was like you can watch Mary but please don’t like go into her dressing room and then when she came back to the hotel she was like so I made friends with Mary and I was like I will kill you I’m just starting to get famous I love that your mom walked into her dressing room and said do you know who the [____] I am that’s my daughter she’s on the stage she’s a rapper she’s a rapper I don’t know if you’ve met her or heard of her it’s like singing but she speaks very quickly she’s pretty [____] good people go as me for Halloween and sometimes it’s really great sometimes it’s a read they’re like I’m you and I’m like lash here dangling like I’m you I actually had a woman file a police report against me because she said that I had broken into her house and stolen her identity and that she was the real Iggy which is honestly the exact thing I plan on doing to Amanda Lepore so please don’t say anything I mean obviously I’m ready to go out outside the Chateau Marmont like this is like about how high I factune my brows I don’t know what happened here but umm I’ll fix it when I get umm when I get concealer or I’ll make it worse stay tuned I loved your poker face though just making it darker it’s fully black and you’re like I’m killin it honestly most people’s problem with the Trixie makeup is that they chicken out with how much makeup to put on and they get to the end and they’re like nothing’s big enough Oh, I don’t have that problem you don’t have that problem, sis See what happened here? Well, I think it started in your childhood and I think there was a lot of trauma there and then you carried it into your eyebrows today I’m just trying to get the top the same as the other top and then I’ll deal with Okay you know what we’re all on a journey listen and 2020 is so [____] girl just pick your battles it’s getting better it is getting better it’s getting more like having the same emotions I thought you were bringing glam team and I thought I was gonna be doing my makeup while you sat here like this no but even if you did that would have been [____] it would have been like very rich bitch of me Like me and Iggy get into real hijinks we get into so much tea These look real your brows? yeah Oh it’s so real you’re ready to go to Gelson’s I would love to go buy some organic pears David saw Charlize Theron at Gelson’s really!? pretty good celebrity sighting, right? You know who I saw? This is my best celebrity sighting Bruce Willis really!? At the Peninsula walking past and I was like Was he hot? He was bald and it was perfect Gave me everything that I wanted He’s hot! A lot of gay guys I know He’s like their first early like Oh really? Yeah I couldn’t If I ever saw her I couldn’t even handle it I think I would say like One time- Your performance in Monster changed my life Uhh Playing a murderer so compassionately I felt seen Yeah great Does this look like you? Uhm Then you’re gonna take that sponge and blend it out I’m really annoyed by this [____] brow of mine Jesus Christ hold on You actually saved it I think I’ve got to go back onto It doesn’t need more product It-one of them is- Get me a black shadow Wow, David really came in and said you need to fix your life bitch We’ll fix it in the end Let’s do the contouring and then we’ll fix it Just two little dots that’s perfect not more than that that’s perfect cuz you’re a woman you’re kinda serving I did not think you’d be able to no offense this is a lot of makeup none taken a lot of people can’t do this okay besides me desert island drag show it’s the last drag show of your life you die tomorrow who do you wanna see? I like Miss Shuga Cain because she’s really good at the reveal and her show is so well rehearsed it’s like [____] flawless she’s rehearsing before the show she’s tanning before the shows she’s on it she’s into it obviously I love Vanjie I’m a humongous fan of Vangie come on please she’s like the melting pot like honestly even the conservatives I think if Vanjie ran for presient they’d be like and then I really love Shea I love Shea Coulee girl please When we used to do- She’s just excellent in every category we used to do drag together back in the day and she was always the one where like we all wanna do drag race but Shea’s the one if she got on it she would win and she- and she did I don’t know what happened to this side- you’re doing a little hieroglyphics over there it’s okay I love that you’re really killing it that’s actually blending out just fine but it did look crazy for a second you [____] with Christmas? I love Christmas I do too I love decorating we have a pink tree anything that I can like aesthetically give my house a makeover a seasonal makeover yes I want to do that you’re like Arbor Day oh my god call my designer I start at Halloween and my pumkpins like transition from a Halloween spooky pumpkin into a fall a more family pumpkin and uh That’s my drag name then I get into Christmas Family Pumpkin I had a a drag name that I had the other day Dior Couture [____] Dior Couture [____] Cuz that’s my [____] it’s Dior Couture [____] I don’t what that queen looks like if that that name is so good if she started an instagram overnight fame she’s just a rich bitch Yes they have and I really wanted to [____] You know they’ll use your songs for a lipsync But it was kind of a last minute it was like ten days before and I had had to go overseas yeah, I- I would die cuz those whores lipsyncing for their life the intensity and the drama It must be so much rougher trying to lipsync the rap girls songs it’s so many words but you know what though I was working the clubs when Fancy came out every single drag queen was like nobody call me I have to be the first one to learn this song cuz you know on the local scene the girls wanna do the song first yeah yeah yeah cuz then it’s their song We gotta We gotta do a nose and I know it’s gonna be shocking we’re painting a white line down the nose do you see it I’m shocked You can do it I know you can do it I think you can do it I always [____] this part up and I don’t know why because my nose is actually straight so it’s like bitch it’s not that [____] hard Me I have to- I don’t have to account for anything People will be like You always draw your nose on crooked and I’m like No, I don’t do I? if you think thats alarming you should see what I do with my [____] you know what i mean that’s taped up my [____] they say the same thing about my [____] you tucking? yeah work bitch that looks fierce! look how little the nose looks on you though it does.

