Home Makeup Tutorials Korean Beauty – Maquillaje con azul • Aqua Makeup tutorial

Korean Beauty – Maquillaje con azul • Aqua Makeup tutorial

Korean Beauty – Maquillaje con azul • Aqua Makeup tutorial

Hi friends, im jaqueline ♥ I hope you all are okay the truth is that now I have them a glamorous makeup because I would not be back this year end especially without uplod video HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 The true WE ARE NOTHING to the pass the next year 🙂 crezcamoz hope that comes as more family this year tanks so much for support me for all THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE I give you a kiss blessings I hope all your endeavors to achieve it is finished Let’s star whit the tutorial and the positive messenge follow me on twitter, Fb and instargram and my blogspot all the links stay in the information box also they will appear on the screen (only mexico )if you want to use the cosmetics that use this video or in my previus video i have a online store you can order what you want I’m happy to serve there this makeup its so simply to do Obviously, we all neutral except the eyes AND BIG LASHES ahahaha at the end they propose 2 types of lipstick i stayed whit this as we already know in this party is usually MORE FOOD if the lipstick is gone, nobody notices and i decide to use this opcion is one lipstick the CITY COLORS in the tone MAI TAI the true i love this lipstick i watch the product in the tutorial in this tutorial you don’t need glitter or mixed for the eyeshadows everything is as you see in the tutorial i think this look its so preatty ! I am more in favor than look over the eyes, lips clothes and the accesories .

… the mouth We eat a lot and the lipstick is gone in seconds but the matte lipstick i dont look so great because eventually they removed all bran have this type of liquid lipstick but It is 100% no lasting It is removed as time passes i really proposed somthing more my style when i tell you in the chrismas tutorial its so natural more preatty Enjoy it and if you want to see much glitter can go to see the playlist in the information box in the previus year have another makeup tutorials whit glitter a lot people liked and im so happy This hairstyle is super simple I’m not so good with hair i only have a volume and done 🙂 to wear the hair my curly and short hair (Well not so much because if this long but .

.. curly hair becomes small) all my customers facebook really TANKS SO MUCH ♥ for your confidence because it is not easy to buy someone online if no meet your face the korean take orders definaly his patience, the customers so beautiful I have yes, i have a bad experiences I sometimes ugly things published in my channel and all but I realize that most people are positive and such comments do not matter and if we miss and the true, this coments not being a public figure have to tolerate that I am making but .

.. after all my content and I will decide what to do with the and allow or disallow comments this is super important respect so that this world can change all need respect So I’m going to this message if we give respect because i love and accept just as I am because everyday pass i feel GOOD every thing can i make its for change myself It is never equal all is a change if we do small as a grain of sand We can not fill the hourglass we need to put our will our our real effort You have to be aware everything we do is a change in you or the other people all causes a change


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