Hi guys welcome back to the channel today I’m gonna attempt to do one side of my face American makeup and another side Korean makeup So these two I guess the most famous makeup trends and they are all both really distinctly different so I thought in this video I will show you guys where are they different and how and it really depends on my mood like sometimes I choose to wear the American side and sometimes actually the Korean side so let’s get started! So we’re gonna start with the Korean makeup look side first and usually for the foundation they would choose a cushion because it gives a more natural second skin look and we’re after that dewy skin-like finish.

And now moving on to the American makeup side typically they like a stronger full coverage foundation so we’re using a liquid foundation together with a dense foundation brush and I’m just a applying it all across the face.

For the Korean side, usually they like a dewy skin-like look so I’m using a liquid highlighter this one is Benefit high-beam for a very nice dewy skin look and I’m also going in with the spot concealing I’m just applying concealer on the place that I need.

And what you’ll have is this do a bouncy skin look. See the glow? then for the American makeup side I’m using the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r concealer and this concealer has a thicker and stronger consistency I’m also applying it pretty much all across my face on my forehead underneath my eyes my nose my chin and by doing so I’m kind of creating a three-dimensional face but the finish is also more matte and more heavy.

Then I’m taking my Fenty beauty Pro Filter instant retouch setting powder and instead of just applying it loosely what I’m doing is I’m taking a sponge and baking in patting motion on top of my face. For Korean brows usually they were use powder and only fill in spots where they’re needed typically in a straighter look because it gives off a more cute and innocent look.

and also they’d like to go in with a tinted brow mascara to blend out the brow hairs together to make sure that the brows kind of blended into one for the American makeup style they typically like brows that fuller and bushier so we are using a liquid brow product this one is from Mac and drawing in feather-like brow hairs to create an illusion of bushier and thicker eyebrows then I’ll go in with an eyebrow pencil and fill in the edges of the brows and create a more arched-look.

also don’t forget to brush out the hairs so that it blends in more naturally and I’m going in with my glossier boy brow to just kind of make my brow hairs a little bit more visible the America n makeup brows also is more clean and more defined so what we are doing is using a concealer to clean up the edges for a more defined look We are now done with the bake so you want to take a big fluffy brush and just brush off off the excess powder so now it’s time for blush and I’m using a darker mauve shade this one is fig pop from Clinique and I’m just applying it along my cheekbones in an upwards motion towards the temple for a more chiseled sexy look and it’s now time for highlight I’m using the Fenty Beauty kilowatt freestyle highlighter and going in with a smaller brush to put on more highlight on specific areas like my cheekbones my nose my chin and you want that highlight to be super BAM now let’s go back to the Korean makeup style site for eyeshadow we are using colors they are lighter brighter they’re towards more of the pinks and corals.

I like to use more shimmery colors as it gives off my youthful look and it makes the eyelids more 3-dimensional for that kind of puffy eye look because it’s kind of cute so I’m just applying a light brown shade all across my entire eyelid then taking a shimmery pink color I’m just applying it all across my entire eyelid for more glitter and more shine.

going in with another shimmer shade, this one is more of a pearl-color I’m just applying it in the inner corners because it kind of gives my eyes a more puffy doe-eyed look. I really like to create like fake eyebags with this because it looks cuter so I’m just using my eyebrow pencil to carve some fake eye bags on my lower lash line and onto the American side I’m using my Urban Decay Naked reloaded palette and going in with a semi smoky eye look and I’m starting with a dark matte brown color I’m applying it all across my eyelids.

I’m applying a copper shade apply in the middle of the eyelid and taking it all the way to the bottom lashline one iconic American style makeup look is the cut crease look so that’s what we’re doing I’m taking a concealer and just applying it on my eyelid kind of underneath my eyelid space to kind of cut a crease and you want to do this carefully then taking a shimmery shade you want to apply it across all of the concealed parts and most importantly you want to go in again with a matte brown shade to just carve out the crease a little bit more to make it modified for the American cut crease eyeshadow style you do need quite a lot of time to blend out the shadows because you just want to make sure that it’s all blend very very well else you’ll look like you got punched so do spend lots of time and take a clean fluffy brush to just go around the edges a little bit more the Korean style makeup look typically revolves around using a softer eyeliner approach so I’m just using a gel liner and I chose brown in color and lining it in a way that is downward motion because it gives off a more cute and innocent eye look then I’m using a brush to smudge out the edges and make sure that everything is soft and sweet the American site however like a more sexy sultry eye look so I’m using a liquid eyeliner this one is from Kat Von D it’s really opaque and black and what we’re doing is we’re doing a winged eyeliner look and you want to sharpen the inner corners as well to just accentuate that cat eye look for lashes I decided to just go in with my natural lashes and apply mascara for the Korean makeup style because we are kind of going with a more natural innocent look over here whereas for the American makeup style I am going in with a pair of falsies because my natural lashes are not as thick so that’s what I’m doing.

then I’m going in with the gel liner and just kind of deepening the outer corners of my lower lash line to make sure that my eyes look a little bit more deep set and not forgetting to draw on some fake lower lashes because they are non-existent let’s not forget the blush, I chose a cream cheek tint that is in a bright coral shade and I’m using a sponge to depth the color on the apples of my cheeks in a horizontal motion because this gives off a more naturally flushed-look.

For contour I realized that the Korean makeup style don’t really like to contour that much so they like to control very lightly and not look too tan or overly chisel I’m using very light strokes and very very big fluffy brushes to just kind of outline the features that I’d like to contour like my nose and my cheekbones but I’m not bringing it too far into the face the American style focuses a lot more on having a more chiselled look so we’re going in heavy-handed on the contour For lips, I realized that the Korean makeup style typically chooses a bright color so usually pinks or corals and they like to apply it in and a half of the lips then use your fingers to blend out for a just kiss gradient look I also went in with a clear gloss for that juicy lips look and I realized that they like to do this because it makes them look a lot more sweet and approachable for the American style I went in with a matte mauve a dusty rose liquid lipstick and this one is from Fenty beauty as well and I realized that they like to go in full-on so sometimes even over lining their lips because it gives them that more sexy pout for the finishing touches I’m going in with a liquid glitter eyeshadow to amplify my aegyo-sal last but not least highlighter for the Korean style makeup look I’m using a big brush for a diffuse look all over glow.

whereas for the American side, I’m using my fingers because I can pick up a lot more product and just amplifying it on my cheekbones my nose and my chin once again. all right guys enjoyed watching this makeup tutorial and let me know which style do you like better I like both I think I kind of wear them like on different occasions and I look scary looking at myself in the monitor like this so I’m gonna remove it right now come in in the comments box down below which makeup style do you like better which makeups how do you think I will better in and I’ll see you guys in my next video, bye! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!


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