She’s like don’t talk to me I need to focus on breathing through these pinholes You look like La Toya thank you During quarantine we watch her win Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Edition and it was so fun La Toya Oh, I would want to go on that- She laughs like this I can cook, but still I’ll just pretend like I can’t to get on there right You know what If I can’t be a rapper I would like to make wedding cakes totally And just that kind of thing and I got really into it and really- gays only exactly I wanna open a bakery where straight people are like we’re tying the knot I’m sorry we don’t do those kind of cakes I’m going to have to refuse service I don’t know if you’ve seen the videos on this channel this is an easy bake oven channel oh, I know you and your easy bake oven I forgot! the best is when it’s like trending and it’s me making like a birthday cake or something and the comments are like Is that a man!? I get asked the same thing honestly They’re like aren’t you a man? and I’m like I mean I don’t know would it make life easier if I were? Have you ever used airspun coty powder? No, I’ve never heard of it it’s the cheap- I don’t want to say cheap airpsun if you’re watching let’s say affordably priced mhm full coverage setting powder that all the drag queens use and it kinda smells like grandmas but in a good way I like things that smell like grandmas You know Courtney Act? yes.

woman. sex symbol. her favorite perfume is like pure rose so she looks like a sixteen year old girl and then smells like a grandma with purple hair Love that though. Like I have my wigs planned out for the rest of my life and I’m definitely gonna do a little purple wash situation A lot of the pop artists do the thing where they change the hair for the records, right? Yeah yeah, it’s like a new identity but it’s a little bit.

.. lazy I’m guilty of it too I’ve got to try harder. Shave your head and then just change the bow every few days like Gypsy Rose. I’m wearing dangly earrings now Keep them guessing new album! Keep em guessing You look like Detox at about 2am You’re probably the first person to come on this channel and try this liner look really!? and this is the NYX- I think this is discontinued, Jess This is my last jar I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

Yeah, you’re gonna have to make your own for Trixie Cosmetics Honestly cuz I really just depend on how white it is Yeah Look how white that is I thought that though You’re really white Like that’s what I think about you When I think of Trixie Mattel I’m like she’s so white This is actually gonna work I think it will too You know Yara Sofia? from Drag Race? She told me once cuz you know how I used to do the really dark nose contour and she told me You are a woman behind bars I have like an eleven a brown eleven down my nose I had some rough years Well I think- doing a nose contour when i was doing my own makeup You had to do a public apology for – I was higholighting everything that was wrong with my nose When you got a rhinoplasty Were you scared? I wasn’t scared Because uh I got- My friend did it Who uh Just at your house? We just did it over My kitchen sink And it was really casual I did a photoshoot In Vogue And that photograph Is the photograph That I gave like do this that’s like when I got these veneers I went in with like a ten slide powerpoint slideshow of all the Drag Race queen whose teeth I didn’t want Slide 1 No.

Yeah Up next No. I know when he hears drag queen He’s gonna think that I want like yeah yeah I want Wisconsin white LA brown Yeah, same So now I’m doing black liner? oh Gaga, I’m going Gaga let’s do this hello Miss Gaga Hello miss sis that liquid liner is actually stun they are opaque bitch If you have a pen liner that goes on black I will kill for you.

I know that I [____] that up and I don’t want to talk about it Let me see I’m waiting for it to dry Let me see and I’m just gonna fix Oh, it’s gonna be fine It’s just a little thing Start the other one No the other one now it’s going to have to be the same You didn’t tell me I was gonna have two eyes I’m leaving Can’t I just be winking? If this is a show you could do the whole show that night like this Well I like to only ever show just talk like this Yes How are you? So how’s your day? Hi guys Then I go like this and it’s just all scabs It’s too hard for me to imagine what this shape really is without you know like this [____] Yeah Somebody’s like you work you whore that’s hello hello governor that’s very Australian of you Yeah That’s very UK of you Ah, come over here you [____] Hope you die you [____] Yeah Very much that Whenever i go to Australia it’s the first thing they say like Hi dad It’s nice to see you too Happy Thanksgiving! that kinda thing She’s absolutely bogan I really don’t even know what bogan means Don’t you? It’s an Australian version of white trash a bogan maybe like a redneck like an American would say a redneck in Australia you would say a bogan Yeah I don’t mean to tokenize you as an Australian person but I do it with everyone Australian so Have you ever seen Muriel’s Wedding? Of course! Are you kidding me? You live? But you know what not that many people have heard of heard of it Actually Funny story, I actually tried to uh get the rights to it so that I could remake it not with me in it just wanting to produce it and i spoke to the writer and everything yeah it’s his baby and he was like If i was gonna let anyone do it honestly i would let you do it but i just can’t let anybody recreate it because it’s so perfect and I’m like you know what I’m not even mad But you know what though in America, its almost like if someone’s seen it you know they’re cool like on a lower level Hmmm you know? I was surprised by how many people in America don’t know who Kylie Minogue is I was actually suprised It’s shocking I actually mean alarmed I was alarmed I’m sorry, that 100 degrees is the best [____] Christmas song in the world Well her Aphrodite tour with the water oh my [____] god the DVD of it or whatever Some you have never seen the Aphrodite tour on DVD and it shows for 48 hours and it shows it’s a serve it really is a serve it like really really really is though your voice just got dark you just can’t fault it you cannot fault it I saw you at the Sky Lounge once Do you remember this? Yeah, no yeah I mean I- I was like I think that’s Iggy Yep And you were sitting in a chair About this length And I’m not kidding Your mermaid hair Was pooling on the ground Yeah, I mean Your flight look I don’t really Do Casual My problem was I actually had that mermaid hair Used to grow out of my [____] head So I was doing my own hair All across Europe Putting tons of hairspray in it And then flat ironing it I just didn’t know though That it burnt your hair off Hi bald Right it was all singed off And I kept asking everyone Is my hair falling out? Is my hair falling out? And they were like no! No! Then at the end of the tour On the last date My mother visited me She said I’m just gonna let you know that you’re bald And they told me I brought it up with them They told me not to tell you that you’re bald Because they don’t want you to be upset But I’m your mother And I have to tell you you’re bald And I was like oh my god I’ve been thinking it But [____] been telling me that I’m crazy And I’m not [____] crazy I really am [____] bald I didn’t know what to do So I went to this man Who makes all the Game of Thrones wigs You said Daenerys You said I need something natural Give me that white Send me Daenerys On the tours, I like to do The bright lips Because that I feel like you can see my mouth more Yeah they pop more on stage And if I do a pale lip With a dark liner From far away sometimes I feel like I have like a Gomez Addams mustache I always do the nude lip On stage Because moving my microphone And I always bump it On my lips And then next thing you know I get If I have red lipstick I’ve got red Little mesh prints Love you just doing this Yeah Wow Yeah Raven who? Oh Raven yeah yeah yeah Raven who Keep it in! Keep it in! I don’t mean like that I mean She said Raven who? I love these big fat Kryolan like Body paint brushes Oh you know what I love That they make Uh the setting spray I don’t know what it’s for But I set my whole body with that Did you know that MAC face and body Was invented for the blonde ambition tour I did not know that Wow Because her dancers were Dancing so fiercely And so nakedly They were all bruised So it was like They needed something for coverage Yeah Thanks Madonna This is our Summer of Love Blush Palette We’re restocking soon Just pat it on Right like it marries the contour To the highlight Okay okay Like a Neapolitan ice cream That’s cute People used to say I looked like Neapolitan ice cream And honestly now I see it I’ve been seeing it for a long time I was just hurt because it was true She’s like really hot D’ya know what I mean Like who wouldn’t want To pash these lips Is that a- is that a It means tongue kiss Did you guys pash? Oh my god you [____] passed him didn’t you We would get into In Australia on Grindr Are ya keen? Keen! I’m really keen For it She’s feeling really keen tonight And then in the UK They say like how are you doing They go you okay? But it was almost like They looked to my picture And went are you okay? You’re not! Why am I so lopsided? Hi guys, welcome back to my channel Oh my god So I grabbed a lipstick for us This is Modelle Love that.

Oh I love that So I think we’re at the point of Lashes and a wig And we can come right back I think so too yes please And we’re back I look like your mom No you don’t Or like your weird dad You’re gonna go be Miss Gay Wisconsin The one I never won You really did This whole makeup! Thank you! The eyelash thing Was the weirdest part Because it’s really in my peripheral And I’m not used to like I need to It also changes the mobility Of how much you can actually blink In that you can’t What is drag with a t-shirt? I don’t know It just feels Right I look like I’m I’m seating people It’s casual! I’m seating people at Hamburger Mary’s It’s casual, yeah You need your apron I wish these bounces Cuz I feel like if I had a t-shirt Same Well this was so enjoyable And not that anybody doesn’t know But let everybody know Where they can find you I’m on tiktok My tiktok’s the new classic And yes, it’s really me People think it’s a look-a-like of me Because why would I be Acting like such an idiot I am an idiot Can you close up the video As if you’re me Yeah, I would love to You’re 31 You’re gay Um, your body’s turning against you Mhm Somehow you’ve built a career On looking like Uh dollmation Don’t forget to subscribe We have brand new videos Every week I’ll see you next week! Bye! So convincing Or hold it up a little bit Get dressed up I love when you get dressed up I love when you get dressed up I love when you get dressed up I love when you get dressed up I love when you get dressed up I love when you get dressed up Is this behind the music Of making a tiktok? What’s the special occasion What’s the special occasion What’s the special occasion I love when you get dressed up And people are like Whoa where are you going What’s the special occasion? The occasion is that I exist It’s an ongoing thing And I think that’s pretty special


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